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  1. Pretty good desciption of @Bluepeter9
  2. Should we get a ticket price reduction because of.....

    well we can't have lidl bags with shit flying about now can we?
  3. Gerrard mobbed at airport.

    Get past the piles if you can.
  4. I feel bad for Pandas, I don't get over sentimental about them though. Sometimes they have to be let loose.
  5. Must only be me who does not really overly care what happens to their careers now. You had your time, you're not in the picture now, cheers for everything, no need to thank us for your money, now we need players who can actually do a job. However like I said thanks for your efforts over the years. The doors over there, it is the one with the knob on it, yeah Brendan Rodgers, he will open it for you.
  6. Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    Ulrika Johnson supports us you wife beating cunt. Go fuck yourself. EDIT: Anyone with twitter please send that on fro your friendly neighbourhood Malvern.
  7. Gerrard mobbed at airport.

    Is there a fucking echo in here? He is 48 this year, December the 7th if you want to send him a love card.
  8. Gerrard mobbed at airport.

    Err mate, no wonder the screaming was so loud, my better looking sister is a Policeman in the Met and is currently looking for you as he has a really sore arse!
  9. Family Stand juniors will not be able to upgrade

    Don't see why a kids ST cannot be used for the OF games and add a reward bonus. Check how long they have had the ST (surely even we have records, but with dinky who knows) and reduce the cost of a full price ticket for the kid for every year they have held a ticket. Bloody hell they probably get mum and dad to buy them shit in food places every game. Okay a cut off point could be a dispute, 16 or 18, personally I would say 16 max and take it off the OF ticket for loyalty. You get to sit in your seat with your family and will cost the club a hell of a lot less with a goodwill gesture that the fans would appreciate whilst we still nurture our up and coming generation. Worst case scenario is someone who has had a ST since the day they were born (if set at 16 years of age) would get the ticket for £33 (ticket price of £49 assumed here, if £50 then add a pound), not bad in my view. For those not used to the figures or too pissed then it would go something like; 1 year member of Junior season ticket holder £1 off 2 year member of Junior season ticket holder £2 off Continue the obvious trend there. Just thought of a bump in the road in that peoples circumstances change and maybe one year they can't buy the same ST for the bairn, surely we can keep the details and work out the numbers and ignore those years they could not attend.
  10. Gerrard mobbed at airport.

    90 minutes in? Did you fall asleep and more importantly did you wake her? EDIT: Extra time and penalties after the final whistle?
  11. New video :) Daniel Candeias - Daniel Son.

    Got to agree with this here, replacing him on the right is not the priority at this moment in time.
  12. Bruno Alves.

    Or maybe he has a bit of class and will not disrespect another team regardless of ranking. Can you imagine a Rangers player in an interview coming out with something like "Livingstone are fucking honking man, we will walk all over this one, no drama"?
  13. Beggars Allocation Cut

    Aye be we have REALLY STAUNCH fans that need to go to the piggery twice a year.
  14. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Fuck me, we will need a DNA test to see if they are human, they are obviously pre-neolithic.
  15. Reece Burke (West Ham)

    Ooooh injury prone, perfect for us.