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  1. Cricket score please. Think this might finally be the day we give a team a proper drubbing, pitch is looking magnificent.
  2. I've got a fear that Ally will rest Clark and just leave Boyd up front on his own, maybe starting Shiels in the hole or putting Black back as a holding midfielder with Jig taking his place in central midfield. I hope I'm wrong though! Would prefer exact same team as tonight.
  3. The team I want to see ; Bell Foster McGregor Zaliukas Wallace Gallagher Law Macleod Templeton Miller Boyd The team I think Ally will go with ; Bell Foster McGregor Zaliukas Wallace Black Aird Law McCulloch Macleod Miller Either way, call me crazy after that pre-season but I have a good feeling about this. 4-0 Rangers, similar feel to the Dunfermline cup game at Ibrox at the start of the year. Sunday, however, could be a different matter altogether ....
  4. What is this article even based on? No quotes, just a few throwaway lines from Flexk about how good Boyd is. I don't know who wrote it but it comes across very negative ; "Snub the chance" "McCoist isn't interested in bringing the man who hit 22 goals for Kilmarnock last term on board" "Yet it looks as though the man who watched the goal machine break all kinds of records isn't interested in bringing him back to the club"
  5. I'm not going to lie, this is a sore one to take. I've no doubt he'll probably do very well at Dundee United.
  6. Was the last game at Brechin not the one with 12 cards or something mental like that? I remember it was the first proper feeling of relief all season winning that, felt like a proper victory for once. Should hopefully be a good game!
  7. Take Aird out and put Shiels in his place, remove Hutton from the midfield and put Clark up top to partner Daly and that would have been ideal team.
  8. Bell Foster Mohsni McCulloch Wallace Aird Black Law Shiels Clark Daly Should be job done fairly easily with that team.
  9. I think the teams not too bad, should hopefully seal the win. I know Ally should give the youth a chance but whilst the unbeaten run is still on, I'd be happy to see more or less a first team every week.
  10. Remember bears this ones an early kick off tomorrow, 12.45
  11. On to the next one - the big question of course is who do we start? Do we continue to play the winning team of regulars and aim for an undefeated season / 100 points? Or do we start to mix the youth in? For the remainder of the season I'd like to see us gradually test out some of the younger boys but keep a good core team for as long as we avoid a loss. As for Saturday though it might be best to rest a few ahead of Monday, and bring them from the bench if required. A possible team could be ; Simonsen Foster Mohsni Cribari Smith Peralta Law Crawford Shiels Clark McCulloch Bench : Bell, Faure, Wallace, Black, Aird, Daly Either, way it will be good to have Dunfermline give us a guard of honour haha!
  12. Doesn't look a great 11 tbh but restricts the chance of Stranraer managing to score, like the fact Law's been pushed up a bit. Optimistically hoping for a 2-0 win with Law and Daly getting 1 each.
  13. Foster, Peralta & Smith in / Faure, Templeton & Little out
  14. Would have to agree regarding Little, he's had enough time at this club and not really shown a great deal bar his goals in the early part of last season, I think he's actually got progressively worse. Seems a nice guy but not the kind of player I'd like to see starting for us in the top flight.
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