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  1. Just donated ..... another great cause .... and not an easy task is Connal's 54 miles in 20 hours .... wish him all the best.
  2. 👍 Spot on mate ..... correct in all you say.
  3. Utter stupidity seems to be prevalent in the Griffiths family ..... the parents must be heart broken ..... there again .... they are the ones who started it all and are probably proud as punch with their two thick as shite in the neck of a bottle sons ..... the mind boggles ....
  4. ........even his interview was class ..... great sense of humour also. GBNF.
  5. 👍 That's the spirit (pun intended) mate ..... realism .... anyone who doesn't get behind this man's prediction is not a Rangers supporter .... and should start looking for another team to support ..... wake up everybody .... the chase is back on ....
  6. Looks like it says ..... "We Will Follow Rangers"
  7. The Aberdeen strip has a version on their new kit ..... "We shag sheep haters" .....
  8. Natural instincts perhaps mate? ..... Point is they are getting away with it all .... sickening.
  9. 👍 Are there any other types mate ......
  10. That must have been during an advert break then I take it .... about as long as his "career" with us right enough ....
  11. 👏👏👏 Top restoration to a simple bench ..... but very poignant reminder in memory of Margaret Ferguson .... one of the 66 who never returned home that fateful day. Once again ... well done all involved in this campaign. 🇬🇧
  12. Over active imagination on my part then ..... your post still made me laugh though .... so thanks for that mate ....
  13. 1/ ...... No one is disputing his playing career ... that is not the topic of this thread ... it's his stupid ill thought out replies to questions that he should bat aside as not what he was there to talk about. Surely you must see that. 2/ ...... "The obsessives on message boards" are also part of the wider support ..... and Ally is no longer super to them.
  14. ..... as stated previously mate .... when with us as a so called manager .... he was worse than playing with 9 men. ..... also stated previously .... when commenting on our games or questioned about us or our players ..... he lacks the ability to put other pundits in their place when they unfairly attack our players and team in general .... appeasement is not a quality or a skill set by any stretch of the imagination .... any Rangers supporter will tell you that. Move the goal posts all you like mate .... he is less thought of by more in our support than you would like to believe .... any of the other topics you brought to the table are irrelevant to his popularity decline amongst a fair portion of the support .... as far as I am concerned he should stick to commentating on other competitions and stay well away from our games .... out of sight out of mind would be fine.
  15. ...... which McCoist has shown..... beyond a shadow of a doubt that ...... he has neither one or the other .... that in my experience .... talking to other supporters on and off line .... is what most grown ups know.
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