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  1. Fucking hell we knew this was coming and I am a right cunt but even I got a tightness in my chest over this one. RIP and now have some rest in peace, you will be remembered.
  2. Aye the weekends game was funny as fuck to watch 😂
  3. Yeah his fucking record was chronic and I mean his music one!
  4. Can't see Klopp leaving Liverpool without giving it another run at the PL to get his name even higher with the Kop than it is now.
  5. You were shit at football as you had an attitude and it seems you still carry that big fuck off chip on your shoulder. Fuck off Emile and stop blaming others for your failures.
  6. It may well be too late when we do not say anything, accept a diferent playing field in the courts and football added to this some of our own will vote SNP. Can't see us "rising up" to change the status quo and that is what they know we will not do, so for now we are snookered and there is no leadership out there for us.
  7. Just seen that, sorry still working so slow on the reading.
  8. Yeah, thank fuck we pulled out a "Souness moment" with Stevie G.
  9. Nothing surprises me with them any more. The cunt will probably get a stadium tour and his very own huddle for upholding the outstanding tradtition of the scum, funnily enough our media won't say shit.
  10. Too many of the other side to make that happen any time soon. Unlike you BRU I was happy to say <Insert a usual expletive here> after 2012 as that debacle was a disgrace and the way our players are treated if they turn up is shameful (but with no or little mention). Let the national team die a death of it's own making, Scottish football has been fucked for the last two decades as we develop hardly anyone, that will not change any time soon.
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