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  1. Thought the scum were getting Rafa
  2. Certainly is if you vote SNP and abide by dignified silence and get your arse to away grounds to watch a match.
  3. If true it is the best signing Newcastle have ever made including Shearer.
  4. Well it won't be even, they will be up to their knees in paedo trials, TLB and with no money to spend, we will have Stevie G and a good start to a solid spine.
  5. Can't remember reading a paper or watching SportSetup since 2012.
  6. If I had hacked the account I would have said something like "Dundee Utd fully support an enquiry into the celtic club and it's boys club for child abuse". Rightly enough I would probably have put 8====D~~ on the end but that is because I am childish.
  7. Collum is working on his free kicks and penalties.
  8. You would get banned from FF for your over use of full stops in your OP title.
  9. Oooh his and hers matching paedo suits, must be a photoshoot for their shop.
  10. The Catholic church have denied for centuries, expect the scum to do the same.
  11. Ryan Jack ate my hampster in Ibiza!
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