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  1. beechwood bear


  2. beechwood bear

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    Proud of the players second half. First half was hard to watch but they got stuck in. Great result and the bears were fuckin awesome.
  3. beechwood bear

    Alexandria balloch

    Old vale bar or Dawson's in balloch are the only places I would go to watch the Gers about here.
  4. beechwood bear

    MOTM v Dundee

    Halliday for me. A few others played well also.
  5. beechwood bear


    Just in from game. Thought Halliday was excellent and I'm no his biggest fan. Candeias and Kent were good as well.
  6. beechwood bear

    SFA Statement on Morelos Red Card at Pittodrie

    Almost admitting it in writing now. They are dirty cheating bastards and it's not going to stop anytime soon.
  7. beechwood bear

    Buckle up troops

    Totally agree mate. Unfortunately I come from a yes voting fuckin cesspit. I'll be voting Tory and so will my family. Not that I'm a great lover of the Tories but the only party available to me now.
  8. beechwood bear

    Buckle up troops

    We really need to rid ourselves of the SNP. We are fair game for these cunts and they ain't trying to hide it.
  9. beechwood bear

    Proud of my team.

    What a pile of pish. So we just accept that shite today or we can support Partick Thistle. I would suggest you go and support Thistle because we don't accept that shite we seen today.
  10. beechwood bear

    We’re still scared of them

    Post of the day.👍
  11. beechwood bear

    Gaffers reaction

    I would just like a Rangers manager to come out and tell us like it is. We fuckin bottled it today and my players will feel the wrath. Fuck Willie Collum he was not to blame for that today.
  12. beechwood bear

    Proud of my team.

    Any Rangers fan proud of that performance needs tae get a fuckin grip. That was shambolic. I grew up with Walter Smith's no fuckin surrender teams at that shitehole. That was embarrassing today.
  13. beechwood bear

    Calm the fuck doon.

    Waited a wee while before posting "due to swally". I am sick to the back teeth of watching Rangers manager after Rangers manager go to the saville dome and shit their knickers. That was fucking embarrassing. I love Stevie g but he better not show they cunts the same respect as the last few managers.
  14. beechwood bear

    SFL vote Rangers into Division Three

    Rangers have been relaunched. Fucking love it. This thread will be awesome when we win 55.