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  1. Grundy


    This about sums it up for me, Tav isn't captain material in that he's not a motivator, a leader, but I doubt we'd be able to get a better right back at present.
  2. That is a worrying statistic. I thought we played well tonight but we do lack a bit of quality in midfield, and McAuley isn't the dominant centre half I thought he'd be. Can't fault anyone for effort. Certainly showed we need a couple of decent signings.
  3. Grundy


    Find the timing of this a bit strange with the amount of games we are facing, unless Gerrard has told him he's no longer required or he's been acting the prick.
  4. Grundy


    Steve Davis perhaps ?
  5. Grundy

    Press Conference : Gerrard and Halliday

    I've taken a wee bit confidence from that, does Haiiiday's inclusion point to him being in the starting eleven ?
  6. Grundy

    A minute with Steven Gerrard

    That seriously does my nut in. Any self respecting pundit would make sure they could pronounce a player's name correctly but McCoist makes no effort at all. Surely it's been pointed put to him, maybe he does it deliberately to wind us up, he really has gone from hero to zero gardener, prick.
  7. Grundy

    Lack of movement

    This just sums it up for me, although I still think we're a better team than last year. A good midfielder ( Davis ? ) might be the answer but we need some creativity in there.
  8. Grundy

    Hope after hope after hope

    Hope you're wrong here, these guys have been at the club long enough to have been made aware of the history and current situation. I'm sure Halliday has been spreading the gospel and Gerrard himself should have made them all aware of our history and tradition, and the expectation of the support. If there's any of them not giving a fuck, or showing a semblance of it, they should never be given another chance with us, no matter how limited our options.
  9. Grundy

    Anyone not quite seeing it with barasic

    Think that's a huge part of our problems, we haven't had a settled side, some of which has been unavoidable due to injuries and suspensions. Gerrard has to stop tinkering with the defence though. ( Wanna buy some blue pills ?)
  10. Grundy

    Goldson and Katic

    Don't particularly like criticising Gerrard as I think we have improved overall but Katic and Goldson looked to be forming a solid partnership earlier in the season, I don't know why it was changed. Worrall for me is not an improvement, in fact he gives me the fear when in possession and I hope Forest can recall him. We've still got McAuley as back-up.
  11. Grundy

    post match interview

    Just read SGs comments on now knowing which players he can trust, so who is it he feels he can't trust ?
  12. Grundy

    Loan players need to go

    Not sure they're daft wasters, don't think they're just good enough apart from Kent.
  13. Think (and hope) all the loanees apart from Kent are sent back. There was rumour that Coulibaly had some sort of sell on clause but he's disappointed recently as has Ejaria and Worral. Hopefully we get rid of Dodoo, Herrera, Wallace, and free up some wages. I suspect we'll get one signing in January, a midfielder or back up striker, hopefully both but doubt it unless we sell someone.
  14. Grundy


    Like the majority I'm scunnered by the last two performances & results, just not good enough by a long way. There are a couple of positives, firstly we have the freedom to express our very differing views on here without fear of being banned, and secondly, hopefully SG is learning which players he should keep long term and which should be binned. Under our financial constraints I think Gerrard should be given at least another couple of transfer windows to show what he can do. We certainly need a decent midfielder to unlock stubborn defences and a back up striker but I'm not holding out much hope we'll get both in January.
  15. Grundy

    Our Form

    Think we all doubted their ability to get a result when things weren't going for us and I think the team had a lot of self doubts as well. I didn't have any confidence in us beating them at Ibrox but now I just can't see us getting beat. It's the mindset of the team that seems to have shifted, for the better.