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  1. Too busy getting fucked in the arse as a child to spell Obsidian correctly?
  2. No worries, the Tims on kerryfail street will be doing that for us and mumbling about ebt's and tainted titles the whole way.
  3. Japs eye doesn't see a problem and he controls both boards.
  4. Are you a member of our board?
  5. Ignore zone dead ahead Mein Fuhrer, full speed into the fog.
  6. celtic FC said a full investigation was under way into the incident. That going to be one of those secret internal ones that no cunt finds out about?
  7. You will maintain your dignified silence and feel all the better for it.
  8. You don't send a pedigree Thoroughbred to plow a field or eat a plastic pitch unless it is in the movie Warhorse. Let Clive do the good gigs and Tam can tell us who scored a double in 1971 with a second half double away to which team this time that year.
  9. Bollocks to that, let's keep slowing playing side to side in midfield and play triangles across the cb's and def midfielder, that's where the artistic judges points come from.
  10. Is that the Vatican Paedo Inspiron your working on? Does it have any views on our tax liabilities?
  11. Ian Blackford out for his early morning Buckfast and penning a piece about cunts at Westminster and he demands independence as they have a "mandate"!
  12. Patron Saint of Paedos on the board of the scum, what a surprise.
  13. Morgan Freeman says he doesn't want one, no cunts getting one or else!
  14. God must have run out of tits for this one, thank fuck she still has the option of plastic surgery!
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