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  1. Exactly mate. Cunt was fuckin anonymous.
  2. Just about to post about taking him off Haha. Wee chance now.
  3. Getting pumped here after a bright start.
  4. Bury these sheep shagging bastards Rangers. And when we go up Bruce hill road,the IRA will shit their load. Ten thousand men,for we are the men of the UVF.
  5. Next season is last chance saloon for a lot of people at the club. Board, management team and quite a few players. If they cunts win another treble I won't be responsible for my actions 💣💣😬😬.
  6. No long in from the game. Fuckin freezing. We played well tonight and could have scored a couple more. Switched off a wee bit second half but overall pretty good. Big Worrall gives me the fear.
  7. Second,third fourth. All amounts to the same mate. Losers all over the park. I'm at the end of my tether and I couldn't give a fuck wether we're second or not. Brown should have had his cunt kicked in today. Losers all over the park and it breaks my heart.
  8. Who gives a fuck mate? Aberdeen are the least of our worries.
  9. He will never learn his lesson mate. I love him but he's now a liability.
  10. The sooner this parasite meets his maker the better. Anybody who thinks different can suck my cock.
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