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  1. On the plus side Dinkies kids can happily enjoy their inheritance fund.
  2. Kerryfail street will be in meltdown at this news.
  3. Hopefully our "justice (do I have my car insurance) minister" gets it next.
  4. The paedo church will bail them out, or maybe the Scottish government as it is a "national institution".
  5. He can't answer until he speaks with his boss in the rhebel.
  6. That's the priest just getting warmed up for his boaby touch and arse fucking experience.
  7. What time does he want his taxi, I will book it myself.
  8. UEFA are more corrupt than the scum.
  9. It must be a true document, The Dude is defending the stance of the SPFL so vigorously.
  10. It will just be a re-run of the salmond trial.
  11. Let them linger in pain until the bitter end. They will still want the scum to be given the title.
  12. No football to write about so big up the plastic paddy paedo scum every day. Why are we surprised when it happens?
  13. Pretty sure we will be owing a face painter somewhere down the line.
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