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  1. Loyal and Blue

    ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    The list of managers doesn't inspire most of us, but outwith McLeish, the other candidates won't know what it means to be at Rangers. Now Warburton didn't understand this and the job seemed to overwhelm him, but he did bring in Weir as his assistant who we all thought would instill the winning mentality and demands of being a Rangers man, this didn't transpire unfortunately, so who does the new manager bring in? May I suggest, rightly or wrongly, that Ferguson's resignation at Clyde allows him to fulfil this role? If not him, then how important do we think it is to be someone who understands us or does the new manager just bring in their own man with no links?
  2. Loyal and Blue

    *** The Official Rangers V Morton Match Thread ***

    I don't think you could expect Murty to change the team and tactics that much after 1 training session. Hopefully he's changed the role of the players in their positions though. The striker should be exactly that, not drop off into midfield.
  3. Loyal and Blue

    *** The Official Rangers V Aberdeen Match Thread ***

    Warburton has said Miller is not in midfield and that it's a change of shape. Maybe I'm dreaming, but that team could play 4-4-2.
  4. Loyal and Blue

    ****Your official Rangers V Ross county thread****

    Lovenkrands made a great point, which was that he played with Arveladze, Mols and Prso, and all of them chased every second ball, where as today's team waits for the ball to come to them. The amount of times Ross County won the 2nd ball, in both boxes, caused us so much problems. Our players need to stop waiting for things to happen and make them happen. Higher tempo and a desire to win every ball, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and never stop. Play each game like it's your last.
  5. Loyal and Blue

    Joey sent home

    He's just tweeted.
  6. Loyal and Blue

    **** Rangers vs Hearts (Sun 1:30 KO) ****

    A scrappy but comfortable win. If we cut out the mistakes at the back I think a 3-0 win.
  7. Loyal and Blue

    *****Official Rangers v Brechin City Match Thread*****

    I think this could be a hammering for Brechin City. I'm going for us to score at least 5. Play with a high tempo from the off and we have the width to open this team up. Daly hat trick.
  8. Loyal and Blue

    *****Official Rangers v Brechin City Match Thread*****

    I'd like us to give the 4-1-3-2 formation a go, especially at home. Bell Foster Faure Mohsni Wallace Black Aird Law Templeton Daly Little As many have said, we need to pick up the pace when passing and close down the opposition more.
  9. Loyal and Blue

    *****The Official Forfar v Rangers Thread*****

    That could easily be a 4-1-3-2 formation as much as it is 4-1-4-1.
  10. Loyal and Blue

    ***Official Brechin City v Rangers Match Thread***

    One of the reasons we love football is its unpredictability. I expected a 2-0 win. I'm not going to go off my nut because of 45min or indeed after 90min if we haven't won. We don't have the god given right to win every game. We probably should, but nothing is written in stone. Except for grave stones. McCoist has turned his team around before. I hope he does it again today.
  11. Loyal and Blue

    ***Official Brechin City v Rangers Match Thread***

    One day we will talk nothing but football on the park. In the meantime, with injuries and travel I'd go with Bell Foster, McCulloch, Mohsni, Smith. Black Little, Law, MacLeod Daly, Templeton. This can switch to 4-4-2 with ease. Movement is key to modern football.
  12. Loyal and Blue

    ***The Official Forfar Athletic vs Rangers thread***

    A very poor performance. We lost to many battles today. Thank fuck it's a war we are in. Bell, Mohsni and Wallace get pass marks.
  13. Loyal and Blue

    ***The Official Forfar Athletic vs Rangers thread***

    Messi and Iniesta? Good comparison. Haha. I know what you are saying though. Different style of football in Scotland.
  14. Loyal and Blue

    ***The Official Forfar Athletic vs Rangers thread***

    Forfar's strength is their strength. Possibly McCoist thinks McKay and Crawford are to lightweight.
  15. Loyal and Blue

    ***The Official Forfar Athletic vs Rangers thread***

    Change of formation. Templeton wide left, Little wide right and Law just behind Daly.Peralta and Smith centre mids. Looks like 4-2-3-1.