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  1. Thanks for all the great photos and update of "The Adventures of Broxi Bravehound" from all who attended .... well appreciated.
  2. πŸ‘ Not an easy one mate .... as there were many great players over the years who .... in their own way .... would be in the running for that coveted title. Anyone who witnessed his best form ..... would be in no doubt that Baxter was the best individual football talent Scotland had ever produced .... he was and is my choice as the greatest ever Scottish Rangers player ... but I was not upset when that accolade went to John Greig for his stalwart presence in a Rangers jersey .... as they were both colossal for The Rangers ..... like many before them also .... it's what we were built on that has made us what we are today. Of course It's subjective who a person thinks is the greatest ever Rangers player .... and as there have been so many wonderful players who have come to play for us ... it is somewhat difficult to compare their talents and choose an overall winner ... with the likes of Baxter though ... as he was so talented as far as pure football skills go .... it made my choice that bit easier ..... but the choice of the greatest Rangers player will forever be down to what was personally witnessed by the individuals themselves.
  3. Regardless of whatever name tag is used mate .... they will be paid for by .... "The Blue Pound" ..... Let's hope there's a tidy bundle of them to buy in ... or pay for loanees with the quality we require .... to attain our 55th league title this coming season.
  4. Terribly sad news ..... sincere condolences to his family and friends. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
  5. We have a winner ..... Well done mate.
  6. He was a great goal scorer for The Rangers and left us all with some cracking memories .... wish him all the best in whatever he decides to do in his "retirement" ...... just hope he stays "onside" with his punditry and newspaper/toilet paper input and gives Us the credit we deserve .....
  7. πŸ‘ Good on you mate .... I can only imagine the worry the family are going through .... let's hope it's a happy ending and this Bear gets home safe. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
  8. Craig Moore is worth a mention .... from an accident waiting to happen ... to becoming a solid and very reliable defender ..... his improvement was like night and day.
  9. Nice wee insight of behind the scenes hard work that gets done to prepare for a match ...... John Deere must now follow Bosch tools and come out with a Royal Blue special edition of their lawn mowers for the groundsmen ... get it done ....
  10. On karaoke nights after a game ....the lads enjoy a song by the band Queen ....... 🎢 We Will ... We will ... Wok You 🎢
  11. Best bump ever Bud ..... I concede ...... there's no competition when it comes to Broxi .... πŸ‘
  12. πŸ‘ Some of the comments are hilarious .... I thought myself perhaps we were getting linked up with Advocaat ....
  13. Cheers Bud .... You are too kind ..... I was thinking more along the lines of Cartoon Cavalcade myself.
  14. CheersBud, With a bit of effort (horsepower) ...+... a liberal dose of funds ...+... bringing the team together successfully = League title number 55 .....
  15. Regardless of the geographic area or council involved .... other than you assuming violence to be the only course of action from Loyalists ... my point stands ... that of going to court to have the already council passed decision overturned. Quite simple really .... and this course of action is the kind of educated decision I would expect from the overwhelmingly law abiding Loyalist groups. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
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