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  1. Nah, an Orange sash, would look great on his skin.
  2. Morelos not deported yet for punching broadfoot and ruining his chances of ever having a healthy life?
  3. I have seen some weird shit outside of the OTT forum but fuck sake really? Next you will have the McCanns recommended for looking after our young lads, would reduce the youth team size for fun.
  4. Seriously? If you think we could have thugs in our team who would stay on the field in the present climate you're deluded.
  5. That would solve a problem when we get a player sent off.
  6. You shut up your just so negative!
  7. your mum was first and you know it.
  8. I am fully aware why Broadfoot did it, that is what a CO should be looking at, won't make a fucking bit of difference though as the ref "didn't see it" and the CO wants Morelos banned for her own biased reasons. When your entire team is sent out to try and wind up a Rangers player (all clubs in the Scottish Prem) and he gets abused and kicked about with no protection for over 90 minutes with little done, if anything, then yeah I think frustration may just slip into the mind. Some cunt raked their studs down my foot I would be swinging a haymaker and booting the fucker in the balls and may even lay one in the ribs after. Full Cantona on the cunt! However with our legal system it would probably be better to just kick the fuck out of him outside his house in front of his kids as the Scottish police won't do much.
  9. You know full well that one "Clogger" in our team would be sent off first tackle, this is not about even treatment it is about being fucked over for very little.
  10. That's one weird statement mate. Our player gets abused then no drama unless they defend themselves (which is legal in law), the accused walks off into the sun (or rain in Scotland) without punishment for starting the incident in the first place. Does that not sound or read strange to you?
  11. Hard enough to find a nice pub in Manhatten without fucking about at a paddies parade, that would have had me over the edge.
  12. Hey be fair, a bloody well planned and paid for evidentiary loss is not bloody cheap and the pope didn't want to involve the church so the powers at be had to fund it instead. We are not made of money so can't hide these things all the time, we should stop them coming to court in the first place!
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