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  1. Seem to remember WIshart signing for something like 2 or 3 month short contract as cover (I think RB was a bit of a problem position) did really well playing nearly every game in that time then signed an extension and WS hardly played him after that, might be wrong though
  2. Morelos' overall play

    Picked the wrong day to wear Sebo's old boots
  3. That's what make me laugh when they talk about putting an extra match on in America, aye Man Utd v Spurs and Chelsea v Liverpool all good and well but WBA v Stoke or West Ham v Brighton who wants to watch or pay for that
  4. Champions League 99/2000

    Parma Valencia Bayern Munich PSV and Dortmund, some decent teams we played that season in Europe
  5. when was your first trip to Ibrox?

    Also one the few Rangers players to have scored a European hat trick, 4 goals against Valletta if I remember correctly
  6. when was your first trip to Ibrox?

    December 86 Falkirk 4-0
  7. Rangers related picture thread

    Dean Furman bottom picture ?
  8. Anyone buying Souness's book?

    any articles recently in the papers about his new book contained nothing of note about Rangers or his spell here, near enough all involved either his time as a Liverpool player or as a media pundit
  9. MoH

    never looked as if he was interested when he was here before he went on loan so doubt he has had a change of heart or attitude since he's been away, get rid off and move on
  10. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Samboozle surely ?
  11. Alves appeal

    Wonder who gets the captains armband if Niko and Wallace are injured Bruno banned Miller out the picture and Dorrans possibly injured ?
  12. One, yes one decent signing in eleven

    Went off the boil right about the time KM went out the team, connected ???
  13. An interesting dinner ?

    I see you know your judo well 👍
  14. An interesting dinner ?

    A succulent Chinese meal before King gets arrested for not paying the bill