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  1. ..... green brigade mate .... hard as puppy shite.
  2. I say one thing .... ..... then I say another ..... Dear oh fucking dear .... it's Friday ... lighten up. Yes mate ..... that's exactly what happened .... no photo of anyone wearing a scum top would have been printed ...... court photographers are not likely to just appear on the off chance of a scoop their there for a reason ... but I can understand your confusion ..... I see your location is Colombia ... Hmmmm! ..... I suppose that could be the reason you may be unaware of the bias against our Club ..... the girl in the Rangers top was a cert to be printed as it's the kind of material the BBRC crave to undermine all things Rangers ... there is no denying that fact. Hope this helps to clear the fog or snow away mate .....
  3. Had she not been wearing a Rangers top it would not have been taken. Had she been wearing a scum top it would not have been taken. She wore a Rangers top ... and this is all part of the BBRC's programming policy .... to try and demean our Club and paint as black a picture of our support as they can ...... that is why the photo was taken mate .... do you get the picture now? .....
  4. Be back on the road ..... in 10 days mate ....
  5. Ma Man .....
  6. Hopefully this young lady get's her just rewards ..... a tour of the Club .... a free season ticket ..... and perhaps her own self defence reality show ...... not to mention a seat on the board as she has now proven that she has more balls than anyone else on there when it comes to defending the badge .... PS:- Pedro could also use her skills to inject a bit of "rhythm" into any slackers in our squad .....
  7. Now that would show the bigots up for what they are if this were to happen mate .... which like you I have no doubts would be a certainty.
  8. Cheers Op ... glad he is out of hospital now and wish him well in his recovery ..... proper Rangers man in all areas .... and what you would expect from any player from the Struth era.
  9. I looked at the squad he took down to Watford mate and we had only 4 recognised strikers and 3 goalies .... the majority left were defenders and midfielders ... so let's hope we do pick up a couple ... or at least one really clinical tried and tested striker who is capable of finding the back of the net on a regular basis .... it would help to take away a lot of the fear that has been a major factor in Pedro's short time with us so far. That is the most worrying aspect and needs sorted ASAP.
  10. May only be a bounce game ... but a win's a win ... and against better opposition than we are going to meet the majority of the time in the SPFL this coming season. Well done Pedro and the team .... things are looking a wee bit better for the start of the season ... but still we must start taking the chances we create or we will regret it.
  11. 🎶 ..... Oh! His name is Thomas English ... he really is a twat, He never finished Uni ..... and that's a glaring fact. He tries to act all clever ... but his mask it always falls, The best thing that could happen to him .... is a boot right in the balls .... 🎶
  12. Not a bad article from VB ... and worth reading if only to keep the actions that were forced on the Club by a Rangers hating cabal fresh in the mind. The amounts financially that were potentially lost are huge ... but are something we have no power over now as the damage has been done ..... but the overall damage that has been inflicted on our Club and our brand and our support by all and sundry in this country is something we do have a degree of control over .... and with a little bit of the determination we as a Club and support are renowned for .... can and will through time .... break out of this cycle of dismal events and recover fully and go from strength to strength .... never forgetting or forgiving the lengths all the other clubs in this country went to to try and kill us off. We Are The People after all ... so fuck all the haters ... let their obsession with our Club be their downfall ... and no matter how they try to revise our history .... we like Big Jock .... knew and continue to know exactly what is going on. What can't be said enough is .... I would much rather have our history than theirs.