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  1. insider

    Step back....take a deep breath.....

    A one nil loss after what we've been through for years and what happened recently is not the end of the world.. I am very optimistic that our day will come and its not far away now..
  2. insider

    The Red Card

    Never a red card offence. It's only a wee flick out ffs..
  3. insider


    Shocking and disgracefully bias analysis by a trio of bias pundits on BBC.. surprise.....
  4. insider

    Possible end to the strip saga?

    So to claw back the 500k . My maths are. 50 quid a top. We get 10% of that which is 5 quid. So that's one hundred thousand strips need to be sold to cover the 500k.. If you want to factor in the three million quid that Dave King already paid to Mike ashley that's another six hundred thousand strips need to be sold to break even. And we wonder why we're not doing well off the field.. Who actually pays for these deals?
  5. insider

    Tonight's performance

    One nil win away in Europe.... Fantastic.... We have the makings of a very good team. well done Stevie G..
  6. insider

    Ex-manager talks about Sadiq

    My optimism is slowly being eroded..
  7. insider

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    I managed to see the first half and it was not very good. We need a couple of quality players.
  8. insider

    *****Official Rangers vs Shkupi match thread*****

    I think we will beat this mob fairly easily, 4 or 5 nil is my prediction..
  9. insider

    “Vile fan” spits on Rangers shirt.

    Disgusting but I'm not surprised..
  10. insider

    Rumour that McGregor will be captain (FF)

    I thought it was unforgivable the way AM and the rest deserted us in our time of need. There is no way now that we are getting back on our feet can I welcome him back to the club with open arms, say all is forgiven, now be our captain.
  11. insider

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    Not keen on him being one of us tbh. But I want some success and if he helps bring us that I will manage to put his past out of my thoughts.
  12. I expect him to be starting on the bench most of the season.
  13. insider

    Hummel gear RFC crest

    That Hummel crest looks like that drawing thing they had in the war with the guy looking over the wall and saying " wot no bananas". Mr Chad.
  14. insider

    players to spain

    I've taken my children to the swimming pool in the past and sometimes they put on their swimming costumes before we leave the house as 1- their mother is certain they haven't forgotten it 2 -they are excited to go and it takes less time at the pool. So maybe Josh was just making certain be had the pillow and ticket with him.
  15. insider

    Hummel gear RFC crest