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  1. He's our best forward and that's depressing.
  2. The players misunderstood Pedro they thought he meant be dangerous for 10 seconds in the whole game.
  3. More bullshit.
  4. Yes mate I see the hypocrisy of it.the original boycotters have got rid of the old board and I say thank fuck for that still,but the small cabal that are blazer chasing will not advocate for another boycott as they have the snouts well and truly in the trough. I don't know the answer except another boycott shouldn't go ahead,the fact is we Rangers fans will not put up with being second or third best for more than one season as we will vote with our feet in the end King must know this and no words about a plan will matter the closer they get to ten iar.
  5. This makes me laugh,the last boycott brigade were derided for boycotting from the anti boycott brigade and now we have the anti boycott brigade talking about it boycotting and they will be derided from the original boycott brigade.ma heids mince.
  6. Don't think it will matter this team don't have a winning mentality against them it is shocking that we have failed to register a win against them.
  7. You'll no last long.
  8. Aye an epic one and then came on a week later with a cast iron excuse that lasted three nano seconds before being ripped to fuck.
  9. We all know what it's going to take but we have none and looks that way whilst King and Ashley are on the scene.
  10. He has inherited a load of shite and will cut him a little slack for that but so far I'm pretty meh with him if he gets any sort of money from that tight cunt King and gets his own players in then we can judge him better.
  11. Was never confident in the slightest as we are shite and I'm even less confident for next week if that's possible. The sad thing for me is that I fully expect to get beat next week just as the mutants will fully expect to canter it next week.
  12. That would be one award that you'd be left scratching you're head who to give it too.
  13. Maybe no one is interested because Ashley has all the shirt revenue tied up for years and the cunts that are profiteering from us can be chased as well. Ashley had his place men on the board and we all seen what his plan was it didn't involve putting money in it was like the rest at that time it was all taking what we had out. Until King is gone and Ashley fucks off we will never see proper investment in this team.
  14. Plenty of complaints but without investment and I mean proper investment it will get worse as time goes on we don't need cheap players or loans we need quality all over the park but I can't see that happening any time soon.
  15. King is sticking to his plan of investing our money whilst we struggle against them and the rest of the Pish that makes this league up. The sooner he is gone along with fat Ashley's influence the better and we might get a board that we truly deserve until then we will watch them reach another title year after year.