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  1. ianferguson

    Gerrard and the away form

    A dozen comments and no mention of Astro , yeah i know i sounds like an excuse but don't anybody say it's not a factor in Livvi and today , it's a completely different game on that shit.
  2. ianferguson


    Why the fu*k does a guy like Lafferty get married , twice ? Will it be ok for a married man(with a new kid) to pester his daughter ? Guys a fu*kwit.
  3. ianferguson

    Vote Wisely Bears

    Labour has sold out to the Islamist voters in England and turning large parts of major cities into slums. While we should be stemming the flow of this disgusting IDEOLOGY Labour are encouraging it's growth,to all our detriment.
  4. ianferguson

    Vote Wisely Bears

    Alex Salmond and his clone Nicola Sturgeon give me the fuc*ing boke. Nicola is trying to run Scotland yet can't even run her shitehole constituency, what a fuc*ing disgrace Govanhill has become , its like going back in time to the slums. As for Alex , you're gut instinct tells you he's completely narcissistic and untrustworthy. People in Scotland flying saltires to let you know their scottish, whit the fu*k is that all about.
  5. ianferguson

    Sir Bradley Wiggins

    Would you fu*k the pope and the IRA Jim ? Live on air that may have been an awkward question but "you support Rangers don't you Jim" seems to have thrown him a LOT . Aye Jim your dad will be fuc*ing proud of you .
  6. ianferguson

    Fuck the sfa

    Barry will be hoping I'm the last response on this page but this will run on and he's made an absolute cunt of himself.
  7. ianferguson

    Fuck the sfa

    Knew it was coming, scared it might cost him some cash. He clearly goes out of his way to make his point and interrupts McCulloch twice to play to the crowd which is no bad thing but backtracking on something he clearly feels passionate about is embarrassing .
  8. ianferguson

    Fuck the sfa

  9. ianferguson

    Fuck the sfa

    The gayest think I've seen all week is your "hero" say "i didn't mean anything by it , it was meant tongue in cheek" , by fuc* thats an embarrassment to gays who usully show more balls than that and tell the truth.
  10. ianferguson

    Fuck the sfa

    Barry makes his living in the media and this could bring him some shit . He was already getting heat from tims on the Peter Martin PLZ youtube channel and when the tims go after you they are relentless .
  11. ianferguson

    Fuck the sfa

    Scottish football is and always has been run by amateurs but by fu*k they've reached a new low with there anti-Rangers agenda and the Gazza Hall of Fame shite. Barry hits the nail on the head but whoever took that video has done Barry up like a kipper and no good will come of it .
  12. ianferguson

    Would you have taken this start to the season?

    You do know its only October . When you look at our OVERALL start to the season you've got to be more than happy. Only team who can win the league bar us are the tims and we're only two points behind them, they've only lost to Killie and Hearts and we've pumped them both. Livie was shocking but tims draw v St Midden is as bad a result . If we're ever to stop the tims we need to keep POSITIVE and realistic and my fear is that a defeat v the sheep in the cup for example sees us go back into meltdown and all the good work is lost. Bottom line is that we're still in every competition and its a 7.5/10 season so far imo and I'm very optimistic for this NEW team.
  13. ianferguson

    Would you have taken this start to the season?

    Anyone who wouldn't have taken our start to the season is delusional. The Livingston game rocked us all but that aside Gerrard has been brilliant. Our Euro run has been nothing short of astonishing and despite the distraction and also a lot of injuries we're only two points behind the only other title contenders . We are all absolutely convinced we'll improve from here so it's a definition YES from me.
  14. ianferguson

    Joe Worrall.

    Yeah true he looks much older and also acts much older. Thing is he's not played much in the last six months but he's definitely got ability and I've no doubt he'll be a player when he settles.
  15. ianferguson

    Joe Worrall.

    Katic is 4 months older than Worrall .