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  1. Fod

    Decent keeper but not of the same standard as The Goalie,Klos, Woods or McGregor. Not the first area I would look at
  2. Tony Pulis

    Would be surprised if the Stoke fans want him or he wants to go back
  3. Tony Pulis

    He will organise us make us difficult to beat. Problem will be with the style of football further down the line. That I am prepared to put up with to get this club back to the top but it won't be pretty
  4. Ryan Hardie

    Just don't think he is good enough. We are limited in the striking department and I don't think there was another striking option we have that we could have used as a substitute
  5. MOH

    He is not up to the standard we require but we should get a fee for him or let him run out his contract unfortunately. If he is not happy then it's up to him to decide if he wants to play and is willing to move on a lower contract or spend a great part of his career not playing.I just hope we don't pay him off .We have done this too many times
  6. Cardoso

    It's been edited and we fall for the line of a celtic supporter .They are achieving exactly what they set out to. Ignore it and move on we have more to worry about than this
  7. Chucking the season when THEY are playing shite

    We were never going to win the league but the total lack of a challenge is pathetic
  8. The ibrox crowd

    We really need a standing area and get the Union Bears in there .I would make front of Copeland Rd stand that section .It would put a bit of atmosphere back into the ground
  9. Murtys 'Presser'

    The guy is doing his best in a position he should not have been put in. We need a top quality manager in ASAP
  10. Mark Hughes

    The Manager is the most important position in the Club. If he becomes available Pay him the money and get him.
  11. Who Should Be Our Next Manager?

    For me if he becomes available and it looks like he might .I would go for Mark Hughes
  12. UB Display

    Great Display from them.The sooner we get a standing area the better..We might get a bit of atmosphere in the ground .
  13. Mark Hughes

    Played for top teams, international experience and managed in EPL .He would be able to organise a team has tactical knowledge and would be a huge step up from what we have had since Sir Walter
  14. Full rebuild required

    We are not going to able to completely rebuild but if we spend money on transfer fees it should be on quality .The core of the team should be a start - CB a strong CM and a Striker and try to supplement that with our of contact players
  15. Graeme Murty

    He is a good guy doing a job he has been asked to do to help the club and for that we should thank him . However he is not at a level where he should be managing our club full time. The sooner we get a experienced manager in the better.