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  1. Deflection from the real corruption in both Scotland and England.
  2. Seen the lat 20mins. Only 2 fouls in that time, both in the 84th minute.
  3. Keep it quiet - Wes is actually KingKirk
  4. When TLB got hit with sectarian coin, what was Hibs reply? They put in a cctv camera to cover the home dugout, that's what they did. Really? What about covering their fans? About a couple of thousand -wow.
  5. Fair point - Broxi is a winner. For the rest of us - "Let's all gather by the river"
  6. Demo at BBC HQ Glasgow next Saturday. Come join us and make YOUR voice heard.
  7. Scottish football is corrupt - you reap what you sow.
  8. According to Sky Sports, fan attacks player in England. Fan confronts player in Scotland. Where's the difference?
  9. First goal was offside, officials made a right arse of it. At the moment, Burnley are 1-0 up due to a goal direct from a corner kick where the keeper was clearly fouled and not seen by the officials. Just goes to show you that full time officials still make the same howlers as happens up here. Much as I don't like VAR, it must surely happen in the near future. Liverpool have now equalised.
  10. Supposing that cunt had a knife and wounded Tav, would the ref abandon the game for the players safety?
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