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  1. Surely Ojo has to to be subbed,he's offered nothing.
  2. Pure and utter made up speculation from Brasil, arsehole.
  3. Well spotted, could be a significant omission.
  4. Don't know about his past allegiances but have it from a trustworthy source who knows his dad that he turned down " funny" money from England to sign for us. Hopefully that's a good sign.
  5. I'd hate to see McCrorie leave, even go on loan, as I think he gives everything when he plays. I appreciate it's difficult to fit him in to a midfield 3 when we have, Jack, Arfield, and Davis with a front 3 ahead of them but surely there will be a number of games where we will need his battling qualities, perhaps in Europe, where we will need 4 midfielders. I just love the guy's attitude and fighting qualities, something we have lacked in recent times.
  6. And that is one of the reasons he would never have made it in England, he would have been brushed aside every game. It's noticeable he was never linked to any clubs down there, he would have been found out very quickly. If I was a fan of the scum I'd be embarrassed to have such a horrible bastard as captain never mind a player.
  7. Don't think I've ever despised a player a player as much as I despise Brown , he's scum, pond life. However I don' want to see our players getting suckered into getting sent off, rather see us pumping them and laughing at him at the final whistle. If he was to receive a career ending injury at the same time I have to admit I'd be grinning from ear to ear and he's the only player I can think of that could make me feel that way.
  8. I'd play Halliday and McCrorie for their battling qualities and their understanding of the importance of this game. Barisic for me isn't mentally up to it. I'd also like to see Jack, Arfield and Kamara in the midfield but that would require a change in formation. I think it's crucial we win the physical battle first and that's where McCrorie is so important.
  9. Grundy


    There's just something about him, I don't think he'll ever make it with us. Can't explain or justify it , maybe it's just the way he doesn't look too confident but there's something just not right.
  10. Maybe being a wee bit optimistic but next season we'll have two more attacking midfielders in Dorrans and Murphy. Most folk accept Alfredo will be off so we need to spend some money on a striker and maybe, just maybe, tying up Kent on a permanent deal. Add in another centre half and we're in front of where we are just now, hopefully. It wouldn't bother me, apart from financially, if we never saw Grezda and Barasic again, don't think they have the attitude/mindset to play for us. Katic on the other hand could be moulded into a great player for us.
  11. Well, said mate, I see a really good hard hitting team emerge, a team that has skill and desire, something we've not had for a long time.
  12. Grundy


    He certainly looks the part, strong in the tackle and a good passer of the ball. I think SG will have a major problem in who to leave out of his midfield. I love what Ross McCrorie brings to the team but equally I think we lose some creativity when Arfield isn't playing. I think the boss sees his midfield 3 as Jack, Arfield, and Kamara. maybe with McCrorie added to make it a four now and again. In that situation I think Davis will struggle to get game time and there's little hope for Rossiter, unfortunately.
  13. That's the point, he's never looked bad when he's played but competition in midfield is so strong I just can't see him finding a place.
  14. Really bonkers stuff, admire his desire and professionalism. Wouldn't want to stay there though.
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