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  1. Well done GB, You and Zet have done a great job as a team and all your efforts should always be remembered. Hope your health is something that can improve but for now soldier on your time is done.
  2. That cunt Humza has a brass neck, would probably turn up at an enquiry in a scum onesie.
  3. Just over exuberance what's your problem with them being scum? Wear the green and grey and you will be scum for the rest of your life.
  4. Sorry, our officers are all busy looking at twitter accounts, please call back later unless it is about an Orange March in which case press 666.
  5. Golf is hugely exciting, don't know why more insomniacs don't watch it for a cure.
  6. Doesn't matter where this thread is so not sure why moving it out of Bears Den is an issue as I am not sure how many real Bears will listen to a podcast like this, I will not be one.
  7. Bye Ryan, you will love the Roller Coaster and Pier.
  8. The fact the podcast to me sounds a terrible idea as the worst offenders of abusing on both sides will probably get cut off and those moderate people talk to each other anyway. The fact this thread has celtic in the title is not really something to get your panties in a rage about to me, the dark side are known by their name.
  9. Salah is going to love ripping snake hips a new arsehole if he goes to Arsenal.
  10. Good performance indeed btu how many times did we come off the woodwork there!
  11. Nah lets all go to the Louden and get a piss poor pie and banned from singing songs. I believe you can talk but that is a rumour.
  12. I think it is his deep love of the game and he will never give up until the last whistle. i am glad he decided to come to us for his apprenticeship as a manager as there is something that inspires confidence to me.
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