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  1. onefootwillie

    Youth Catch UP

    Thanks for the update
  2. onefootwillie


    The guy has played next to no football in the last 6 months . Let's see what he like after a month or two in the team.
  3. onefootwillie


    Way to early to judge any of them . They all unfortunately have had injuries particularly Grezda and Barisic .Katic started well but form dropped off a bit and his performance at Hamilton was poor. I do however hope that they will come through and get a run of games. I think Barisic and Katic have shown enough to indicate they will be good players .Grezda I don't think anyone can judge yet
  4. onefootwillie

    Reserves Win At Balmoral Stadium

    Thanks for the update
  5. onefootwillie

    Steven Gerrard - We`re on our way................ to 55

    Hearts are not going to win it.
  6. onefootwillie

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    God he is annoyed. The one word that summed it up was belief. That is what the players lacked today. We are a better team than that poor Aberdeen team, but the players did not believe in themselves today.
  7. onefootwillie


    Really did not expect much from him , but did not get as much as that. Being realistic he was not the worst player today. We just played to slow ,when we up the pace we are a decent team but for whatever reason we were so slow.
  8. I had forgotten that was 5 semi finals without scoring . It showed how much we miss Morelos today. Also the tempo was way too slow and that kills us. We have a long way to go further than I thought.
  9. onefootwillie

    Gerrard and Tav : Presser

    Wonder who the journalist trying to get him to say we were a class above Aberdeen was. The manager put him right in his place.
  10. onefootwillie

    Please Tav

    I would have thought that we must have a person who can take a better corners than Tav.
  11. onefootwillie


    I thought he started the season well, fell away after his injury but last night was just starting to get a bit better ,still not at his best tho'. Jack for me did well but as you would expect started to tire.
  12. onefootwillie

    Gerrard and the away form

    They will get there ,we do however need a bit of strength and craft in the midfield along with some experience. If we do that and get a back up striker we will not be far away.
  13. onefootwillie

    Lassana Coulibaly

    He was good in the Rapid game
  14. onefootwillie

    Ten Years Of The Youth Blog

    Well done , really enjoy the reports .
  15. onefootwillie

    Youths Visit Larne

    Thanks for the post. Were the youngsters playing older players