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  1. jim beam

    8 weeks

    He had a great time,coke,tequila and loads a chimichanga’s.
  2. jim beam

    With the hysterics

    Great result today and still only two points from the Tarriers still with a chance to progress in Europe albeit a slim chance but still a chance. Some real disappointing results so far this season dropped points and being papped out the cup from the sheep. Consistency is our real problem sort that out and sort ourselves out for the big games Tarriers, Hibs Hearts, Sheep and dare I say it we could be league winners this season. Add a couple of real good players if available in January and you just never know.
  3. Hahahahaha Hahahahahaha loving this absolutely loving this.
  4. jim beam

    Qualification From the Group Stage

    Nah we’ve fucked it I reckon which is annoying after the great start we had but the two games against The Russians especially last nights debacle sealed it.The up side is we can hopefully concentrate on the league instead.
  5. jim beam


    Don’t care I’m pissed off,we are still well off winning the league and cups with this team and that pisses me aff anaw and now we get one point aff an utter shite Russian team after two games and in all probability will fail to get into the knockout stage and that pisses me fucking aff as well.
  6. jim beam

    Gerarrds Fault

    He made mistakes with his starting lineup and his lack of subs early on,the rest is down to the shite players.
  7. jim beam

    Flanagan cost us that game

    Defence and midfield cost us the game.
  8. Mate the way we played tonight especially at the back and in the middle we would have fucked it officials or not.that was a piss poor Russian side and we only got a point off them in two games.
  9. We really are dug shite.
  10. 45 mins too late with the subs
  11. Pissed aff with this.
  12. They will see this out now,we have shot ourself in the foot.annoying as fuck again.
  13. That’s it fucked thanks to ourselves