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  1. Mo Edu

    A waste of a perfectly good EBT.
  2. What is the minimum

    Well ideally we'd need to win the league otherwise how could we realistically expect to win the champions league the year after?
  3. Lennon is a prick 3 points.

    It's none of Lennon's business anyway.
  4. We're always going to have to have an eye on the academy from now on regardless of how many players we sign. We're ultimately going to be a selling club and developing our own talent to sell on to clubs in a bigger and better league is going to be a big part of our strategy going forward. I don't think it means that Pedro is not getting money to spend, or is not going to bring a good few players in to improve the squad to challenge for the title. It's just realism. We can't just think in the short term imo, it's the same thing we've always done.
  5. The rhodent rhag that is the rebel

    You're not allowed to draw parallels between incidents, apparently it's point-scoring...
  6. Defence is still a bombscare.
  7. My only worry about this season is what the fuck do we do if Waghorn gets injured?
  8. ***The Official Rangers vs Dumbarton Match Thread***

    Mohsni needs dropped, he's gone of the boil recently, going to cost us points at some point.
  9. The bastards have built a bloody fence which means the hole in the bushes I found over the summer to sneak in to the ground has been boarded up. So there goes my free ticket!
  10. The pitch is absolutely brilliant. You could play snooker on it. Our reserve lads played the ball on the deck last night, no excuse for our first team not to do the same.
  11. Unpopular Thoughts/opinions About The Rangers

    I was born there The NI link is still strong, I can think of (off the top of my head) at least 8 Rangers supporters clubs in Belfast alone. It's difficult to judge anyway, as with the amount of people who support Rangers and an EPL club at the same time, if you see someone in a Chelsea/Liverpool/Man Utd top then they could still support Rangers as well to some degree. I'm sure Ibrox would easily be in the top 10 most visited football grounds for fans from NI. You mean when a player who is seen to know what it means to play for the club is signed instead of players who aren't rangers fans of greater ability out there? I agree with that last point. I think we pick on the Scottish lads the most. Though I dont think Lafferty has gotten off lightly with us over the years, unless you think he deserves more criticism than he's getting!
  12. Unpopular Thoughts/opinions About The Rangers

    Have you been to Ni yourself at any point to gauge it for yourself? And how the hell can you speak for Healy/Lafferty? Do you know them personally and know that they didn't grow up Rangers fans? Is Amac lying when he says he knows Healy's family personally and their all massive Rangers fans, Healy's dad even running the local Rangers club?
  13. Wesley Verhoek

    Celtic have been installed as favourites at the start of each of the last 3 seasons, and look how they turned out
  14. Roland Juhasz

    Well why not? We've spent the last 3 years complaining about our small squad size. What the hell would be wrong with having some options at the back for a change. Weir isn't getting any younger, and Boughie will be off to the African Nations cup in january, then there's injuries to contend with. I would hate to be stuck having to play Broadfoot, McCulloch or Papac at centre back.
  15. Roland Juhasz

    Exactly. If we bring Cuellar in, then I'd say we still needed one more central defender. Cuellar and Juhasz added to what we already have would be ideal.