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  1. Berwick last night

  2. Is It True?

    Tbh couldnt really care but on the other hand I would like to hear of him failing there probably says more about me than that greedy fucker right enough
  3. Saturdays Display

    Class as always. Well done to all who took the time to help.
  4. Great Free Kick by Lafferty

    He would love to come back to us but not for me fuck the cunt. Good goal right enough
  5. Derek McInnes

    I genuinly believe with a bigger budget he will compete with the mankies. Europe right now for me is a far sight tbh winning the league is everything just now.
  6. 3 in a row

    Its getting to the point where loses like these are becoming common and that is making me feel fucking sick. I agree in the other thread that Mcinnes would steady our ship and push us forward but the board will not act on this defeat. They will hope Pedro wins on wednesday and all is forgotten.
  7. Morales Cardosa

    The one that gets me is Peña. Now as I understand its pronounced "Penya" but everycunt and there dug are saying Pena so what is it
  8. Lost ticket

    Hence the face
  9. Lost ticket

    Doubt it mate but best thing is too phone and explain. A think they might be on general sale.........or he can buy mine for 60quid
  10. Just listening to..

  11. Morning routine for the game and predictions

    Coffee first thing in my Rangers mug, fry up aswell and then head in for 11 to get a bit of atmosphere. Pub bound after to either celebrate our 2-1 win or drown some sorrows
  12. Pedro was in hospital yesterday

    Standing on the shoulders of giants(pedro) Al get my coat
  13. Doncaster in Trouble

    If only mate. These cunts will forever try to grind us down but we will always be here for the fight.
  14. Questionable to say the least I'd say

    This is unreal and laughable. Really hope to fuck people outside our support see it for what it is.
  15. Friendly Fire

    Fucking mind boggling that tackle