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  1. Overall it looks like we are starting to make progress on several fronts . I will be glad however when we get some decent new players in though.
  2. If it brings the club in money then I am all for it . We have to be moving forward on all fronts. If this ends up a regular income stream then it should make more money available for the squad.
  3. I would agree with that I think Kevin Thomson would also have been a good addition
  4. If he is going I wish him all the best. It would have been better for him if he had played in his correct position but what I will never understand is the lack of work in the semi final where he did not trek back to allow McGregor to score. The one thing I would always have expected from him was 100% effort
  5. Would be a good signing but so many names have been mentioned and supposedly we were getting players in at the start of this week. I will only believe it when its posted on the clubs web site
  6. No I think 2 of the people who resigned are back on the board now
  7. Very good statement from 1872 . This is one of the areas it should have been active in from the start. Hopefully this is a start from 1872 in being more proactive. Well done whoever put the statement together.
  8. Were we not supposed to have had a bid from Hull for Windass in the last window which was way above the 150k mark
  9. Too much in wages
  10. Seems expensive if the guy only has 1 yr left on his contract. If MoH is loaned out we will be paying most of his wage. This would probably take it to nearer 750k . I think not
  11. The manager did say that the squad would changed by using our youths, Scottish players and internationals. So we just have to wait and see where we are by the end of the transfer window. If we don't have 4-5 quality players with international experience I will be disappointed.
  12. Good comedy value site
  13. Me I would go for the Gibraltar market
  14. Looks a good prospect. I suspect the manger will give him a decent amount of game time next season
  15. I think we have 2 decent keeper now but to get the quality of Goram and Klos even a McGregor at their best is way out of our wage bracket.