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  1. Scotland's demise is purely down to the lack of numbers playing football. Bottom line is that forty years ago everyone kicked a ball around morning till night and honed their skills through putting in the hours. Everything has changed now , less parks , can't kick a ball around the streets, parents don't trust you'll be safe outside, far more choices for kids to spend their spare time on. Their doing everything possible to get Scotland into the Euros but we're probably going to fu*k that up too, but I'm convinced a little success would see hampden full again but sadly the talent is not there anymore, guys playing for Scotland who'd never even have been professional back in the day . Obviously the Rangers witch hunt has had an effect on the attitude towards the national team but by fu*k we were shite well before that fiasco occurred.
  2. Both ON THE BALL and Madden ignored them, we had to listen to weeks of the vicTIMS moaning about Morelos doing much less, McGregors tackle was right under Maddens nose but his "I'm not bias" routine prevents him refereeing fairly.
  3. Some going for a seven year old club , we'll need a bigger stadium for our 10th birthday celebrations.
  4. Thanks m8 , I've a few vicTIMS in my work who claim they're the greatest supporters in the world 不, I'm forever trying to educate them, this info makes my job a lot easier, even though I'm probably pissing against the wind ,this will shut them up for a wee while.
  5. He's not saying he's "better" he's saying don't sing the word "fenian" ,as regardless of the words connotations UEFA don't like it and will eventually close our stadium down. His opinion, my opinion, and your opinion matter fu*k all , UEFA own the ball and when they speak we MUST listen or suffer the consequences.
  6. He'll clearly 100% be ignoring your advice. It doesn't matter what he ,you or I think , it only matters what UEFA think. Gerrard will lose 3000 fans next week with more to come if he listens to you. Gerrard has the highest profile at our club and must use this profile to help eliminate any behaviour which damages our club. I personally think this is a witch hunt and would like clarification about the word "fenian" as the people it's aimed at seem to relish being called "fenian" but it doesn't matter what I think , if UEFA say jump you jump or die sadly.
  7. The same Kai who preferred Hodson to Tav不.
  8. Definitely having a wank while doing the livestream, either that or he has Parkinson's.
  9. Gordon Sawyers in the family stand 不不不, a match made in heaven. Did you see his video at winning goal where he gives a fan an absolute torrent of abuse for celebrating the goal even though he's about 12 yrs of age tops. I counted 11 sections in that stand ,you could have put every fan into ONE of them , shambles.
  10. You'd be wrong, Stevie Clarkes words "bye bye Rangers , bye bye celtic", also they've already sold season tickets for the Moffat stand so they'd surely not be stupid enough to open that can of worms. There's no reason to believe this is anti Rangers this is anti old firm in my opinion so it's highly unlikely the situation will change this season.
  11. More like he's constipated.
  12. How can you be looking after your own interests by cutting your nose of to spite your face ? It's kilmarnocks perogative to do whatever they wish with their seats ,with one exception ,LEAVING IT EMPTY. Add up all the cash they will pour down the drain v the old firm and maybe you can afford enough to buy a real fuc*ing football pitch.
  13. Findlay on Katic was even more blatant but wee willie would have ignored both if Goldson heads over. Also in the lead up to corner Dicker should have had a straight red and McKenzie two yellows but willie settles on one yellow for Dicker. Referees will be our biggest obstacle for 55.
  14. The Kai boy hates this 不.
  15. By fu*k you've got high standards m8.
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