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  1. The only thing Flanagan should have been red-carded for was stupidity in giving them the opportunity to demand he be red-carded. Shall we be expecting SFA explanations for every decision next season we don't get our way? If the Compliance Officer cannot comply with the rules then who is guiding/influencing her?
  2. Definitely suited as their fans' spokesman - exhibits the typical perceptive capabilities of the group he represents.
  3. Aye, but the down side is he'll probably pick Jack to play for them.
  4. As if you're interested in what I say! For the record, I don't pay attention much to the names writing crap but I'm looking for any name that is worth following. And regarding your second sentence, if that's how you converse on a forum, I've lost interest in your opinion..
  5. Exactly what I took from it.
  6. So do I get you right that you are saying most journalists do not write anything with an anti-Rangers slant/bias? Just for the sake of calibration here, which journalists do think are biased against Rangers then?
  7. Out of 2 my replies to you making several points, that is what you respond with? Sorry, pal, a Rangers news website it is then. Just to be clear, though, are the 3-4 guys who produce news articles on it fans of Rangers or not? I asked you if there's anyone CONSISTENTLY not anti-Rangers. I'm not talking about fair and balanced criticism. I mean the stuff that journalists in the SMSM feel they have to write with a slant, or just expose themselves as either biased themselves or happy to be so to further their careers. So is there anyone in your opinion in the SMSM who is able to do this? Feel free to deflect again if you think answering might damage your own career.
  8. Rangers supporting journalist writes pro-Rangers pieces on Rangers fan website shocker - will be picked up as an exclusive by a few tabloids over the next few days. Is anyone outside of this group of one so far writing anything consistently not anti-Rangers?
  9. But it is awful. There isn't a hint of satire in it. Can you point to any? Is there anything balanced about it? Is there anything that can be said to be a fair point in it? It reads as a please-the-green-and-grey-hordes piece yet again courtesy of a certain rhag.
  10. We used to have a player called Derek McInnes, late 90s. Wonder what happened to him...
  11. Beginning to wonder if McInnes is after TLB's position the way he goes on about us.
  12. Katic now getting slammed by McInnes and others in the press, including the turncoat Thompson. McInnes should be more concerned with the utterly inept performance of his players and Thompson just wants to ensure he continues to get a gig with the SMSM big boys. Sadly, though, I don't think you can appeal 2 yellows so Considine is definitely out against celtc. You foul a man in the box, it's a penalty, even for Rangers sometimes!
  13. What happened to us was manufactured after Murray was naive and put us in a position where Lloyds could turn the screw and HMRC could go after us as a supposed test case, leaving the supposed football authorities in this land to screw us over, trying to destroy us before trying to take titles from us after they failed. Yes, we are coming, 55 is coming, and they are so obsessed that they need the media, compliance officer and sometimes match officials (are we really the dirtiest team?!) to hold us back.
  14. True but I don't remember us going after them in the same way when they ran their'business' using a biscuit tin and very dodgy finances where they comparably made a footballing profit for many more years than we did, and they were breaking tax laws repeatedly whereas we were using a loophole.
  15. Yes but look at what they and their cabal had to do to us so they could begin to get close to us.
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