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  1. Nazi supporting Bears and fenians would be my guess.
  2. We don't need to claim what we have, we just don't count them in respect of the dead. The scum don't respect any cunt so rape children, beat wives and count their titles as they are classless, look what happened recently with the title.
  3. The league is over, champions issued the title and clubs demoted. Why the fuck should we agree to play the fixtures for this season in the next season. We have enough games as it is in Europe and this pissy league + cups, not happy about trying to help out the SPFL so they do not get asked for a refund, fuck them.
  4. We are not catholic and UEFA are not controlled by Mr Park.
  5. He knows the Sash but does law for cash.
  6. We won't be playing next year, the scum will not be able to complete their gardening and then the SPFL will just award the title and send the refs their envelopes.
  7. It was an observation but there is always a critic. If you want my view Brian Laudrup was better for us but Gazza had a switch in his head that when he triggered it he went tonto all over the place and won us games. The most petty booking I can remember for Gazza was when the ref dropped his yellow and Gazza to brandish it to him before giving it back, then he got booked for dissent. Both brilliant players though.
  8. I am surprised the Police did their job an arrested the cunt. Still the Judges will do their job in good "honest" tradition and give the tattie muncher a suspended sentence and 5 hail mary's.
  9. Morelos would have seen red and a fine for the second goal.
  10. That's because every catholic person brought in by lieswell to bottle it would piss in the fucking water. Still some might think it is lemon flavoured going by the colour.
  11. We are going to be playing BCD, why you driving to the stadium?
  12. Good luck to Chelsea trying to build a car park in central London.
  13. They will be claiming a trophy for each one and jap eyes will make sure it happens.
  14. i wouldn't be worried until the insult comes from someone semi intelligent.
  15. 5 hail mary's and it will be alright, any court in this shithole of a country will think it is an extreme punishment. Should get the cunt for illegal entry.
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