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  1. Spot on mate ...... and thanks for the laugh ..... first time this week i've done so.
  2. One word ....... THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 🇬🇧
  3. At the end of the day .... we were shite ..... the worst performance I will add this season .... all through the team .... the subs are of no use to us either ..... SG can say what we want to hear but he needs to man up and take JT to one side and tell him he is on very thin fucking ice. Hearts crushed the life out of us .... even that wee Jap was putting his 3ft 6 in about with great effect ..... pissed off with the whole fucking team to be honest ...... fucking Booooo! 🇬🇧
  4. Correct mate .... what you say suggests that we outed him for what he was and no other club would employ him ..... it also firmly suggests that The Rangers were not in the business of covering up nasty bastards like him. The polar opposite was .... as has been proven in a court of law ..... to be the order of the day at CFC and CBC ..... where the harbouring and reemploying of proven paedophiles has caused untold physical and psychological damage to the victims of the crimes committed against them ..... and Daly knew exactly what he was doing by attempting to tar our Club with the same brush ...... what we did was the right thing and they all fucking know this to be the case ..... the only ones covering up are the likes of Daly and the rest of the CFC season ticket holders at BBC Scotland ... cunts everyone of them. 🇬🇧
  5. I don't know if it's the after affects of the Advocaat ...... but these wee models look exactly as I remember them back when they played for us ...... especially Big Nacho and Wee Marvin ..... or maybe I'm just being .... a Dick ....
  6. Oh yes .... and one you should be heavily fucking fined for ....
  7. Never mentioned as it does not fit the script mate ..... that being that dirt (imagined or prefabricated) can only be apportioned to The Rangers ..... It seems we have really rattled their cage when they come out with their deflective shite. 🇬🇧
  8. Clears up a mountain of rumours as to his "position" within the Club ..... over the moon that he is so committed to making a success of his time with us ...... can't ask for more from any of the squad.
  9. Cheers mate ..... and well done The Rangers for this proper account of what happened ...... and putting right yet another despicable attack on our Club by the partners of that equally despicable separate entity across the city. I am now looking forward to the "sincere apology" on page four of this alternative to the truth rag ..... No fucking shame whatsoever from this bunch of kiddy on journalists .... and no empathy for any victims who remain just another part of the story .... sad hypocritical bastards each and every one of them ... all I can ever wish them is to be consumed by spontaneous combustion ..... with not a fire extinguisher in sight. 🇬🇧 FFS ..... I have made this post all about the DR instead of the BBC .... in my haste to post my disgust I got one cunt mixed up with the other cunt .... although ... in my defence .... my sentiments above are on a par and I hate them both equally and it is hard to distinguish one from the other .... 👹
  10. When he and Davis signed last season I was of the opinion that they would be the type of player we needed to back up the squad and bolster it when required .... both have not let us down and are doing what it says on the tin. In particular JD has shone like a beacon and has been hitting the back of the net on a regular basis ..... his pedigree is still there to be seen regardless of age ..... I hope like he does that he can finish his career with us with a flourish .... and a fist full of trophies. Great wee guy on and off the park ... and the fact that he gets it up here and knows what we are all about is a massive bonus .... he should be on our PR team as he speaks more about us than the current crowd do ....
  11. Aye mate ..... along with Ford ...Vauxhall .... Volkswagen .... Volvo .... Hillman .... and every other living soul ..... 🇬🇧
  12. Have to agree with you on that account regarding standard of player ...... but it was a very different role the goalkeeper had to play back then with no protection from the officials as there was no rules laid out to protect goalies then. Not sure that any of the ones you compared Big Peter with could have stood the punishment keepers got before the rules changed ..... Peter was no worse than any of the others of that era ... and he had his moments or he would not have been our number one choice ...... the whole team was of a different standard back then .... and they did bring home the ECWC from Barcelona to their credit with Big Peter between the sticks ..... that achievement alone makes him stand out as a winner and he deserves to be remembered as such.
  13. Good to hear Alfredo is bonding ...... if it gets us more goals ..... who can complain? The part from RJ at the end about JT not having to apologise is fucking suspect ..... also the bit about when we get beat the "captain" will always get it .... is utter pish ..... the only reason JT got flak was because he was the one who gifted two goals that saw us lose the game ..... agains the run of play ...... JT should not be apologising to the team .... he should have been apologising to the support for badly fucking it up. 🇬🇧
  14. Agree with your sentiments Bud ..... I will also be enjoying this day ...... and every other day until the grin that doesn't seem to want to leave my coupon will allow me ..... great .... great feeling so it is.
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