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  1. I know it's been said previously but nothing will change until the other clubs grow a set and challenge the SPFL collectively. Surely they can't ignore the blatant disregard shown to them for any longer. I'd like to think talks have been ongoing in the background, but am not confident.
  2. Even though it's in the Sun that's a fairly accurate summation of this farce, well done Provan.
  3. Pretty sure he'll be off this summer but can't see us getting anything near £20 million, unfortunately. More likely to be less than half of that due to his recent form and his disciplinary record. Any interested club will feel there is a large element of risk in signing him.
  4. I think we have the basis of a good squad, what we need is a couple of hard thinking guys who know what is needed to win things, the grit and determination. I accept it's not easy to find these types of guys but that's what needed. I hate to bring it up again but a moany faced Barry Ferguson would be ideal.
  5. I thought after last season that Arfield was an important player for us but this season he has disappointed, goals apart. Davis likewise, really disappointed with him. Ryan Jack needs another decent player beside him to bring out the best in him and Hagi looks to have great potential. So yes, we probably need one, maybe two, significant players in midfield who can influence a game.
  6. Your post makes a lot of sense unfortunately, I just hope it won't come to that. I think most folk would find it very difficult to accept that sacking Gerrard was in the best interests of the club.
  7. I'm so disgusted with this I'm struggling to try to express my feelings. I'm 66 and still working, hope to retire soon but don't feel like an old guy. Having said that I'm only about 5' 5" and have to admit that I'd be an easy target for a couple of younger guys, especially if they had bricks. It's a real scarey thought and these people do not deserve to share space with decent human beings. I'm not a fan of Traynor but this is bloody awful.
  8. Surely Ojo has to to be subbed,he's offered nothing.
  9. Pure and utter made up speculation from Brasil, arsehole.
  10. I'd play Halliday and McCrorie for their battling qualities and their understanding of the importance of this game. Barisic for me isn't mentally up to it. I'd also like to see Jack, Arfield and Kamara in the midfield but that would require a change in formation. I think it's crucial we win the physical battle first and that's where McCrorie is so important.
  11. That's the difference these days, we sang Jimmy Hill/Bobby Moore's a poof and it was accepted as banter, nobody got aerated and offended about it. " Where's yer handbag,? Where's yer handbag ? where's yer handbag Bobby Moore ?" Changed days.
  12. No matter what new regulations are brought in we'll never get fair treatment until we start shouting from the rooftops about every dodgy decision either on or off the park that goes against us. That includes biased reporting from the BBC or anyone else, we have to make ourselves heard, loudly.
  13. Can't see the club making a statement but maybe Club 1872 could put something out regarding Clarke's hypocrisy when he refused to comment on the sectarian slurs aimed at Kris Boyd, also his conflicting comments about being offered the manager's job. Just to get it out there and show him up for being a slavering mess.
  14. Pretty sure you're right on this, so he's not just a hypocrite with a selective memory, he's an out and out liar as well
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