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  1. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by govanblue in ***  RangersMedia Erskine Fund - Season 2020/21 - Annual Fundraiser - Support Our Veterans! ***   
    *** Welcome to the RangersMedia Erskine Fund  - Annual Fundraiser/Membership - Season 2020/21  ***

    I'm sure you already know all about the RM Erskine Fund, and why you should support it, but here's a summary (cut and pasted from last season's thread!):
    The RM Erskine Fund is a voluntary fundraising group funded by RM Member donations (and other occasional fundraising activities), now entering its 6.5th season. I've lost count of how much we've raised (and spent wisely!) in that time.  But for sure, it's WELL over a hundred thousand pounds. It's definitely made a difference; and all we need from you to keep it rolling is a measly fiver!!
    The Fund's primary role is to provide Recreational Treats directly to the Residents of Erskine Veterans Care Homes.  We do this primarily by providing Rangers Season Tickets, Match Tickets, Hospitality Tickets, Stadium Tours, Argyle Restaurant Lunches, Rangers TV subscriptions, Rangers merchandise and clothing, and anything else we can think of.  Not only does this make the MANY Rangers supporting Veterans very happy, it also has a double bonus of putting a lot of that money directly back in to The Club, and keeping those Blue Pounds Blue!

    We also provide occasional non-Rangers related Recreational Treats, to ensure that ALL residents benefit from our Fund, and not just the Bears.  Recent examples: Boat Trips, Restaurant Lunches, Christmas Party Donations, Palace Visits, D-Day Whisky Miniatures, Fish n Chips, and pretty much anything else that Erskine fancy.

    This season we will also continue our support for BRAVEHOUND, who provide trained Companion Dogs for Veterans with PTSD or other service-related issues.  Our BRAVEHOUND companion Dog, Broxi, is currently out in the field, supporting his companion Veteran, which means that we'll be continuing our support of Him.

    We also support Residents of Hollybush House Hospital (Combat Stress) by providing 4 Season Tickets for their exclusive use.  These seats have become an important part of Hollybush House's recreational therapy.  Many of their Residents have serious issues dealing with crowds, loud noises, etc. The value of a friendly crowd, which they can genuinely feel a part of, can not be understated. 

    We also regularly buy Rangers Lotto tickets and Half-time UnionJackPot tickets,  which provides a wee bit of extra interest for our Veterans, and also supports Rangers Youth Development, so a double win there.
    And we even have enough left over to make sure that we are able to make a small donation on behalf of RM members, to Rangers-related fundraisers, to help out other Bears in their time of need, or to support their Good Cause.
    The Fund has no running costs (as long as you remember to tick the "friends and family" option on PayPal!). So every penny donated is properly spent and properly accounted for.
    Season membership of The Fund is a one-off minimum donation of only £5.  But if you're feeling a bit flush, you can donate as much as you want!!!
    That's it.  You don't need to donate every month or anything like that.  In November, we will run a mid-season fundraiser, but you don't need to donate to that, or to the end-of season fundraiser.  Most people DO donate something whenever I pop up with a new fundraiser - I guess that's because they have a couple of quid spare, and they approve of what we're doing with it.  But it's always optional.

    How to donate:
    Donations via PayPal or by Bank Transfer.  PM @Zetland for details.
    The PayPal and Bank Account details are the same as last season, if you already have them. 
    Remember to add your RM Username as a reference. 
  2. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by the cry was no in SPFL Shambles   
    He'd be in court charged with hate crimes, anti Irish racism and anti catholic sectarianism
    I wish I was joking
  3. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by eejay the dj in SPFL Shambles   
    Seriously wish  havoc would ensue .Both the Spfl and Sfa scrabbling around .And no chance of getting leagues started .I would sit back and enjoy that tbh 
    We would then then implode hopefully 
  4. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by The hustler in SPFL Shambles   
    It would be the biggest embarrassment of all time if the SFA got the SPFL a £10m loan from close brothers 😂
  5. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by SuperLeeMcCulloch in SPFL Shambles   
    Stokes literally ragdolled Tav to the ground, Yellow for both  the other one that got me outside of Stokes shit was Mcgregor clotheslining Morelos when he was the last man, free kick to Hibs.
    I never truly believed that refs were biased before then but that game alone was enough to change my views on it.
  6. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by Blue Nosed Babe in SPFL Shambles   
    Maybe the Compliance officer needs replaced....by me.
  7. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by Dan Deacon in Rangers Face Masks   
  8. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by Brubear in SPFL Shambles   
    Of course we will.
    Eternally Optimistic  Loyal. 
  9. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by eejay the dj in SPFL Shambles   
    Clancy got 2 games in a row after his cheating performance in our 2-1 win there ..So you can bet he will be prominent in the big fixtures .I remember ,seeing  him send Lennon to the stand in a game at Kilmarnock few years back .And thought there and then .That is Colum moment .The one and only decision he ever gives against them .To be fair .He has given us a little more than Colum has ,in the 10 or so years that he has been a ref .Colum is just way too clever  .
    The bheasts must be lapping this all up.They will say it’s about time ,as the refs gave us everything for decades .That is a mindset that makes all the bias shown now , ok in their minds nowadays 
  10. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by BlueKnight87 in SPFL Shambles   
    I'd have no issues either with the league being delayed.
    We're in this mess due to the SPFL and their corruption. If it does get delayed it should be the end of the cabal. 
    I wouldn't be surprised but to see hearts/thistle turned on by the other's in the league. Seems to be the done thing if anyone doesn't follow the party line. 
  11. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by bornabear in SPFL Shambles   
    The cynic in you may very well be right mate, in that you have unlocked the devious nature of SFA/spfl.
    Your end result fails only at the compensation bit.  Hertz/PT are asking for £10m and I can't see them settling for less than half of that, ie £5m.
    The SFA can only fine both a max of £1m each, therefore the SFA/spfl would be £3m out of pocket.
    Plus, having been fined so heavily, Hertz/pt would appeal and the outrage of such a draconian fine would be on their side, forcing the SFA to reduce such fine.
  12. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by the cry was no in SPFL Shambles   
    Bit big headed?
  13. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by the cry was no in SPFL Shambles   
    Rounded off an "unfortunate" sequence of refereeing decisions in the opening 3 league games of the season.
    The night before Thistle were denied a stonewall penalty in the 93rd minute at Firhill to equalise v the scum
    The week before Wallace was wrongly flagged offside when laying on a perfectly good goal for Morelos at Ibrox v Hearts. Ended 0-0
    The Hibs game was so blatant it was embarrassing. Stokes should have been off at 1-0 and then again when he grabbed Jack by the throat resulting in Jack red (later rescinded) and Stokes (already booked when he should have went off) staying on the pitch. McGeoch should have been off too around the hour mark when he halted someone on the half way line while already on a yellow.
    Result of these "errors"
    Tarriers on 9 points from 3 instead of 7
    Us on 4 points from 3 instead of 9
    5 points behind instead of 2 ahead = 7 point swing over first 3 games, playing catch up and heads down going to the first OF at the theatre of screams where Collum "missed" Jack being fouled in the build up to the only goal of the game.
    And oddly enough things never did balance themselves out over the season
  14. HG5 liked a post in a topic by Bobby Hume in SPFL Shambles   
    Just a wee edit required mate .....  to an otherwise top post ...... 
  15. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by Jelle1880 in Tifo Football piece on Morelos   
    It shows how his career started but also how he supports his local community. I knew he did charity work back home but not really the extent of it. 
  16. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by eejay the dj in Tifo Football piece on Morelos   
    Absolutely superb  .Really is an eye opener on what he does for the poor 
    And yet you won’t find our scumbag media hacks reporting this sort of stuff 
  17. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by Tiger Shaw in SPFL Shambles   
    I used to not mind Hearts but since 2012 they went all fucking weird then thought they could come to Ibrox and try cause it, didnt work out well for them though 😆 👊🏼
  18. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by gmcf in SPFL Shambles   
    You're right mate . I had a soft spot for hearts but their obsession for us is just weird . 
  19. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by coopsleftboot in SPFL Shambles   
    Kinda want to join and put them right 
  20. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by eejay the dj in SPFL Shambles   
    Your right mate .These absolutely thick fucks at Hearts can not separate us from the scum .Their hatred for  us is so much .Weird bunch ,even when it’s clear as day  what corruption is going on 
  21. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by BlueKnight87 in SPFL Shambles   
    Clancy was the 12th man for them that day. Then funnily enough he would get the next taig home game after the break. 
    Referees in Scotland without a doubt fear them.  It's been that way since the ref strike. Targeted campaigns should an official go against them
    Overcoming that will be huge if we won't to beat them next season. 
  22. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by Robmc1 in SPFL Shambles   
    Clancy performance at Parkhead must have been the worst biased and one sided officiating that I have ever had the displeasure to witness. In my opinion he was basically cheating.
    I can see how other referees may take the path of least resistance when officiating their games, the abuse for making decisions against them from some MSM, pundits and their fans is disgusting and needs addressed. Can you honestly imagine being a referee and making a potential decision that will bring their tiar (tainted) dreams crashing down. We simply have to be better next season and negate the impact referees can have on our results...
  23. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by B1872 in SPFL Shambles   
    Watched a Jermain Defoe podcast well the first 30 minutes of it as he was talking about us. Anyways interesting that he actually said that he thinks “referees are against us up here”. Definitely something in it as I was at the player of the year dance last year where Robertson and Gerrard said the same thing. Not sure how the club go about addressing the situation though to try and get fairness. Hopefully having meetings behind the scenes. 👍🏻
  24. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by Bad Robot in SPFL Shambles   
    I would like HoM and PT to put a call out to the rest of the clubs and ask for some donations to assist with any potential fine 😊
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