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  1. If Rangers win 55 this season 🙏 it will be like the H bomb going off for them they will lash out at everybody their board, manager but even after the vitriol has eased off they will still Not overly blame Lennon as he’s exactly what they all are ,rancid Republican cunts.It would be like standing shouting abuse at yourself in the mirror.
  2. First half was frustrating and we didn’t do enough but the second half was really good to watch.really like the look of Ojo he will really do a job for us this season.
  3. We ur,we are just enjoy the welcome home they received.
  4. Hahahahaha how the fuck did those donkeys not get a shot away there.
  5. Two shite teams contesting a shite game officiated by a shite referee but still at least I got to laugh at those cunts staying down so was worth sitting through it.
  6. Hahahahaha Lennon been announced he has the gig full time,that’s cheered me right up.
  7. Our own fault these cunts are picking up trophy after trophy.
  8. Always seem that’s the case every year,tired with it now.
  9. Well thank fuck that shit season is over.hopefully that’s the last we finish with fuck all.
  10. Never a penalty but he gave the opportunity for the penalty to be given.
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