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  1. Most teams in Scotland would happily draw or win against us than even try and win or draw against the scum. The refs assist in that combination naturally as well.
  2. Can he bring Kris Kamara with him.
  3. They got exonerated the day after they announced it had been going on for two years.Paddy couldn't find anything wrong but loved his PR bundle of underage kids in photos and vids.
  4. So we see with your profile picture...
  5. Think it was the Saudi abuses of Human Rights which makes it Ironic the British Government (of both types) is more than happy to sell arms year after year.
  6. Just wait until they want a nazi rally or scum brigade party the rules will be ignored.
  7. Ask the refs if they know anything bout child abuse and the tarriers, has as much relevance as this article.
  8. Does is make it racists if you score a goal past a black keeper? Maybe you have to be black to score past a black keeper. What if the keeper is gay, do we have to have a woofter in to score? I am not sure of the new unwritten rules any more.
  9. They tore up the rule book last incomplete season.
  10. Hope you are not suggesting we are going after him, he is out of our range.
  11. Newcastle with their new investment may prick Mourinho's ears up.
  12. Well fucking hell, George Best must have been looking down at awe due to his skill. You can't get half a Cantona in this shit hole of a league, you are lucky to get a player who doesn't growl and throws cheap shot about (ehh Broonaldinho?).
  13. I can't ever remember Cantona having issues...
  14. The scum mob will start coming out of the tunnel with Ski Masks on and toy rifles.
  15. People will start doing like the F1 drivers are now and just standing around, it is not a disciplinary offence not bowing the knee.
  16. It was my understanding that if all three members of the panel did not agree then it is straight back to court, the fact the SPFL (maybe even the SFA) threatened them with punitive punishments or removal of licence surely makes the case alone?
  17. You are setting yourself up for a two hour bore fest.
  18. Keeps him off the streets I suppose, we are doing a public service.
  19. Maybe they were all out at a big BLM demonstration and caught it there.
  20. Just wait for the Angel of Death Paedo Pete to come in on his white charger with a new rule book!
  21. Too fucking late, you made your beds, enjoy.
  22. Malvern


    Tell them you have Emphysema (step down from COPD), I do have it and fucked if I am wearing a mask.
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