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  1. What happened to us was manufactured after Murray was naive and put us in a position where Lloyds could turn the screw and HMRC could go after us as a supposed test case, leaving the supposed football authorities in this land to screw us over, trying to destroy us before trying to take titles from us after they failed. Yes, we are coming, 55 is coming, and they are so obsessed that they need the media, compliance officer and sometimes match officials (are we really the dirtiest team?!) to hold us back.
  2. True but I don't remember us going after them in the same way when they ran their'business' using a biscuit tin and very dodgy finances where they comparably made a footballing profit for many more years than we did, and they were breaking tax laws repeatedly whereas we were using a loophole.
  3. Yes but look at what they and their cabal had to do to us so they could begin to get close to us.
  4. Anything we say gets picked apart and spun by the media. Anything they say gets accepted, picked up and run as part of the narrative of Scottish football. Dignified silence only works if you have a media with some level of impartiality overall. Until we as a club call this out properly and consistently, nothing will change. We might even have to upset a few folk along the way to get somewhere.
  5. I agree, they need to be more effectual in goal-scoring. The 2 wingers need to become more unpredictable to defenders in their positioning, coming wide or inside. Kent does this better but he is not effectual enough when he gets into goal scoring positions. Too often crosses are too long or too floaty, but because the opposite winger is sitting too wide (leaving usually only 1 attacker in a goal-scoring position) it is being picked up by the winger. If we are going to have fast wingback style defenders, they should be picking up that over-hit cross with the opposite winger becoming the 2nd attacker in front of goal. Also, draw a semi-circle from the goal about 15 yards out and in that area we are too often chaotic. Crosses are not reaching attackers, incisive on the deck passes are not reaching anyone except defenders and there are not enough attackers in that area. Instead, defences are packing the area and booting the ball clear. If teams fear us having the ball in that area then they will sit further from the goal to try to prevent the ball getting that close to the goal, which will lead to more space once we get there. For this we need better players or our existing players to improve how often they get in such positions and what they do when they get there. There's too many players at the moment waiting for the ball to pop back out to them, which of course it does because there is no one there to make something happen. Too often we're playing tennis with our advanced midfield outside the semi-circle and defenders inside it. We need to be more ruthless and go and get goals rather than hope Alfie will get lucky. There are many other factors and situations but these are 2 clear situations that happen regularly in matches that have potential for goals but are mismanaged by the players in very predictable ways.
  6. no, they're lovely people really, really welcoming, especially to foreigners
  7. At least Hartson was right about something - Brenda won't be leaving his beloved club in the summer.
  8. Looking forward to a Wenglos or Barnes next before a Jansen
  9. With all respect that is due to you, Steve, we don't believe a bloody word you say.
  10. Haw, Brenda, naw ye didnae.
  11. The message from the footballing authorities is that our players should have no protection.
  12. And we're not h u n s so will stevie be calling out his future employer's rabble?
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