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  1. Oh FFS I can't keep track with all this are we dead or not what is our name now is it Rangers or Sevco or Sevcooooooo I just can't keep up please help!!!!!!!
  2. 64 on Monday past eh that's the spirit mate you enjoy the short time you have left and wear what you like.
  3. I'm not having that I'm excited as fuck and have a stauner that I haven't had since I was thirteen.
  4. Go for it Dory in fact fuck it go for the full strip and sweatbands.😂
  5. I reckon now that even bears that never really bothered buying tops etc will make a conscious effort to buy the new one when it comes out.
  6. Know how you feel mate and it's a great feeling now that at last when I buy the strip for my wee boy the majority of money goes to Rangers rather than the rip off merchants.
  7. He won't why would he? he had a go and all he done was rip the fuck out of us,he can fuck off.
  8. Unfortunately you have a similar username which wouldn't be so bad if the other poster wasn't such a fucking loonball. He really should change his moniker to something like the Blue Saudi or something.
  9. Blue Avenger bought the ten of them as a fuck you to King.
  10. Think it's ten.cough up.
  11. Oh wait and see they will be along shortly. To the op I was all in favour of King as he was the better option than what we had before and at times he let us all down but over the past few months he and the rest of the board have worked they're socks off and delivered big time with transfers new management DOF and retail deal.and genuine optimism and feel good factor that we have sorely missed. They have done more good in the past few months for Rangers than all the other shysters put together could ever do. We are Rangers and we are back 55 is coming.
  12. He can fuck off.
  13. Excited with this signing we have been crying out for someone that knows how to score without needing five or six chances. Welcome to Rangers Alfredo.xoxo
  14. Does that mean they are going to forfeit because they are fucking scared of the pumping they are going to get?