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  1. Beggars Allocation Cut

    Hopefully won't have to find out now.
  2. Big names attract big names.

    Marquee signing: Kenny McLean
  3. Reporting Scotland Leading Story

    All joking aside, is BP9 a troll or has he just painted himself so far into a corner and the paint just never seems to dry?
  4. Reporting Scotland Leading Story

    In the last 24 hours? Really? I missed that bit. You see, that Hibs failed to report Neely to the police, or inform us, but chose to cover it up is very very pertinent to the story. Simply put, Hibs enabled Neely to abuse children at Rangers through their silence and coverup. Really, Hibs are so important to the story that failing to point out this context and background is clearly a continuation of protecting Hibs' name while Rangers are the only ones being blamed. So why are you attacking Rangers fans who are upset to see our club being dragged through the media while Hibs, who caused the crime, get a free pass?
  5. Reporting Scotland Leading Story

    But on the whole we're not saying 'you're worse than us'. We're pointing out that there is media silence on Torbett and that Neely was far worse at other clubs but they are not named. The only club to report an abuser was Rangers but we are being targeted by the press, while they ignore the failings of the other clubs. If you refuse to see this then there's really no helping you.
  6. Reporting Scotland Leading Story

    So pointing out coverups of child abuse is point scoring? You sure you want to say that?
  7. We have them rattled 😀

    Also, putting big bad Rainjurs in their place trumps sporting integrity. All this helps to remind any of the green&grey mob of how bad we are if they might be unhappy at not turning up against their opponents on Sunday.
  8. And if Rossiter's leg was broken would they be sharing a holiday with Allan? Would they be all matey-matey with him? Would they be posting stuff on social media? The intent was there to damage Rossiter badly but Allan failed. That does not excuse him. If I were SG I'd be contacting them to keep their holiday quiet, grow up and at least publicly start putting their teammates before those who try to wreck their careers.
  9. 2017/18 In A Nutshell

    3rd best out of 12 dire teams
  10. Jonathan Johansen

    Steffen Gerhardt
  11. Andy devlin

    We would be constantly informed that it was the greatest event in sporting history.
  12. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Star and Express reporting it. SMSM will grudgingly mention it by Friday...
  13. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Yup, it's as if they think he's having a 'moment' and their sound advice will put him on the right track again.
  14. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Definitely leftfield. But if it's SG then it's time to keep reminding them of their experience with Souness. We know the situation's different in many ways but we don't need to remind them of that. A bit of momentum with SG and they'll crumble.
  15. Peña

    ... while trying to avoid explaining the strange behaviour with the shorts