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  1. IF he wants equality in football then 14% of population are non white (so not just BAME) so 15 managers should be non-white. BUT we should have equality for ALL so lets even up the EPL to be 86% white players and fire the black players, there are huge amounts of non-white in EPL and the England national team. Or invest money in understanding why there is less than 86% white. Equality should be for all! it is a great thing there are huge amount of BAME playing in the EPL, because it should be about being the best nit skin colour...same as management! Ironically people like Heskey make it worse for themesleves and the BAME community as a whole. https://www.ethnicity-facts-figures.service.gov.uk/uk-population-by-ethnicity/national-and-regional-populations/population-of-england-and-wales/latest
  2. Impressed by the Scottish accents those Hammarby fans put on in the video.
  3. Brilliant, Some funny responses and criticism! No nicked phone or pat on the back, I can take it .Was honestly expecting some people relating how Gerrard has helped our club. Obviously the wrong place for it 😬
  4. I wrote this blog on how Gerrard has helped me as a boss, Anyone else had the same inspiration from the way Gerrard has improved us? https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-steven-gerrard-makes-me-better-entrepreneur-alan-wilson/?published=t As a life-long Rangers fan and season ticket holder, I always love to watch the famous win, but just as importantly I love to see the players play with passion and really put their hearts into the game. Since our financial issues (and the succession of managers that followed), the Ibrox faithful have finally found the man to make this happen: welcome Steven Gerrard. At the same age, and as a first-time CEO, learning business skills from a first-time football manager is not something I expected. However, Gerrard’s transformation of the back-end of Ranges (which has drastically improved what’s happening on the pitch) has got me thinking. From changing the training ground menu from one to avoid to one offering “the best food in Glasgow” (apart from my Aunty Barbara’s of course) to moving the manager’s office from the tunnel through-fair to a private and respected place for discussion at the back - Gerrard has made Milngavie the place to be even on the players’ days off. At Expandly, I emulated this by moving to brand new offices that give the team excellent facilities (great showers), downtime (a funky cafe), playtime (a foosball table with a blue pitch of course) and great food and drink options (ok, maybe the bacon rolls and beer fridges are on a different nutritional scale but damn they taste good). A rookie manager, a squad transformation and 14 new players was surely a recipe for disaster for anyone outside of Football Manager, but that wasn’t the case for Gerrard. Instead, he brought in players with hunger, who knew that if they weren’t up to scratch, they weren’t making the cut (look at Sadiq for example). The January transfer window was an exceptional balance of expertise (Defoe and David) and new prospects (Kamara and Jones). Likewise, at Expandly we have our very own Alfredo in sales, alongside an experienced Defoe as sales director. Our solid midfield development department works well with our outstanding support team in defence. We also have our very own McGregor as CFO, although while he commands the team brilliantly, I don’t think he lives up to the “shagger” nickname. Above all else, Gerrard has created a winning mentality that we lost long ago. Every time I watch my team now, I can see players off the ball working hard, teammates working together and a squad fighting for the jersey they are so privileged to wear. I think about this when I inspire my team to make Expandly the most successful company in e-commerce - just like Rangers are the most successful team in football. Thank you, Steven Gerrard - Let’s Go Edited to add: I wrote this article following Rangers' 1-0 victory against C*ltic at the tail end of last year. Since then, performance hasn't been as great, and although I will hold hope until mathematically not possible, it's probable that we will lose the league. Gerrard has made some mistakes for sure, but he is learning from them, and he has brought us back challenging and playing good football. If we do lose, I know that Gerrard will dust off the disappointment, learn and move forward to the next season - just as in business; if it doesn't go to plan, you dust yourself off, learn, move forward and make it happen.
  5. Never understood why insulting the colour of someone's skin or religion is deemed more offensive than personally insulting someone's family. Imagine the uproar if it was: Morelos you're a Bl*ck B*****d or Morelos you're an Orange B*****D
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