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  1. Don't fall for the playing to the gallery pish mate. The real business is him getting a winning team on the park, not badge kissing type behaviour.
  2. I said when we were linked to him that I would consider him to be the gamblers option and felt what we really needed was a hard as nails, no nonsense manager with real experience. King seems to think otherwise and I'm not sure his claims that character was more important than experience really convinces me. You can get experienced managers who have character too. Most of them do. Hopefully he does the business because if he flops I just don't see where we go from here.
  3. Season ticket season on the horizon? I don't think you can really call pumping money into a club as an investment in this day and age, certainly not in Scotland but if someone's got tens of millions burning a hole in their childrens inheritance and they fancy chucking it at the club, I'm not going to stop them.
  4. I've got fucking "cash" but it wouldn't buy a 3rd division player. The board have "cash" too but it's small beer in football terms. Our problem is we're running at a loss just to maintain this substandard squad so where the fuck does the serious wedge come from to improve it across the board and maintain it in wages and bonuses?
  5. Plus Barca and Real have club systems that the new guy comes in and works to. Add to the fact they can attract and pay the best in the world.
  6. We've got useless bastards from the boardroom to the dressing room and the only solution is a complete clearout of both.
  7. Correct. They play for the club, not the manager.
  8. It does unless Motherwell win the Scottish cup.
  9. Fucking shamefull. If that board is still in place this time tomorrow they've no shame.
  10. It's a fucking disgrace what the board have done with our club. Shameless bastards think we're fucking stupid. Ahead of the curve my arse.
  11. Now is not the time for headline grabbing experiments. We need a hard, experienced no nonsense bastard of a manager.
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