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  1. Couldn’t agree more took my son four at the time to the UEFA cup qualifier last year...He was dumbstruck 50k inside Ibrox & then took him to a dozen games at home following that even though results were mixed he loved it. We’ve watched OF games on tv & although results were poor he’s got the bug & season tickets are purchased for this season....roll on the good times!
  2. First season tickets bought (CD1) since moving back from London & first for my 5 year old who went mental when I came in & told him just now! He’s buzzing
  3. anybody spoken to ticket office about when additional season boooks are going to be available in light of last nights announcement? Me & my five year old are on the waiting list & tried calling TO this am but been cut off every time I call!
  4. Just on the the news 55 clubs in England have opened investigations into historic abuse claims....over to you lawwell..."nothing to see here"...sweep sweep. Surely the Sfa need to step in?
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