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  1. NixonRFC

    Gareth McAuley

    wouldn't go down well in the hoose either since they're brother in laws 😁
  2. NixonRFC

    Wallace And Miller Fined.

    Loyalty is a one way street in Football Wallace hasn't been a good Rangers player but he did have the potential to be a very decent left back, he fucked his career up to stay with us and play lower leagues for four brutal quality zapping years, he fell into a comfort zone that was inevitable and the reason why most 'real Rangers men' jumped ship when they could, he must see the reactions given to McGregor & Lafferty and think the last 6 years have been totally pointless We just got humiliated by that mob in a semi at Hampden, I've got zero problem with what was said in the aftermath, whatever it was it wasn't bad enough IMO As for Miller, what I always liked about him is you knew where you stood with him, he'd take a bullet for whoever is paying hs wage and if he's against you and you're face down in a puddle he'd be the one standing on the back of our neck to finish the job
  3. NixonRFC

    New Allocation - Atmosphere?

    it's a play on words from early Only An Excuse tapes He-man was the master of the Universe who lived in Castle Greyskull Rangers were the Grand Masters of the Universe so Ibrox = Greyskull
  4. NixonRFC

    We’re still scared of them

    I don't think we're scared of them at all but I do think we seriously lacl genuine quality in the middle of the park, brown is an utter bastard but he's a decent player who lives for these games, Ntcham is a right good player and McGregor is a work horse who has a lot of quality, I don't think we've got one single midfielder close to those three in our squad so the compact containing game we set up with was always going to invite preasure onto us, they're the best team we've faced so far this season and hopefully it's a good learning curve for us. Hopefully in the N'erdy game we'll be a lot more confident as a team and we'll start the game on the front foot and press them, the tims struggle when you press them
  5. NixonRFC

    Mcgregor Kick

    mate hes been doing it for as long as I can remember, he's 37 now, he ain't changing.
  6. NixonRFC


    Was at the game so didnt hear what craigen said but didn't even know it was an issue, I know there was a bit f handbags afterwards but in the grand scheme of things thought it was an irrelevent incident in a game that was very physical. Admittedly, I've just seen footage from behind the goal and it doesn't look good but if they dig a keeper for that they'll be doing it numerous times every single week
  7. Playing Europa League will enhance our chances in the League, European football makes the players more focused, it also helps get more revenue into the club which hopefully will mean better players in January
  8. NixonRFC


    Looks like they're trying to get him banned for falling on Hartley
  9. NixonRFC

    Jamie Murphy

    Gutted for Murphy, he was a big part of how we played, a lot of positivity came from his game, this was his chance to be a real Rangers player, thats probably gone forever now.
  10. NixonRFC

    Simon Jordan on talksport

    It's amazing how quickly your opinion can change when you find out if someones a bluenose or a tim 😂
  11. NixonRFC

    Fans / atmosphere / Jack

    If top class midfielders like Gerrard & McAllister can't inspire, motivate & get the best out of our central midfielders then they would be beyond hope, it's the one area of the team I can see imoroving massively over the season, they're up for a battle, thats quite clear but i want to see how they play when we need our midfield to be creative. Good start, Greegsy is playing like a man possessed.
  12. NixonRFC

    Croats Kicking Off

    Totally ageee on the subject of a blade, if you carry a blade you're looking for trouble, if you take one to a sporting event you're a fucking cretin who deserves jailed. There's a lot of fault here with the Police etc but theres simply no defending anyone who takes a knife out with them, none.
  13. NixonRFC

    800 tickets for the big jock knew camp

    and thats the 100% correct way to see it.
  14. NixonRFC

    Squad number XI

    1. Klos 2. Hutton 3. Moore 4. Amoruso 5. Numan 6. Ferguson 7. Arveladze 8. Van Bronckhurst 9. Mols 10. Wallace 11. Albertz ............................Klos Hutton........Moore...Amoruso........Numan .........................Ferguson ...................Gio.................Albetrz .......Arveladze...Wallace......Mols
  15. NixonRFC

    Ever applauded an opposition player at Ibrox?

    thats a blast from the past, he was some player at the time, spent most of his best years in France. He's the father of the Ayew boys who play for Swansea