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  1. When I grew up my family was in the forces so we only got English and International games when abroad so I started supporting Liverpool with some of the Scottish greats in Hansen, Dalglish, Nicol and latterly Souness and McAllister (now Robertson as well), It was only when we returned to Scotland in 1978 before deployment to Hong Kong that my Grandfather got me into watching Rangers and I have when I can ever since. I do not have a season ticket but have been to Ibrox 6 times and have never been to Anfield. The reason why I have not done more are due to a medical condition that makes it very hard to attend, especially in a loud environment. Still your not my doctor so those details you are not getting.
  2. 55 Liverpool haven't won the Prem in 30 years, waiting another one isn't going to be too hard. Still, being a greedy cunt I want both.
  3. Yeah shit trophy, getting to wear the badge on your kit is a bit of a cunt. Still letting everyone else know your the best is a trade off, oh well, another cup to add to the Anfield wall.
  4. Our gaffa would have been glued to that just now.
  5. Club World Champions if you don't mind. How's 10th by the way?
  6. Hold on, VAR have reviewed everything and have decided Utd won, apparently some cunt ate all the pies and nobody invited Ashley.
  7. Take your pink fucking shirt and fuck out of Liverpool you cunts!
  8. So now keepers get 5 yards free so they cannot be put under pressure?
  9. You wearing your Man Utd top typing that shit?
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