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  1. He was asked. Would you prefer he lied about it?
  2. Need broad shoulders for a name like that.
  3. Looking forward to broony trying to give Bruno the empty-heid stare.
  4. How to side-swerve folk who are showing you are wrong. By The Dude You could write an article on this...
  5. Sometimes it's better to have the thought then say/write nothing. Twitter-tourettes isn't a good thing.
  6. No, I didn't. No one else is coming out with what you're saying. What you're going on about goes far deeper. Even to the point where you attack something good for the fans, the club and a charity. Again, what is your point?
  7. It's called making a point. What's yours?
  8. hit mute before you click play
  9. Bet he even knows your name and where you live!
  10. it's a matter of many degrees difference and you are far closer to their level, it seems
  11. BP9, There is one group of football fans that are obsessed with a club that is not their own. They are constantly, talking, thinking, writing about it. When they break into our focus upon our own club and team, we pay a little attention to what they are garbling on about. We pay very little, even practically no attention to their club and team. When any attention is paid by us to what they are muttering and shrieking about, whether about us or them, they all scream 'youse ur obsessed wae us!!!' So, are you a celtc fan?
  12. He'll enjoy 55 then. Never be able to look a bottle of Britvic in the face again!
  13. must be. Bruno wouldn't let that happen
  14. Could do with an Oxford comma.