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  1. FTP ? Sometimes we have to make it clear!
  2. NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT, Loyalist, Loyal to the crown, Loyal to the Union, Time to stop fucking worrying, more so now with how the world is, hopefully the start of the fightback, hopefully specky robertson will go.
  3. So fucking what, the OO are a christian fraternity and the DUP a political party. Stop doing the lefts fucking job for them and assuming!!! The modern day pansies have inscribed it into the modern fkwits to make believe that anytime you hear OO mentioned, its sectarian!!1 our own worst enemies ffs
  4. SEE, THAT WHATS WRONG WITH OUR CLUB!!! AND BOARD!!!! why the fuck would he resign from the OO??? A christian fraternity???
  5. I know David personally, he serves as my local councillor for Balmoral, Belfast. I also know of David through the Orange Order, I will be honest to say, he has probably took a drop in Salary for this, but this is a dream job. Im more suprised our board have chosen him and specky robertson, we are usually too busy appeasing the SNP and inviting them into Ibrox, also for his links to the protestant faith , Im sure our board would have been embarrassed are they are about the majority of our Protestant faith support. Anyone, everyone....apart from big bad prods of the support, hopefully David makes his mark and gets it right up the likes of specky robertson ect. Good appointment, bring back Jim Hannah now and out of retirement...
  6. 100% correct, davis slows us down, doesnt look him when passing, none of our midfield or defenders are capable or in complete fear of smashing teams, Arfield is the only one who shows any form of desire to turn defence into attack or look to break forward. Mental situation in the world, like that of a holywood film, but in some sense, it has saved us... Gerrard and this squad would hobble to the finishing line imo, some shitty results still to come, season depending,
  7. Hopefully. Going to spend the rest of season on Saturdays watching linfield if Corona dictates otherwise.
  8. Matt polster came in from nowhere and had 2 or 3 decent games imo, probably stood our as our best player for them first couple games back in Jan, dropped right back out the squad and cant make the fucking 18. Gerrard cant justify that.
  9. Goldson will be all over the camp, gerrads sees him as the experienced cb, with either helander, katic or edmonsdon to play beside, imo goldson brings calamity and has been an accident waiting to happen so many times, wednesday eventually showed that, can you imagine Walter Smith accepting Hamilton fkn Accies turning us over at Ibrox and that big disaster doing that, he jumped from shrewsbury town to Brighton, who happened to get up to the EPL next again season. Goldson is League 1, bottom end of the championship level of CB, bring no calmness to either Katic or Big George. He should not start start today v Ross County but will, and that us why Gerrard is not our man imo. We cant fuck it anymore, Katic and Edmondson, show proper bottle SG and start them 2.
  10. Going by the results, collapse and feelings atm, more so if we dont beat ross county, the atmosphere will go south very quickly at Ibrox, Europe means nothing atm, would not cure the way we have collapsed. I sense a serious doin upon us by the germans, ross county first, need to see if this manager has any sort of dicipline first by his team he puts out....
  11. P.s If Goldson plays tomorrow, I feel Gerrard will feel the proper wrath of the support. Part of his own problems, crucifying certain players publicly then back others... favouritism soons outs you out the job imo
  12. im at the stage now, where I not bothered if i see the match or not, certainly not me, some of the thing ive done and places ive been in to see a match is crazy. Sad feeing, personally welcome the season ending tommorow and start again middle of june
  13. Interesting open goal troops... Listen to his Michael "rabid" Stewart opinions...and playing for the Rangers beside big names.
  14. Goldson glows with calamity, no wonder night fridge was shattered playing wi that donkey, no confidence throughout the team.
  15. Hes a tarrier, just what we need... 🙈
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