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  1. NixonRFC

    Ever applauded an opposition player at Ibrox?

    thats a blast from the past, he was some player at the time, spent most of his best years in France. He's the father of the Ayew boys who play for Swansea
  2. NixonRFC

    MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Two arseholes Should sack him and never do business with his agent again.
  3. Since we first went into admin: Kilmarnock won the League Cup (first trophy in 15yrs) Hearts won the Scottish Cup St Mirren won the League Cup (first trophy in 25yrs) Aberdeen won the League Cup (first trophy in 19yrs) St Johnstone won their first ever Scottish Cup ICT won their first ever Scottish Cup (& major honour) Ross County won their first ever major honour hibs won the Scottish for first time in 114 year As much as I'd like to agree with you in believing these clubs will be regretting their decision, chances are they won't and many of those clubs have been rewarded for it.
  4. NixonRFC

    BBC the impartial broadcasters

    Sounds like he's paying you lip service mate, remember my old man would always tell his mate how much potential his team had when in actual fact he knew we'd be untouchable, full circle now.
  5. NixonRFC

    Dave King Full Q&A

    I genuinely don't know who he's trying to wind up now, us or the tims, he's fucking mental.
  6. NixonRFC


    Don't rate him, had high hopes for him but he's nowhere near the level we need and is miles behind Morelos, he'll be back at Hibs or at the sheep on loan next season.
  7. NixonRFC

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    As the old saying goes, "it's the hope that kills you" but I defy anyone not to be excited by this, it might be a disaster but right now all I can think about is the calibre of player Gerrard could entice even if it's just a loan. I'm all in.
  8. NixonRFC

    Kenny Black, Ne'erday 1983 Old Firm game.

    Ibrox was all seated by the time I started going to games but like you, must admit the atmosphere in the old piggery was class, it was a howling messy dump of a place and quite scary as well but looking back there was a real rawness about it, helped having a brilliant Rangers team to watch to be fair.
  9. NixonRFC

    Is Gerrard the "vanity" choice as manager?

    I don't think he's dragging his heels mate, he's well within his rights to take a few days to a week to think about it and find out if King is being legit or he's distorting the truth in terms of available budget. He's not gonna come up here to have the arse ripped out of him IMO.
  10. NixonRFC


    Longer than a club statement but probably more honest 😆
  11. NixonRFC

    glasgow cup final

    Want to turn it over and watch the 2nd half but I know I'll just jinx it 😆
  12. NixonRFC

    Brenda - " Thrown to the garbage "

  13. NixonRFC

    Brenda - " Thrown to the garbage "

    Genuinely feel like we're just the devil wean of Scottish fitbaw now, getting told off by the tims anytime we're disobedient
  14. We should'v stayed and belted out The Billy Boys as loud and for as long as possible, SKY would've had no choice but to turn the sound right down, that nob would've been too busy trying to drown us out with boos it wouldn't have made for such a happy wee joyous environmnt
  15. NixonRFC

    Jason Holt

    He'd be in my starting XI against that mob all the time with this present squad, hardly a ringing endorsement but the only one who doesn't get bullied easily and actually enjoys putting tackles in, limited footballer but one of the very few who has the right attitude.