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  1. Ach, you bastards must like being bitten. I must be getting old.
  2. Look, I get where people are coming from but I've been burned too often in the last few years to go overboard too soon. I'll know better once I see his signings and his team in action. Hopefully he can attract some Liverpool fringe players and they should be more than good enough for this league but until then it's a contented bah humbug, lol.
  3. Sorry but I'm not making myself look like a wee mug who thinks sanat has arrived. I hope Gerrard turns out to be a success but ffs, it's the same buzzers buzzing when Warburton landed, when Pedro arrived and even during Murty's tenure. Get yer head out of the clouds and your feet on the ground and you wont get such a let down if he's the latest failure.
  4. Coop


    Said it in the other thread but ffs, get real. There's been too many proclaimed heroes and false dawns to jump in with both feet these days. If he does the job, fantastic, but I'll be fucked if I'm going to whack one off on the latest buzz about the place.
  5. Dude, the only master strokes are people getting high on the latest possible messiah. ffs, have we learnt nothing? I'm not even letting myself have a smile about this until I see the product on the park.
  6. Coop

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Don't fall for the playing to the gallery pish mate. The real business is him getting a winning team on the park, not badge kissing type behaviour.
  7. Coop

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    I said when we were linked to him that I would consider him to be the gamblers option and felt what we really needed was a hard as nails, no nonsense manager with real experience. King seems to think otherwise and I'm not sure his claims that character was more important than experience really convinces me. You can get experienced managers who have character too. Most of them do. Hopefully he does the business because if he flops I just don't see where we go from here.
  8. Coop

    Paul Murray and Barry Scott Resigned

    Based on their past performances, none of these ex-directors should have been welcomed or even allowed back at the club.
  9. Coop

    Major investment?

    Season ticket season on the horizon? I don't think you can really call pumping money into a club as an investment in this day and age, certainly not in Scotland but if someone's got tens of millions burning a hole in their childrens inheritance and they fancy chucking it at the club, I'm not going to stop them.
  10. Coop

    Paul Murray and Barry Scott Resigned

    "Paul has been a director since March 2015 and played an important role at that time in helping oust the previous board and restore the club to the hands of those who have its best interests at heart," said a club website statement. Fucking spinning shite. Truth be told every last one of them should get the fuck out and leave it to competent people.
  11. Coop

    No comment

    No heart. No committment. No comment.
  12. Coop

    POTY awards tonight?

    This shit should have been cancelled a week ago. How the fuck can those players go to something like this after the week they've had?
  13. Coop


    We were shite in the 1980's but at least we could say there were some exceptional teams at that point in time. The new firm were scudding teams around Europe. But now, ffs, the dims know their level - whipping boys - when they go into Europe and we're a mile off their standard. The whole club is a shambles right now, top to bottom and that wont be fixed overnight.
  14. Coop

    The difference in fitness levels,

    We trounce the shite in the league because they bottle it and choke when playing us but that's exactly what we do when we face them. A big part of the reason Killie, Hibs and the like get decent performances against celtic is they don't bottle it.
  15. I've got fucking "cash" but it wouldn't buy a 3rd division player. The board have "cash" too but it's small beer in football terms. Our problem is we're running at a loss just to maintain this substandard squad so where the fuck does the serious wedge come from to improve it across the board and maintain it in wages and bonuses?