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  1. Tommy Wright

    Could work out if he knows how to break down 10 man defences most weeks.
  2. What's their problem?

    Always been impressed by the current board's transparency. They really should have used it as a selling point when attracting support against the previous board.
  3. Ryan Jack Red

    They couldn't admit 3 out of 4. 2 out of 3 was surprise enough.
  4. Derek McInnes

    Wouldn't be surprised.
  5. Derek McInnes

    To answer your last point, it may be that the McInnes asked for X amount of funds for players that we could only provide by passing Res 11 and now we can go ahead. Just a guess...
  6. Kenny

    Hope Derek realises he has to build a team around him and agree with his team selections.
  7. Ryan Jack Red

    Jack played the ball in real time with no chance not to follow through into May. He lifts his foot away from May in a normal reaction time but looks worse as May has gone through him.The slow motion version with no time lapse shown makes it look as if Jack kept his foot in deliberately. Wouldn't be happy if other way round cos he's my player but laws of the game say it's no foul by Jack. If anything it's a foul on Jack with a late tackle by May that looks bad only because he wasn't committed and looks the victim. Still, will be very surprised if rescinded as 3 in a season by the same player? They'll not want to admit that!
  8. Surprise - Uncle Walter (first time, we knew him well by the second time) Disappointment - PLG
  9. Craig shite to release a book

    desperate writing, desperate reading
  10. On fag ash pitches w' spikes underneath. And boots? We had rotten banana skins.
  11. Steve McClaren

    Just no.
  12. Alan Pardew

    SMSM would love winding him up. Shooting fish in a barrel.
  13. Stuart McCall

    Scotsman got it from HITC
  14. An interesting dinner ?

    Turns out they did pay it but they will still be prosecuted to the full, as will anyone sitting near them. Meanwhile the alleged visitors from embra, allegedly wearing green and white un"hooped" clothing (on this occasion), who allegedly dodged their bill at the opposite side of the restaurant are considered merely to have been boisterous. It is believed that they have very little experience of being in the restaurant and this is the first time they have successfully managed to eat a full meal there in around a century.
  15. Pedros Record

    Who signed JJ?