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  1. Surprised they dropped it I thought they would continue the piss taking by going ahead with it.
  2. Possible but I think we would have put a right fucking fight up first,can you imagine the riots if we were only 1 point behind and they done what they have.They wouldn’t have the bottle.
  3. It does mate no doubt about it, but it won’t be.
  4. Undoubtedly,still don’t think reconstruction will go through hence something like I’ve previously posted as a get around.
  5. We made it easy for them in being so far apart in points.If we where a couple of points behind them it would have been much harder for them to award the title to them.
  6. Of course we deserved a chance albeit how slim it was but I still maintain being so many points behind was a gift for the SPFL to construct exactly how they could award it to them.
  7. Can’t see it,reconstruction will not happen Hearts will be relegated but will receive some sort of monetary compensation in an out of court settlement that will have confidentiality clause in it.
  8. The corrupt cunts at the SPFL have got exactly what they wanted and awarded the league title to them.But what really gets me is this is entirely our own fault,if the team hadn’t collapsed again after the winter break and kept within a couple of points there’s no way they could have done what they have.
  9. Loved going to Ibrox in the 80’s,used to go with my pals from School (Cathkin High)not massive crowds but the atmosphere was fantastic and the fans fucking bonkers.
  10. Fuck me that’s a horrendous list,can’t wait to see what shite they come up with.
  11. Yip that’s true as well,We have a weak board and have for quite sometime,you would need to go back as far as David Holmes days for a board that had clout. But in saying that I still give over £££ per season for season tickets and I always will as long as I can afford it because it’s for Rangers and Rangers only.
  12. Aye I know that and done it myself but personally I just can’t fund the very clubs that wanted us gone for good in 2012 and still do.It’s a personal choice and some abide by the Never Forget Never Forgive and some don’t care which is fair enough but don’t bitch about corruption and every club falling into line behind celtic whilst funding the people that hate our very being.
  13. That’ll be where the money is coming from,fine us give it to Thistle.
  14. Not really a surprise,throw a couple of verbal hand grenades and then stick our heads back under the parapet.
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