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  1. ianferguson

    Gerrard's captain for the season.

    Wallace won't play and Taverniers game suffered after becoming captain so needs to be someone else. If Jack is a first pick I'd go him as struggling for options but if i was having a bet I'd say it'll be Tav.
  2. ianferguson

    Connor Goldson (Brighton)

    So was Davie Weirs, but he knew how to defend, unlike practically every CB since him.
  3. ianferguson

    Gareth Mcaulley

    We need to decide if we want to build a team or stop 10 in a row. If Gerrards remit is to stop 10 then age should not be a barrier. Cardoso ticked every box in terms of investment and potential but sadly he had never been tested and is now yet another wage thief. If McCauley is another Clint Hill then its a no brainer for me as he was still playing the last time i watched NI. I'd rather have a younger guy like the Brighton boy but he'll cost 3M plus while McCauley and Collins are free and playing in the top league. We must remember the market for CH's ain't easy if Jack Hendry is £1.5M plus 😂.
  4. ianferguson

    Season ticket list swelled....

    20,000 tims v Kilmarnock 2nd last game of the season suggests there won't be a season ticket waiting list at the girodome .
  5. ianferguson

    Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    He'll not have a fuc*ng clue what irony means but I'll tell you what, he does hate a lot .
  6. We all know you like the last word and you're welcome to it but there's no way the punishment fits the crime here. DJ hasn't deserved the vitriol he's received just because he's not sharp enough to fight our corner. In your own words you can't think of anyone who has fought our corner and lets not forget with the benefit of hindsight we've all been pishing in the wind with the defence of our club because the haters are gonna hate and have there fingers in their ears unless ill Phil is doing the talking.
  7. This will never catch on 😂.
  8. If we've realised anything recently it's that fans and players don't think or behave like each other. Sure I'd love ever Ranger to have Ian Fergusons mentality but guys like him are FEW and far between and basically we should cherish our legends for their on field heroics, anything off the field is a bonus. Going by you and Kai's attitude towards our ex players you couldn't fill a phone box with legends. Bottom line is i feel your pain but your views are TOO extreme imo.
  9. "I wouldn't acknowledge him if he passed me in the street and he's far from the only one." Kai By fuc* we know that, trying to think of Ranger you hav'nt slated 😂.
  10. DJ is a REAL Rangers legend and nobody can question that. He never takes his radio work too seriously and definitely didn't have the business knowledge to fight our corner in the last few years but he's far from alone in that category. He knows his limits when it comes to anything from EBT'S to Liquidation and prefers to crack the jokes but that doesn't make him a bad guy. He's made a pretty good career playing the court jester and never takes himself seriously so imo some of the abuse he gets on RM is way over the top. I've read the FF thread and its a far more balanced view , best of luck DJ and I'll say again, you should be in the greatest 11.
  11. ianferguson

    Ben Woodburn and Ryan Kent (Liverpool)

    Woodburn will be a top player and he'd do us a turn right now imo.
  12. ianferguson

    MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    When in fuc*ing hole stop digging.
  13. ianferguson

    MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Ridiculous trolling post , MOH has played his last game for Rangers . He comes across as being thick as pigshit and his actions prove it , up there with the most stupid ,disrespectful acts EVER. Regardless of his lunacy he'll not kick a ball for Gerrard and that's because while he has speed and some skill he has no brain , on or off the park as yet again he has run up a blind alley.
  14. ianferguson

    Mock up strip looks good though

    Best mock up I've seen,class.
  15. He'd have been far better if he'd not been playing against joiners and plumbers.