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  1. Excellent news, hopefully scores the winner tomorrow to celebrate
  2. Was SG or any member of the back room staff informed by the ref he was issued with a 3rd yellow ?
  3. If as he said it’s not a criticism of SG then why are you mentioning it ya fucking tube
  4. couldn't help thinking as he ran off the pitch after scoring Clancy's waiting with the second yellow in hand when he steps back on. Superb stuff from the big man today long may it continue
  5. RIP Fernando wouldn’t wish what he had on anyone
  6. First decent run in Europe for about 5 years that season Shelbourne, PAOK Salonika, Beitar Jerusalem, Bayer Leverkusen and Parma if I remember correctly
  7. Rangers to win then get thrown out on some made up bullshit fare charge and Legia to get reinstated into the group stages
  8. according to my dad he had no pace, was one footed, couldn't tackle but still the greatest Rangers player he ever saw
  9. Given the opportunity to try and make amends in some way after being given a second chance and you can’t even be bothered to put in an effort in training sums him up perfectly, absolute waster of a boy
  10. Unlucky not to beat them the season before, how Durie missed right in front of goal with minutes to go after Amato did a pirouette to get to the byline I’ll never now and all going so well over there until Porrini got sent off and Amo handballed it to give a pen away if I recall correctly
  11. Used to work with at a garage with a salesman who worked in the ticketing office at the piggery when he was about to be unveiled as their new signing, even years later when he was talking about him signing at Ibrox he was fuming and said there was folks greeting when news came through of the press conference with him and Souness
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