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  1. £20 donation sent to govan blue sorry for the delay but i have been away for a few days 3 3
  2. disgraceful statement but they dont sing bad songs so fuck all will happen to them
  3. thats english prices you will never convince me that mcburnie is worth 17-20 mill but sheffield utd paid it
  4. my son is the same 4am kick off for him in los angeles he will be up around 3am taxi to the pub then phone me after the game on the way home talking rubbish with the drink
  5. get where you are coming from but it was his lack of effort probably wrong word but he hardly got involved very seldom took a man on we had nothing going down the left y/day as barasic takes the safe option and goes back or across the field all the time i think he will start with arfield alfredo and ojo
  6. i will take no 5 and no 42 if i am allowed 2 shots if not then no 5
  7. never said it would be a formality but you must have been watching a different game you go on about katic and flanagan saving us is that not what they are supposed to do what about the chances we had having said that most of your posts are of a negative value sometimes wonder if you are really a gers fan
  8. they did not create much apart from the big guy at set pieces mcgregor had 1 decent save when the guy cut in from the left and he dived and knocked the ball away the other 2 saves he made were routine i would expect any decent goalie to save them so this shit that mcgregor saved us is rubbish that is the goalies job
  9. 100% right why should other clubs give money to a owner who will only waste it i know it is hard but the lessons of bury and bolton should be a warning it is not always greener when these new owners are about if any club should know about rogue owners then it is us
  10. barasic wont start will be flanagan also ojo for jones
  11. i had the same i e mailed Rangers got a reply today saying it was a mistake on site and they have changed it i just bought it with no problems
  12. last weeks game was stopped on the russian site
  13. i went to buy that tnite but it sais it was not available in the u.k i have e mailed them but no reply as yet
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