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  1. Rangers is closest to our heads and our hearts. Why let geography get in the way, tam?! Who's closest to your head and heart, tam?
  2. It's good to have someone in the media that's for us. In fact, it's good to have someone who's not pro that lot.
  3. Dallas saw it clearly, knew he would be giving us another penalty after the 4 in 1 match last season (with the over-reaction from all who hates us), knew he would have to send off Murray who he let off with stuff already, and decided it would be easier to do nothing. If I don't blow for it, he decided, I won't get loads of grief - no big hoohah in the press (surprised Sutton noticed it and commented on it!) and only a few gripes online will follow from us. All forgotten easily. The reality is the green/grey bunch scream blue murder at any perceived slight, they have their pet journos and media types, and their board and employees make sure the pressure is on officials. We don't. The result is that they are always the least punished even though they are a dirty bunch with diving and snide tricks while we, who genuinely try to play football, are amongst the most punished. Do we become more like them? Never. So do we just put up with it? Until it costs us a cup or a league in the final game? And no one ion the media will stand up for us? Naive. The board need to stop bridge-building and start standing up for the club, the players and the support.
  4. Straight choice, Morelos or Edouard to play for us domestically and in Europe this season, it's el Bufalo, no question. It's not just the goals and assists, it's the whole package of putting defenders out their stride.
  5. They want us to sound as deluded as them. We don't so they make it up and pass it off as news. Seriously, who was it written for and why?
  6. Hey John James, you award winning journalist! How do you spell 'company'? Ummm, lemme fink ... it's C - L - U - B
  7. Eh, no your first response did not answer if the matter was ever discussed beforehand, which I then asked. Much simpler if you'd just answered it then and saved us all time, instead of calling me all sorts and twisting what I was saying repeatedly because I asked the question.
  8. Not me. I've even checked by history in case I had a senior moment. I can't find me ever writing about this in your podcast threads. If you know better then let me know the date.
  9. Wrong person, matey. There you go conflating again. And no, I don't study what you wrote in all your threads. Sorry to disappoint.
  10. You clearly have no idea what I have been saying, do you? You've spent most of your time accusing me of being an idiot that what I have written has changed to your version of it. And now you're claiming to know what I would do. All I wanted to know initially was if the topic would ever come up (or was it banned oin the podcast) or had you asked their views before committing yourself to doing the podcast. Cue all sorts of crap from several folk.
  11. Complaining? I asked him clearly and finally after much throwing it back at me (including what your doing, he's now clearly said he has no interest. Fine. What's your problem? You know this is a forum, right?
  12. Neither do I. And I have never said I would. If you clearly read (instead of twisting for your benefit) what I wrote, I said I would at least want to know the views on this very important subject if I was associating with them publicly and professionally on matters of celtic football club. The fact that you don't says more about you than me, even if you have since then tried to make it all about me. Are you going to answer that point or just keep avoiding it?
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