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  1. ianferguson

    Not sure if this is genuine, but

    A very simple question , how many season ticket holders do the tims have ?. Never an easy answer, just as elusive as their REAL league attendances.
  2. ianferguson

    Tav to get offered new contract

    WBA would probably have doubled his wages and bottom line is he'd not be a happy player if we didn't pay him the going rate.
  3. ianferguson

    Jamie Carragher

    Andy Gray and co paid a far higher price for a far lesser crime.
  4. ianferguson

    The Scotsman’s ‘For Seasons’ article

    Text message of this week: "All Scottish tournaments from 1890 to 2002. Red cards – celtic 575, Rangers 622. Yellow cards – celtic 1522, Rangers 1777. Penalties for celtic – 1027, for Rangers 895. Penalties against celtic – 328, penalties against Rangers 459."
  5. ianferguson

    The Scotsman’s ‘For Seasons’ article

    HEAD TO HEADS Image:Old Firm dominance since 1890 There have been 410 Old Firm derbies in major competitions over the last 128 years - but Rangers have claimed more victories, winning 160 compared to celtic's 152 and 98 ending a stalemate, The text has so far proved ellusive but these stats hardly show the effect of establishment and masonic influence working in our favour , especially when you factor in how much more money we spent over the years while the tims had their biscuit tin lid welded shut.
  6. ianferguson

    The Scotsman’s ‘For Seasons’ article

    I remember a text doing the rounds about 7 or 8 years ago which stated that despite the establishment and masonics best efforts over the years the FACTS were that over the full history of the OLD FIRM the tims had LESS red cards LESS yellow cards and MORE penalties awarded than Rangers. Every tim i showed said text to howled with laughter vowing to easily prove the contrary, non returned .
  7. ianferguson

    Lucky Rangers...

    Also Thompson said 3rd was an arm ?, his match report would have got him sacked from sky but gets a pat on the back from the BBC for towing the party line of keeping the Rangers down, shameful.
  8. ianferguson


    He said Morelos went down too easy and thought he'd be booked , ffs the lad grabbed his shirt. The third was a shoulder , do the fuc*ng BBC watch the game through periscope.
  9. ianferguson

    Simon Jordan on talksport

    Walker doesn't give a flying fu*k for the small businesses and doesn't give a toss for the cash the government were deprived of due to the bogus film company practically every tim employee was involved in either . He was simply having a cheap dig at the club he HATES while ignoring his own beloved clubs many misdemeanors . If Andy was concerned for the small businesses he'd be congratulating Rangers for the cash they've generated for those small businesses for nearly 150 years. How many pints have Rangers bought on PRW alone ?
  10. ianferguson

    Barisic (Osijek)

    Classy reply as usual 🤣🤣🤣, i oten find people who say they "are entitled to their opinion" have a minority. opinion. The last 4 Rangers managers disagree with you, and chill oot ffs.
  11. ianferguson

    Barisic (Osijek)

    I'll guarantee you St Midden will play every man behind the ball on Sunday and I'll also guarantee you Tav will be as much if not more trouble to them than any of our forwards , as usual . You must worry that our manager deems Tav our captain while you have a such a negative view of him. Tav has his deficiencies, everyone can see that but our main problem last season was breaking down defences at Ibrox and I'll also guarantee you a defence with two Flanagan types would be right up st middens street.
  12. Don't see this as violent ,just worthy of a booking for aggressive behaviour, that he booked Arfield though is yet another mystery.
  13. There is absolutely no difference between Mckenna and Morelos's coming together ,one uses force with his arm and one uses force with his leg. Book them both and get on with the game. McKenna is not jostling , it takes two to jostle , he is fouling Morelos off the ball and the linesman decides to only see Morelos action even though it's done in the same movement as McKenna's clear foul. McKenna's first shove on Morelos is EXACTLY that , a shove , the second is a clear and forceful barge.
  14. Yes a clear kick no doubt , but was it violent conduct or petulant ? i choose the latter as McKenna knows he's the aggressor and doesn't even react to the kick. Morelos is the victim here as it could be argued he's protecting himself after a violent unprovoked attack from a 6'4" 15 st bully. McKenna's action is premeditated and probably on advice from management while Moreos is on instinct to protect himself. You don't buy into the tim paranoia ? how about us having three red cards rescinded last season and how about Clancy ? He's just given a penalty for a clear jersey tug but doesn't produce the RED which the rules clearly state is the only option ?
  15. ianferguson

    Well done Alfredo

    Not a fan of Morelos but hats off for his motm performance tonight . He shouldn't be shooshing or cupping his ears just yet though , he should be saving that for when he EVENTUALLY scores v the tims.