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  1. Open Goal - Kris Boyd interview

    monster munch protein shakes
  2. Wes and his 100th game for Rangers Yesterday

    Clearly living the dream he didn't know he had til he got here.
  3. Transfer Window

    Given the choice of going back to the pre-window squad and keeping today's squad, I think I'm quite happy with what we've got. Two or three more would have been great though. But we're still to see the best of several new guys so hopefully they'll click soon.
  4. UFC Elbow on Miller

    Only for a key player in the last two minutes in a game that's already won when that means he'll be suspended for a game against the green-n-greys.
  5. Just poor refereeing.........

    All refs are fully aware that any decision against them that has a hint of a question about it will give them huge amounts of problems in the press, with the crowd, in social media and even in their personal lives. They might even have to apologise personally to certain people in power at a certain club. This goes for any decision for us that is not completely stonewall and also can only be given once in a match as any more will be considered as favouring us. All refs are also fully aware that we will complain a bit about decisions going against us, even really bad ones. We might even boo a bit at the end of the half as the ref walks off. There will be a bit of complaining on our forums and a little on social media and that's it. Certain refs, such as Beaton are originally and maybe still fans of our club and know that any favour shown to us will lead to huge amounts of crowd and media problems. So we either let this continue as some choose by ignoring the problem, or we go tonto every time we reckon something is not in our favour which works for another, nearby club, or we address the issue properly by politely and maturely requesting that the SFA/SPFL look at decisions made in recent times and after each match (or during if we get video technology) and asking that any trend by any ref is dealt with properly and professionally. And if this does not work then we take it to UEFA. Until the club stands up to this, and maybe this will be only through fan pressure (the right way). I used to agree with the 'we don't complain' ethos but we have been abused so heavily by the authorities in recent years (partly because of this) that there is nothing even close to a level playing field in Scottish football now. We are now not perceived as strong enough to not speak up but that we're so weak that we can't speak up. It's time we spoke up the right way.
  6. Wee morelos

    Keep him away from squash courts.
  7. He was asked. Would you prefer he lied about it?
  8. Charbonnier - Video

    Need broad shoulders for a name like that.
  9. Kevin Thomson class interview

    Looking forward to broony trying to give Bruno the empty-heid stare.
  10. The Dude on twitter

    How to side-swerve folk who are showing you are wrong. By The Dude You could write an article on this...
  11. The Dude on twitter

    Sometimes it's better to have the thought then say/write nothing. Twitter-tourettes isn't a good thing.
  12. The Dude on twitter

    No, I didn't. No one else is coming out with what you're saying. What you're going on about goes far deeper. Even to the point where you attack something good for the fans, the club and a charity. Again, what is your point?
  13. The Dude on twitter

    It's called making a point. What's yours?
  14. Post match reaction

    hit mute before you click play