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  1. If we are being balanced on this then St Mirren could have had a penalty. Not the most Stonewall but one all the same.
  2. Honest and to the point as always. A class act
  3. Exactly the same for me . Ended up watching Liverpool v Chelsea.
  4. As he said a lot of the leagues are still playing. I would expect we will get 3 first team pics in . However I think a lot depends on Morelos if he is sold or not. If he is sold we will have more money to spend so we will have A list ,with Morelos money , target's and B list without Morelos money.
  5. They had one of their CBs sent off for violent Conduct . SFA suspended him for 2 games at start of season.
  6. Copland Completely standing eventually ,having our own Blue Wall but it could only be done when we have extra seats available to allow for moves. The first step should be Copland front for me.
  7. I have seen him play and I think he has a chance with us. Hope he does well at County
  8. We certainly are not going to be moving . Spurs stadium cost about a billion so that's out , It would appear it's too costly for us to even fill in the two corners . Naming rights would not worry me depending who it was and how they went about naming the stadium.
  9. Jordan Campbell is the journalist who writes the Rangers articles and is very good. I suspect his contacts with the club will be good.
  10. I really don't think so. However it does brighten up the day ,these type of rumours
  11. Did he not have drug issues at WBA. He does not have the kind of attitude that I suspect our manager likes so just can't see this deal happening.
  12. It's an on line site that does sport particularly football articles. Jordan Campbell writes the Rangers articles. The Athletic has a wide and interesting range of articles. I have found it well worth the money. I would take advantage of some of the deals they have on subscription and then make your mind up if it's for you .
  13. Great place for football and well written and interesting articles. Jordan Campbell is a very good writer. It's well worth the money if you can afford it.
  14. Big Jock never spoke in public about his reasons for leaving. The suspicion was a fall out with Waddle , however Jock was old school and would never mention this . Much to his credit
  15. Use to go to reserve games when I was young in the late 60s early 70s . I would love if if they were able to play "reserve" games at Ibrox. I appreciate there would be pitch issues but it would be great to go and also give the club some more money. I don't go to away from games so this would be great.
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