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  1. could not have put that better myself beaton tried his best to get them through and they still fucked it up
  2. do you have to win something to be a success strange logic after all he is only one of 11 players in the team
  3. thank you kind lady yes i have some great stories to tell seen some great gers teams over the years
  4. sorry i did not realise my caps lock was on i made a mess of it not the best on the p.c believe it or not i dont drink forgive me i am 76 lol
  5. THEY HAVE JUST ANNOUNCEd lennon haS the job
  6. HOPE you are right but very much doubt it the hearts team i have seen recently are rubbish
  7. NAME ME the scottish Rangers players he can pick jack ?
  8. from what i have seen of dundee utd i think either of the premier teams will beat them
  9. fuck off you arsehole because you have a lot of posts does not mean you talk any sense in them
  10. if you read my post properly i said since mo was out and we changed formation we have been a better team but maybe that does not suit what you want
  11. the last 6 results have proved that
  12. on top of that they will have around 10-12 players to replace with loans out of contract etc they have a bigger job to do than us
  13. not only that but the players appear to be more relaxed rather than worrying about when alfredo is going to get into bother our 3 midfield players link up very well and pass very well instead of a long ball up front
  14. just read this post and your others on here you talk a lot of shit are you a gers fan or just a imposter
  15. I THINK AFTER TODAY they will be thinking about a new manager and not lennon a bit like when we beat them in 2016 and they got rodgers dont be surprised if moyes is on their list like you i am praying they keep lennon
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