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  1. Grundy

    What's up with the site?

    That's wot I've got, thought I'd fucked up somehow, feel much better knowing I'm not alone..
  2. Hope no -- unless this means we're going with 2 up top.
  3. Grundy

    Kenny Miller Sky Sports

    As plenty of others have said Miller has made a handsome living from us over the years and his contract is up. Even if he has some sense of injustice about the fine imposed he must know this is only kicking up more adverse publicity for us which is not the actions of someone who really cares about us. So, fuck you Kenny, and your neighbour.
  4. Grundy

    Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    " Scissorhawns " made me laugh. Don't entirely disagree either.
  5. Grundy

    Kyle Bartley (Swansea)

    Because I think we need a good clear-out ( a cleansing if you like ) I'd rather get shot of Alves and Cardoso and bring in Bartley. We need a new mindset and guys who are hungry for success, I don't see that in Alves, he's winding down to retiral, as for Cardoso I really don't know if he is as much as a warrior as you need to be to play for us.
  6. Grundy

    The Old Lady - FF

    Of course, I understand, made the same ham fisted errors myself.
  7. Grundy

    The Old Lady - FF

    Hmmm " by accident ?"
  8. Grundy

    Honest Mistakes

    This sums up my take on it, the refs don't have a plan to do us over but as someone else said, they seem to find it easy to make big decisions against us. I can only guess why that should be, perhaps it goes back to Liewell's complaint about them or maybe it's a subconscious attempt to join the rest of the haters in trying to kick us when we were down, but I think there is something that stops us getting a fair deal on the park.
  9. Grundy


    I'm disappointed that he won't go quietly, he's made a more than decent living from us and whether he feels he's been wronged or not why does he feel the need to create negative publicity for us ? Is this the action of a " Rangers " man? Same applies to Wallace, this could be the start of a new era for us under Gerrard and they are not helping in any way.
  10. Grundy

    Miller to Aberdeen

    If this is true it shows the limitations of McInnes' ambitions, Thank God he bottled it.
  11. Grundy

    Wallace And Miller Fined.

    This should have been dealt with, firmly and finally before Gerrard came in. Don't know or profess to know what was said at the time but it should have been dealt with before now. An embarrassment we could have done without.
  12. Grundy

    Dave king statement

    I,m more interested in the fact that English is a rabid hater, but point taken. As for Backup, he's a weirdo, at best, and probably a lot worse.
  13. Grundy

    Dave king statement

    Who said he reads posts on here, and how would you know ? Just asking.
  14. Grundy

    Dave king statement

    Hmmmm, Interesting, but surely not ?
  15. Grundy

    Jordan Rhodes

    Naw, don't say that, nothing can be as bad as that, surely ???