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  1. Bears

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    A decent start, very late, must start piling the pressure on the football authorities and the bbc. And in related news, Spiersy in telling half a story to change the meaning shocker! How very not at all surprising.
  2. Bears

    Statement regarding disciplinary procedure

    Post above shows why ra dood just doesn't get it
  3. Bears

    Statement regarding disciplinary procedure

    Until all clubs can request citations and have access to the decision-making process, which is carried out by properly independent experts, then the whole process is only going to reflect the existing power-base within Scottish football and the bias of those making the narrative, and reflect the honesty of those people. Basically, a bunch of cheats have created a system to make sure they win through any means necessary and they're trying their best to hold on to that power.
  4. Who they selling next year to prove to the gullible that they are a profit-making business?
  5. Bears

    McGregor banned 2 games

    The club should publicly ask the SFA to ensure they are providing a safe environment for their employees to work in as McGregor was booted in the balls by Ferguson later and there was no red card or retrospective punishment, the Power kick to Jack's face got only a yellow, and Morelos was sent off for brushing a guy's arse with his studs then when the other player deliberately studs him in the face, the same punishment is given. So 2 examples of studs to the face in 2 games and a clearly intended boot to the balls. And that's just for starters.
  6. Bears

    McGregor banned 2 games

    Because everyone else gets away with worse these day especially if they're playing us and/or wear green and grey hoops, as you well know.
  7. Bears

    No further action against Power

    Fully agree. But we have tried to be honourable about it for too long and the whole system has slid down to the level of the lowest common denominator, that is, celtc and they currently hold practically all the cards. We don't have the ability to flip the table, so we have to play their game for now, if only to let the few remaining decent people see that the current system just doesn't work. Basically if we're being cited for anything we either stick our heads in the sand or we call for the same for others so that there is at least some level of parity and others will know there are consequences if they mess us around. There's an ideal reality and a working reality and at the moment the ideal reality is so buried in green and grey muck we have little choice.
  8. Bears

    Nathan Young-Coombes

    He knows how to stay onside.
  9. Bears


    Bunch of wannabes who try their hardest to have a rivalry with us then whine when we celebrate beating them.
  10. Bears

    Siege Mentality

    This. And if you agree that a conspiracy is 2 or more people working together to achieve something negative to another without transparency then you can add the image of bbc staff discussing and choosing controversial Rangers clips while choosing not to use celtc clips, or those who happen to be playing us at the time. The fact that they are working together and consistently choosing to show us in a bad light while covering up those of other, especially celtc teams, means that at least at some levels there is a conspiracy. Then the fact that the bbc staff - and plenty from the media as a whole - together choose with a clear agenda to show us in a bad light, while knowing that this will skew the authorities against us. This happened this week clearly and was attempted after the Old Firm game, so there is a conspiracy against us that is directly affecting us as a team because they have conspired to have 2 of our key players banned for 5 matches total while burke's dive and 2 assaults by other celtc players are ignored by the authorities. These are the same authorities who admitted in the past that they choose who to investigate from media sources such as sportscene. So yes, there are people working together to show us in a bad light, which is picked up and reacted to against our interests by the authorities, as seen this week. Therefore, at some levels there is a conspiracy that directly affects our team and who plays in it, and therefore very possibly our results.
  11. Bears

    Friday morning laugh

  12. Bears

    Today's back pages

    Looking forward to tomorrow's back page debate over whether burke's ballet fail should come under the description of diving in the box... Cmon, steve clarke, get them told, you're not havin this!
  13. Bears

    Today's back pages

    What you got against toasters?
  14. Bears

    Today's back pages

    Seems the meedja are trying to stop Alfie getting his big move. Oh well, another season of Alfie terrorising their pet teams' defenders.🙂
  15. Bears

    Mcinnes Tells Rangers Players to Stop Singing

    They're the ones pushing for a rivalry against us for decades. Now they don't like it? Twice the volume and an extra 3 verses!