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  1. Ferguson, probably turn into a dceent mid. Dykes? I don't see the deal about him. He roughs people up but what's his goal scoring record like?
  2. It wouldn't surprise me if they felt emboldened enough to do as they please. None of the clubs outwith the SPFL and most of the one's in it couldn't afford the legal costs taking them to court so they can and do act with impunity.
  3. How do they achieve that and promote those mingers from Dundee? They'd need reconstruction.
  4. That and the cost of isolating and testing everyone involved is a drop in the ocean for them.
  5. Cheers man. I thought we'd have held out but I suppose the board would have been testing the water with other clubs individually and probably thought we didn't have the numbers to win the argument. I don't know what standing alone as the sole dissenting voice would have achieved outwith the club but it certainly would have got the approval of most of the fan base.
  6. Apologies if this has been answered already, but why have the club voted for this on top of last weeks agreement that paved the way for this that the league cannot be completed? There must have been more than us not happy with these proposals. Was it a case that we needed more than 25% of the SPFL league clubs vote to block this?
  7. Man, it's easy to forget how good we were. The standard of some of the players we could attract and even the home grown guys was different class.
  8. It just delays it which is why the SPFL were waiting. If the away leg in Germany can be played and we go out, then they (SPFL) can rubber stamp the decision. If we managed to come through the tie, that adds some serious complications because Germany are much further down the road in their handling of Covid19 than we are in the UK so how we'd manage a home game in the next round is unclear as things stand. You still can't travel to Germany for all but the most essential reasons and they're at the stage of considering Covid19 'passports' for all visitors so this is still up in the air. Ceferin has his head in the clouds or more accurately in the wallets of the TV companies and sponsors throughout this and he's been talking like UEFA being one organisation meant he could apply a single solution to this issue, forgetting each country is taking it's own medical advice, it's own route and it's own time through this pandemic. He said this about Liverpool the other week in his home countries media - However, Ceferin admits Jurgen Klopp’s men will finish the season as champions of England ‘one way or another’. He told Slovenian outlet Ekipa: “I see no way for Liverpool to stay untitled. If the championship resumes, they will almost certainly win it. “Theoretically, it has not yet reached the guaranteed level, but it is practically close. “However, if it could not be played, it would also be necessary to announce the results in some way and find some key on how the champions should be determined. “And, of course, again I do not see a scenario in which that would not be Liverpool. https://talksport.com/football/692166/uefa-president-aleksander-ceferin-liverpool-premier-league-coronavirus-pandemic/ I think he's hoping countries get this under control quickly and uniformly but if just one of the countries loosening restrictions sees an unpturn in cases I don't see the UK being in a hurry to follow suit. A lot of stuff is up in the air and due to the national nature of each countries approach, that stuff wont land all at the same time. Crazy times.
  9. There should be a full and independent enquiry into all of this.
  10. Fucking knew it. Dundeee played the two Thistles and have left them looking like two-bit mugs. That's the bottom three leagues along with (seperately) the Highland and Lowland all declaring top and bottom. There's no chance the SPFL aren't following suit and putting the financial guru-granny that is Anne Budge in charge of the task force to look into reconstruction kind of adds weight to it. We should have been more proactive before the SPFL got to the stage of putting a proposal out to vote but can someone explain what the fuck Stewart Robertson has been up to on the SPFL board all this time because I sure as fuck don't know.
  11. Dundee's latest statement. Their story keeps on evolving as the days pass and to me, I still believe their American CEO is at it. He saw an opportunity to be the king maker once he knew the two Thistles were voting against the proposal. He could provide the evidence the email was sent via their email clients log files and the SPFL would have the evidence their firewall blocked it. If the SPFL's IT people find no evidence in the firewall logs of an email from Dundee FC being blocked then that's Dundee nailed. If Dundee provide proof their email was sent and the SPFL's IT people have that evidence in the firewall logs, then the SPFL have questions to answer and they're nailed.
  12. That is the law. There is no No votes in proposals according to the law, there is only agreement with the proposal and once you agree you cannot change your mind. A proposal is legally still open until the 28th day passes or until it gets the required number in agreement. No votes don't come into it under UK law.
  13. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2006/46/section/296 296 Procedure for signifying agreement to written resolution (1)A member signifies his agreement to a proposed written resolution when the company receives from him (or from someone acting on his behalf) an authenticated document— (a)identifying the resolution to which it relates, and (b)indicating his agreement to the resolution. (2)The document must be sent to the company in hard copy form or in electronic form. (3)A member's agreement to a written resolution, once signified, may not be revoked. (4)A written resolution is passed when the required majority of eligible members have signified their agreement to it. -------- The act seems to indicate resolutions are only to be agreed or not answered at all because it doesn't deal with No votes. I think the way they are intended to work is a resolution is proposed and they only want to know who agrees with it and if/when it passes the required threshold, the proposal is carried. A No vote isn't even a thing according to that law therefore anyone voting No can change that vote up to the 28 day period.
  14. I'm waiting. Dundee could have released this info on Saturday to counter what the SPFL said.
  15. That can be proved though mate. ISP's must keep records of all emails sent and received in the UK for the period of one year and in anycase, everyone's email client holds that information. If I send an email at 4.55pm, my email client has that information in a log file. Dundee only need to show the time stamp info of the email they say they sent. It's easily provable.
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