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  1. Good posts mate .... very positive. Agree with most of what you say mate ..... not sure about the last wee bit though .... both management and the team have definitely come on strides this season and most of us are all still pissed off after Sunday understandably ...... but I'm pretty sure the vast majority are behind our team and management .... but as you know being Rangers .... we must win trophies before we can deservedly ..... "give them what they've earned". I know we will give them all the support they deserve ......... win us the trophies .... then they will definitely have earned all the praise we can give them ..... It's The Rangers' way.
  2. Cheers mate two good results .... converted penalties in both games too. Great result against the scum .... twice already.
  3. In all fairness mate ..... on nights like these we always do ..... come Thursday night .... all attention will be on the Swiss .... they will be very very closely .... "watched" .....
  4. YESSSS! mate ...... fuck them all.
  5. I learned many years ago that one of the main attributes required to be a Rangers player was what DC had in abundance ...... what I was implying was that the players who have come in to replace him have about the same skills as him .... but sadly lack the work rate he had in abundance that would fill the position to our favour ..... time to start Stewart as the others who have filled DC's spot on the right hand side have failed miserably and been found out to be sadly lacking in a very important attribute ..... hard graft .... as whatever skills they do have at their disposal are also obviously blatantly .... not enough though. So far from banging on about your dislike of DC .... come up with a solution that would improve the lack of power down our right flank. 🇬🇧
  6. I miss Daniel Candeias ..... we have been weak as fuck on the right wing since he left ..... can't do much about it now .... but any replacement we have has not shown us the return we expected ..... other than Stewart ... who seems to be way down the line in choice .... I now feel he needs to be given at least a chance over the others ..... as it's obvious we need to change the pecking order or what's the good of signing him and giving so little playing time...... some strange signings right enough this season ..... I hope gets a run now.
  7. I whole heartedly accept the blame for your "rant" Bud ...... and accept that the utter deflation of Sunday's result has put a damper on all of us .... as bad as the weather we are getting today .... glad you still have your old school values tinged with compassion for what is right or wrong. We have both been here before .... and it is no different now than when we first felt this sickening pain of defeat ... but you and I both know that it is important to look forward to better times .... Thursday hopefully will ease the pain a little bit.
  8. FFS .... I'm "Old School" ..... but would not criticise Ryan Jack's emotional showing on Sunday .... especially when he gave his all all through the game ... and saved us possibly going down 0-2 with a potential season ending tackle that didn't stop him getting back into the mix of things ..... not a very understanding outlook if you are afraid that shedding a few highly charged tears at a defeat that should never have come to pass against your most ferocious enemies. One week people are "crying" for some passion ..... the next they are greeting like babies when a proper star actually shows some emotion for the team he loves. I bet you a pound to a penny all at H&H when we win our 55th title there will not be a dry eye amongst them .... or in the entire world of The Rangers support ... and they wouldn't give a donkey's arsehole who saw them shed those tears. So fuck what the scum think .... since when did that become important enough to undermine one of our outstanding players .... win or lose emotion is what it is .... showing that you care enough without caring who the fuck knows. 🇬🇧
  9. But not in a cup final against the scum mate ..... the comparison with Messi .... although well intentioned ..... unfortunately does not relieve the pain felt by everyone at our best goal scorer missing a vital chance to change the game. His overall play was as good as I have seen him play all season ..... again unfortunately ..... he was up against a goalkeeper who will never in a million years play better than he did yesterday ..... never. That keeper won the game for them and probably will never have to work so hard in his life ...... most ... though not all of our team played that mob off the park ..... only he gets full marks for his efforts .... other than being off his line for the penalty .... another fuck up by the "officials" ..... along with the goal. Alfedo's miss was hard to take .... as were some of our piss poor efforts from others at corners ..... I just hope he manages to end them in the next game .... thereby ending his duck. No matter how many times I play over in my mind the Jack missile heading for the top corner and Alfredo's penalty .... that should have been retaken ... not to mention three of the scum being offside for their stolen goal ... it will never change the scoreline .... can't wait for Thursday to get pumped up again and to put this one behind me. 🇬🇧
  10. Starting with Sunday ..... no time like the present mate.
  11. We would of course have to bring back slavery to achieve that record mate ..... but I would not rule that possibility out completely ......
  12. Yes I knew what you meant mate .... the "supposed" on my part was to do with his jumping ship while claiming to be a life time Bluenose .... we both just used different ways of saying the same thing.
  13. 3rd you mean ..... as after winning 55 up here .... that will be celebrated as the 2nd coming.
  14. Exactly mate .... him and a few other cunts "knew exactly what they were doing" ..... seems that fucking excuse of a referee was the only cunt among them who didn't know what he was doing. The fact that when he booked him .... he actually told Lurch that it was his 4th offence .... on the street you would be doing time for your 2nd assault never mind you're fourth .... fucking joke of a ref. And we have another cunt on Sunday .... who sends players off for blowing kisses and letting an opposition player grab him by the neck ffs. Still I'm confident we will tan the bastards on Sunday. 🇬🇧
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