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  1. You clearly dont live in Northern Ireland ya numpty,give up would ye Trying living on a Republican interface like myself...
  2. Get it up ye ya keyboard
  3. What about the neo nazi banners n salutes of certain Serbian teams?? What about the ultra Mussolini Italian teams who nazi salute and sing songs despising Jews?? What about the over the top pyrotechnics cresting fire safety issues in polish, Turkish, Greek clubs?? What about top central European sides who's hooligan element run amok in visiting European cities carrying weapons???.
  4. Get it up ye ya sympathiser
  5. No division here, strong backbone. No backing down. Its the principle of the matter.
  6. Correct as employed by Rangers... But hes another in line to yes sir, no sirs Reality is, the club is shamed by the almost majority of its support that have protestant and Unionist beliefs. I'd rather we gave someone who was SLO who would stand upto the board and report that actually this is what we are!! The Rangers I know, Is slowly being eradicated by PC and pandering fuckeits.
  7. Missed point, Make yourself useful and doing some undercover stuff at the peafodome the day... Bit of fightbacks??
  8. Marshall's pandering because of his position.. I'd rather leave than pander,
  9. Lol, if only you had a set,access to media outlets and we have the likes of yes sir no sirs available. No backbone at all. Heres a fact, the majority of the away support, hardcore support imo who follow the team home, away and all over Europe I have the respect for, 99% these that I know are members of protestant fraternities, loyalist flute bands and good standing Unionists, that will never change. The cultural and heritage associated with "OUR" clubs support will never change,nor will any tarrier run SFA or media outlets change that. We are being targeted as one, whilst others run the rule not only in Scotland but now back at European level...
  10. Has anyone seen this, I'm fucking cringing to the extreme Hi Everyone, If you can pass this to your members attending the match today it would be appreciated. It is imperative that all fans attending today’s match support the team in the proper manner. There will be a focus on us so it is essential that our fans only sing songs that benefit the club and support the team – not ones that harm the reputation of Rangers Football Club. The club has been extremely clear: “If any individual supporter is unable to behave in a civilised manner then please stay away from Ibrox and our Club. You are harming Rangers and that is something a genuine supporter would never wish to do.” We want to celebrate the best in our support. We have a fervent loyal fanbase that is the largest and best in the country… let’s show everyone why we are the best. Parking Info: Coaches: Clarke Street – Enter Clark Street at Greenhill Road before the low bridge Cars: MacFarlane Street, Clark Street, MacKean Street, and Ferguslie Park Avenue Banners: Must not cover advertising or back walls of the stands or display anything offensive (as decided by St Mirren FC) Any other questions please let me know. Thanks cid:image001.jpg@01D4227C.50E8CC30 Greg Marshall | Supporters Liaison Officer T 0141 580 8670 | @rangersfcslo
  11. TBB straight from the off please with a tweek of your choice, this is what they want in the PC controlled/SFA/UEFA tarrier minded shitmob Plenty fk the SFA and UEFA please today also, hopefully few banners aimed at our shit fear new age PC controlled gutless board. On the park will take care of itself, Jones, Defoe, Kamara to come in, Kamara not started season well, today's the day, no slow 5 yard passes today from any the team hopefully. Will need pace and power to breakdown a wall of 11. N
  12. I'm gona have to come off RM and Facebook or going to melt half these faggits through my phone. The cringe in getting too much
  13. Hate to say this!!! But.... Atleast the tarriers board dont hide their affiliations or what there clubs religious beliefs are.. Our board are shamed of the .majority of its Protestant and Unionist supporters ...
  14. Get this tarrier to fk out of RM PLEASE
  15. Aribo is not the true complete player yet mate, has the raw potential to go big however. Scottish fitba will toughen him up quickly, hopefully gets with the pace and confidence drives him forward seems a quiet spoken boy, but will grow as season goes on. Massive pressure these few games with Europa group stages a must...
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