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  1. Oli McBurnie (Swansea)

    🤣🤣🤣. I put that in the wrong thread it should have gone in the Martin Skrtel thread
  2. Oli McBurnie (Swansea)

    It looks like he has turned us down. It would appear that the fee was agreed if you read the reports. That would suggest he or his agent were asking for more cash than we thought he was worth/ afford. I suspect Mark Allen would have said to the Manager - this is what he is wanting, is that too much out of your budget and the manager yes let's look elsewhere.
  3. Martin Bain

    Another one who was the cause of a lot of our problems. However I suspect he will have organised a good contract with a substantial payoff clause.
  4. Morelos to Cardiff

    Good player who I think would be better. That fact that his face was tripping him for me is a positive , rather than him not bothering as appeared the case with a lot of the team last season.
  5. Liam Lindsay

    Good player from what I remember of seeing him. We will be needing a few CBs and he would be a good addition
  6. Oli McBurnie (Swansea)

    The problem is if you are buying anyone in England then the fee is overinflated. £4m in England is buttons unfortunately it's not for us
  7. Kyle Bartley

    We will need 3-4 CBs depending on the formation he intends to use and who is going. Remember we already have lost Wilson,Bates, also Marin will not be coming back. So with that and depending on what happens with Alves and Cardoso we could have a few coming in.
  8. Martin Skrtel (Fenerbahçe)

    If it's £2.7 m it's a bit higher than I would have liked but he could be a very good addition. The manager knows his character and if he feels he is right and we get 3 yrs out of him it will be a decent level of fee.
  9. A long club statement coming according to SLO

    Well when I first saw this I thought it was major bad news. It's not but the parking is going to be murder if it goes through . We should be inundating the Council with complaints
  10. Josh Windass - Cardiff

    Just can't go players that don't try , especially ones with some decent level of ability. I don't think his attitude will change so for me he can go if we get a decent fee.
  11. Josh Windass - Cardiff

    Talented player with speed and skill. However he just does not have the heart for it. In the 2-3 game at Ibrox he scored a good goal early then could anybody honestly say they noticed him the rest of the game. Also the semi against Motherwell early on he broke through on goal and did effectively a passback. We play with 10 men when he is in the team . Not someone who you need when battling for the league.
  12. ***Rumours thread***

    Can you still get the rangersobserver on line . I for some reason can't get it.
  13. Kyle Bartley

    I would be delighted if the board released that type of money for one player. It would indicate that we were getting really considerable funding coming in.
  14. Kyle Bartley

    It's just my guess but I would be surprised if we spent that kind of money on any one player.
  15. Kyle Bartley

    Worth considering but if £6 mil is correct it's out with our price range I suspect.