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  1. Bobby Hume

    Bill Leckie

    Another so called "neutral" spouting out verbal diarrhoea in our direction .... Annoying as it is .... I suppose we can't expect anything else when the scribbler has shit for brains .... 1699??? ..... Aye right ye are then Billy boy.
  2. Bobby Hume

    Retrospective action against this Brown Elbow?

    ..... now had it been Lafferty he assaulted, he would have made sure onebrow got a red card ..... just like he did to Mulgrew when he played for the sheep shaggers ...... Just saying ..... If this had happened to Naismith when he was playing for us .... he would have been spending the rest of the season in hospital ..... at our expense naturally ..... again just saying ..... 😎 On a serious note, as said above .... Big Duncan got the jail for less .... and as it never happened to any of our players I hope he gets away with it and is playing against us in September and is reduced to tears when he is crunched by Coulibaly for 90 minutes, when we run out winners that day.
  3. Bobby Hume

    Steven Gerrard is a kingaling

    ..... fair dues mate .... I admire your optimism as it would be a pretty boring place without differing opinions .... I still have the same enthusiasm for our Club that you do ... just a wee bit more measured I suppose. Totally agree that it does feel different though ... hence my quote mentioning how "promising" the future looks under SG .... but I will just take it one game at a time for now and not prematurely dish out praise to a certain board member who still has a way to go before that happens.
  4. Bobby Hume

    Steven Gerrard is a kingaling

    You me and every other Bear Bud ..... credit where it's due .... no more, no less.
  5. Bobby Hume


    Hahaha! FFS ....... Get the violins out. I feel a song coming on ...... HULLO .... HULLO.
  6. Bobby Hume

    Steven Gerrard is a kingaling

    As long as we keep seeing results in our favour that proves that DK is actually walking the walk as far as SG and his first team of players is concerned ...... then I will park (but not forget) my personal feelings concerning DK's misdemeanours .... that is as far as giving him credit that I will go at this time. We are too early in SG's tenure to go overboard with dishing out platitudes to the board .... as promising as it is at the moment ..... caution should be the watchword, as we have all been here to witness the false dawns from previous incumbents. Once we have actually won something will be the time to give credit where it is due .... and the majority of credit should go to SG and his backroom crew .... then the first team .... then the board for doing their job .... not singling out one person for overboard praise. When we do win something (especially 55) ..... it will have been a joint effort from all involved in our Club ..... all facilitated in a large degree from the continuing financial efforts of our support without whom our Club would not be here.
  7. Bobby Hume

    Coulibaly Vs Maribor

    Really like this lad .... his power and skill will do us well this season ..... with players like him we are definitely on the up and up.
  8. Bobby Hume

    RTV Tonite

    A maze in
  9. Bobby Hume

    Gerrard and Katic Press Conference

    I think NK knew fine well what the questions were ..... but on SG's instructions was told to take the piss .... it's all about tactics gents and taking the piss out of this mob is long overdue ....
  10. Bobby Hume

    Disrespectful to Aberdeen....Really?

    👍 Agreed mate ..... the other glaring fact as far as "respect" goes, is that without The Rangers, none of the others who sent us down would be anything other than part timers .... our Club has always been the one capable of generating interest and income in the Scottish game. We have been carrying them all for over 100 years ...... the scum cannot be included in Scottish football .... the reason being they are after all an Irish team .... Aberdeen's strength is in their own minds as you have pointed out Oz. Just how many second prizes does it take before their support and their pro pundits realise this is the case?
  11. Bobby Hume

    Sugar daddy

    FFS .... we have a bit of a contradictory statement there ..... first we have some mystery mega money backer .... but it won't be enough to overtake the scum ..... then he wants us to compete ..... but reckons that SG will get turned over big time by BR .... basically saying we have no chance ..... make your mind up mister. This season has barely started .... yet we are getting hit from all sides with negative propaganda getting pumped out. SG might as well just head back to Liverpool then and we might as well all just start going to the Bingo on a Saturday, as our future, according to some seemingly bi-polar pundits out there, is well and truly fucked. Utter joke of a statement.
  12. Bobby Hume


    ...... Ahm welling up mate ..... what a Club.
  13. Bobby Hume

    Barisic signs

    👍 Came right out of the red white and Blue that one ..... but like yourself, delighted bud.
  14. Bobby Hume

    Magnanimous in defeat

    Welcome to the Scottish version of the "Muppets" Mr Gerrard ..... they really are blinded to reality when it comes to our Club ..... just keep your cool and show them up for the clowns they are .... taig appeasers to a man.
  15. 👍 Agreed mate ..... after that fact now of course .... but I was thinking the same yesterday .... especially Candeias, to lock down their left side with his speed.