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  1. Leadership on the park

    Great! This time next season you'll be chief scout.
  2. Leadership on the park

    I'm talking about the short term. Get your mate signed up for next season, eh?
  3. Leadership on the park

    He looked gutted at the end. Out of all we have at the moment, at least he's taking it seriously. Who do you suggest is better in our current squad?
  4. Leadership on the park

    Not a fan of throwing younger guys in at the deep end for the sake of it but Doc for captain soon to lead by example?
  5. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    Nah. 5-6-7-8-1 will be better. If we have enough players that are not injured.
  6. Bates out up to 6 weeks

    Colour of the shirt worn.
  7. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    So accepting hate is good then, and it makes it go away? If it works for you , great! But complaining about it... ... means you hate haters complaining about haters. Maybe that makes you worst of all! Have a nice day, BP9
  8. GB Scum at Ibrox tonight

    Media silence. Media collusion.
  9. Warburton - "I received death threats"

    If Warburton received death threats, why talk about them now? Or is he happy to try to disrupt us when we are finally beginning to do what he said he was going to do, ie return to the top of Scottish football? Would be nice if he told us what his motive is and whether he actually wishes us well or not.
  10. Old Club/New Club - An update

    Great to have the info at hand. It'll take time to change the narrative but truth will always out.
  11. John Beaton to Craig Levein

    Refs are too busy making sure they are not seen to favour us in any way that going the other way has become the norm. If I were Murty I would be mentioning this not in a complaining (green and grey) way but making a joke of it. The authorities in the game from refs to SFA need to be reminded that treating clubs in different ways is not on but also that we're not going to whine endlessly, cause a media/twitter storm and come round to smash their windows every second weekend. It's time we let them know we know they favour others on a regular basis but also that we can be dignified about it.
  12. Rocksport - Steven Davis

    Would rather develop Docherty than pretend our captain Davis didn't really walk away from us when we needed loyalty
  13. Taigs player calling one of us a “h**”

    Wasn't there a stadium somewhere in the east end that was closed or something for some reason during the War? So who should be called H***?
  14. Jimmy Nicholl

    Definitely. Jimmy will have a quiet word in the shell-like. Make sure there's no nonsense in the background growing that can happen with an inexperienced manager. He is an inspired addition to the club.