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  1. The Murty Man speaks.

    Ah well ... at least he is being honest with himself when he says he is in charge until the end of the season. I believe he will move back to the youths in the summer and i also feel he was a reluctant though enthusiastic candidate for the top job. Not a bad guy in any way .... but unfortunately not the right man for this position.
  2. Semi Final ref announced

    I suppose we will have to be grateful for small mercies mate .... they are all shite right enough, but the two you mention are top of the shit list .... a random guy from the stands could do what they do ... fuck it up ....
  3. The Best Header Of A Ball At Rangers

    Both of them were crackers mate, especially against the scum ... but in this game Goughie's shaves it for me. Jimmy Millar was a good header of the ball as was Colin Stein, Derek Johnstone, Willie Johnstone along with Mark Hateley, Ally McCoist and Dado Prso who scored regularly this way .... though if I was to choose a favourite I would find it hard to pick one as they were all favourites of mine ... so I will have to pass .... Oh! for a good header of the ball in today's lot ... it would have made all the difference this season .... So many players from past years I have not mentioned who scored with good headers ... but we would be here all day with that one ... it was an ability that was commonplace in past squads but now seems to be a forgotten skill with our present team.
  4. RIP Ray Wilkins

    Truly gutted .... one of the game's true gentlemen ... and not half bad as a player as well. 🇬🇧
  5. Right on the money mate .... 100%.
  6. All the points after your first sentence are rightly to be taken into consideration Willie .... but that first sentence is the only one that (I think I am safely stating) is the one and only consideration all of us want to see improved dramatically ... as it is the most important reason we go to Ibrox every other Saturday.
  7. This sadly ... is what it can all come down to .... top class Bears getting so sick and tired of the mismanagement of our Club and team, that it's pushing them to the point of chucking it. History has proven that managers like Davie White, John Greig , Paul Le Guen and Ally McCoist had the ability to scunner large parts of our support causing them to make the decision to stay away .... and who can really blame them when no one upstairs is seemingly listening? The recent incumbents, since the McCoist debacle, are now causing history to repeat itself .... the sell out crowds home and away will only be sell outs if the team are winning consistently, if not ... as seen in Prso's headband's post above, we run the danger of losing hardcore income generating season ticket holders ..... never mind trying to encourage the young to be future hardcore supporters. This board and all concerned with bringing in the right management crew to stop the rot need to wake up, or more good Bears will be considering the unthinkable and stop paying hundreds if not thousands of their hard earned every season for mediocrity at best to outright rubbish at worst.
  8. Man behind Broxi Bear dies aged 44

    Shocked ... really shocked ... deepest condolences to his family and friends ..... as said above, far far too young. 🇬🇧
  9. Good Bear gone.

    Sad news mate ..... Condolences to his family and friends. 🇬🇧
  10. Rangers new sponsorship deal

    Nice one mate.
  11. Excellent work from the local Community Council of Faifley .... a fitting permanent tribute to three local lads who never made it home that fateful night. 🇬🇧
  12. RIP Ray Wilkins

    ..... The irony is that to gain stability you need a stable management team .... and lately as has been shown by every manager since 2011 not one of them was, or currently is, capable of sustaining that vital element ..... unless we reverse this trend with the appointment of someone who is able to give our Club and its support the winning mentality and results it deserves .... this depressing status quo for which Murty is now responsible (last man standing syndrome) will remain. It's now over to the board and Mark Allen to pull finger and just get it sorted.
  13. Niko is gone

    I had high expectations he would do us a turn due to his pedigree ... but he must have left that in quarantine when he landed from the States and never bothered to fetch it after the requisite period was over .... Hindsight .... as you have now quoted mate .... is unfortunately the only winner here ..... again we have had to foot the bill for yet another "what might have been" ...... and we still have a few more to shift who fall into that category ..... when will we ever learn?
  14. Niko is gone

    Pity it never turned out as well as we expected .... good new is ... well .... he's gone now ....
  15. Windass Hits Back On Twitter