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  1. Video of him being attacked??
  2. Tarrier bastards, must be there with Ryan Jack and his Mrs. Hope it's not serious
  3. Chances this being in store in Belfast shop? Or is it just online for now
  4. Bratislava was the topper...Alkamaar/ Eindhoven... close 2nd...fkn bus to a amica wonk was the worst decision of my life lol horror stories on that journey back.
  5. Aye the British army.... good old summer leave. Miss that big style and 6 weeks aff after a 6 month tour of sandy desert shirley places....
  6. Gareth, a friend of mines does them, he stays off the shankill road, does alot cracking stuff and has a huge waiting list for stuff from all over.
  7. Gd steel, shankill road does them
  8. A good friend or 2 in this video, one sadly not here anymore. Our staunch wee village of Shieldhill, Falkirk.
  9. The most promising of the lot imo, really unlucky getting crunched my murderwell slayer minutes into his debut earlier this season.
  10. Really surprised if we dont see one or 2 promoted to first team in the summer. We need to bring our own through
  11. Playing centre fkn mid for southend currently live on sky sports... nightmares come true 🙈
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