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  1. SPFL statement

    "Nothing we can say will hurt them any more than the fact they have failed to steal our titles." That's the bottom line m8 . Even though hindsight has proved there was no cheating the tims are so bitter they would have stolen them under any circumstances, guilty, or innocent as PROVEN.
  2. Cardoso Celebrating A Great Tackle

    You make a valid point about attitude, its a pity Cardoso is no better than Kiernan. If you doubt that lets remember at least three fuck ups v thistle. 1. Big Sammon squared up to him in the box and turned by him as if he wasn't there, keeper saved him. 2. Ball gets knocked to back post and Cardoso watches it in the air rather than mark Sammon who is left free to bring out a wondersave from keeper. 3. At Equaliser he is caught ball watching again as Doolan nips in unmarked to score while Cardoso is left on his arse. Add his simon Murray gaff to the stupid free kick he gave away v thistle because he can't win a header and we've signed a bang average player.
  3. Our wing backs

    Cardoso is our biggest liability, can't head a ball and isn't physical enough , a bad recipe for a centre half. Add to that how flat footed he's been against Murray v Hibs and last night v Sammon and you can only fear what the tims will do to him. Biggest worry of all might be the fact that Alves has helped him fu*k all.
  4. Dorrans

    Harsh to say the least. Definitely got more to give and has been played too deep but has not been our worst player by a mile..
  5. Mccrorie...

  6. Why play 1 up front? It doesnt work.

    The tims play with one up front and sadly it's working well for them. 442 is gone for top teams as it allows them to be outnumbered in midfield. A striker supporter by a real ten is the way ahead wether it be 3-5-1-1, 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 .
  7. Our Declan

    We must go with a back three to allow John and Tav do what they do best which is attack, this would be no problem as we don't have natural wingers.
  8. Mccrorie...

    If McCrorie is better than Aiden Wilson then we'll be able to solve the calamity that is Cardoso.
  9. John Motson

    Not the first person to question Waddell's temperament though, and I'd assume he was in the know.
  10. That utter cunt @alextomo

    "Potentially " yeah , in reality, nothing illegal happened here and sadly because of a jury who didn't give a shit, even Whyte was deemed to have done nothing illegal so nothing to see here. The only victims here were Rangers and anyone who says otherwise is a bitter cunt. Even the sheep chairman has said enough is enough. "Indeed EBT'S are not illegal" Thompson.
  11. John Motson

    He was absolutely pathetic, Archie McPherson 10 x's better.
  12. Ban them from ibrox

    The tims could at one point hide from this by saying they didn't wish to open up old wounds for the victims, sadly that argument was blown away last year when Torbett was interviewed and said Alan Braxil was never abused by him . This means they not only allowed a child in their care to be abused but also allowed the convicted abuser to open up the old wounds and spit on them , shameful.
  13. Bheast FC: Statement

    Rangers haven't done anything illegal and their only crime was to not produce the side letters . They were fined 250k for that and LNS said no sporting advantage was gained. Let's ffs move on , we've suffered 10 times more punishment than any supposed crime we've commited. With regards to sporting advantage let's not forget that goes on every season and no titles are stripped, with the latest being PSG who will have a 160M sporting advantage on the pitch v the Tim's on Tuesday after taking a player on "loan" to dodge breaking the fair play rules. The same club who paid a 50M fine after admitting overspending to break fair play rules in the past , yes you guessed it no one asked for the title they won that year either.
  14. Bheast FC: Statement

    Inexfuckingcusable , this man is a disgrace and a proven liar.
  15. Miller And Kranjcar

    Finished, Finished.