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  1. The only reason they got the result today was they scored a goal at the death,six minutes injury time must have went up at the 90th minute they and Dundee still had six minutes to score they did it again,sickening I know but that’s why they will win the league and we won’t.
  2. They have scored last minute winners at Killie Hearts and Dundee we wouldn’t have that’s why amongst other things we are going to finish second double figures behind them.not much progress in my eyes. They let a half decent manager go in January and replaced him with that gargoyle yet they still get the results when it matters,sickening.
  3. Didn’t watch their game so don’t know if six minutes injury time was justified or not but they still had to score and they always seem to do it,that’s what wins you a league title.
  4. Well I was thinking of doing it the traditional Scottish plastic Irish way,stinking Sellick tap oan get pished in the local celtic slop house shout up the ra etc etc glass some cunt in said slop house roll around the floor fighting. And then stagger home having spent all the money that was needed to feed the weans awe week,batter the wife fall asleep wake up and obsess over everything Rangers.
  5. Doesn’t matter we’ll get beat.
  6. The Tarriers will finish double figures in front of everyone else whilst the rest including us will be a few points between us if we keep playing the way we are so yes we are fucking miles from first no Matter if we are second or third or fourth. If we are fighting neck and neck with them and it comes down to one point or goal difference then we will settle for second as we know we can match them and are close to winning the league . As it stands I won’t get much comfort from being second best whilst they are so far in front.
  7. Obviously not I want first but second or third or anything else means nothing..
  8. Swapping one quality player for one other quality player albeit in a different playing position still won’t solve our ills. We need 5 or 6 real quality players all over that park and they can drag the mediocre players along with them. Just wish we had the money for them but will more than likely end up with loans and journeymen.
  9. Don’t really care if we finish second 16 points or whatever it is going to be behind the Tarriers but will in all probability be double figures,finishing second means fuck all.
  10. C’mon Rangers just win please furfuxsake.
  11. Hoping for something more positive in the second half,like a fucking win for starters but I fear it will be more of the same with they cunts maybe getting a second. I’m dreading playing the Tarriers with this side especially as that ginger snarling cunt will be hailed as some sort of fucking messiah. Wish this season was just fucking over now so I can put it behind me like the last 8yrs,unfortunately the banter years continue and I’ve has enough of it.
  12. I’d get rid of any of the cunts that have done that and I know that means nearly all of them.
  13. As I said they are just winding down the clock they don’t give a fuck anymore.
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