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  1. Gazza was far from my favourite Ranger but best Rangers player ever imo ,finished with the composure of a top striker.
  2. Ian Ferguson was my favourite player as he lived the dream and I've never seen a more selfless Ger . A guy who only cared about Rangers winning 1st and himself second. That's always something that bothered me about super Ally .Two of the biggest days of my life were the league decider v the sheep and 9 in a row clincher. Ally didn't start either of them and never celebrated the way I'd have expected a TRUE Ranger to have , add to that his knocking us back before eventually signing and I've got issues. Ian Ferguson was promised by Alex Smith he'd be told as soon as Rangers were interested , Ferguson found out we were in for him and walked out straight away , training on his own until he got his dream move.
  3. I was a member of the Jim Bett loyal from the corkerhill area early eighties. What a player ,if only he'd rejoined us from Lokeren ,Souness would have made him a superstar. Sadly he liked the quiet life and chose the sheep where he showed his class time after time against us.
  4. I'm all ears ,who's your replacement. His European record is spectacular and the season before he joined the Tim's beat us 14-3 on aggregate. We beat them 4-3 last season and have been the best team head to head with so far imo. I can't get my head round our collapse but one things for sure missing 30 chances v Hamilton was nowt to do with Gerrard and Morelos, Kent ,Jack, Davis and Tavernier have been chronic since the break and that's not Gerrards fault either. No team can have so many big players off form and not struggle. Careful what u wish for.
  5. Gerrard's domestic performances are there to be shot at but absolutely no superlatives are too extreme for his European performances, MONUMENTAL will do for me.
  6. The celtic fans will be appalled by this new information and will be emailing the club and the Scottish media as we speak, demanding a public enquiry.
  7. Gerrard must take responsibility for two post winter break collapses, but in Europe his record is MONUMENTAL.
  8. Absolute shite, Kent has been taken to Ibrox twice by Gerrard and cost us 7M , he's giving 100% and owes Gerrard big time but sadly he's just not that good a player and even more sad is the fact that there's at least half a dozen first teamers who are not Rangers class. Gerrard must take responsibility as he signed them but no chance have these players downed tools it's just that the Rangers jersey is too heavy for them.
  9. Kent , let's sort out that enigma before we get to Aribo.
  10. Definitely not a positional thing ,he's getting plenty ball in forward areas but can't go by a guy in a forward direction, always to the side or back. He's our game changer but has still got his Dubai flip flops on.
  11. Let's put his "Neily got a three game ban for an aeroplane gesture" into context. Neily is a manager and shouldn't have been on the pitch for starters and secondly his actions could have sparked a pitch invasion as he was blatantly goading the Rangers fans. Sutton is a troll and wind up merchant but to call for Morelos getting a five game ban is ridiculous.
  12. The Tim's are actually 5 points clear , their captain said it yesterday after the game and he couldn't possibly be wrong.
  13. Exactly how every Bear was feeling, it's been excruciating but good times are around the corner and we should squeeze every last drop out of this victory, watp.
  14. Amazing how quickly Davis's form has been forgotten, he's practically won every motm at Ibrox and excelled in Europe.
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