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  1. Supporter Delusion

    Mate the actual fact that they wanted McInnes tells you everything you need to know.Never mind after six weeks he fucked us off and then the shambles before Murty was promoted.
  2. Board Out

    They have let us and the club down with the continued shambles and not doing what is best for Rangers FC.
  3. Supporter Delusion

    This abortion of a season lies with the board and the utter shambles in appointing a Manager.I have zero faith that they will choose a proper management team especially after the embarrassment of the McInnes debacle. In all honesty they will stick with Murty and hope he delivers something anything that will save them some ££££ whilst the Tarriers go on to 10iar and some on here and elsewhere will still be banging on about how we are slowly closing the gap.🤮
  4. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    Expected TBO there will be more days like this too come.
  5. Murty is the best candidate atm because we are doing it on the cheap and that’s why he will be here next season irrespective if we lose at Hampden and parkhead. We are crying out for a good experienced manager that will push us forward and we will need to spend money on him if we have any which I don’t really think we have. Murty will probably get us second again and may land a cup or at least a final and I suppose that’s progress but it smacks of a small time club like Hibs etc. We are currently seven points better off right now than we where this time last season and it’s up for discussion whether that’s because we have improved or the Tarriers aren’t as consistent as they where last season.
  6. They will get another crack at the C/L and might progress into the group stages and bank another 10,15million or whatever the fucking amount is but the point is they can outspend us with the money they have made already. We have made progress as in not getting fucking gubbed off them but come the close season they will strengthen and may pull ahead again depending on who they spend. The money on and that will go for us as well. I just feel the progress we have made is too slow and could easily be widened again I know that 55 is coming but I would like to enjoy it while I’m reasonably fit and not some doddering old cunt.
  7. Too much too soon

    I must have been watching a different game too some others.
  8. We need a manager

    IMO if we keep Murty after the season ends it will be utter madness,they went down too ten men and Rodgers instantly changed the shape and formation and put a forward player on,he took a punt which worked in his favour. Murty stood with his thumb up his arse and his brain in neutral and we looked lost,he should have changed it then and went for the kill. He is far better than the previous three duds and I thank him for that but We as a club need a proven management team for next season otherwise we will be second to them again.
  9. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    My biggest fear for the semi is Murty and whether he has the ability to react to what is happening on the park and make important changes at the right time.i haven’t seen him doing that yet.
  10. What is required

    You missed out a good Manager.
  11. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    I really don’t think we played them off the park at all I just didn’t see that. They have much better finishers than we do when it counts and that makes a huge difference in winning or loosing.They are bang average yet still with ten men came out on top again. I was supremely confident for the first time in years before the game but after watching that I’m back to we will finish second and that totally underwhelms me.
  12. The ultimate false dawn?

    They are very average there is no argument about that but for all that they looked more composed and passed the ball better and even with ten men looked better than us imo and I find that very worrisome. We have closed the gap player wise from previous years but we are still behind and will strengthen in the summer but so will they and they have the cash we don’t. The close season I see the most important one yet with recruiting a good management team and player recruitment we can’t keep playing catch up.
  13. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Wish I had your confidence that we can do anything against them at Hampden maybe it’s just me but I have zero faith we will beat them this season.
  14. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Aye your right we still haven’t beat them but the score line is getting better.FFS.
  15. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    A dejected bear that has had enough of they cunts lording it over us again.