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  1. McGregor is a world class shot stopper but far from world class with the ball at his feet or coming for crosses. A top keeper must have 2 of the 3 , Goram could play in today's game no bother such was his prowess with the ball at his feet.
  2. You're at the wind up surely, Goram in a different league from McGregor, no contest. Goram was great with his feet ,McGregor is very poor with the ball.
  3. Hickey has done well from a DEFLECTED winner v Hibs, as far as I can see he's never a defender and against us he has been absolutely brutal,he was our best player at tynecastle and as you say v Kent at third he's embarrassing.
  4. Michael Beale is a vital cog in the wheel , have enjoyed every interview he's done ,speaks well and gives great insight.
  5. The spine of our team were all brilliant from McGregor ,Hellander,Davis to Morelos. I'd give Hellander motm.
  6. Words never uttered by a Portsmouth fan , get a grip m8 we needed craft today not graft.
  7. Definitely better than Ally Maxwell and Jim Stewart, though that's not saying much. I mind Stewart's debut at ibrox where he shipped four v Dundee utd , very poor goalie.. McCloy was decent, struggled to get down low but his kicking and command of high balls were great assets.
  8. Opened a few wounds there m8 , Kennedy was fuc*in murder.
  9. Ojo has massive natural talent but he seems to stoat about without a plan and his teammates have no clue about his next move. Stevie needs to get him to calm down ,put his foot on the ball and hopefully he'll come good .
  10. Tramps wouldn't give you a lick of their shite once you've kicked your last ball for them, we on the other hand are a family with total respect for our ex players a given.
  11. Last nights match was many things but "embarrassing " was not one of them .Frustrating, disappointing, and agonising at the end but definitely not embarrassing.
  12. Looks to be Davis successor, in a couple of years.
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