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  1. Bobby Hume

    Johnny Hubbard

    And another true legend leaves the field ...... very sad to hear that he passed on and my deepest condolences to his family and friends ( of which I am sure he had may). 🇬🇧
  2. Bobby Hume

    Gerrard interview RTV sub required

    Well .... he's saying all the right things we all want to hear and seems to know what we are all about and where we want to be. Under no illusions as to the enormity of his task but is welcoming the challenge ..... not over the top gushing .... just down to earth reality of the situation and wanting what we all want. I wish him all the best and hope he delivers the much needed impetus that gets us back on top where we belong.
  3. Bobby Hume

    Kenny Miller Sky Sports

    He's one of the very few players over this last six years of shite who's had any idea what it meant to our support to beat the scum ..... in this interview he says nothing wrong and until the investigation is over and he has his chance to reveal his side of the story then it's all conjecture. Like K.A.I ..... I can't wish him well if he plays for another mob up here but I would if he went elsewhere .... I always liked him as a player for us and loved when he scored against them .... what's not to love about that?
  4. Great to see him celebrating another birthday. Many happy returns to you Joshua and always remember ...... No Surrender Joshua Burns Adair.
  5. Bobby Hume

    Dave king statement

    Right on the money K.A.I ..... top post.
  6. Bobby Hume

    Martin Bain

    ...... not to mention the equally obscene salary and severance package he sanctioned for McCoist ..... and we all know how that one turned out ....with him becoming the highest paid gardener ever .... not to mention the worst mistake as a manager ever. Yeah! Martin Bain's da man allright .... let's all welcome him home ....
  7. Bobby Hume

    Willie Henderson Sahara Trek

    Good on him .... hope he does well in the fund raising .... this is not an easy trek he is taking on ... men a third of his age would battle to complete this arduous journey ... four marathons or there abouts ... some man so he is.
  8. Bobby Hume

    MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Well, well there you are then .... FF forever at the coal face prioritising the important issues of the day. In saying that though .... that poor innocent wall was just minding it's own business .... thinking it was in with the bricks as well ... then WHAMO .... some dirty random rabid scum twat staggers along and in the style they are accustomed to physically abuses it .... it's an outrage mate. The MOH incident fades into insignificance by comparison .... my sincere wish is that this innocent Protestant wall manages to get the help it requires to be able to recover it's dignity and stand up and be strong again after this traumatic event. I hope Club 1872 are pushing for the arrest and conviction of the smelly wee turd who brutally disfigured this well loved (wouldnae say a bad word about anybody ) popular wall .... maybe they could ask for monetary donations from their membears to ease the suffering it has caused the owners ..... One thing is certain though .... The Louden Wall will be around longer than MOH .... that we can at least be thankful for.
  9. Bobby Hume

    MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Correct mate .... but you know something? .... see in this specific case, I don't think we should give a monkey's fuck how the scum or the scum media try and spin it ... the fact is they will be totally wrong ... just like the fucking monkey at the centre of it all.
  10. Bobby Hume

    MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    The most bewildering and dumbest signing we ever made ..... what the fuck were we thinking when we brought this rabid piece of shite into our home and thought he would be loyal to us .... complete insanity.
  11. Bobby Hume

    Mock up strip looks good though

    As mock-ups go it's not too shabby mate ...... I would rather the white part was Royal Blue though and used as our home strip ... but this would do well as our away strip.
  12. Bobby Hume


    Nice one mate.
  13. Bobby Hume


    Nice to see him cutting his managerial teeth at Arsenal .... I for one wish him all the best and hope he is successful .... always good to see one of our own succeed down south. As for St Brenda of the ladyboys .... I want him to stay put at the scum so we can rub it in when we retain the title again this coming season.