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  1. Pure dead glory hunter here.
  2. The taxi driver could just turn up at the venue and charge him the extra run fee on top of the original fee in front of camera.
  3. Yeah, he wants his £1 back.
  4. We both know how painful that year was but there is a damn sight bigger crime not being investigated in Scotland.
  5. Did HMRC not also want to go after MIM if they could not recover the money from Rangers, or am I making that shit up?
  6. In Scotland we could probably find the evidence that a certain person shot JFK from the Grassy Knoll and we would "misplace it" if the cunt was a catholic.
  7. Aye alright, pull my other one, it has bells on. The cunts as are scum fans.
  8. You forgot the devils five way agreement.
  9. I wasn't criticising your post (for once), I am saying he was employed with a silent meeting about what happens to one certain club to the benefit of another. He is doing perfectly fine with his agreed job description, that's why the useless fucker is still there.
  10. I think magic8 was implying that he is doing the perfect job he should be for one clubs benefit.
  11. He would be mental not to accept an offer from a top six club in England. The problem we have to worry about is what price tag we will demand.
  12. Admin 255 on the way with us paying extra staff to replace staff we had already paid...
  13. Completely agree, ban Robertson from ever playing for Scotland again, please.
  14. Robertson is worth more to Liverpool than the Scottish trannies who won't qualify anyway.
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