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  1. NixonRFC

    Deliver the League Title

    You been drinking bleach? So basically it's One or Done now for eternity? A manager can no longer build a squad over a period of time and with it build a serious and genuine contender, we just need to keep on going through manager after manager if they don't win thr League in their first season while facing a tim squad/manager used to winning things on a regular basis. Bonkers man.
  2. NixonRFC

    Anyone not quite seeing it with barasic

    Bit suspect defensively but an incredible left peg on him, he'll be the best left back we've had since Numan by the end of the season
  3. NixonRFC

    Gerarrds Fault

    Gerrard is going to make mistakes and they'll inevitably cost us certain games, it's fair to say that's already happened on a couple of occassions already this year, he's a new young manager though and its all part of the learning process, we knew what we were signing up for when we appointed him, the downside was always going to be q new managers naivety, the upside was going to be him being instantly the biggest name at the entire Football Club, that would enable him to entice players and probably get funds that other managers wouldn't get at Rangers IMO. The tims are favourites for the League, we're heading into the international break on their coattails and havung qualified for the Europa League and went 11 games unbeaten in Europe, for a manager who's still only in his infancy in management I'd say that's been a pretty good start, I'm sure if Gerrard is still here in two years time this team will look like a poor relation to one he could build but he needs time and patience, it's perfectl fine to criticise and question but there has to be a element of realisms too.
  4. NixonRFC

    Coulibaly Unavailable For Motherwell Game

    with fans like you nobody needs a rival, fuck sake
  5. NixonRFC

    celtic PFC: China Syndrome

    now I want a chinese
  6. NixonRFC


    I've had doubts about him for a while, he's decent but no more no less, we have a habit of bigging players up far to quickly and then get surprised when they don't reach the high standard we think they should be at, he's been badly exposed a few times this season, he's miles ahead of thw other two though, which is even more worrying.
  7. NixonRFC


    While I'm no big fan of Worrall, our problems lie with the lack of creativity in the middle of the park, not with the defence.
  8. Getting to the group stage guarantees us £2.9m prize money, you get £3.18m for winning the Premiership There's no danger that you'll get 4/5 times that amount from the Europa group stages bud
  9. NixonRFC

    We need to get wise.

    They won't be allowed to win 10 same as we weren't in 98
  10. NixonRFC

    14 million loss.

    The timing of the release speaks volumes, it's definitely a concern
  11. NixonRFC


    Gerrard was singing his praises before he signed and said he was a player he had monitored closely in the last year, if a few clubs were after him on loan then then parent club wouldn't be out of order to send him to the club they believe he'll get the most game time, if that came off the back of assurances then so be it.
  12. NixonRFC


    I'd imagine Gerrard would've had to give Nottingham Forest some assurances over first team football for Worral in order to get them to let him go and if thats the case then it becomes one of Goldson or Katic and for me big Goldson wins that particular battle.
  13. NixonRFC


    Klos wasn't at the same level in late 2004 as he was in 1998-2003 IMO, he was still the best by far in Scotland but I felt his performances while still high had inevitably dipped from his peak with us, the injury just ruined him though.
  14. I get what you're trying to say but I don't think it's as simple as that, in the past we had players taking over the captaincy from successful captains, guys who knew what it felt like to succeed with Rangers, knew what was required from them, the last six years have destroyed that continuity, we're now needing a captain to learn those qualities while on the job, Go back 25 years from 2012, Davis, Weir, Ferguson, Klos/Ricksen, Ferguson, Amo, Gough, Butcher The only two who weren't already winners with Rangers (Amo and Butcher) were two who had the presence and strength of character to pull it off plus it helped they were lynchpins of teams at the beginning of revolutions
  15. NixonRFC


    By the time Ronald came here in 2005 Klos was on the way backwards in fairness, the big man was the best keeper I've ever seen at Rangers with the ball at his feet but I don't think he gets within the same Universe as Klos at his peak.