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  1. I expect him to be starting on the bench most of the season.
  2. insider

    Hummel gear RFC crest

    That Hummel crest looks like that drawing thing they had in the war with the guy looking over the wall and saying " wot no bananas". Mr Chad.
  3. insider

    players to spain

    I've taken my children to the swimming pool in the past and sometimes they put on their swimming costumes before we leave the house as 1- their mother is certain they haven't forgotten it 2 -they are excited to go and it takes less time at the pool. So maybe Josh was just making certain be had the pillow and ticket with him.
  4. insider

    Hummel gear RFC crest

  5. insider

    JD Sports to become official retail partner

    I would like to know what percentage of money for each sale goes directly to the club.? It is my understanding that most retailers take at least 50% of the sale. Manufacturer 30-35%? Which leaves about 15-20%? So I spend a hundred quid, the club gets twenty quid?
  6. insider

    Russell Martin

    I always thought that the director of football found the players and gave them to the manager to work with. The reason being that each manager usually has a philosophy they follow and back to back managers rarely have the same philosophy. I thought the director of football decided these things so when managers inevitably changed the football style didn't which meant we wouldn't need a player clear out every two or three years. A person who is in charge of the scouting is a head scout which is an important job but far less than a director of football. Anyway Russell Martin " big rusty" whatever you call him is utter garbage. I thought he'd be ok, but I'm not paid for my opinion.
  7. insider

    Tavernier's 'mutilated' dug

    He's our captain. I'd rather he wasn't a dog breeder, particularly that style of dogs.
  8. insider


    I've ordered one of every colour and every size.. Can't see me ever wearing them though.
  9. insider


    Cummings can be bought for around 600k. We turned down nearly twenty times that for Morelos. Nuff said
  10. insider


    I'm presuming this company are giving us money?? What an effing embarrassment!! Who will sponsor us next?? The nearest taxi firm ? Naveeds corner shop? We could all do with a bit extra cash but come on to eff!!
  11. insider

    Permanent Deal for Murphy

    Sorry but he's not good enough..
  12. insider


    I thought Cummings would be a lot better than he has shown. I'm totally not convinced by him at all. He has more confidence than talent. He's probably worth about 600K and I don't ever see him being worth much more . I think we should be looking for better.
  13. insider

    Return of the McKay?

  14. insider

    Jamie Murphy

    He looks weak of mind and body.
  15. insider

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Am right up for next season to start right now..