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  1. ....... I think in this case a lot of people just don't like BM and exaggerate his lack of defensive abilities ... simple as that ... and that's fair enough. It's a team game and you can't realistically expect forwards to have the same attributes as defenders .... and vice versa.
  2. I also feel good about tomorrow and think we will win .... and meeting the sheep in the final will make the winning of the cup that bit better.
  3. ..... But 60 minute Mark no longer manages our team ..... We now have (Colt) .45 Pedro in the driving seat mate ...... this is not "a year ago" you know ..... As for "hit and hope" .... ach! please man ..... Big Nesbitt's goal in the CL was a hit and hope, but it still counted .... BM's was a delightful deliberate shot that had brilliant goal written all over it ... and even better being against them .... and by fuck it really counted by helping us into the SC final ..... so a bit of credit is due to Barrie for that one from you. No matter your opinion .... any goal against the scum no matter how it goes over the line is worth it's weight in gold ...hit ... hope .... fuck the pope ..... or otherwise.
  4. C'mon Scotty .... stop holding back .... say what you feel mate ....
  5. They are the epitome of all that is vile in the media .... the branch that operates up here most certainly are ... and hide behind the mask of neutrality they forever let slip. They are past masters of printing offensive content, then when called out .... print an apology of an apology ... with no real intention of it being an apology .... arse wipes to a man. This latest episode may not be as bad or as offensive as some they have released to print .... but it is in extreme bad taste and is certainly extremely offensive to his family and friends .... and I include the majority of the Rangers support who see him as a hero for us ... and therefore one of us ... so I would not be so quick to round on those amongst us who feel pissed off with what has happened in this instance mate ... we all see and feel things differently after all.
  6. Sad.. sad news ... condolences to his family and friends. 🇬🇧
  7. Straight to the heart of the matter mate .... very well said. All who participated and helped to make this event a success are well deserving of praise for putting aside their time to commemorate Lee Rigby .... who should be alive today but for the actions of a madman. Petty arguments around bruised egos deserves nothing but contempt.
  8. ..... At Tannadice ....
  9. Filth is a very good word for them .... after all the shite this club has covered up since it's inception by wilfred, to this day .... their history is one continual line of denial for their crimes against society. From bigotry to sympathy for the H*** to paedophilia ..... it has been denied and deflected in all directions other than theirs ..... filth is something you sweep up and dispose of .... this mob have got the sweeping down to a fine art .... but some filth just cannot be hidden or disposed of .... no matter how hard you try to "sweep" it away. Scum of the earth ......
  10. ..... As you say it evens out ... the non-free kick awarded to the sheep the first time we played them up there was a perfect example of bad refereeing ... resulting in them getting the winner against the run of play ..... our goal against PT was a similar bad decision. Our refs are out and out shite .... fact .... and that's the beginning and end of it ......
  11. Exactly mate .... there's safe standing .... then there's disaster waiting to happen standing .... I'm all for this to go ahead in the future (±2 seasons on) ... but it must comply with all safety regulations (which I have no doubts it will). Right now I think the funds should be used elsewhere .... primarily in the transfer market for PC to utilise .... get the team right first ... then improvements to crowd safe standing.
  12. Bit of a non-story really ..... Big Eck had his days of glory with us ... and gave us more than enough treasured memories. The holding company set-up was totally different when he was there last time ... and he has said as much .... so not for him this time ... probably for the best all round .... but I will not forget the good times he gave us all. Some nameless nobody looking for a negative headline about anything linked to The Rangers ...... who would have thunk it eh? ....
  13. Spot on mate ...... and act like the total dick he was then and probably still is today ....
  14. The Rangers Spirit has run through this thread from start to finish ..... we are not just "Simply The Best" ..... We are "The Best of The Best"
  15. Nearly there people ... another great thread by K.A.I .... and very well supported by all who entered .... Good Luck to everyone for helping a very worthy cause. NO SURRENDER JOSHUA BURNS ADAIR.