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  1. Progres wasn't even a full team, don't think we can class that a lot. I am as gutted as everyone else as we should have done the job but we didn't, I will get over it. Changing a manager every few months isn't going to improve matters.
  2. Yeah read your statement earlier and commented on it, your paper thrower.
  3. Oh joy, another who do we replace Pedro with without the season starting. Crack fucking on, stupid season is here again.
  4. Not sure I hope they die, bit too far fanatic, but don't give a toss about either of them.
  5. Nobody mention Mckay's leaving reason yet? Cause it was a fucking joke.
  6. I could live until xmas but I think end of September we should know.
  7. you live in the Highlands stop off in Inverness when I have found another "pet" to donate as it is easier for me to use paypal. Contact them and tell them it is for a charitable cause.
  8. Personally, it is only a personal opinion, i will give him until the end of September before I start throwing my toys out the pram or saying he is right for us. That is enough time for the players to gel and if he hasn't by then he never will.
  9. If he can fucking GROWL in the thumb and broons face I am happy enough.
  10. Well Wallace wouldn't win for me I know that.
  11. Saw this earlier and couldn't read it as at work. FFS trip to the ECHR in order here as the poor wee lamb wasn't treated the way he expected he deserved to be. Away and get tae fuck, one good game every blue moon doth not a footballer make. You got paid decent enough wages and sat on your arse and did fuck all in the later months. Fucking footballers being petty little bitches really get on my tits, your paid exceptionally well for what you do in comparison to others and you will "decide" when your going to earn your pay? Grow up quickly lad, your going to have to grow some testicles at some stage.
  12. well they won't get fined as they didn't throw paper on the field, Semtex is fine but not paper.
  13. If he left I wouldn't give a damn to be honest.
  14. Ally was written off in his first season playing career with us, I am willing to see Pedro through a couple of months with his charges to see how he does. If it goes to rat shit then it goes to rat shit and then we can boot him for me. For now I have too many unanswered questions in my head about his style of play with his guys in and adapted to our play and the Scottish game. I don't see the benefit of bringing in any new manager STRAIGHT AWAY though just because we lost to a shit team in the Europa and have not been great in the friendlies (not that I have seen them). I am hurting just as much as everyone else is over the results and could not believe them but I am bearing it for now. Will it come good, who fucking knows? Do I like some of the new players coming in then YES I do! I have blisters on my arse from fence sitting but still going to back him for a couple of months and see.