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  1. Here’s my reply because I’m going to bed, argue with yourself My point isn’t condoning what happened, I think if your going to take the good with being the voice of the support your going to have to take the bad with being the voice of the support, and I think the club has been backed into a corner they have no other option. Take it on the chin and move on instead of drawing more attention to a situation the celtic minded media are already salivating themselves over
  2. There’s three sentences there wouldn’t be hard...what’s your disagreement?
  3. But they can’t possibly pinpoint every individual who was singing so instead they ban the source? I personally think the position the club is in that is reasonable? If I had my way the club would stick up for us and nobody would be banned but as I say, if you claim to be the voice of the support if that voice gets called into question you can’t shy the responsibility
  4. Read it back and point out where I said that, I said I like the fact they bring an atmosphere but when the hammer falls on our support you can’t claim to be the forefront of our support then not when this happens. Don’t agree with what happened anyway, but if we are getting restrictions because of singin, should it not be the people who start the chanting... again dont don’t agree with what happened
  5. But from what I see, they start the chants?
  6. Personally think they are great but you can’t claim to be the voice of Ibrox and when the club get fined because of that voice not take it on the chin
  7. I meant pocketing profit, selling him and buying Roofe, if we sell Morelos for 13m and buy Roofe for 5m,
  8. After tonight and hearing the thoughts of other supporters around me and on the bus, I'd be interested to hear the forums starting eleven and their reasons why? McGregor - untouchable, will have daft moments to try and show how staunch he is, but overall he will contribute more points than non "rats" Tav - record speaks for himself, goals and assists wise, think after getting over the hump of not beating celtic hel kick on if we hold onto him Barasic/Halliday - from what I've seen in the Europa and friendlies, Halliday looks the more committed and it feels like he is determined to nail the LB spot down. If his name was Halisic and was Croatias first choice LB, it wouldn't be a question, but the fact Barasic is makes you wanto lean towards him more and root for him more because if he turns out to be the player we hope, he'll be much much more valuable, 50/50 in my mind. Goldson/Edmundson - Goldson has been our first choice CB and I think its harsh to criticise him when he played nearly every game for us last season, your average performance is going to decrease when you play so many games. But Edmundson has look like the CB we want, passes beyond the first person he sees and presses every ball. I'd like to think from Gerrard's comments, Goldson isn't assured of a starting spot and based on preseason, the spot of contention is who is going to partner Edmundson, but probably wishful thinking. Davis/Aribo/Jack - Davis dropping deep looks great, Jack does what he does and Aribo (without getting criticised for praising a player too early), hes got that class, skill and dig we missed, a box to box player that links it all together. Davis gaining more fitness and the management team recognising he performs better at the base of midfield has shown he is one of our most crucial players. If I had my preference I'd like Kamara to take Jacks place, but recently he hasn't earned it. Ojo - has a tidy finish on him when cutting in, if he can keep his performance levels up him and Kent on either wing would be scary. In my opinion might need reminded that our league isn't a cake walk i.e Coulibally, you need to keep your performance levels high. Stewart would replace Candeias as a squad player but not as a starter, so it is dependant on Ojo performing. Jones - TK Maxx Kent, my biggest concern is we replace Kent with him or shift Arfield out to LW and tell him to drift inside. Good squad player but not an improvement on Kent. It's funny when you see the Tims laughing at him winning young player of the year and comparing his stats to the biscuit knee they were gonna buy from Motherwell. Stats don't tell the full story, he performed in our two biggest wins of the season, and his general play and driving at players was great but not "staworthy" - I also think Hastie looks a bit nervous on the ball, and McPake looked calmer as a left winger when he came on preseason. Morelos/Defoe - toss up here, my only concern would be Defoes abillity to hand the volume of games. They both look sharp which is great for us, Morelos also offers more outside the box. But as a club we should look to cash in on our assets at peak value (look at Fekir at Lyon last season and the value he left for) and I think this window would be Alfredos, if we can replace him with Roofe and pocket upwards of 8 mill I'd be happy. Be interested to hear everyones thoughts, and I'd stress this is my internal thinking and it will probably differ from others, just wanted to get it out there after thinking about who I'd pick after what I've seen so far
  9. hando


    Tbh I don't think what we say on a forum makes a jot to their future performances, we are fans of the football club, we analyse everything that happens from press releases to player performances especially when we are so scarce of competitive football, its part and parcel of being a player of this team, you get judged on every performance. If we can criticise a player after a couple of games (was easy to see grezda couldn’t trap a bag of sand after one game), we can praise a player after seeing them play a few times and get excited for them. its not going to affect their next performance
  10. hando


    don't talk about performances until January then?
  11. Centre backs a position where it is all about the pairing and how well they work together, not just picking the best two. I think Edmundson looks comfortable in the left cb role and Goldson has always been our right hand side cb. I'd like to see Edmunson right cb and trial him with Katic or Helander who has obviously been brought here to be the left footed cb Gerrard has been after
  12. If your trying to down play going from the first round of qualification into the group stages, hanging on with 9 men against UFA, going to the last game of the group stages against spartak moscow, villareal and rapid vienna, with a new manager and new players especially when we had been knocked out by part timers the season before then your off your head. yes some of the teams we qualified against were unknown but thats obviously going to happen when you start qualification so early. Everyone would have bitten your hand off for that euro run at the start of the season, nevermind 6 years ago.
  13. Considine has saved Aberdeen from being 6th, only Steve Clarke has stopped Kilmarnock from being in a relegation fight etc etc etc, its an accumulative effort, some provide more than others but we deserve where we are meant to be, nobody has saved us from anything
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