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  1. Donation sent to the bank account. Amazing work done 2017/18 and I’m sure 2018/19 will be as good if not better.
  2. First game was on 26/12/1959; a birthday and Christmas present rolled into one. I was 8 and it’s still the best birthday and Christmas present I’ve ever had.
  3. One of a kind was Johnny Hubbard, MBE. A wonderful man who gave so much of his time for the benefit of others, particularly young children. RIP, Sir.
  4. Fantastic gesture by the Rangers Charity Foundation. Best wishes to the happy couple.
  5. 1965. That was for a pint of Light ale. Not the best of beers but I was only starting out and hadn’t acquired a taste for quality. Too many years on the Lanliq and Eldorado before that.
  6. Hope there’s a prize and it’s a few pints at 11d.
  7. My first pint cost 11d (pre-decimalisation). There were no pubs in The Drum at the time and I had to travel to Clydebank. Would go out on a Friday night with a ten bob note and some change, have a great night out and still have money left for the chippy on the way home. Life was much simpler back then.
  8. Why doesn’t the Daily Rebel just change it’s title to Ra Sellik View?
  9. Rod Stewart pleading “Love me, love me” by announcing on stage he’s making a £10k donation to an award winner. No doubt many of the other celebrities would be making generous donations to various charities but didn’t need to make a public announcement about it. Taig like behaviour from Sir Rod.
  10. Did the mhutant wear a Poppy when he was at Liverpool? Pretty sure he would have. He’s a disgrace, his team is a disgrace, his club is a disgrace and their fans are a disgrace.
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