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  1. Yes mate .... when you are accustomed to using your accumulated skills to produce results that are beneficial to both parties ... it is hard to accept anything less than success. It is the same with football .... only with a winning mentality, combined with .... in our case .... the necessary funds to put in place a team capable of achieving the top spot. I am also a very bad loser .... even if I manage to pick Rangers on a football card and some other team come first ... it pisses me off .... So this new venture may or may not bring some urgently needed inward financial investment to the commercial side of the Club ..... but if any surplus funds made are to be ploughed back into making the Executive Club survive and become profitable ... then this article is not what most supporters want to hear at this time ... as no funds will be forwarded in the direction of the team .... and as you say ..... it is of secondary importance to having a successful team to look forward to.
  2. You are talking about something that would greatly improve if the performances on the park also greatly improved mate. Hate to bring up the past ... but only two seasons ago the crowds were vastly reduced due to the lack of the then players being able to give us the matchday experience we as supporters deserved. So whatever the pre matchday experience this new venture (If successful) unfolds ... it will not affect the mood of the crowd or improve it like a successful winning team will. Call me old fashioned ... but I honestly go to see our team winning games mate ... meeting and greeting and having a wee social are also important ... but not as important as seeing us win. When did we ever really give a toss what casual visitors think about the atmosphere at Ibrox? ..... to be honest what I have said above might help them change their minds ... if I was bothered ... which I'm not.
  3. Fair enough mate .... we obviously differ in our opinions ..... I would just be glad to see the team winning ... but when they get beat, I couldn't give two fucks about how nice the match day experience was prior to kickoff ..... as a defeat or draw would soon wipe out any lasting memory of having a nice pre matchday experience. Way way down the list of what I would consider as important ..... but if it is a priority for you ..... that even winning would not be enough enjoyment for you .... then I can't help you mate .... and just hope the entertainment is of a sufficient caliber to see you home happy .... regardless of our results on the pitch ....
  4. Totally agree RB .... get the product on the park sorted first and foremost ..... that's all the matchday experience that's needed to improve said "matchday experience" ... nothing more is required ..... fix the team out ..... get back to winning ways ..... then we will all be happy ....... that is the sole reason we go to the football after all ..... everything else is secondary.
  5. Not to worry mate ..... it was the thought that counts ..... along with the image of broonaldo getting fucked up solidly.
  6. Tough at the top ... when this happens ... but can only wish him well and good luck at whichever club he finds himself at next.
  7. Good man ...... hope you are all enjoying the weather mate .... best wishes to you all.
  8. Oh! dear .... do I detect indignation? 1 / Then surely you should take more time out to think before you print retorts to posters ... with glib brush off comments such as "if you want to pay me then" .... as you know it is implying that which you now deny .... and agreeing with posters you otherwise would not waste breath on .... just to corroborate the myth. 2 / You keep shoving this in our faces like it's a badge of honour you have won .... while acknowledging they are and will continue to be ... one of the many major sources of blatant anti Rangers propaganda in this country ...... and you expect everyone to align with your justification for being there? ..... think about it a wee bit and at least admit that some of the other opinions in this thread are honestly justifiable .... due to the history of this disgusting tabloid you now call Daddy.
  9. Now those leaks are worth sealing mate ... as in my opinion they undermine the manager ..... the CH "leak" is not one that should be a cause for worry ... as he will be going at the discretion of the manager ....... pretty factual and not malicious.
  10. So refreshing to know you are only interested in the totally moralistic integrity of your craft ... and not in any way forced to take this job due to financial necessity as previously stated ... or any other of the other excuses that have been wheeled out in this thread by yourself and others in your need to justify working for the DR .....
  11. Especially if I was a 38 year old who would need all the time he can to find a new club If I even could ..... not as if this "leak" is so damaging or undermining the Club or the manager ..... compared to naively telling all and sundry your team selections and tactical formation well before hand ......
  12. Ah! now that makes sense .... and I can understand your frustration when you are asked to write about if's but's and maybe's just to flesh out the article ... pretty demoralising I'm sure. Especially if you were not allowed to argue the merits of your own copy and at least come to a reasonable solution .... if that's what happened .... then I agree with your stance. So for the sake of slight argument .... would the above cause you to feel and possibly act likewise .... if your opinion based blog were to be stifled in a similar situation with your new paymasters? Or is the money such a problem that it could stop you making the right decision .... like you explained with Shoot?
  13. He is no longer writing for Shoot mate ...... he has said in this thread that he had an editorial disagreement that caused him to stop working for them. What the disagreement was he never elaborated on ..... but if he left an outright Rangers promoting magazine because of editorial problems ..... it raises the question .... just how can you have problems with your editor if all you are doing is writing positive copy ..... I smell shite ..... but if he was being restricted from giving his opinion on something that he felt we should know about ... and would benefit from knowing .... then like you I would cut him some slack .... but only the Dude can answer that one to clear up the confusing messages he sends out ..... along with the many reasons he conveniently wheels out to justify taking this gig.