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  1. Think it was 2-1 game at scumdome. Mo Johnston scored the first and Ally got the 2nd. Sure it was Steve "Baggio" Fulton he scythed .
  2. Surprise surprise, Pizzaface talking bollocks as usual. What a piece of filth that bastard really is.
  3. Game up here is fucked. Disband the whole fuckin thing and start again. Corrupt taig bastards.
  4. I can only hope this man takes his last breath very soon. Absolute cocksocket.
  5. Would have shown sympathy pre 2012. Now everyone of them can fuck off and die.
  6. Definitely don't want the money back. Give us RTV free and show videos of big Sonia getting bukkakied.
  7. Don't bother coming out for the 2nd half. Ask the ref if we can share the points. Let the bears who traveled up go for a swally.
  8. I fuckin give up. I'm done with these bastards. Gonny get barred oot my local. Wankers!!
  9. Anybody want to step up here no? Fuckin wankers the lot of them. Any cunt backing Tavernier can fuck right off.
  10. Missed the game tonight. By fuck what a result. Well done Rangers.
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