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  1. Who the fuck told you that?
  2. I knew this thread would bring out all the old moaning faced cunts.
  3. Aye saw that the copper was receiving information over his ear piece and went in to jail someone that was as far as I am concerned doing sod all. They failed to lift him then and there but have no doubt he will be lifted at a later date.
  4. Forest fans seem delighted that they have him and putting the dire warnings from Rangers fans as shite as we play in a crap league. They are more interested in what he did at Brentford and are swallowing the press conference much the same as us and they will learn the hard way much the same as us.
  5. Naw yer no cunto!
  6. Me I'll kick the fuck oot the lotta ye!
  7. I Like that press conference very much and Pedro handled it very well.
  8. Copland bear having a fucking nightmare 😂 calm down and take a breath.
  9. Looking at the bears going tonto after Clints wonder goal and thinking this shit has just got real.
  10. I'm going to watch Clints goal over and over.
  11. Can't listen to that tarrier fest even if the fucktards are spewing.
  12. We are four or five good players away from them,this shite that they are that far in front of us it will take years to catch up is bollocks.
  13. Who gives a fuck we won one each.
  14. A beautifully executed challenge.
  15. I take that back we showed heart and fight in the 2nd half well done Rangers.