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  1. Well deserved and he will contribute both on the playing &coaching side next season. One of the few that has shown the bottle for it this season
  2. Good that will be it sorted then
  3. And who is going to give us the 50 million.
  4. The biggest problem is the attitude of the team . Most of them do not have the heart for it . For me it's way to early to decide about the manager. He has improved the defence , shown he will use young players, unlike the previous manager who talked about it but did not give the youngsters much of a chance. Until he has got some of his own players in it unfair to judge him. The next 2 transfer windows will be critical.
  5. Well if the structure the board thinks is correct is with a DoF I fail to see why it is taking so long. As someone else said Rossiter will be back before we appoint anyone. There seems no sense of urgency from the board and no information coming out from them .
  6. You need strength of character to play for us unfortunately not many of the squad have it.
  7. Not many
  8. He should be judged next season after he has brought in his own players. Unfortunately he has not much room for error. To have many gutless performances as we have had this season should not be allowed. However given where we are I suspect many of the present under performers will still be here next season. He might end up carrying the can for them I don't think as a group of fans we will have the patience to allow him 2-3 windows to improve this lot or the money to get rid of all the Under performers in one go
  9. Ashley is not the answer and I would not have him near the club. Ask the Newcastle fans what they think of him. Unfortunately the present board do not appear to have the money to invest that will enable us to challenge for the league. Unfortunately we are at least 5 good quality players short of challenging the present Celtic team . This is before they sign anyone for the start of next season. At this point in time I can't see it getting any better quickly.
  10. Not got the players to do much. Hopefully we will have some decent players by the start of the season and the manager will have learned a lot about Scottish football this season so he is ready for it next season
  11. Brainless tackle , he was too wound up meant he could not make another tackle in the match incase he got sent off
  12. Poor players , many with no heart for it and wrong tactics today. Can't say I am looking forward to next Saturday. We need a big change round in squad with top quality recruitment . Would not put any money on it happening.
  13. Hope he has a quick recovery and gets back to 100% soon
  14. Best of luck to him. Hope it goes well . Great player for us
  15. Standing sections would be great. If we do go ahead it won't be for a while as there will be a few hurdles to go through. I would love the Copland Front and the enclosure for me. That would help with the atmosphere. Too old now for it myself but loved it when I first started going and we had a full house. The atmosphere was brilliant