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  1. Herdwick

    your greatest atmosphere ever at Ibrox.

    The classic cup final verses Dundee 1964, the attendance was 121000 probably more,I was in the mount Florida end, I have never seen that amount of Rangers supporters in a football ground before or since, even the celtic end was a sea of blue.
  2. Herdwick

    Fan zone update

    Rangers supporters voting Labour or snp is like turkeys voting for Christmas.
  3. Herdwick

    How long have you supported the Rangers?

    First game against hearts 1959 at Ibrox
  4. Herdwick

    Rangers Pools

    We had around seven hundred thousand members at it's height.
  5. Herdwick

    My letter to the Directors.

    Did Dave king not say a number of years ago , I don't care what the supporters think, maybe someone on here will remember.
  6. Herdwick

    Does anyone believe ?

    They are too thick to pick Robinson.
  7. Herdwick

    Union Bears Statement.

    Is this a Ceausescu Moment
  8. Herdwick

    We deserve better

    good on them . its the only thing that will catch the boards attention
  9. Herdwick

    John Lambie

    My wife and I met him in Cyprus in a restaurant in 1994 , I said are you a bluenose John . He rolled up his sleeve and showed us a Rangers tattoo. and recited a Rangers poem . a real gentlemen.
  10. Herdwick

    RIP Ray Wilkins

    Wonderful player true gentleman
  11. Herdwick

    We need a manager

    If Murty gets a contract we can lower the union flag on the main stand , and run up the white flag.
  12. Herdwick

    Rangers Trivia Thread

    started watching Rangers in 1959 and always felt proud when we came out in the second half with pristine white shorts on and every other club in in Scotland appeared covered in muck.
  13. Herdwick

    As away days go

    we took thirty thousand to easter road in 1975 when colin stein won us the league , the club said it was the largest ever support that we had taken outside glasgow, i was there.
  14. Herdwick

    As away days go

    We took thirty thousand to Easter road when Colin Stein won us the league in 1975