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  1. Typical BBC - "Hearts have lost their case in the court of session." Like hell they have. It's just another step in the demise of this rancid mob known as the SFPL. Soon be back in court in front of Lord Clark.
  2. Surely Hearts must go for an interim interdict now to stop league starting?
  3. In my view, SPFL will not contest the Hearts petition. This allows the court to deem Hearts relegation unlawful therefore SPFL will have to enforce 14-10-10-10 to keep everyone happy. Of course, Doncasters reply will be - nothing to do with me, the court forced me to do it. No compo, no investigation into maladministration, etc etc. Liewell then slaps donkeyheid on the back, "ata boy Neil, well done, that shows these upstarts whose boss" Nothing to see here, let's move on.
  4. Proper discussions should have been held. The 5 proposals on the table, whittled down to 3, then 2 and then finally the proposal that would take us forward. Democratic, the way it should have been, but no , this did not suit the agenda of a certain team from the east end of Glasgow who run football in Scotland. FFS when will the rest of Scottish football wake up and smell the coffee.
  5. Regarding the Scottish Cup, has anyone mentioned or even thought of the fact that Hearts will be in the Championship and more than likely will not be playing till 2021. Therefore how can a team play in a cup-tie without preparation against a Premier league team {and city rivals}. I would imagine Ann Budge would fall over backwards to help SFA/Slinky Pete to get the cup going again this year- aye right. However, I'm pretty sure that Hearts will still be in the Premier league as of this/next week as that is part of that slimy bastard Pete's plan.
  6. That the title awarded to them,DU,RR and Cove, and the relegation of Hearts,PT and Stranraer and also ignoring the pyramid system, are absolutely illegal as the SPFL resolution failed until Dundee were coerced/bribed into changing their vote. If that's not reason enough to take to a courtroom, then I've no idea what is.
  7. Blood still boiling and I'm a bit taken aback at the silence from our board. Maybe still early days, but my mind always goes back to Partick Thistle's reply from their lawyers. That report said that the resolution was ILLEGAL, so why did we not pick it up when Thisltle said they couldn't take it forward because they couldn't afford it.
  8. Do you not think that this could just be what the board are aiming for, but have to go through the proper channels first of all.
  9. If this does eventually go to to court and the clubs (SPFL) have to pay for it, then surely it is in their own best interests to voteYES to an ii because it would cost them nothing as WE are paying for the investigation. As they say: "It's all about the money"
  10. EXACTLY....... A thousand likes for this man. Well said sir.
  11. You know what....I'm going to get a post in now before it takes me six hours to catch up. Let's be honest here - we want the removal of this executive as soon as possible which is our main aim. But underneath we really want rid of Lieswell and his cabal. It looks as though we are having to go to court to get any investigation which will take a long time and all things will remain the same, probably well into next year. Therefore why can't we do what we all think and actually come and call out Lieswell in a way that he has to respond. I'm talking here of absolute slander so that HE has to go to court to clear his name. Would he? I doubt it. Just a thought which may be well off the mark, but worth considering? Right, now it's back ten or so pages to start my catch up, see you all when I catch up again. Footnote : Is there an amnesty on likes at the moment as I seem to be giving out a hell of a lot of likes recently?
  12. Just in from my daily walk, where I was listening to sportsound on the radio. People must have thought I was deranged because for the first 20minutes when Donkeyheid was on I was cursing and swearing like a trooperat his attempts to answer the questions, then I was bursting out laughing as English tore him a new one. Would loved to have heard English interrogate him but obviously not allowed to, as questions were pre-arranged so he would not have to answer the impertinent questions that everybody wants.
  13. It's not that long ago when DK came out with the statement - " The house of cards is about to fall soon " - It sure looks like it now...........LETS GO!
  14. It is also a sport supported by loyal fans, no matter which team you support. It's not all about the money - or is it!!!
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