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  1. Mo Edu

    A waste of a perfectly good EBT.
  2. What is the minimum

    Well ideally we'd need to win the league otherwise how could we realistically expect to win the champions league the year after?
  3. Lennon is a prick 3 points.

    It's none of Lennon's business anyway.
  4. We're always going to have to have an eye on the academy from now on regardless of how many players we sign. We're ultimately going to be a selling club and developing our own talent to sell on to clubs in a bigger and better league is going to be a big part of our strategy going forward. I don't think it means that Pedro is not getting money to spend, or is not going to bring a good few players in to improve the squad to challenge for the title. It's just realism. We can't just think in the short term imo, it's the same thing we've always done.
  5. The rhodent rhag that is the rebel

    You're not allowed to draw parallels between incidents, apparently it's point-scoring...
  6. Derek Ferguson's Old Firm Player Ratings

    Foderingham - 8 Hodson - 7 Hill - 8 Wilson - 6 Wallace - 6 Tavernier - 6 Holt - 5 Hyndman - 6 McKay - 4 Waghorn - 6 Miller - 7
  7. An almost brilliant performance

    It was a good performance, almost spoiled. We were much more direct and the interchanging between the front three was good. Emerson Hyndman was great. Our final ball and finishing let us down as per. Yet had we a defence we could rely on we would've won that comfortably. Even at 2-0 the game never felt safe due to our defence and sure enough they almost ruined it, though Toral is to blame at their first goal. We do deserve credit for pushing for a winner after Saints equalised, obviously it was exciting and a great way to win a game. I'd say this type of performance, doing basics, scoring two or three goals minus stupid defensive errors, should be default and the least we expect from a Rangers team. That's the level we need to be at every week at least. In fairness to the OP, it's a sign of how our season has gone that he felt last night was "almost brilliant." Last night was a nice moment for Murty, but hopefully that is the last game he is in charge for.
  8. bill leckie - condescending prick

    I thought that as well. Damned for turning up, damned if we don't.
  9. Players you forgot played for us

    You mean the midfielders he couldn't get in the team ahead of last season?
  10. Players you forgot played for us

    Not so much forgot him, but I was shocked that Billy Dodds was with us until 2003. Thought he'd left us years before that. Mind you, you'd never think he'd played for us if you listen to him now.
  11. Andy Little on Clyde last night

    Agree with this. He was a decent finisher in the lower leagues but he had no all round game at all. His NI caps were based on the fact that he played for us and had potential. Fact he hasn't had a cap since 2013 speaks volumes. He's an Irish league standard player, he should get on the blower to David Healy and see if Linfield will take him.
  12. Kenny Miller - Hall Of Fame?

    I'd probably say no, but I'm sure he'll get in at some point. As for Weir, he's probably the only player of the last ten years I'd have no bother with including in the HOF. He captained us to three league titles. Guys a legend imo. Easily Smith's most important signing of his second spell.
  13. Name an obscure ex-player

    Gael Bigirimana
  14. Defence is still a bombscare.
  15. My only worry about this season is what the fuck do we do if Waghorn gets injured?