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  1. 👍 Spot on mate. What RB said was not negative towards the Club .... and most if not all could assess that from his post ..... some folks have short memories when it comes to Robertson and his post was not directed to discredit the good works done by others more worthy ..... only people who seek to find negativity in a person's post which incidentally started off with .... "Well done Rangers" .... would seek to judge what was a perfectly good post and not negative in the slightest .... but coming from someone with actual first hand knowledge of the MOD obtained from a long career in the department. We need to question our trustees when they fall short ..... and as you rightly say .... "we need much better than him". 🇬🇧
  2. Better safe than not mate ..... this firewall protects you and the bank from unnecessary problems due to fraud. Enjoy your holiday knowing your money is being protected ..... except from the girlfriend or wife and kids that is ...... we will win tonight that's all you have to know ..... so chill and have a few knowing this for free. Or .... you could PM me all your bank details and I would gladly purchase (along with a brand new leather couch for myself) this game for you .... don't forget that wee pin number along with the all important security number at the back of your card .... all relatively free of charge .... just for you pal ....
  3. On a positive note though .... he did still manage to make a fist of it .......
  4. To call them human is you being fair minded ...... has your phone been hacked mate ? ....
  5. Hmmmm! ..... Looks OK from where I sit mate ...... just the capitol H seems to have shrunk .... no biggie ....
  6. 👍 Fair enough mate .... the wee Zarska media lassie was probably told it was sea grass blue rather than tarrier turquoise .... so she can be forgiven .... the 4Word ad placement can not be forgiven nor forgotten .... this is indeed a black day for Poland .... and the world ....
  7. When MA and DK put their dicks back in their pockets and sit down like proper adults and get it sorted ...... that's the thick and thin of it as they say ..... alternative answer ? ..... fuck knows ....
  8. If only we had had this venue in 2008 ..... we could have had over 1,000,000 troops down in Manchester .... well done the Polish tourist board ..... they really know how to put on a show .... Legia 0 .... The Famous 2 ...... both goals from Morelos ..... as he was having a quiet game .... 😇
  9. 👍 Yeah mate ... lost in translation I would imagine ..... and not meant to antagonise ...... unlike that 4Move mob .... who completely knew what they were up to with their offensive green product placement ..... Boo! ..... Fucken Booo! ....
  10. 👍 The guy above .... who asked about Alfredo's mental state .... must have been sipping the Lime or Mint beverage presented by the sponsors Oz mate ..... a product known to cause confusion it would seem ..... imagine the uproar if he had sampled the Orange or Blue flavour and started a sash bash ..... now that would have been a financial sales success story considering the opposing travelling support visiting this fair city ..... a product placement marketing failure I would say. Apply for the post as marketing manager for 4MOVE mate as there is definitely a need for a new one in that group .... stay well clear of the tourist board as it's probably full of Mint ... Lemon or Lime drinkers ....
  11. ............... and not a drop was sipped from them ..... someone was at the piss take methinks ....
  12. 👍 Spot on again mate ..... our first choice players would have found it difficult to acclimatise to the playing conditions yesterday .... in fairness to the lads who did play ... it was not the best of places to go to show what they are all about. Not any of them let us down .... one or two had an off day that's all.
  13. 👍 Spot on mate ..... too many changes made this group of players look like the squad of 2012 ..... the windy weather and the pitch didn't help either .... this was not a good decision from SG as it never allowed the players to normally blend in to the main core of the first team .... glad we won in the end but SG is the one who needs to take a more thoughtful look at things .... this type of tactic will be unacceptable in the next round against Livingston .... on another shit plastic pitch ..... as you say we need more of our "main men" playing in the next round to be able to realistically judge this second string of players.
  14. 👍 Good post mate. Now is the time to be positive ...... throw caution to the wind .... as the above post states there will be plenty of time to be morbid if we have any hiccups along the way ..... until then just be happy we are in a far far better position team wise than we have been for many a year ..... time to shake off the doubts and get the battle fever on ..... certainly it has to be approached one game at a time .... not actually sure it can be approached any other way really ...... but the confidence about the team is infectious and should be fully embraced with the same confidence by the support. Just enjoy the moment .... waiting and seeing is what causes concern .... we are off to a good start and the vibe is infectious .... after all the past shite we have endured .... we are due it surely.
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