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  1. jim beam

    Jakey Tims abusing Alfie at hotel

    Taigs being Taigs classless cunts.
  2. jim beam


    I feel sick.
  3. jim beam

    No further punishment for Morelos

    Tarriers ragin which is always nice.
  4. jim beam


    I’m really happy about this he will honestly score like fuck up here.well done everyone involved in getting this loan deal done.
  5. jim beam

    Jermain Defoe

    Sounds like a bag of shite to me,his wages alone would be out of our reach.
  6. jim beam

    Steven Davis

    Definitely not in saying that Tav shouldn’t have it either.
  7. jim beam

    Steven Davis

    Meh on this 34 yrs old and not sure if the same or better player than he was first time around.
  8. jim beam

    Spiers and Muirhead

    Pair of insignificant bawbags.
  9. jim beam

    How Do You Judge SG So Far?

    He has done a good job so far and has made mistakes along the way but the way he has transformed the players you have mentioned above says a lot about him. He needs another couple of transfer windows and good money to spend bringing in 4 or 5 really good players and I firmly believe that he will bring us 55 sooner rather than later.
  10. jim beam

    Absolute fucking shambles

    Nah that’s bullshit, from the start of December we started off flying against Hearts all the games after that we have struggled in one way or another.our form going into this game has been abysmal so it’s little wonder that confidence was low. Nobody and I mean nobody even those guys with the glass half full types could have seen the performance from all the players and management for this game,just think if we had shown the same determination and commitment we showed today and the will to win would be sitting well clear and 55 would be ours.it’s so frustrating.
  11. jim beam

    Allan McGregor

  12. jim beam

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    Living the dream.
  13. jim beam


    Andy Halliday was brilliant today he was not letting that shot go in if he had anything to do with it.
  14. jim beam

    Call me a poof

    Yes that’s gay as fuck but at full time we all had watery eyes.
  15. jim beam

    Gerrard and staff

    Well done Gerrard and his back room staff simply brilliant.