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  1. Charity Football Match UB v ICF

    UB will take a 3-0 lead before the ICF kick fuck out them, draw.
  2. Jack Ross

    I want the best manager available, Jack Ross has done well but its still untested in the top tier, I do think he should be in the conversation though, young manager with plenty of fresh ideas and a system that is entertaining. In all honesty I probably would be underwhelmed by his appointment but that shouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, I'm sure if the Internet was available back in 91 a lot of folk would've been underwhelmed at the thought of an assistant manager with no previous experience as a number one taking over from Greame Souness.
  3. The table

    The silver lining to that would mean that mob don't win the treble again then, I'd take that the now.
  4. I don't think anyone should make their mind up on Murty based on today, before I start I'll say that I don't want Murty in charge, I fully believe we need go go out and hire the best manager available and affordable to us, I'd rather give a manager £30k per week than spend it on any marquee signing however Murty is a novice and with a novice manager you're going to get set backs like he had today, if you've been in the Murty camp and today was the straw that broke the camels back then I find it entirely disingenuous - if you backed him for the job then you need to accept the flaws that come with someone so inexperienced but as long as rodgers, clarke and lennon are in the league I can't see him winning enough games to survive.
  5. Cummings is not good enough

    I wasn't Cummimgs biggest fan when he was at Hibs, he scored a lot of goals but did very little other than that, all his goals came in the 2nd tier too which made me wonder whether his all round game would improve in the Premiership, he's here now though and made a decent start to his Rangers career as far as goals are concerned, I still see the same limitations in his game I originally worried about and I fully believe Morelos is miles ahead of him in terms of ability however I think he brings something to the squad that no many of our players have, an unwavering self confidence, I also think he's the type of player in the dressing room we've lacked for so long, I think he could do well here but we need to play to his strengths and sticking him up top alone just won't do.
  6. Murty's league record is it good enough

    This season he's averaging 2 points per game, we'll need to start averaging 2.3 points per game to give ourselves a fighting chance of winning the League but even that would probably need to be upped to 2.4 points per game
  7. Goss

    The boy is a decent player with potental to be a good player but he's still got so much to learn and going up against Lego muncher was just a stretch to far for him today, look at the workrate Brown, Ntcham and McGregor put in and compare it to Goss, Docherty and Windass, they earn their team the right to play, thats the difference.
  8. Johansen was a league winner in Scotland and Norway, a full internationalist playing regularly and had played plenty of European games, he was also Scotland's Player of the Year the year before Fulham signed him, I don't doubt the tims business model is pretty good but i don't think this one was one of their better moves.
  9. God no, Murty should've had two games tops, Hearts at Murrayfild as it was less than 48 hours after Caixinha was sacked and then Partick Thistle at home at the very latest, 9 days after Pedro was sacked, if we cojldnt conclude a deal in that time frame then the International break that followed the Thistle game was the perfect opportunity, especially when you consider who our number one target was.
  10. would we have been better off if pedro had stayed?

    I didn't think Caixinha should've been in the job but when he was sacked we were 8 points off the tims and when you consider 5 of those dropped points came against Hibs and Kilmarnock after Ryan Jack had been sent off and consequently rescinded I believe those 5 dropped points would've ended up with us then I think he can feel a bit aggrieved to have been sacked so early. With better refereeing he could've been only 3 points off the tims with a squad slowly growing in confidence then it would've been something to truly build on, I suspect Pedro would've ultimately failed if the barometer is winning the Title but if I'm being honest, I can't see anyone winning us the League for the forseeable future so can't hold that against Pedro
  11. Could there be more to the rumour ?

    People still don't want to get this, we had two months to get a manager, the only guy we actually tried to get knocked us back because he refused to resign from his current job because we wouldn't pay the release fee. King gets a bad result in court and literally within an hour we make Murty manager until the end of the season, journos at the presser said there was only one chair laid out for Murty before the King news came through, immediately the presser got put back half an hour and when the journos went back into the room there was 3 chairs instead of one and Robbertson and Allen joined Murty to announce the decision. What happened between 10am and 11am on Friday at the same time King got a stinking verdict that changed the course of our managerial tactics? I'm no a great believer in coincidences, this was complete self preservation, an attempt, a weak one at that by the Rangers Board to bury the bad news of King's verdict. We might get fresh investment next year, here's hoping but if we do I'll be shocked if that came to light just at the exact same time King got the news he was dreading.
  12. Barry Ferguson coming back to Ibrox

    I think people can get to hung up on the role of some assistants, his coaching credentials may not look too sharp on paper but maybe his way of coaching just didn't translate well with players at such a low level, Ferguson will bring the psychological side of things to the table, knowing what it takes to win, win consistently and win well, he'll hopefully be able to make players understand what it mens to play and succeed at Rangers and he could be the type of figure Rangers players aspire to be like, I'm completely open minded to this appointment.
  13. Declan John or Lee wallace?

    Neither of them are great defensively but Declan John offers us far more offensivsly than Wallace ever could, apart from a 3 month purple patch under Warburton in 2015, he's barely kicked a ball for four years, he was a good prospect when we signed him in 2011 and his loyalty in 2012 created an impression of him his ability has just.never matched, believe he's on around £12k p/w, if so thats money we could do with using on other areas of the park.
  14. Lay off Robertson, new income stream

    Fuck the I.R.Acids - 3 for a tenner Bigger income stream than the Champions League
  15. Emmanuel Eboue

    Thought he was the new manager there.