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  1. If you're that desperate that you check all the sports shops in central Scotland (not just 2 or 3) and you can't wait for a week or two for new lettering to be delivered, you come clean and admit you should have organised it sooner then deliver the finished shirts after the wedding with an apology for being disorganised. But if you really can't cope with all this and you really are content to lower yourself to going to their shop and actually paying them real money to put the lettering on, you really and truly never ever let anyone know. Just no one. So what was he thinking about telling folk and then taking a few tainted quid from the rhecord to advertise the fact that he had just let himself and other down, not too mention give them more ammo that our shop doesn't have enough stock? Who seriously thinks that, if the story was one of them having to come to our shop due to lack of stock, the story would have been allowed to run in the rhecord?
  2. That like I gave you is pyoorly ironic.
  3. Davis, the club captian, walked out on us. His intention was to protect his own interests while the club he professed to support (and didn't when it could have done with that support) was left floundering. It's nothing to do with other folks' descpicable actions. He walked away. And no, Southampton trying to do the decent thing and pay us after the event does not in any way make up for Davis' decision. And we're still waiting for that money from the SFA. If he'd stayed a few weeks, we coul dhave sold him and the money would have gone to Rangers. The fact that others lined their own pockets with Rangers manoey does not change the fact that Davis' intentions were to give absolutely no support to the club and only line his own pockets - no/low transfer fee = big signing-on fee. Maybe one day he could at least apologise.
  4. Worst thing we did to him was give him a long term contract.
  5. It's all from the SFA, bolstered by the money they stole from us in 2012. It's so we can be competition for their beloved celtc, not too much (although Pedro didn't seem to read that clause in the deal), but enough so they can regularly have training matches (called the league) to be ready to win the Champions League, the Europa (both at the same time), the World Club Champioship, the World Cup, the Intergalactic Cup and also train a midfielder to clear the ball and a keeper to keep out injury time equalisers when playing against England. All part of their grand plan.
  6. Looking at the nonsense he spouted post match, it's the same over the top garbage from years ago, all the 'absolutely terrific' stuff. It's like a really unwelcome blast from the past. And Big Eck still had a better record than he did.
  7. They're really struggling with this one but they have to put something out. How else could they be considered one of the b(h)oys in the office.
  8. Their (tainted) success this season has come about mainly due to (over-) confidence, not any particularly superior skill set. When they realise they won't have an easy ride next season, the cracks will start to appear and they will depend more and more on their pliant press and selective refereeing.
  9. We don't get drawn away in cups!
  10. The headline the other day was written to make the Rangers fan caller look stupid. The headline today was written to show the new Rangers player look stupid. Can we expect anything better from them?
  11. but in it, no oot it
  12. I'd expect one of the young lads would be number 3 for now if he has shown enough in other matches. Ideally we need to be focussing on defence, midfield and up front for now. A good chance for Alnwick and the younger lads to get better experience playing against the European teams this season.
  13. Disrespectful goal. Should've just blasted it at the keeper.
  14. Foreground: the 'chair'man, Background: the fans.