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  1. Johnny Hamilton on a free from Hibs in the 70s and he became part of a very good team
  2. So Rod Petrie, becomes SFA President ,in an uncontested election and Mike Mulraney becomes Vice President today unelected as well today. Nice to see Scottish Football at it best . No wonder our football is dire. Also some very unfriendly faces at high level in the SFA.
  3. What I remember for the game apart from the penalty miss ,was Newcastle's conduct that day. The stopped play ,dived and simulated injury to the extent that still to this day they are the worst team for that that I have seen at Ibrox. The second leg we missed a chance before they scored . They were a good team though and so were we but I did not appreciate it at the time as celtic kept winning the league and second is no good. Saying that it still is not good enough.
  4. No need to upset us on a Friday night ,what have we done to deserve that clip being shown. I will have nightmares tonight
  5. Good player and popular . Don't remember him getting much stick but he did have to be compared to Colin Stein and DJ two of the best centre forwards we have ever had. A great lad and fond memories of him particularly the goal against Bayern.
  6. We should remember comments like this when people are looking for players for legend games and after dinner speaking.
  7. Correct 20k would hardly make a dent in the £1.5m upgrade. It's a chance to get as much publicity as possible.
  8. And we let him go as a youth. Another great bit of business by our previous youth team boss - Mr Sinclair
  9. Recruitment is the key ,but nobody gets it 100% if we get it 50% we would be doing well.
  10. I remember this match ,the Rangers team looking back was better than I thought at the time. This was due to celtic being so successful. The Manager at this game would be Davie White who would go in November to be replaced by Willie Waddell
  11. I hope he comes through this season LB is a big weakness in the team. Saying that we need to sign another LB ,while Flannigan and Halliday have done ok there they are not natural LBs.
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