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  1. Leave the guy alone. His political beliefs are his own affair and nothing to do with us.
  2. He's an idiot... There is no chance we will get anywhere near 20 million for him. No Chance at all..
  3. I'm buzzing for this... And surprisingly confident for me.
  4. Effing disgraceful display against ten man Dundee... Dundee...
  5. I managed to see the first half and it was not very good. We need a couple of quality players.
  6. I think we will beat this mob fairly easily, 4 or 5 nil is my prediction..
  7. Not keen on him being one of us tbh. But I want some success and if he helps bring us that I will manage to put his past out of my thoughts.
  8. insider


    Cummings can be bought for around 600k. We turned down nearly twenty times that for Morelos. Nuff said
  9. insider


    I thought Cummings would be a lot better than he has shown. I'm totally not convinced by him at all. He has more confidence than talent. He's probably worth about 600K and I don't ever see him being worth much more . I think we should be looking for better.
  10. Am right up for next season to start right now..
  11. insider


    Couldn't care less about the brand, could be Harris Tweed for all I care .The details of the deal are all that's important. The board would have made the best deal possible. The benefits of a Nike or Adidas is that they have stores worldwide with dedicated football sections in each of them and I'm not sure exactly where and how Hummel market their kit. Ok maybe Harris Tweed is a step too far..
  12. The board are looking for straws to grasp. If FDB does not take over this week I do not think he will take over at all. Any new manager worth his salt would like the chance of five end of season games to assess his squad .
  13. Ok fair point. But in the boards opinion he was the best.
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