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  1. For someone like a bottle chucker I'd like to see the club hand the fine over to him.
  2. Belgium can do whatever they want but I get the feeling the SPFL or SFA are waiting to see what the big boys league down south does.
  3. True to a point but I think we'll find most associations will want to go with the flow and if the big boys decide on a course of action backed by UEFA then the small associations will fall into line. That would give the association a defense if the inevitable challenges come in.
  4. If all the leagues follow the same path then legal action might be more difficult.
  5. Lets hope no one decides to ask Gerrard for his opinion.
  6. Hopefully someone at the club has taken him to one side and had a word in his ear because as soon as he mentions Liverpool, they'll jump on it.
  7. Fuck, I never even considered that angle. There's no way Gerrard is saying deprive Liverpool the title. I think he'll be self isolating from journalists for the next 3 months. 😀
  8. Yeah, it's unprecedented but looking at virologists statements and they say the curve will last until the summer before decreasing because that's the way countries are managing it. If we let it infect everyone the curve would go through the roof very quickly and then drop like a stone but our health services etc couldn't cope so by managing the infection curve, countries are effectively extending the period of the peak infection, albiet that peak is much lower than if nations did nothing. Listening to them this will take us to the summer. By that time the majority should have had it and have gained immunity to it. This UEFA meeting, I think they'll be minded to go in a certain direction but probably wont commit to it immediately. The big leagues will have the most influence and the rest will tag along but the principle I believe national associations will follow is to take a unified approach. Doing that minimises the risk of legal action against associations doing their own thing.
  9. A bigger issue is not so much the games remaining to be played is situations where some teams have a game in hand and could go ahead of the team/s above them if they win it. To end a league, if all teams have played the same amount of games there's a bit of equity there. If teams have played different numbers of games that introduces another dimension.
  10. It's a waste of time bringing other sports into it. The SFA and SPFL will wait and see what comes ouit of the UEFA meetng and I believe they'll go with the flow as that'll give them a strong position if any club challenges their decision. They can point to UEFA and all the European leagues and say we're doing what they're doing.
  11. That might be a softener to any decision they take. Whethher our board goes with that is another story if we don't like the outcome of the authorities decision.
  12. They might have given it as a joint title in that circumstance but like I said earlier, the SFA will be watching what the EPL and UEFA come up with and go with that. Then they can wash their hands of it if anyone complains and point to European football all doing the same thing.
  13. This season is effectively over. How it 'ends' is still up in the air but the SFA will be guided by UEFA and what comes out of the Tuesday meeting. Just my take. I don't think we'll see 53 leagues come up with 53 unique solutions.
  14. Darryl Broadfoot. He's an SFA insider.
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