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  1. ianferguson

    Ryan Jack and Kevin Thomson

    Thompson was cultured and clever but lacked pace and couldn't tackle a fish supper. Yeah like Scholes he loved a crunching tackle but was always late. Jack of all master of none is an appropriate tag for Ryan who must now stay fit and disciplined to succeed.
  2. ianferguson

    Graeme Shinnie

    At 55 I'm a bit old for hating footballers but for this little no mark I'll make an exception. He's a talentless, diving little fuc*er and I'd not take him for nowt even to wind up the sheep.
  3. ianferguson

    Return always on mind after painful exit - Davis

    Admirable and naive in equal measures.
  4. ianferguson

    Return always on mind after painful exit - Davis

    Never judge a man till you've walked a mile in his shoes. Davis didn't create the shitstorm, he was a victim of it. Professional footballers will always look after themselves and very few would have sacrificed their careers if put in that situation. Yeah we'd all like to think in that situation we'd have stood by the club but sadly the reality is players think like players and fans think like fans. Bob Malcolm and wee Novo are testement to what can happen if you make bad choices and Lee Wallace sacrificed his international career and never reached his true potential.
  5. Katic our 4th CH , he will come again but only after Worral and McAuley have left. I concur with other 10🤣.
  6. McCrorie has attributes but as The gaffer and McAllister keep telling us , he isn't good enough on the ball. Davis will show us how to take and keep the ball under pressure . Davis will play , Jack will play and Arfield will play as long as he finds the touch to match his old firm energy.
  7. ianferguson

    Nikica Jelavic - Video

    Jelavic was the finished article, Morelos has a long way to go. Jela is 3 years younger than Defoe 🤣.
  8. ianferguson

    Official: Steven Davis Returns

    Miles out there m8 , McCall was a water carrier who spent most of his time on his arse trying to win back balls he'd given away , Davis ALWAYS stays on his feet and usually passes to team mate .
  9. ianferguson

    Welcome To Ibrox Jones + Kamara

  10. ianferguson

    No further punishment for Morelos

    Dermott Gallagher is no friend of Rangers but said NO red cards , Christie and Ralston both guilty of simulation,no physios involved for any of the incidents. If tims had been leading Ralston would still be rolling around but was a quick heeler when a goal down.
  11. ianferguson


    Harry Redknapp says we've made an "amazing" signing , says his fitness levels are great and a teatotaler , McCoist said we'll sort that out🤣
  12. ianferguson


    Had to laugh when commentator commended him for not going down after attemted stookie by livingston player🤣, if he'd seen it he'd have hit the deck quicker than he usually does , and thats REALLY fuc*in quick 😂.
  13. ianferguson

    Rangers Vs celtic - Video

    Brilliant as always Jules but to be fair you were given some great material to work with😂. Saturday was about passion from start to finish and great you captured so many players who were the absolute embodiment of our fans, and MANAGER.
  14. ianferguson

    Spiers and Muirhead

    Graham Spiers is the cunts cunt. He revels in his popularity among tims and has sold his soul to the devil. Such were his bold predictions that Gerrard was a complete novice who would fail at first hurdle he'll be absolutely raging about our Euro SUCCESS and mauling of his beloveds yesterday , a very sad and lonely place for a so called blue nose to be. His "The sheer idiocy of the appointment is staggering " statement was hyperbole in the extreme and maybe his last grain of credibility will be crushed very soon.