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  1. Will pete be summing up the case for the spfl again?
  2. The moment Jack joined us he became a target for refs. With us, Ferguson reds would be on refs' performance targets.
  3. If there was nothing to hide, they'd open their doors and prove it. But they're doing everything they can to avoid it.
  4. Yesterday, an open letter instructing clubs to reject calls for expensive investigations (but not called an investigation) into those behind sending the letter. Today, media puppets given story instructing clubs to send in proxies to kill off egm before it takes place, and also prepping enough people about the story so no one is surprised about it. So a rigged vote to deny an investigation into a rigged vote, then. So our hope is that with the precedent of changing votes, we have enough evidence to blast through the media-induced stupor and the general acceptance that corruption is acceptable in Scotland and enough voices are heard in the media against this cabal that clubs change their proxies and demand truth and clarity to rip out this den of thieves.
  5. Whatever happened with the email, Dundee voted. Whether they lost it on purpose or by accident, the vote was cast. There can be no second voting after an agreed deadline, no matter the excuse. Whether the email was lost through amateurish admin (who doesn't check their spambox if an expected email doesn't appear?) or through corrupt officials, the original vote must count. Otherwise it's voting fraud with huge financial implications. Surely, there is cause for taking this to UEFA or the courts.
  6. So they did receive the email before their made-up deadline, it was in their spam folder. So Dundee did cast their vote, it's just some lackey didn't do the obvious and check the spam folder. Then after the deadline Dundee were allowed to withdraw their vote, knowing how others had voted, and basically seek payment from the highest bidder as to how they would vote after the deadline that was now announced as made-up. And their own independent enquiry is ok with this? Sporting integrity, eh!
  7. There were a couple of articles that appeared on Newsnow with a club spokesman statement but that story died a death. Just found them again https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/18199454.Rangers-hit-disgusting-comments-scottish-referee-mocked-defoe-injury/ https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/news/scottish-news/Rangers-brand-referee-disgusting-after-21395219 Club told to stop complaining? Media told to kill the story? Maybe the thumb was getting a bit upset by the big bad Gers and everyone agreed to keep it quiet to help him out.
  8. Most Tav-like out of all the options so best to play him v St Mirren surely, came through last night very well for a young guy in his competitive debut for us.
  9. Wonder what they'd have been like in the winter break if we hadn't just played them and beaten them but were still neck and neck with them. Would they come up with even more weird fantasy stuff or delve into their archives of paranoia? Sutton could go on about Dunfermline again to warn other teams not to let us win in May. Lennon could practise coin diving again. The howling of Sevcoooooooooooooooooo would be heard across the city. Newspapers across Europe would sell plenty of ad space. Maybe it's better for all that their mental torture has a focus by having an Old Firm game just before the break, regardless of how utterly one-sided the refereeing was in the game. May (and June and July) will be interesting!
  10. Davie Cooper because he was Davie Cooper.
  11. Wonder if Kent could have a try. Has the confidence certainly in the big games. Wouldn't be surprised if we've tried him taking them in training. Certainly improved his ability in front of goal recently.
  12. Rangers is closest to our heads and our hearts. Why let geography get in the way, tam?! Who's closest to your head and heart, tam?
  13. It's good to have someone in the media that's for us. In fact, it's good to have someone who's not pro that lot.
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