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  1. They will know exactly how the voting will go they have all the ducks lined up hence the statement today.
  2. The bottom leagues will vote for it leaving a precedent for them to hand the title over.game set and match.
  3. They will make noises and release statements but ultimately they will not waste money on a court case that will be lengthy and ultimately fail.
  4. Probably because the SFA and all the other clubs bar Hearts unless they aren’t demoted will fall into line and vote for it.No amount of foot stamping from us will change that. You can bet right from the beginning of this Lawell would have been exerting his influence at the SFA and other club chairman’s.
  5. Why? The threat of legal action from Rangers?
  6. This was always going to happen.I expect the Rangers board will make noises but ultimately will step back into the shadows.
  7. Never expected much and wasn’t disappointed.
  8. Bit of a kick about for the Germans so far.
  9. Another breakdown in communication from us,wish their players had the same problem.
  10. Nah not a pen although Goldson done his usual with the attempt of a header.
  11. Our passing compared to theirs is worlds apart.
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