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  1. He will do fine for us. I expect to see him consolidate his position this coming season.
  2. I think he will develop into a decent player for us over time
  3. He seems to be getting fit . The manager will I assume look at him pre season and make his mind up. He has been through a lot and would really like to see him make it with us.
  4. onefootwillie


    Will be a good player for us next season
  5. The guy should be given a break. He is a RB and most of his games for us have been at LB . Overall he has done fine. A good squad player.
  6. What we did was correct as we could sell the tickets to our own Fans. Kilmarnock are entitled to do similar and if they sell out they will have been proved to be correct . However I would be astonished if they sold out this game. They therefore will loose a lot of money and will have less to spend on players next season.
  7. They are quite entitled to do this and look after their own fans. I am glad we have done it for the celtic games. However I would be astonished if they sell out their ground. If they want to lose money then that's up to them but it's bad for football to stop fans getting into games.
  8. We need a quality CB to replace him next season if we are to win the league
  9. We have and he has been very unlucky . He and a fit Murphy would have been a big help this season. The hammer thrower Power has possibly ended his career. Yeh it has cost us a lot of money but it is not the players fault. Feel really sorry for him.
  10. Only want players that want to play for us.
  11. Sutton just stirring it . Pay no attention to him
  12. Hugh Keevins I think asked the question
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