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  1. Real gentleman . I met him once with my Dad who worked with him . The strip in the picture was the same style as my first one . I also remember getting a rangers book signed by all the players after a Raith Rovers game thanks to him . A great man
  2. Not over impressed by some of the people he is interviewing but I am struggling to think of who else he should be looking at .
  3. Don't see a major problem with him being in SA . Infact most of the time when he comes back his interviews end up causing aggro,mind that could just be the press stirring it as usual. Money has went in but as yet not enough and more will be needed. If in a few years we are back at the top and he sells his shares to someone with our interest at heart fine by me ,he will have done his bit for us. However there is still a long way to go so we will just have to wait and see. This season coming up it will be important to see money invested in transfers. Let's hope this manager can pick some good players
  4. 2-3 million net . I would assume we will sell a few so any transfer fees should include that income . I suspect we will sell Waghorn and McKay as they will be in their last years of their contract .
  5. There is no way that co-opting anyone on to the board would be right. 3 new directors hand picked by the remaining 4 I think not . There must be an election for the remaining places. Any credibility 1872 has had is gradually being eroded. I had thought of immediately stopping my monthly payments but will wait until the meeting is held before making a decision.
  6. The only way they should be able to replace the directors who resigned is by having another election . There is no way they can co-opt new directors and have any semblance of credibility left . Not that they have much , in my opinion, at the moment
  7. Thanks again for the updates
  8. Hope he stays and would expect some first team appearances next season . Unfortunately the money down South is huge so it just depends on the advice he is being given by his family. It's a young age to go down south, but whatever happens I wish the boy luck
  9. For me it really depends on the role of the assistant. If it's a coaching input then neither Freguson or Brown would be suitable for me as their ideas appear dated just like McCoists . If however it's more about Rangers history, culture, problems that the manager might encounter with other clubs, press, what local players to watch out for then John Brown could be suitable.
  10. Just received this email and am astonished at the contents and the lack of a detailed response from the remaining directors. If the issue was not seen by the remaining directors as a clear conflict of interest I worry for the future of 1872 . I look forward to the meeting but with that response I find it difficult to see how how they can continue in post with anyone having confidence in their ability to asses a situation where there could be a conflict of interest .
  11. Thanks for the update
  12. Well spotted thanks mate I will edit it . Useless on these phones with the predictive text
  13. Struggling to think of anyone who has good successful coaching experience and is an ex ranger. While I think Murty did very well I would rather he stayed in his original role as I think he has done well there and it is a very important role
  14. No it's what's left of the shambles that is Club 1872 that should clarify this but I don't expect they will . That's me cancelling my standing order
  15. Well can I put it this way I would not place a bet against it but I am cautious and until the name comes out everyone is innocent until proven guilty