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  1. Just checked my permit, there is you know !
  2. I'm a member of Barrhead angling club, just sayin like.
  3. Grundy


    Fair comment, I can't agree or disagree, it's just that we all get feelings about players and I have major doubts about Barisic and Grezda ever becoming regular starters. Others feel the same about Murphy and Dorrans, both of whom I think have something to offer. I wouldn't give up on either of them, both could have made telling contributions possibly if they had been fit, we'll never know.
  4. Grundy


    Suppose I keep thinking about Halliday against them on the 29th, Barisic couldn't match that and I worry that he'll never have the right attitude, or appetite. Agree with you about Katic, thought he had the right attitude and attributes, don't understand what's gone wrong.
  5. Grundy


    Agree about Katic and Grezda, right now I'd play Halliday before Barisic who just seems to not have the appetite to play for us, can't see him changing unfortunately.
  6. Grundy


    Agreed, Halliday might have gee'd up the rest of the team today. He certainly would have put in a better performance than Barasic I'm sure, he's been a huge disappointment and I can't imagine him having a future with us.
  7. Grundy


    Major disappointment so far, hard to imagine him playing any significant part for the rest of the season.
  8. Grundy

    Statement regarding disciplinary procedure

    Can only hope this means there has been some hard hitting dialogue going on in the background, maybe feelings being made known. Sorry, not Scotty's quoute.
  9. Grundy

    No further action against Power

    Yep, and a million times more dangerous than Candeias's kiss.
  10. Grundy

    No further action against Power

    Surely now the club must speak up about the blatant bias against us. It's as if the SFA and SPFL are saying " Yes we are going to continue to try to fuck you up at every opportunity, what you going to do about it ? "
  11. Grundy

    The Media Agenda

    Says a lot about the standard of journalism in newspapers that this even got printed. No offence meant Dude.
  12. Grundy

    Compliance procedure unfit for purpose

    That's a decent article and if the SFA don't take action on celtic's participation by allowing filming at their ground and quotes from employees, then surely questions have to be asked.
  13. Grundy

    Ross McCrorie

    Not the finished article but he gives the impression that he's learning, and improving, the more games he plays. Hopefully he goes on to become a mainstay of the team. His effort and commitment is obvious and Gerrard's comments about him being a midfielder rather than a defender are being proven to be accurate.
  14. Have a few concerns, I'm a fan of Arfield but he seems to have faded in the last few games. Jack wasn't influential today. and so far don't think Barisic has lived up to expectations. SG seems to have doubts about him as well and in a do or die game I'd pick Halliday before him, regardless of how he played today. We badly missed Alfredo today and I don't know whether it'll be best to stick with Defoe up front on his own or fit Lafferty in. Got a feeling SG isn't too sure about this as well.
  15. Grundy

    What's your team for tomorrow

    So far there has been nothing to suggest that Lafferty is going to start scoring so I'd be happy with Defoe in place of Morelos, Candeias and Kent will surely create chances for Defoe. I would not be tempted to bring Davis into the team, it would be a risk. We need Arfield, McCrorie, and Jack to win the midfield battles first of all..