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  1. They are on a great run and will be over brimming with confidence whilst we are pish.It could be a sore one on Thursday or knowing Rangers win on Thursday and totally lose interest on Sunday.
  2. They don’t give a fuck a team full of perpetual losers.
  3. Aye, I can’t really blame him the vitriol he has had in this backwater is disgusting.I reckon he knows he is moving and probably thinks thank fuck.
  4. I reckon he knows the league is gone and he knows he is probably away at the end of the season hence can’t be arsed.Might see a different player in the SC and in Europe as still something to play for.
  5. All about opinions,He’s a smashing player but his head and heart look like they are somewhere else.
  6. They know the league is over happy enough to get second.🤮
  7. I find it hard to see that as a success if I’m honest.
  8. Whilst I take on board what the op is saying when you really get down to it the problem is our squad just isn’t good enough,we are lacking some real quality players and the management are sadly lacking and not learning from mistakes after mistakes.We need some major money spent on the areas of the team that are severely lacking but unfortunately our current board just don’t have the funds imo.
  9. Too be honest I couldn’t really give a fuck about the Scottish cup,it’s the league we need and the cups are just a bonus.
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