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  1. I meant aren't mate, I was too pissed and angry to spell check.
  2. Under this board are we a pro team any more in anything but registration for the league?
  3. Murtys 'Presser'

    Maybe that is what PM does all day, teaches GM how to avoid questions just like he does at AGM's.
  4. Loved that result last night

    Fuck, that means all our defenders and the keeper are getting booked every game
  5. Doesn't matter the language mate, if it is not given then the linesmans a H** and we got one
  6. Junkies vs Rangers

    Yes a fucking dancer ma man, wish I could give you a superior like!
  7. Junkies vs Rangers

    The 1V1 and the tip on the post from that wee man city cunt were great saves, against the goal and that deflection no chance.
  8. it would have been sweeter against the bheast but the baby bheasts are the next step down and will do.
  9. Junkies vs Rangers

    if ever a post needed Sealy.
  10. Junkies vs Rangers

    Lady Luck can have my cats if she wants cause she deserves them after that and they are the only fuckers I care about. I would rather her be happy than us losing and saying we had great pitch geography.
  11. Junkies vs Rangers

    Fuck you junkie bastards TLB yah wee greeting faced bastard, what do you think of the penalty shout eh?
  12. Junkies vs Rangers

    FFS big man
  13. Junkies vs Rangers

  14. Junkies vs Rangers

    Need to up this shit second half though
  15. Junkies vs Rangers