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  1. four times since last December we've went top of the League and on every single occasion we've dropped points the very next game and lost our position
  2. Folk slagging the tims for their banner coz they charge big prices are missing the point big time. They're saying 20 is plenty across the board, every fanbase in Scotland should be behind this, prices are extortionate, us and the tims will never make peace for a common goal though so this will fizzle out.
  3. It's only in recent years you're allowed to pass it back, the first kick was always forward, that's why two guys used to take center, one knocks it forwsrd into the oppositions half and his teammate passed it back the way
  4. Chinese clubs are allowed to register six foreigners a season but only allowed to have four registered at any one time, Hebei Fortune have got four players in their squad and have already filled their quota of six for the season. It's a bullshit story and whoever put it out there couldn't even be bothered checking basic facts, clear as day what's going on here and it's fucking embarrassing
  5. Clearly want to avoid Wolves if we had the choice but if we get them then we'll give them a game, it'll be their first competitive games of the season and we'll be up and running competitively for over a month by then, look how close the sheep came to beating Burnley last year, these early games can work in our favour. Lustig is at Gent tho so I want his heid on a belgian pole.
  6. His agent/reps will know more about who's after him than Gerrard so him making out like clubs are lined up will not do anything other than to make the fans believe we have a highly sought after asset, then if we don't sell next season and he continues to make the same mistakes, we'll turn on the club for not selling him for £10m+ like we're led to believe. Gerrard is quite transparent, I prefer knowing how the land lies rather than be spoon fed PR via Traynor.
  7. Artur Numan, he was world class in 1998, a sensational player and a sensational signing
  8. Yip, Michael Johnstone was the Killie guy back then, their own fans hated him after his stance on us which from what I recall was purely down to business, Billy Bowie is the new owner now and he's a rabid Killie fanatic, currently the fans think he can do no wrong and he's constantly trying to do things to appeal to them more and more, hence this stunt. Clarke will definitely be working him from the back here as well to be honest.
  9. Just watched a clip of Gordon Smith trying to stick up for us online there, ended up looking like a right fucking dafty saying we should refuse to even play at Rugby Park in future 😆 It's like they only give a playform to mental Bears
  10. A boycott just isn't gonna happen though is it, first Killie game at Rugby Park next season and there will be 8 thousand Rangers fans there filling to ends, there's no danger we'd stick to it, even for one game, as much as I agree with the principle we just know it'd never happen
  11. They could be in the running for Europe, first time in about 20 year, if they need to win our game to secure it I suspect they'll probably have an eye ob attracting their biggest home gate for donkeys years with the hope of enticing sone of them back next season.
  12. John Spencer, had some potential but struggled for games, it was a hard Rangers team to break info and by 1992 Gary McSwegan was probably in front of him but ifnhe held on another year with McCoist breaking his leg and McSwegan not turning out to be the great white hope I think he could've developed into a good Rangers player, he was loved down at Chelsea and QPR
  13. While he's not wrong in what he says, he's also not telling us anything we don't really know, we need a CB, two a creative/goalscoring midfielders and a right winger amd unless we re-sign Kent, we're going to need a LW that can reach the standard he can If we sell Morelos we'll need at least one, possibly two strikers, all the while we have a squad of average players who need to be shipped out.
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