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  1. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Not vintage but a hard fought 3 points will do me. Keep plugging away and hopefully the performances pick up as we go. Well done Rangers!!
  2. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    This fuckin cock of a ref is giving them everything.
  3. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Quite poor in the first half. Agree about Pena,touch is either lovely or woeful and not really involved enough. We can say that about most of them though. Need to improve second half.
  4. Don't want every Scotland fan dead. Just a rant. Fuck them all though.
  5. Can't be bothered with Scotland anymore.
  6. Ryan Baird- RIP

    RIP Ryan. No one should go to the football and not come home.
  7. sutton

    Sutton,Craigan and Butcher were a disgrace tonight. The two commentators were desperate for a Rangers player to be sent off and the wank that is Sutton,well he was just his usual self. Full of wind and piss.
  8. Consigned to mediocrity.

    Nothing in that article we didn't know Cameron,ya dirty taig. Another pape gloating about our troubles. Oh and No we won't stop singing about your horrible past ya fuckin walloper.
  9. Alleged interest in Morelos

    Exactly. We can't just sell him to the first cunt that offers us a few quid profit. Get him tied doon and let him bang the goals in,then sell him for plenty.
  10. *** The Official Partick Thistle vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Candeas and Windass never beat a man all night. Fuckin wingers who canny go by a man. Candeas played really well last week,you would think he'd be full of confidence but seems another who's inconsistent.
  11. *** The Official Partick Thistle vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    We will never be any good with guys like Miller,Tav and Windass. When is this pish going to stop?
  12. That utter cunt @alextomo

    The day this cunt meets his maker is the day we celebrate like fuck. Him and many others.
  13. Fight Fire With Fire

    I for one,am sick to my back teeth listening to these fuckers bleating on and on about this. 5 years of shite we've had and it's still not enough for they smelly,gypsy bastards. Our board should take them on but they won't. Fuckin paedo cunts.
  14. Your first ever Rangers game?

    Beating Motherwell 2-0 to clinch the championship in 78. Think Jackson and Smith were the scorers. Mind being in the centenary stand and loving the singing. No pope of Rome was my favourite.
  15. Wide areas

    I just don't think any of our fullbacks are good enough defenders to stop these crosses coming in. Fine going forward but too often caught out of position. By the law of averages,the 2 centre halves are going to lose some headers. We need 2 fullbacks to defend first and foremost.