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  1. Ally: I Didn't Have Any Good Players

    His support remains because of his playing career, nothing else since then has inspired anything of any substance. Awaiting the inevitable "he single handedly stopped tittle stripping" to appear.
  2. If you won the lottery...

    If I had the money of Bill Gates I wouldn't put a penny in while this board were still present unless they sold the club to me and then I would pay. Wouldn't trust Dinky with someone I wanted dead as he would fuck that up, not going to be trusting him with my money.
  3. Scotland v Slovakia

    I am half English, your team were half booing my anthem, racist.
  4. Scotland v Slovakia

    so you're calling me a faggot you racist fuck?
  5. Scotland v Slovakia

    Just seen the tartan trarriers played in Pink at home, fucking retards the lot of them.
  6. Be nice if it is a nice sunny day, fucking miserable pissing down.
  7. Scotland v Slovakia

    You're supporting a team that boo Rangers players if they ever get near the team and boo the national anthem as they are vermin. FOS is a rebel song as well by the way and should really be banned under the current act as it urges us to "rise still" which is incitement to civil violence and could be seen as offensive to some. Now you go and take your "fuck up" (very eductated by the way) and shove it where the sun doe snot shine.
  8. Scotland v Slovakia

    I hated the national team the day they decided to screw us over and send us down then the 5 way agreement, you're never going to get me to say a good thing about that mob of shit and I hope no Rangers player ever plays for them again. Sincerely hope you understand my standpoint now so you are not confused in any way.
  9. Scotland v Slovakia

    Errr a Rangers fan saying booing GTSQ is fine now? Fuck sake why not make our next club chaplain the pope.
  10. Scotland v Slovakia

  11. Scotland v Slovakia

    Didn't see any of them on the team sheet did you? You're mind playing tricks with you there? Or are you going to go through the entire list of Scotland's roll call of honour cause none of those cunting wanks will be on it.
  12. Scotland v Slovakia

    I think he should be allowed to, in fact I encourage it greatly.
  13. Scotland v Slovakia

    Whole load of them are tarriers in my books from Tartan trannies to the bloody squad. Couldn't give a shit how many of them finished the game with them.
  14. Scotland v Slovakia

    Massive tarrier win against 10 men, yeah inspiring.
  15. Scotland v Slovakia