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  1. fucking easy. Fuck the cunts who cares
  2. Definately no the worst. Could be more composed but overall ok.
  3. Fuck that lanky streak of piss. Close to the worst footballer I have ever seen.
  4. Mate forget doing it online anyway, the free shitey A4 poster is all we have to show for our renewals
  5. Hahaha I was waiting for it. I fucking wish Just put the money by monthly before it comes round.
  6. I think I only got one email right enough, not sure if it is because it was paid in full last year.
  7. Aye shite week to be sending them 🤨But I think its more about if you would prefer an online renewal form rather than paper though. Well at least thats what mine says🤷‍♂️
  8. We should have buried they junkies the night only ourselves to blame.
  9. Absolutely heartbreaking, and to think he still has a joke and a laugh. What a man he is. No Surrender Fernando
  10. Gerrard will bring us 55 no doubt. May not be this year but he will do it
  11. Likewise here still buzzing. And we absolutely battered them
  12. What a fucking day bears. They absolutly shat it. We all made the difference the day atmosphere second to none.
  13. Good wee video that. Stickers everywhere .
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