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  1. Big Jock never spoke in public about his reasons for leaving. The suspicion was a fall out with Waddle , however Jock was old school and would never mention this . Much to his credit
  2. Use to go to reserve games when I was young in the late 60s early 70s . I would love if if they were able to play "reserve" games at Ibrox. I appreciate there would be pitch issues but it would be great to go and also give the club some more money. I don't go to away from games so this would be great.
  3. I remember seeing Iain McDonald's debut and it was one of the best I have seen from a Rangers youngster. I think it was a 3-1 win over Ayr. He got clogged shortly afterwards against Hibs ( McEwan I think) and got a bad ankle break. He was never the same. That's my memory of it ,could be wrong.
  4. Well done the club ,the right thing to do . Also well done the management team and all the players
  5. Difficult decision , fortunately I am able to pay and will take the risk as the club needs the cash. What would be helpful if the first team squad took a reduction of wages say to 80% . The club need to look at this carefully but we do need the money. What I am disappointed about is that the first team squad have not come out with some comment on this. I just wonder if something will happen on this before the renewals come out.
  6. Quite right until we have got rid of Sports Direct then we should have no dealings with them
  7. Sad sad comment . He said at the AGM he would go and he has kept his promise and it has been done in an orderly manner.
  8. I think his wife came from Iceland so that might explain the winners medal.
  9. I think Braga were better going forward but not as clinical , however Leverkusen were way better defensively
  10. I think we must have . I was at a pre season friendly at Ibrox and was in the main stand. I had brought a plastic bottle of water in and was pulled up and the steward took the bottle off me. I am sure he said I had been seen on CCTV and they had been informed to take it off me.
  11. Not interested in getting any money back.
  12. What a load of mince ,he has saved us so many times this season.
  13. From what I remember at the time Chelsea gave us a fair bit more that they needed to and there were some add one. Unfortunately that is the system,we have made use of it ourselves ,swings and roundabouts. Just wish him all the best.
  14. We won't progress , I feel it's a step too far. However they will get my support on the night as always. However we need to bring in some players with cajones for next season or it will just be a repeat. Still backing the Manager but next season will be decisive.
  15. Well done the Union Bears
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