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  1. We win the Scottish Cup, no more no less. Fuck the experiments, try and win every single game, match by match and see where it goes, we need to install a winning mentality, that means even when you have a couple of setbacks, you get right back at it again. This will hurt yer eyes because it hurt mine but I had a look at the tims soccerbase page to illustrate my point, this season alone domestically they won 8 games on the bounce then drew one and lost one, after that they went on a run of 13 wins out of 13 until we beat them at the piggery, since then they've went on another run of 10 wins out of 10. Thats what it takes to be successful, thats how Rangers teams of the past were successful, we shouldn't be scared to fuck up a result or two, over the course of a season it'll happen, the reaction is the important part though, if they drop points they go on the front foot and go on a run, we get nervous and shite the bed.
  2. NixonRFC


    That was just an absolute embarrassment of a season from start to finish, the tims steanrolled everyone until thevwon the League cup then basically just phoned it in until March when we shatbthe bed at Ibrox then they phonedin again until the two games against us in a fortnight were thry pumped us at Hampden and the piggery, pretty sure they even threw a game at Easter Road the week before our game at the piggery so they could win the title against us, just a hopeless embarrassing season all round.
  3. Helander is the lateat saviour, the less he plays the more important he becomes, he looked alright but not enough to say for sure he's obviously better than the other three, I don't rate Katic or Goldson, if one of those two keep their place then it won't matter how good Helander is, I want to know why, if he's so talanted that Bologna allowed him to leave and why did he choose to leave Serie A for the SPFL, he only started half of their league games last season, with a further appearance off the bench, was he strugfling for fitness last season to? He's only featured in 17 games for us, all starts; only 8 in the league, it's not goof at all
  4. I was expecting this to be a highlight package of our games since the break.
  5. Absolutely bonkers watching how well Greg Docherty is doing at Hibs while we struggle for that tyoe of driving force, he's got everything we're lacking in the middle, pace, power, energy and leadership. I think the rumours doing the rounds were his touch and control weren't as good as those in front of him and that's why he's not been in, fair enough for Europe and the tims but against the rest in Scotland he would've been able to do what he's good at and use his attributes to our advantage, his touch/control may have actually improved if he got a run in the team.
  6. He was always a big game player, against us the tims and in Edinburgh derbies, he's definitely git talent, he's came here motivated and it sticks out like a sore thumb, I'll hold fire on him for now though, I want to see if this is just anofher false dawn, he has plenty of downtimes at Easter Road outwith the big occassions, I want to see if his motivation will stick fir the remainder of the season. I reclon Hibs fans will be lowkey pleased he's doing well, they want Docherty and I think the only way they could afford hin will be if its a straight swap for Flo come the summer.
  7. NixonRFC


    It's only a shite argument because we want to protect and stick up for Alfie, the truth of the matter is ever since we came back into the League they've had a CF they coukd rely on in games against us, first was Dembele, he scored six times against us in about eight games and now it's Edouard who's scored six against us in about eight games, you can win the odd game with your CBs or midfielders but your main strikers are the ones you rely on if you want regular success - they can count on theirs in the games against us, we can't count on Alfie, we can will him on but until he proves it that's all it'll ever be, good will.
  8. I've listed all the positives of having Steven Gerrard as Rangers manager countless times, his record in Europe being the the biggest achievement over the past two seasons but sooner or later he's going to need something tangible domestically to prove that he's got it in him to be a successful Rangers manager, that's two League titles gone, two league cups gone, a Scottish cup gone, we have one trophy left, we'll most likely have to go through the tims for it again at Hampden, but this week is huge, we go to Portugal more in hope than expectation. Braga showed us how good they are for 65 minutes the other night, if they get that much control of the game again I don't think we'll get out of jail a second time, the worry for me is if Braga killnus off like they thrratened to do at Ibrox then we could be heading to Tynecastle next weekend for what is now our biggest game of the season on the back of a demoralising drubbing. I realise that's a negative view and we could go there, get a credible draw like we did in Porto, qualify then go to Tynecastle buzzing but realistically I just can't see that happening, particularly without Morelos, Kamberi has been a breath of fresh air but Alfie's physicality drags us up the oitch and keeps usnthere by occupying the whole defensive line, I feqr we'll need to sacrifice a bit of structure to combat that loss and it'll inevitably cost us. DepressedLoyal 😂
  9. Cheers, remember it at the time that it almost felt like we were forcing him out the door bit can't remember him changing agents, that would hint that he was looking to get out.
  10. Not sure how accurate it was, I remember at the time in early 2007 when Smith came back there was talk all over forums that we were offering him out for as little as a million quid and never got any takers, year later we got about £9m for him, always felt a bit bad for him, pretty sure Murray had to give him a golden handshake million quid to get him out the door, he didn't want to leave us but I suppose needs must at the time with the bank
  11. NixonRFC

    The split

    19H 19A is the priority though, 17H 21A would be ludicrous
  12. NixonRFC

    The split

    20 year deep into this shite format and cunts still don't know how it works 😂 If the eventual top six are the current top six then we would be due to play two of the top six for a third time at Ibrox while they would be due to play 2 of the top six away from home for a third time.
  13. I'm getting a bit fed up of all this Liverpool love in the press are always pushing, Gerrard was a hero there, his boyhood club, a massive club yada yada yada, that was then this is now, he's here and he should be fully focused on us and no-one else, the only time he should even be at a Liverpool game is if he's personally scouting a player or we've got a European game against them coming up, what he does in the privacy of his own livingroom is upto him but here we are fighting for our lives to stop them winning another League and the press will ask him about Liverpool then we get quotes all day about fucking Liverpool, fuck that shit man. I like Gerrard and think he's done really well with us and will always talk up his positives but he's got to earn the right to start gushing over other clubs, even ones he's synonymous with and until he actually puts us back on the map again we shouldn't be taking any questions on Liverpool at Rangers pressers. When TLB was at hibs he spent more time talking up the tims than his own mob, this feels the exact same.
  14. Those tops and the ones the season before were iconic, the strips are irrelevent though, its the team, the players and the achievements in those tops, 7/8/9IAR, Gazza, Laudrup and Albertz - it was just the best time, the music scene was aff the scale too between 94-97 - the players could've wore anything and we'd all still think it was the bollocks.
  15. Scared to even let my guard down to these kinda jokes 😂
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