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  1. Flanagan played - I use the word loosely - 45 minutes and took 12 throw ins, 10 of which we lost possession straight away, one we got another throw and the last he got a foul when unfairly tackled. Do we need a specialist throw in coach or is Flanagan that bad in all aspects of football except picking up yellow cards?
  2. We could be in trouble here, Hearts really up for this.
  3. That was brutal - take the 3 points and give the fans their hard earned money back because that was not football. Tippy tappy football with no end product is boring and friutless when you do not have the players capable of doing it. We are not Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man City or Liverpool. Players need a rocket up their arse as that was not acceptable. Wee fancy passing and then poor final pass against a team of basically no hopers is not good enough. We are Rangers, we are better than that shite tonight. So come on, put up a fight, earn those high wages and bring 55 to Ibrox for us fans.
  4. You have missed one vital point here - Why would celtic want it?
  5. Statement was needed. Hope it hits home but I will not be holding my breath. Too many deaf ears in this corrupt SPFL.
  6. Celebrating here right now after a magnificent performance but still raging over the biased standard of that referee. Heard it on the telly last night and thought it very apt today: "YOU'RE NOT FIT TO BE A REFEREE".
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