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  1. I thought you meant irradiates
  2. I don't think you can compare them, they are both beyond the expectations of any rational person in a football match. One was a split second of pure brilliance in hitting that ball and the other was a short period of repeated spontaneous control and creativity. Neither can be better than the other.
  3. My favourite (although I can't remember the exact words) Leighton - I got a touch on the ball. Davie - Aye, on the way back out.
  4. in before the polite replies (or otherwise) pointing out a very similar thread at the top
  5. They haven't the bottle to keep 2nd.
  6. it's a long journey tbf
  7. Wonder if Murty will test out the new gaffer's sense of humour. 'Only 4, Pedro, only 4?'
  8. My 1st thought too. But what if he doesn't buyTav? Or how about Boaby K comes free just for enquiring.
  9. Either the press knew he was already allocated this match but tried to stir things up, therefore showing they are highly unprofessional. Or they did not know the basic fact that referees are allocated matches beforehand in a rota system, therefore showing that they are highly unprofessional. Which will it be, hacks?
  10. If they can afford to splash that kind of cash, maybe BT could up the wage budget to find a commentator who has a positive interest in our club rather than the pretend one at the moment that was once our captain.
  11. At least he'll see quickly what the SMSM are all about.
  12. Good to see we've finally got him sorted out with a tie.
  13. They would have given it twice if they could find a way.
  14. If we we re given that as a penalty, I'd think we were lucky. When Waghorn was nudged off the ball at the other end, that was probably a stronger claim slightly. If Hill had done that outside the box, it would never be given as a foul (although it often is against us!). Not a strong claim for a penalty but sometimes they're given, especially for the 'always cheated, never defeated' bunch in the east end. Of course, we'll hear about it for a week or two and then before the next time we play them. But not a mention of Waghorn's claim.