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  1. Bears

    SPFL delegate snubs Gerrard

    The clear evidence is mounting up that there is bias against us. How many bad decisions do we benefit from compared to those we suffer from. And how are both of these perceived by media, authorities, other fans and even other club officials? There is a clear pattern and it's not even close to balanced, never mind in our favour. In the minds of many we deserve this, being big, bad Rainjurs who cheated everyone. To what extent does this view exist in the SFA, SPFL and referees on the park? And to give some benefit of the doubt (for now) do they they even themselves know it?
  2. Bears

    SFA to hold summit over refereeing

    Looking forward to the debunking happening at some point. Calling people paranoid is the total opposite, being merely personal abuse - you know, that thing you just accused everyone else of doing later in your sentence. The definition of paranoid involves, amongst other things, ignoring the evidence before you. You genuinely come across as paranoid that someone might think that you think there is a bias against us. You have been supplied with stats, anecdotal evidence, documentary evidence, etc. but you just come out with 'paranoid!' Decide who you want to be here - if you want to troll and call people daft things like paranoid then don't be surprised when folk reject you. But if you want respect, tell us why we are not suffering from bias. It's seems obvious to most of us that we are as a club, so actually show us how we are wrong rather than claim we're deluded.
  3. Bears

    SFA to hold summit over refereeing

    BP9 - paranoid that people around him are paranoid about bias in a sport
  4. Bears

    SFA to hold summit over refereeing

    By your logic we have the fastest team in the country by a country mile, far faster than the celtc snails!
  5. Bears

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    And in today's postmodern sludge, everyone can claim their own experience is the arbiter of reality. How many good goals have celtc had chalked off this season? And how many us? Never mind any other team! There is such a thing as reality, you know, and shouting 'paranoid' at those in touch with it is just sad. Away back to filling yourself with the good old sun/rhecord narrative, keep ignoring the evidence, and gies peace.
  6. Bears

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    Then you should have tried reading it instead of seeing a few key words and started getting excitable. Regarding the first, the only logical thing then is that you think there is absolutely zero bias - meant or accidental. A laughable position to take and amply destroyed by what was then written later, never mind the views of non-partisan supporters and many incontrovertible facts offered regularly on this forum (reds rescinded, Hibs violence against Tav, Alfie as particularly clear example, the idea that Morelos has been carded far more times than actual). And the third paragraph start is proven by the fact that you will not find any negative story in the press about celtc but daily most papers (and comments online below their 'articles' are filled with the mentioned narrative). You can keep shouting 'paranoid!' but it doesn't make it so. It's so good that you are the exception to the rule at least on here. If our support had many like you, we would likely have folded in 2012.
  7. Bears

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    If you can point out one single piece of paranoia, you know, actual paranoia, not just something you disagree with cos you like to be different...
  8. Bears

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    The reality lies somewhere between the SFA's blatantly incorrect 'of course there's no bias' and BP9's 'youse are all pitchforkers that ur paranoid a' the time' nonsense that is no more than a big flappy strawman. It's clear that the belief in Scotland outside of us (except BP9 if he is one of us(!)) is that we deserve nothing cos we are bad and deserve only to be punished, even though we get away with everything and if refs were any good they'd punish us more. (If BP9 thinks this is a strawman, how come we are bottom of the punishment stats or does he think we are the dirtiest team?) On the pitch that translates to we are a dirty team (the stats and the media tell us this!) and no ref is willing to be seen to give us any quarter never mind balance. If in doubt, it was the Rangers player's fault. Other teams know this and their legs turn to rubber, jellifying before our eyes the moment someone in blue brushes against them (and sometimes not even that). Shinnie and most of that lot last night are prime example of this. No one playing against us ever gets accused of cheating (compare that to celtc opponents) and we probably would have fouled them given the chance anyway. The whole narrative is against us and although we all favour our own teams to some extent, there is a clear bias against Rangers in practically every game simply because no ref wants to be seen as favouring us. Is this a conscious decision? Mostly not. But are they trying to be impartial? Not really. And unless Collum gets panned by the SFA behind the scenes for the Candeias kiss nonsense, every ref in this country has just been given the ok to carry on as before, making sure we are going to be treated with anything that could look even close to impartiality. For BP9 and their ilk, they could be battered around the head with a soggy fish supper and still not notice. There's no helping some folk.
  9. Bears

    Big Jock Knew

    Ambulance Chasers FC, supporting victims the world over. Except their own boys. A club thankfully like no other.
  10. For those lurkers looking for evidence of anti-Catholic, anti-Irish reasons for our negativity towards Neil Lennon, please name any other Catholic Northern Irish that we regard in the same way. Yes, please list them. Or maybe, just maybe it's got something to do with the actions, words and attitude of Lennon that means we really, really don't like him.
  11. Bears

    Formal Complaint from Rangers re Collum

    Waddell blames us for doing something and for not doing something, and also for not doing something when other clubs are wronged. Do they really pay him for that drivel? But I suppose it keeps his green and grey paymasters happy, deflecting away from the real news over the last week.
  12. Bears

    With the hysterics

    So what?
  13. Spiers needs to realise that overall we are celebrating the fact that the common-knowledge abuse of children at celtic for decades ('open secret') is finally being dealt with by the legal system and eventually the media. While we have known for years about this, the authorities and press (still) have failed to deal with it properly. We are celebrating that justice is finally being done and if he wants to call that 'point-scoring' then he needs to step back and re-assess his understanding of humanity and how little of it he has. If we were actually trying to point score then we'd be marching on Hampden, flooding phone-ins and comments boxes and starting up dedicated blogs, never mind taking out full page ads in the foreign press! So he hasn't noticed that the very ones screaming for our destruction for financial issues have been covering up something so horrific and thus we are happy that the focus of punishment is no longer on us. If Spiers did justice then he would be embarrassed to try to have a go at us at the moment.