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  1. Tried calling mate and they keep hanging up saying the lines are busy. Probably just head up later 👍.
  2. On the website it says my tickets have been purchased but the money still hasn't came out my account. What's the best thing to do bears?
  3. Thought Wilson was excellent and young Barjonas looks very composed. Young boys showed up well and apart from Miller and Fod,the rest of them were a disgrace.
  4. Definitely the right decision,but you can leave with your head held high Clint.
  5. Don't know if I've ever felt so much anger at a Rangers team in all my life. Everyone bar Kenny and Clint can fuck right off. Manager,players and especially the board.
  6. I'm sorry but that photo at the end is fucking stomach churning. I know he needs time to build his own team,but that was as bad as i've seen for a long time today. King has to step up to the plate but Pedro needs to realise these cunts are the enemy.
  7. Really hard to believe that a fit,young man could just pass away like that. Rest easy Ugo. You will live on in the hearts of many.
  8. Beerman was excellent today but Holt was definitely motm for me.
  9. Andy Walker makes my ears bleed. Coming in his drawers over that tarrier loanee.
  10. Said that to my son. He was nearly as bad as that cunt McLean.
  11. Just got my email there. Two tickets,thank fuck. Hope everyone's lucky.
  12. I like the UB. Not a great fan of everything they do but they do liven Ibrox up a bit. And I'm a moaning auld bastard according to my boy.
  13. Yes i stand corrected DMMC. That bitch should be publicly flogged,tarred and feathered. All of the names on that list make me want to spew.
  14. That has to be the most embarrassing headline that arsewipe has ever come out with. Fucking ban these cunts Rangers and Joe,give him a wee reminder today of what you're all about son.
  15. Imagine him and Suarez up front together? Pair of diving cunts would never be aff the turf.