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  1. "Independent" panel would see that as pure coincidence that his elbow at that angle reaches the farthest point of its possible movement just as it is making contact with Miller's face. Making his bus was coming and he needed the driver to see him standing waiting...
  2. Anyone unhappy with the working conditions of playing your favourite game and being paid a fortune for it can ceremoniously rip up their contracts at HR and are free to leave. There are plenty of talented footballers out there that are more than willing to play for our club and at least put in the effort so we will not be embarassed in such a way in a cup semi-final.
  3. Would be interesting to see if he and Wallace can work together on the left, alternating roles. Apart from causing the opposition problems, it might spark McKay into action as well as keep Wallace on his toes.
  4. Nae worries, it's getting back into the European Cup we really need to focus on.
  5. McKay should be worried about his place in the team, not Wallace. I'd have Beerman and Wallace covering the left flank, swapping places regularly just to mess up the markers.
  6. If he can score a Big Bertie screamer against them then maybe he's worth a jersey...
  7. Is Bates ready for the full-on diving, backing in and collapsing, and downright sneakiness of their forward players, though? Hill back in alongside Wilson for me.
  8. No matter who it'll be, it could be an important post, especially if players are getting a bit above themselves thinking that 3rd is acceptable and they don't need to work harder than under MW. We need to get behind whoever it is and not be sniping at him before he even begins. No one outside the management and the candidates really know what the post entails so who can really say who would be the best for the post.
  9. The players receive higher pay than most in this country and they have the prestige of playing for us. They have the biggest consistent fanbase in the country. On top of that they have the possibility of being known as part of the team that took us back to our rightful place at the top. They repay us with this dross of a season, inflated egos with no performance and petted lips when told to do their jobs by their new boss. If they miss their old boss so much they should remember that if they had done their jobs properly he would very probably still be their boss! Most have rarely performed since the semi last year and of the new guys only Hill can say he's given a solid effort. So get on with it or get out.
  10. But there is no Sir Walter to bail us out this time.
  11. Be quiet, Sammon. Yer team were lucky cos the ref ignored three penalty claims, including one that was a stonewaller. Hey SMSM, shall we talk about that instead? No. I didn't think so.
  12. While we should be beating the likes of Kilmarnock without penalties, too regularly refereeing decisions are going against us which is costing us points because we are not good enough at the moment But referees know that they can get away with not giving us decisions that they'd never dare be so relaxed about it with the green and grey hordes. So until we do start saying something about it, we will be playing to a different set of rules than everyone else. While we understandably don't want to become a bunch of biased whiners like that bunch stropping every time they think they're hard done by, we can still question why we are not getting decisions in a civilised manner. And that has to include us fans, our few friendlies in the media, the manger and players, and the board speaking up about it.
  13. Defo If that ned had played for us the press would have destroyed him. Cos he plays for them he's a hero. Nice try tho.
  14. Be more likely to find the tartan paint on a shelf next to the location of your long stand.
  15. If our last manager thinks he was a successful manager, then let's compare how the players played in his last games and how they played in the first game under our new manager. So, Mark, is Pedro the best manager in history? Because their style, hunger and methods not to mention preparation, homework on the opposition and general readiness are night and day. If he'd said 'we made good progress', then yes. Success? No. Oh and successful managers don't sneak out, flirting with other jobs but they go out on a high. Better than Ally? Definitely. But he is not a benchmark at our club.