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  1. DUNKIRK!! Ye think, youth of today!!
  2. 3 months into the season... still not seen the pace, power and drive from midfield into the box
  3. The magic hat has the real Nigerian... Look at this boy, see n him few times this season, QPR Maybe show Aribo this is what we want and need... skill, drive, pace and power!!! Motm display
  4. I've said this also and argued with good mates. I'd rather have one candeias, than 3 or4 average wingers or shitebags
  5. P.s Ojo has a worrall contract, that's bloody obvious... we pay a fine if ojo has not started such a many games by January... Liverpools Guinea pigs, ejara was better than ojo 🙈
  6. I've been the one of here saying this from early end of July. Ojo and Aribo will never be first 11 picks. Both scared of physical side as well as pace of the game up here. Gave up on the 2 of them after the tarriers game we will not win league titles with them 2 starting matches. I'm more disappointed that 50k Kamara now looks like a Dundee player, no aggression, fight and first to every ball like tail end of last season
  7. Supporters who lavish praise against st josephs... Get what they deserve. Said it from August. Ojo and aribo dont and wont get it. Too physical.. too much pressure Noth not stating 11 Jersey playere.. Aribopassthebaw sideways. Davis aribo n Kamara all same players
  8. Said this about ojo and aribo since the start. People thought aribo is a finished player are clueless. Ojo has to play as per contract.
  9. We still only getting half the rose burn??
  10. Fair play troops, I miss European adventures, some craic, some stories, plus you get to meet all the proper diehards with the same beliefs as you. How many when reckon will be inside the stadium at Porto?
  11. Ojo certainly cant start at places like tynecastle or we are short on the left
  12. Get ojo to fk ffs. What is wrong with people???
  13. Liverpool project and we are Guinea pigs... As long as it does cost us 55.
  14. Hes only playing because it's a worrall deal all over.... Has to be, hes been fkn horrendous imo. Cracker out of nower against feyenoord covers up fir the super supporters. Couple early goals in early Europa games against part timers...
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