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  1. The Kai boy hates this 🤣.
  2. By fu*k you've got high standards m8.
  3. Allan McGregor for free was the reason but I still think Fod was doing well.
  4. Totally disagree m8 , not made many mistakes.
  5. I'm a big fan of Wes and hope he succeeds McGregor (38 in January) in due time.
  6. 100% agree m8, how fu*kin stupid would those arseholes have to be to continue the abuse of Scottish footballs lifeblood. Yeah we know everyone and their dog used the last few years to put us in our place, but enough already, the punishments so far have massively outweighed the crime .
  7. Gazza best ever Ranger imo with Lauders not far behind but I still remember Butchers initial impact at Rangers fondly . He was EVERYTHING you need in a CH and much more. He could play out , pass the length of the park and was unbeatable in the air but it was his presence and leadership qualities that stick out for me ,a colossus and pivotal to our resurgence in the 80's.
  8. Bottom line is that Broonie went down holding his face , Lennon said it was a blatant elbow to the face, yet the panel ,the cameras and the referee said no contact with the face.
  9. Another year of shiting ourselves everytime someone goes near him , no thanks m8.
  10. Can you ever make a point in a civilised manner 🤣. There was no taig holding my hand when I watched Morelos get a red v sheep at Ibrox for lifting his hand to Shinnie who'd only breathed on him, neither was there one holding my hand when he lifted his hands to Broon for next to nothing , that was the final straw for me. We must cash in and let some other club rehabilitate him. The internet is a wonderful tool m8 , you'll still be able to follow him when he leaves, you can even join his fan club.
  11. So you can guarantee he's a good player, nobody's questioning that , pity you can't guarantee 90 mins .
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