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  1. You would be doing yourself a favour mate as they are fast becoming as toxic as the Lion brand merchandise.
  2. They did, they let D'Art go and kept the real problem with them.
  3. Dream on, the only ones with integrity left. The rest will be as they always have been, 1872 is dead as a rep group.
  4. Probably his only top.
  5. Dinky Dave can stay in SA and leave us the fuck alone, problem sorted. Not exactly going to miss his "investment".
  6. He will spend loads of money, just none on us or the stadium. will probably be doing an Oleg in South Africa and setting up his own condos.
  7. "The thing is Pedro we can't afford anyone due to Brexit and Westminster controlling us not to mention the HMRC still sniffing about and the SFA giving us fines for stupid shit. Now if you can just continue getting in freebies for 5-8 years then we will be fine. You good with that? Oh and thanks for the meal, I know I invited you but as you can see I don't have my money on me!" That's the way I see that conversation going.
  8. RIP Bob, hope you join our other fellow Bears to watch us from above.
  9. I always felt bad about not joining as D'Art was on the board and I could trust him. However, then I found out uncle fester was on the board and I can't stand that cunt so stayed away. Pleased that D'Art and the two ladies had the courage of conviction to show this sham for what it is, it is not representative of our support with the usual sycophants on the board, glad I stayed well clear of it.
  10. We won't get anything, any moneys due to our club will "surprisingly" be the exact same figure we get fined for on some trumped up SFA charge.
  11. Thought it might just be me, good to know it isn't
  12. Great curtain call, let someone else take the pressure now and I hope that experience will remain with you forever.
  13. 10-15 Mil + ST ticket money. What he will get is SFA and I am not talking about the football association.
  14. Good to log in here and get some good news.
  15. Ally and the Kamara takeover!