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  1. Large John was aware
  2. Just signed huddersfield keeper on loan, villa keeper they had was recalled
  3. I'd rather he was playing week in and out than sitting warming livis bench as no2
  4. Andy's like Andy Halliday, behind the scenes important squad players who are not on mega bucks but work ethic never questioned and help squad morale. Firth's got the bug, going by he knows the words to alot our chants... he was leading the team at the end at the peadodome
  5. Tarriers game will be premier sports sat 5pm... They are showing 2 games, other game will be Aberdeen v killie I reckon
  6. 100% tarrier, names a giveaway ffs. Cn play for the republic... Boy I served wi is Michael tidsers brother, still plays at greenock Morton, Duffy filled tht team wi tarriers. O'Ware was one ae them.
  7. Full back 5 are tarriers along with Dariah IRA McKinnon who looks n plays like Scott Bronson against us when in a Hamilton Accies Jersey.... very poor to see one off cup tie at home not even crunching into tackles.
  8. got mines sorted ok, just £5 a month, looks like its going upto £6 a month, found Rangers tv class recently, hopefully FHD picture with big changes? watching development squad highlight v motherwell, Graeme Murty is very vocal and talks the boys through every single movement in the game, must just be under the camera
  9. Conspiracy... Good thing Julien suspect again n frimpong has had few penalties n cards against. If we can win all league games till them at Ibrox, we really can do them.
  10. Proper tarriers in tht thistle team, no dig or will to win tackles... or 2nd balls. MacKinnon usually trays like fk against us for accies and looks like Lego muncher...
  11. Thistle backline couldn't be anymore tarrier... fox, McGinty, were, mckinnon
  12. Welcome to the world I'd pitv my friend... cause it was almost great to see dumbarton take them to replay. Just like I'm about to watch the baggy thistle hopefully do the tarriers....
  13. Sheep fks... 86th min dodgy penalty to put dumbarton out. There atrocious to watch....
  14. Feel sorry for Murphy that after bursting his baws to get fit after the most serious injury a footballer can suffer ACL, that Barker and ojo are ahead of him He really must have regressed alot
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