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  1. Then Maradona should be the best manager in the world. Get away with that pish. Great players don't always make great managers. I agree we can;t afford to dump him but he needs to address some of his failings.
  2. They're not playing for Gerrard the midfielder, he's hung up his boots. They're playing for Gerrard the manager, a guy who chucks players under the bus, players he signed by and large.
  3. When the game was still at 0-0 someone on the radio said that was us on less points than the same period last season and behind on points 3 of the 5 times Aberdeen finished second. For all the backing he's had that's nowhere near good enough.
  4. Pishy floated balls in this weather are a total waste.
  5. It's Warburtons "do plan A better" all over again.
  6. He should be hitting the target from there. No pressure on the shot.
  7. Two years in a row you've come back from the winter break and fallen on your arse. That's at your door.
  8. But they're largely his shitebags so he's no one to blame.
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