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  1. Definately aint random , But regardless of what these corrupt cunts throw our way we need to go for it. No one is doing us any favours thats for sure.
  2. Am I the only one who voted Mcgregor aye 😄. Aribo for young player. Would have gave it to Hagi but he wasnt here long enough.
  3. Keep the way it is now. Fuck letting them back in numbers.
  4. Theres no right or wrong way everyone will be effected differently. Although for me personally I would have been happy with whats been said of a £50 discount off the renewal. That at least looks fair and kind of meets you half way. I have already said in a poll previously I never wanted money refunded, but the £25 limited use voucher is pretty shite.
  5. Good on ye mate. I dont really have social media but will send some texts about to spread the word. All the best.
  6. Personally no I wouldnt take a refund. I do however think the club may do something with renewals maybe not cheaper but they may give money off home strip etc as a thank you.
  7. Bumped into Waghorn last year in Florida, stood and chatted for 10mins while both our families went on the toy story spinning ride. Obviously spinning rides arent for us 😅.
  8. To Absent Bears. RIP
  9. The mirror is running with a story about Morelos doing the "throat slit" gesture 😂😂😂. Honestly these cunts are wild.
  10. Merry Christmas bears. And a happy New Year when it comes.
  11. Rest in peace Fernando, You fought to the end like a warrior. 😔
  12. Aye the boy walking out the airport behind them.
  13. Fuck they cunts. Tactics where fucked the day but we still have a long season ahead alot more twists and turns to come.
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