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  1. NixonRFC

    Steven Gerrard

    McAllister is the buffer between the players and manager IMO, the bluenose who knows what its all about, I think whe you bring an outsider in its always smart to have that type of guy in board in there beside you.
  2. Its a UEFA rule, top tier and cup games can't be broadcast, the FAs all accept the solidarity payments in the summer to abide by their rules... the English have been known to flaunt the rules for Cup replays in recent past, what happens is UEFA have scope within their contract to deduct 10% from their solidarity payment, the English don't really care because its a minimum hit but its a big dent in Scotland's pie.
  3. NixonRFC

    Gerrard's benchmark.

    Naw I'm saying Scotland was an exciting prosepct at the time for players if a club had the means to buy them, not the backwater it is now. Allan McGregor to Scottish Football in 2019 is as big or as good as Chris Woods was to it in 1986
  4. NixonRFC

    Gerrard's benchmark.

    That was the world we lived in, Souness had to contend with the tims and two other clubs who were well established on the European stage, hence why he could 1. Draw that talent and 2. Needed that level of talent Here ends yer lesson
  5. NixonRFC

    Gerrard's benchmark.

    The circumstances around them and us as a club makes the comparisons impossible to ignore Both were midfield legends for club (Liverpool) and their countries Both were given an opportunity by Rangers as their first job Both walked into the weakest point of our history (at that time) Both were far bigger names than we would've hoped to attract
  6. NixonRFC

    Richard Gough

    There was rumours doing the rounds about Gough as far back as the early 90s, doubt any if it is true. The dogs abuse he used to get at the old Piggery was brutal
  7. NixonRFC

    Gerrard song

    This is what happens when you molly coddle yer weans and tell them they're amazing at everything, they grow up to be the Aiden's of this world thinking they're talented and we should all be listening to his shite Wee tip for any future lyricists out there, if you really need to name another football club in a Rangers song than at least make sure there's a derogatory tone about it
  8. NixonRFC

    Scottish Cup Draw

    We will this year, bookmark it.
  9. NixonRFC

    Scottish Cup Draw

    tims at Ibrox, I think we're the only team who can put them out and at home will give us our best opportunity
  10. NixonRFC

    What the fuck is going wrong and how do we fix it?

    I think you need to take the tims attitude into account for those games as well to be fair, they got pumped 4-0 in one of those games, practically unheard of for one of the Old Firm unless its against each other, the other game they made their CL qualifier a priority, I don't for one minute believe they would go into a game against us with anything other than 100% focus
  11. I don't know what his record is like against St Johnstone but I'm guessing it's pretty decent and is probably the reason Wright uses him as an example. I don't really think he said too much wrong, he compared him to Jelavic, best CF in Scotland in the last 10 years, Dembele who a few months ago went for £20m and the Thumb who scored 100 goals in about 180 games for them
  12. NixonRFC

    Ryan Jack Signs New Deal

    Ha touché
  13. NixonRFC

    Ryan Jack Signs New Deal

    I know what you're saying but I think there is an expectation on him to be a match winner by inspiring thise around him, look at lego at them, you'd be lucky if he gets a couple of assists a season, he doesn't do much in the final 3rd but he's the player who makes them tick, two years ago at Ibrox we were beating them 1-0 and we were annihilating them without getting a 2nd, he flew into 2/3 challenges half way though the first half and it completely swung the momentum, I'm looking for Jack to be that type of match winner, its ok looking good against the rest but he gets put in his place in Old Firm games too often for my liking. He's not a lost cause, I just think to be a regular in a successful Rangers team he needs to up his game by 20-30%
  14. NixonRFC

    Poor wee Leigh Griffith's

    I struggle with the expectation to sympathise or empathise with him, he doesn't like us and doesn't hide the fact, I respect that in some sense, no pretence to be something he's not but while I wish no ill will on him, I also couldn't give a flying fuck what path he goes down.
  15. NixonRFC

    Ryan Jack Signs New Deal

    I'm a bit unfazed by this one, he's been a major step up from what we had become used to in the five years before his signing but while he's did alright I don't see him as a genuine big game match winner for us, not yet anyway, looking at their midfielders, I'm no sure there is one of their regular starters that he's ahead of, as a squad player I'd be fine with him but I think we need to be looking at vast improvements in that area of the pitch.