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  1. Murty

    You can only sympathise with someone who has the weight of Rangers on his shoulders yet has to pick from a bunch of journeymen , none of which were his mistakes.
  2. Still Backing The Board?

    Anyone who has a season ticket "actually cares".
  3. Murty

    The least you want to see after that debacle is hurt in the players and manager, no consolation right now but by fuck Murty knows exactly how we're feeling right now and spoke well under the circumstances.
  4. Herrera

    Hererras not up to the job, i said it before we signed him and sadly I've seen nothing to change my mind but by fuck we've got far more important shit to moan about than a player who hasn't started two games yet.
  5. How much more can we take

    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Your club is not the players , the manager or the board, it's me, it's you and its thousands like us who must persist, no matter what. The tims went through this not so long ago and they didn't lie down, we won't either. Don't worry m8 you'll find the resolve to deal with this nightmare, NO SURRENDER !
  6. How much more can we take

    I've a million questions and a million doubts , none of which are close to me doubting a season ticket renewal for me and the boy, REGARDLESS of players managers or board.
  7. Derek McInnes

    D. He's eventually realised he's not getting offered his dream job so will push the rhetoric he never wanted it.
  8. Murty Press Conference

    You only answered the first part, the part we already knew.
  9. Murty Press Conference

    Why did none of these hacks ask about Pena being out of the squad . The answer is pretty obvious but I'd like to hear it spelled out and also is he a lost cause or will he ever adapt and if not why not , after all we're talking about our marquee signing.
  10. Mcleish

    Hugh Keevins said McLeish had an interview before Pedro got the job and that McLeish described it as an "insult to his intelligence ", no way has McLeish got a bad attitude or any arrogance about the job . More likely he was treated with arrogance or lack of respect, that said i hope they've lost his number.
  11. Why are we not doing this ?

    By fu*k RM is a joy at times, but this thread takes some beating for cynicism.
  12. Craig shite to release a book

    Rogers will be fuming that the Tim's favourite pin up boy will take some sales away from his latest scribblings.
  13. Craig shite to release a book

    He's only 46 , there's time yet.
  14. What the hell is going on?

    I'm absolutely not blinkered , i can see it from both sides it's just that my priority is to always respect players who give 100% . Jack earned the right to lead his team out in a cup final,something he may never do now, he honoured his contract and a big club would have done the right thing by respecting their captain. I've already stated that if Wallace were to sign a pre contract with Hearts I'd still let him keep the armband untill his last kick of the ball for us , even if it's in the scottish cup final V Hearts. Very few players leave Rangers with a bad word to say about them and that's because we treat them with respect ,present or past. The way the sheep handled the Jack situation showed a lack of class and McInnes was complicit in the bitterness shown to someone who deserved better.
  15. Alves Refuses To Be a Sub

    Danny Wilson has outplayed McCrorie for the last three games imo.