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  1. Miller is a good professional and will be an important part of the team this season . If anyone is going it's more likely to be Tav or Fod as Warburton appears interested in them
  2. Can't see Miller going
  3. Just hope we can get as many of them off our books
  4. It will be interesting to see if there is a shock move away and who it would be if it happens. I would rather see us get rid of Kiernan,Forrester,O'Halloran ,Windass and Waghorn.
  5. Really , never noticed that. I am glad that we are now in a financial position to pay £8.6 mil fees
  6. 8.6 mil - yeh pesos
  7. Not for me leave as is
  8. Wish the lad all the best . Really needs to make an impact this season or move on . Hope he does make it but I think it unlikely
  9. I would agree with you that he is too laid back. He does not work hard enough off the ball and does not hold the ball up with his back to the defence . That was why he was take off against Celtic in the league game. He is fast and a good finisher I just wish he would knuckle down to do the dirty work a forward has to do . If he did he would be a good player
  10. He will struggle I just don't think he is up to this level. He also is bad at passing to other players in better positions. I would love him to do well but it won't happen.
  11. Be good to sell him and get him off the books . Thought for the short time he played on Saturday he looked out his depth
  12. If he improves the team then I would take him . I just want us to win this league as soon as possible
  13. Good that he is on the board . It's far better we are represented on these boards than not. At least there we can have some input. Hope Budge has been elected as well. She fights Hearts corner as you would expect but does not seem to have any agenda against us , unlike a lot of others
  14. I think it will come down to the last day of the window. It could well be Hearts get an offer on from some random English Championship team above ours but if Walker says he only will sign for us it would put Hearts in a difficult position, I don't think they could afford to let him sign a pre contract with us . Squeaky bum time for Hearts , him and us on the final day of the transfer window I expect
  15. There is a good player in there . He just seems to mess it up each time. I think he will score a good few goals up here for Hearts but I wonder if he will be a good influence in the dressing room