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  1. Malvern

    Nine rabid Bheasts walk free

    Did we expect anything else in this rat infested country?
  2. Malvern

    Gerrard Tactics Breakdown

    Aye we have lost 4 points but don't you feel a damn sight better with the gaffer in charge? i know I sure as hell do and most of our problems have not been our play but our refs.
  3. Malvern

    Strange people within our support

    aye destroying Scotland so they can blame England forever, that will be the same England that would be our biggest trading partner. Fucking heads on some of these cunts need a kicking.
  4. Malvern

    Strange people within our support

    I will always associate him with the Jaffa monster as his views seem to be bloody identical. Maybe I am wrong but something inside me tells me it is the fat fucker, excuse the language in front of a lady.
  5. Malvern

    Strange people within our support

    Wouldn't worry to much about him, he will be busy banning people on FF shortly.
  6. Malvern

    Strange people within our support

    More likely to be timmy at it as usual, you and I know they attend more of our games than their own to get some shit on us. The sad pathetic wanks should be exterminated. The sad thing is though we do have that "special breed" of supporter that will still vote for the nazi party, for them there is no hope but a blissful long rest when their lives end, not that I wish or will try and make sure that happens, I just want them to be out of their misery as they are not getting Independence.
  7. Malvern

    Strange people within our support

    It is just BP9 and his crew creating accounts and trying to spread the rumour that Rangers support are behind independence. Are we fuck so piss off yah wanker fucks.
  8. Malvern

    Club urged SFA not to help Rangers in 2008

    We all know what the cunts have done and we all know what the other cunts have done as well, I don't give a fuck about any of them any more. We are Rangers, we are the Bear, we do not back down and will not be defeated. Now hear our roar.
  9. Malvern

    Gazza Signs 95

    I remember the day he signed, I was gobsmacked we had Gazza!
  10. Malvern

    League Cup Semis

    Just imagine the cleaning bill alone, the gaffer would have no transfer funds come Jan.
  11. Malvern

    League Cup Semis

    Fuck no, the SPFL will have us playing at 22:05 and stop all transport to the game. Are you suggesting the owuld be sensible?
  12. Malvern

    League Cup Semis

    It's from the end of the last game to the start of the next.
  13. Malvern

    League Cup Semis

    No chance, some cunt has a tour to Japan arranged.
  14. Malvern

    Our Game in Vienna

    Ultravox loyal!
  15. Malvern

    Officialdom Conspiracy

    Cheers, sometimes I can be kinda subtle 😀 Usuall when @Zetland is around as I feel like a wee puppy dog wanting attention from the mistress.