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  1. Another year of shiting ourselves everytime someone goes near him , no thanks m8.
  2. Can you ever make a point in a civilised manner 🤣. There was no taig holding my hand when I watched Morelos get a red v sheep at Ibrox for lifting his hand to Shinnie who'd only breathed on him, neither was there one holding my hand when he lifted his hands to Broon for next to nothing , that was the final straw for me. We must cash in and let some other club rehabilitate him. The internet is a wonderful tool m8 , you'll still be able to follow him when he leaves, you can even join his fan club.
  3. So you can guarantee he's a good player, nobody's questioning that , pity you can't guarantee 90 mins .
  4. If it makes you feel any better about getting rid of him we could mention his catalogue of sitters missed and no goals v them in two seasons.
  5. Oranges and apples m8, you can do better than that. I'm not castigating Morelos I'm just saying best all round if he's sold. If he were to fu*k up in the next old firm game though you can bet your boots Gerrard will be castigated.
  6. Correct and that's EXACTLY why he must be sold asap, he's a liability and will be for at least another couple of years as there's no sign yet of improvement. If he does play against the tims he won't be the same player as he'll be concentrating on his discipline too much, that said we must play him to sell him.
  7. It can't be with us , he's used up ALL his life's with Rangers, Gerrard simply can't afford the risk. I wish the lad all the best as he's a talent who always gives 100% but you can hear the stadium having a sharp intake of breath EVERY time someone even looks at him. I'd go as far as to say although the Defoe incident with Lewis on Sunday was innocuous and he raised his arm to protect himself the fact that the big diving bastard goes down holding his head would have resulted in a red had Morelos been the player who lifted his arm as the referees are looking for him to transgress now.
  8. We need rid of Morelos as quickly as possible but need a fair price for him. He needs to play more this season to add to his goals tally and alert potential buyers, if that doesn't happen then we'll need to drop the price for Gerrard cannot go into next season with an unreliable manchild leading the line.
  9. I didn't presume what he'd say, but I've absolutely no reason to believe there was anything other than mutual respect between two guys who knew each others problems captaining and managing old firm rivals and also the similarities of their life is striking.
  10. At least he spoke out and should be commended for doing so despite knowing he'd be berated by his own for doing so.
  11. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/11906775.mcneill-integrate-catholic-schools-to-beat-bigotry/
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