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  1. Ibrox Memorial Garden

    Good idea and seemingly well thought out and a fitting memorial to the 66 and their families who survive them. I like the practical design as it will wear well and allow for more people to be in the area with a minimum of upkeep and maintenance ..... the steel fencing is also practical as it allows cameras for stricter security a better view of the area, whereas a solid wall would help conceal intruders and make it easier for them to do the damage and escape detection,
  2. Kris Boyd's new charity

    Spot on mate. ...... and yet It is one of the most common ailments around and has been forever mate .... having many forms .... from mild anxiety, OCD, bi-polar to severe depression .... to more serious afflictions like schizophrenia and worse ... and yes the NHS do their best but as you say they are stretched. This new charity that KB is launching is a welcome sign of the times as far as funding is concerned and is a much needed avenue that Kris is highlighting through his and his family's own worse nightmare scenario, which has led to their sad loss .... hopefully this will help people to understand that mental health in it's many forms is something that can happen to anyone at any time .... young and not so young .... but if some understanding of the condition is attained it helps the people close to the person affected to also be able to handle the situation better .... thus helping the sufferer. I too would like to wish Kris all the success this Taboo subject deserves.
  3. The same to you and all your family mate ...... x 100.
  4. Nacho Novo

    Bit of a shocker that .... and only 38. Mind when Souness had to get bypass surgery at a relatively young age also and I had the same reaction ... might be genetic in the families of both of them then. Two exceptionally fit people otherwise ..... i suppose that's what makes it so surprising .... when it happens kind of unexpectedly to people who are generally in the top percentage (population wise) of physical fitness. Anyway hope Nacho recovers soon and is back to his happy self.
  5. Brown.

    ..... so sorry mate ..... I meant to say Mormon.
  6. Brown.

    The damage is done now mate .... best you cancel your account and register a new one .... it's the only way you will be able to salvage the situation. plumGer was particularly fond of his Bridgette ... even though she was a muslim ..... and only his seventh wife.
  7. New Player

    ...... and is being brought in to cover for Rossiter ...... when he is fit ... as we need to have a proper balance ..... great thinking on the DOF's part and it falls in line with DK's "holistic" view of how the Club should be run .... so all is good .....
  8. Correct mate ..... and the taigs, deniers and yessers in this country just hate this glaring fact ..... until they leave our sceptered Isle and take up residence in oirland they will remain .... at Her Majesty's pleasure ..... a British citizen .....
  9. Halliday

    I was right with you ..... all through the bit in bold mate ..... after that .... well, you just lost me ....
  10. Halliday

    My only worry is his goal celebrations ..... do we really need someone who is capable of inciting a riot by just fist pumping the air? ...... just ask the ref who sent him off at Cappielow if he is the type of player we should welcome "home" .... it could be our undoing .... genuine ..... But seriously he can't be worse than Nico .... and we will not be bringing in any big signings this window ..... so the manager must use the resources he has out on loan to cover for suspensions and injuries to strengthen the depth of the squad .... Halliday at least gets what we are about .... it is the least expensive option and would not surprise me if he is being considered.
  11. 2 Scots

    Nice one mate ..... always good to remember our troops who are still on active duty while we are all safe at home ..... safe return indeed.
  12. El Buffalo

    Leckie ..... along with a good few others is a snake .... I hope this abomination of an article is translated into Spanish correctly for Morelos and he uses it as a hammer to hit this snake and the rest of the haters over the head with. The way these so called "sports" reporters are allowed to disrespect and character assassinate our Club, players and our support with no comeback is nothing short of disgraceful. But we are The Rangers after all and the only way to put the vermin in their place and prove them wrong is to perform on the park .... until that happens the onslaught will continue ..... like all of us .... I can't wait for the day we bring the title back to Ibrox .... just to see them all spewing their rings up.
  13. Jim Baxters son passes away

    Far too young ..... condolences to his family and friends at this sad time. 🇬🇧
  14. Auction item - Anyone have a Blue Room?!

    Good on you mate ..... there's no hiding class and you are at the top of it. Happy New Year to all on RM.
  15. Happy New Year Bears Everywhere

    Likewise mate.