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  1. I just don't think any of our fullbacks are good enough defenders to stop these crosses coming in. Fine going forward but too often caught out of position. By the law of averages,the 2 centre halves are going to lose some headers. We need 2 fullbacks to defend first and foremost.
  2. I can't wait till Saturday. When we lose I'm in a cunt of a mood until the next game. We really need to beat this mob on Saturday.
  3. That is fucking shocking. The mhedia won't say fuck all about it though. The club has to bring this to attention.
  4. Not Pedro's biggest fan,but today was THE most incompetent display by a ref I have witnessed in forty years of going to football. Stokes, McGeoch and McGregor should all have walked. Every time a Rangers player went near them he gave a foul. Fuckin linesman on the SJ side hopeless as well. Looked like the players were afraid to tackle incase they got sent off as well. Not making excuses for Pedro,cos he could have dealt better with the sending off, but fuck me,Beaton was a fuckin disgrace.
  5. Come back when yer baws have drapped ya wee fanny. It's alright for away fans to be sectarian, "they're only looking for a reaction". Wtf.
  6. C'mon Rangers!! Let's lay down a marker today and show the rest of the shite we mean business. No Surrender.
  7. Before 2012 it was just the tarriers and the sheep that I really hated. Now I hate every fuckin lowlife supporter of every team that's been shat into civilization. No-mark clubs coming to Ibrox and their wankstain fans giving it "you're no Rangers anymore". Fuck each and every one of them and when we win 55,I will be gloating like fuck.
  8. Good post 👍.
  9. Pedro said himself "there can be no excuses". There is no excuses. Fuck off.
  10. This would bring tears to a glass eye. Their two goalkeepers haven't had a save to make. Our overall play is fucking gash.
  11. Tried calling mate and they keep hanging up saying the lines are busy. Probably just head up later 👍.
  12. On the website it says my tickets have been purchased but the money still hasn't came out my account. What's the best thing to do bears?
  13. Thought Wilson was excellent and young Barjonas looks very composed. Young boys showed up well and apart from Miller and Fod,the rest of them were a disgrace.
  14. Definitely the right decision,but you can leave with your head held high Clint.
  15. Don't know if I've ever felt so much anger at a Rangers team in all my life. Everyone bar Kenny and Clint can fuck right off. Manager,players and especially the board.