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  1. that was 1 game against european opponents not sure he has the strength to fight against the spfl hammer throwers
  2. you surely dont believe anything that shit writes
  3. coming up to 78 with around a 65 yr history
  4. the jambos are not championship the league has not been called yet they are still a premier league team ict was the championship vote
  5. sorry i am not trying to be smart but how do we walk away from the sky deal these deals are made on behalf of the member clubs i dont understand how we can walk away dont get me wrong i am not against it just cannot see how we do that
  6. i understand that. it has been a big part of my life for 60 odd years but we have to draw the line somewhere i think the club has to take the lead here either do as you say or refuse any tickets as i have said before the guys who like their day out in the bus and a piss up can go to the away town and watch the game in the local rsc fuck giving any of these cunts money
  7. anyone reading that who goes to these away grounds and give these cunts money should be ashamed of themselves
  8. you were a bit silly quoting the american system all clubs in america are owned by billionaires and it is a plaything for them british football has always been based on promotion and relagation ok the bigger clubs with the money usually win but the system gives every club the chance to dream that does not happen in the usa
  9. the situation with brechin is a disgrace if you take kelty hearts i know for a fact the owner has pumped lots of money there to try and get into the league structure and he is now denied that in recent years we have had edinburgh city from lowland league and cove Rangers from highland league who are more than holding their own in league 2 these clubs offer far more than the brechins of this world
  10. the american system is so different from here it is a franchise with no promotion or relagation totally boring you have to give clubs something to aspire to
  11. as i have said repeatedly the club and fans should stop giving these cunts the money watch the away games on tv or is you must have your day out and piss up still go in the bus and watch the game in the local gers club/pub our money is the only thing these clubs want well fucking starve them
  12. it is clear why they dont want a investigation they are happy with the corrupt people who run our game all the clubs against this are run by fenians
  13. ideally someone has a tape recording of their conversations
  14. was it not that cunt from alloa mulranney he is another bitter fenian i turned it on then straight back off again when i heard it was the bbc pal mike
  15. watching it again just now nigel spackman was a terrific player for us very underatted
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