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  1. McGregor Tav Goldson Katic Flanagan Jack Davis Kamara Ojo Morelos Jones Thought Aribo and Arfield looked shattered against Legia. 2 0 Jones and Alfie
  2. What’s the likelihood of the Travel Club membership re-opening or will the club patch it due to Warsaw?
  3. Just checked the same, looks like an hour from Basel about 70 euro return, pretty decent
  4. Hope a bit of common sense comes into play
  5. And the cunts have the cheek to moan about playing qualifiers, modern football is pish
  6. Do you think we might extend it to the rest of the away games mate?
  7. If this is bullshit by the DR we need to be all over it for full retraction, won’t hold my breath though
  8. Man U Copenhagen Rosenborg
  9. Liked the fact that he ran at the FB first couple of times but didn’t really get anywhere so changed it up cutting inside and then an exquisite cross. Better footballer than I thought we were getting, well done JJ
  10. Fantastic performance overall but 1st half was very high quality in all areas of the game
  11. Proper man love for the gaffer 💙
  12. ayro


    Don’t disagree mate and you can add a load more tbh, this is why we will never have a concise list issued to us so imo the responsibility lies with us as a support to police ourselves
  13. ayro


    Everyone is looking for clarity on what is banned or not but lists like this don’t help, it needs to be RSC supporter club led with the UB and finally sanctioned by the club. With respect to the above what about; Andy Halliday - Hates the pope and the IRA Blue Flag - Mastered by no Fenian bastard Here Lies a Soldier - Erin’s Fenian valley The list could go on to ridiculous levels as the majority of songs can be deemed “offensive” as everyone’s level of offence is different. We need to find a way to buy some time to sort this out at supporter level as the board are not going to take the lead.
  14. McGregor Tav Goldson Katic Flanagan Jack Davis Kamara Arfield Morelos Jones Nervy 1-0 Katic
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