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  1. Thought we did ok against a right good team lots still to work on like winning a header and pass and moving better but it was a good run out.
  2. Aye it makes you sick and angry thinking about everything that has happened to us since the last time we played Marseille still one of my fondest memories of an away Euro game at the Velodrome when Durrant scored in the second half to make it 1-1 we went crazy when that went in. We are taking baby steps right now and the cowards are still trying to take advantage but we will get stronger as time goes on and eventually we will be back on top with the cowards looking up at us with rage and jealousy as they did back in 93.
  3. Christ sake is if this week hasn't been bad enough.
  4. Taigy as fuck we got beat fair and square we don't deserve anything after those two games.
  5. Who is this fantastic player you are speaking of?
  6. I work with fellow bears thank fuck but in saying that the mood last night at work was horrendous everybody was feeling the same anger and frustration.
  7. Glad he's not a permanent signing.
  8. Grasping at straws here we are out and rightly so we played shite in both games and deserve fuck all.
  9. Them and the rest of the cunts that make up the joke MSM in Scotland couldn't wait for a result like this just to do they're usual and put the boot in. FUCK THEM.
  10. Won't listen to him what's the point we all know what happened tonight and why.
  11. I have little to no faith left in Pedro and little hope for the season ahead.
  12. Don't agree that is all
  13. Fucking hate the cunt he is one useless bastard.
  14. Stay what other choice is there right now.
  15. Can't believe just how shite both performances were I am fucking raging and frustrated.