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  1. I had to go back and re-read who you quoted mate .... as I thought your were reporting both of them were to be interviewed for the post ...... it's been a very long day today ....
  2. ... DK has driven us mad with some of the shite he has come out with ... right enough ..... but if he continues to cause KJ to shit the bed because he is being ignored .... I'm unaccustomly all for this affirmative action ... and say well done Dave, you are now getting the message we are sick to death with the daily retard and all who work there ..... and thanks for sorting out one of our main wishes.
  3. ..... OK then .... out foxed again .....
  4. Great to have you back after your successful purging .... and Asgard is no longer under threat from their treachery .... PS :- We did the dishes and tidied up .... well Sweetheart and Zetland did .... all us guys supervised ....
  5. FFS mate .... that is so mental but so funny ... I bet you even Dave would piss himself .....
  6. Sometimes the best comedy is when it's unintentional, Bud ..... and your wee post script was a perfect example of that ..... most proper humour is generally off the bat, and with the right timing .... it hits the spot .....
  7. Not surprised Barry was confused ... it seems to be a habit with him. I was at a Q&A many years ago and one of the speakers was John Brown (I think he was a youth coach at the time?) ....... and he tells of ....when stating to the group of players he was coaching, that they would be going on a half hour run at the end of their training stint ....... guess who asked miserably, "Fuck's sake ... how long is that going to take us then?" None other than our future Captain .....
  8. Stop it now Jack ..... sensible suggestions upset people .... the rumour going around is that suggestions like your's are to be issued with a public health warning before going to print ....
  9. Cheers for the info concerning his circumstances of late .... sorry to hear his Dad (a good Bear) passed away ... this must be affecting him, and glad to see he is playing through it. I was never a fan of his ... but give him credit for his time with us and hope he has a good career in the game.
  10. Aye ..... Club 1872 ......
  11. We have had some wonderful talent at our Club over the years ..... and Davie Cooper is up there with the best of them ..... sadly missed but not forgotten .... thanks OP for keeping his memory alive. 🇬🇧
  12. Spot on T ........ good thread this also. Spurs may have the lion's share of Jewish followers mate ..... but I remember in the mid sixties being told by a Jewish Arsenal fan that they don't hold the monopoly and that a fair portion of the Hebrew faith preferred Highbury to White Hart Lane .... that just might be where the Israeli connection comes in ... not sure though ..... but it sounds logical to me.
  13. That's a cracker mate .... funny as hell ..... The Black Country right enough ..... that area was called that even before the "darkies" came to settle there .... talk about irony ....