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  1. Dont you mind being told to shop your fellow supporters who are swearing, being secterian etc.... that daft blue card.... Ive seen nuggets being took outside by boys to telling them to calm down or to stop sweating cause the daughters there is the worst one of the lot....
  2. Never got a proper run. looked too eager obviously when he did get a cameo, showed more dig in cdm that anyon else we had last season and abit bite.... we will never know... need to stop buying stop gaps and squad players though.
  3. Was not known as the flying pig for nothing...
  4. No bollocks, since around Jack McConnell... 2006 UEFA/SFA crusade and pandering nany goats of a board has fucked it, I know boys who gave their seasons up for fear of getting lifted for saying something. Only going get worse in SNP run ruled Scotland.... Depending on how old you are that is.
  5. P.S fuck cunts and there phones tae, i hate that at the fitba, the phone brigade.
  6. decent but nothing like years ago, this generation, half the support sit on there hands and afrid to fkn swear now at Ibrox, its no the same at all. Fuck modernisation, fuck UEFA and fuck the SFA.
  7. Never in my lifetime will I see a player like him grace our park, GOD. One in a million, these modern turds could really learn watching videos of GOD in action.
  8. Russell stayed round the corner fae me back then along beside Colin Samuels, both Trinidad and Tobago Internationalists, met Dwight Yorke too who was playing for Man Utd atm, was a regular in my local back then... loved a smoke, 20 a day. Wee magician, like Canniga, if only we could pick these sorts of players up in this day and age round the sphell...
  9. January tarriers, sheep, hivs and murderwell all away.......
  10. There goes our lack of goals at set pieces...corners then plus the other end....
  11. THIS whole fucking ashley saga needs SORTED once and for all, Park muct be the man as chairman to speak out and tell the truth, not some commercial director. Farce yet again
  12. Not a fucking chance, I grew up with one of scottys best mates and ex team mate from his Falkirk days, met him and been in his company over 12/13 years ago now mind you, hes certainly not.
  13. Since when was Gerrard a Roman catholic?
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