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  1. I am never to drunk to spend money uselessly, I resemble that remark.
  2. Dunno mate, my neighbours think I am a right arrogant cock
  3. Shouldn't you have ended that with Badda Boom!
  4. Mate, there is no need to feel bad heaven forbid, you're doing a good thing and some people can't afford a huge amount of money as they have families to feed and mortgages to pay, bills don't pay themselves and some "rainy day" money doesn't put itself away. NOBODY would ever ask you to donate more than you could afford without missing it and I like everyone else are just proud we have so many members who will even donate a tenner if they can. This is for our veterans not for some ego trip, I am happy for Govan to take me off the list right now and he can hold me to that and I will happily be stood beside "cheapskates" who gave what they could, when they could. I can sort of see where Govan is coming from as it is an incentive and I don't believe for one minute he hasn't thought about your side of thinking, nothing is perfect and never will be but any donation to these vets will never be looked down on and no member should feel bad FFS mate, we are not doing it for bigger cocks here! This post is not aimed at you directly mate, it is aimed generally to anyone who feels "uncomfortable" with this, I had no idea about it and donated what I could when I had it. The cats are staying in the cheapskate section though
  5. You can sure as hell count me in for November no worries mate. Just training my goldfish to start collecting money now
  6. I am sure the young lad will come good and be a force for us, he is a tough little bastard but maybe his mind is also playing with him now as well as he has been off for so many injuries. Let him get back into the groove and on the park and judge him then, personally I am not going to write the boy off, there is something gifted in there.
  7. Think we are better off playing youtube clips of the players BEFORE we destroyed them. Can't see us getting 7 Mil but even if we did after Dinky's cut we would only have 2 Mil for new transfers.
  8. Retrospective action after the event will be the only solution imo, too many fucking stupid refs in our league and the public will know what should be done and see if it really is.
  9. They are bloody miserable, it is tipping it down but they are still out there trying to get more money for the big man.
  10. Should give you some info on the outstanding work Govan and his crew do mate. EDIT: Oh and unlike Dinky and PM Govan always gives us account details and expenditure at the end of the year.
  11. Wes

    More pro's than con's for me so I am happy to see him stay on and see what he can do if we ever sort the fucking defence out. The least of our worries is trying to replace Wes, can think of more that need to get the punt out the door first.
  12. "all season ticket money will go towards the playing squad" Yeah, paying the wages for the current dross and investing 2-3 Mil after the Dinky "take home pay"
  13. You're having a mare mate
  14. Think you mean Lhanbryde which is four miles outside of Elgin and yeah the women are mental munters.
  15. Fucking Bingo, you're off yah rocker.