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  1. Rangers related picture thread

    Jardine was a better footballer than McGrain and Jardines POTY in his mid thirties at sweeper with hearts shows his true class.
  2. Candeias title talk

    Had my doubts about him as he's not really a winger and can't beat a man but he makes up for it with hard work and technically very good . He gets crosses in consistently without beating his man and has improved Taverniers game too , all round one of Pedros few saviours.
  3. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    I work beside a referee who says Beaton is definitely a blue nose and also work beside someone who has been on a Gers supporters bus with him so this is just another referee trying too hard to show his impartiality, like Madden. Watch Hamiltons pen v us on Sunday and you'll see Madden isn't giving it but appears to be guided by the linesman , then when you watch another view you see the linesmans view is blocked . In my opinion he was reacting to the Hamilton players protests and thinking it doesn't matter the game is won anyway and i get a penalty against Rangers on my CV. If you think I've the blue tinted glasses on the how about Walkers view that it wouldn't have been given in a tight game.
  4. Murty interview

    Must win on Sat to put pressure on sheep and if we're dreaming ,the tims too.
  5. Murty interview

    I get your point but i prefer to concentrate on him describing 11 goals in two games with more to come.
  6. Murty interview

    Murty is on a tightrope and one slip will be fatal unless it's against the tims which is forgivable. His defeat to Hibs means this Hertz game is a must win which is unfortunate as his away record is top notch and i think given time and another transfer window he could prove us all wrong.
  7. Russell Martin

    Stonewaller , his hand was up and if it was at the other end you'd have claimed for it.
  8. Our defence

    Martin had an absolute shocker yesterday, I'll cut him some slack and blame the astroturf but unless he ups his game considerably I'd give him a miss in the summer.
  9. Jamie Murphy - thoughts so far?

    Murphy has had a slow start but the last two matches have proved he was only lacking game time . Our front four will give any team problems .
  10. Big Eck gets the Scotland gig

    Just read some prick on the rhebel phone-in (apologies) state that big Eck shouldn't get the job as he had an EBT !!! These hypocritical fuckwits would pefer an Irish drunk driver to a Scotsman who is as good a guy as you'll meet because he was involved in legal tax avoidance yet don't give a fuck about their full first team , chief executive and owner avoiding tax through a fake film company. It's a very bad day when drunk driving and paedophilia are below EBT'S on the offensive list.
  11. Rocksport - Steven Davis

    There are plenty of Rangers legends who are lucky they weren't put in the same position as those six years ago, and I'm pretty sure if most of them were they'd have opted for the security of their family and preservation of their career. Never judge a man till you've walked a mile in his shoes its said, I've moved on and hold no grudges against these guys but Davis the only one now capable of improving us.
  12. Ian Ferguson interview/article - good read.

    Would run through a brick wall for Rangers and getting paid for it was only a bonus.