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  1. Oh I know mate. Like everyone else I'm raging with the way this season has went,but I just think sacking him would do us no favours. He absolutely has to win a trophy next season or he's fucked.
  2. The managerial merry-go-round has to stop. Gerrard needs to learn from the mistakes he's made.
  3. Sitting soaked,freezing in the car and I can't believe how bad that was tonight. Fuckin wanks
  4. We'll see if they release a statement after our manager gets called a sad orange bastard at the paedo dome soon.
  5. I remember hearing the tartan army singing about Terry Venables being a "sad English bastard" and the media up here thought the song was hilarious. Double standards right enough.
  6. Magnificent boys. Really hope a few of they lads make the first team. Watched the rest of the games but missed it today. Fuckin chuffed to bits for them. NYC is special. So too Kennedy and Lowry.
  7. Rivalry means fuck all to me. I just hate every fuckin team in the land. If you're no a Ranger you're no use to me. Fuck them all,scummy cunts the lot of them.
  8. If we get any closer to the taigs our whole team will get banned.
  9. These cunts are diving as soon as we go near them.
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