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  1. when it looked like england were going to get the last try i was praying it would be in the corner to make the conversion difficult i was watching the man city game but every time i switched over we had scored another try incredible 2nd half
  2. lafferty more or less played up on his own at hearts the difference being he had naismith to create the openings for him and supply the craft whether people like him or not we do not have a player with a football brain like naismith
  3. i agree i said the same in another thread yesterday after the celtic game gerrard said he was like an animal correct me if i am wrong but has he started a game since it does not make sense
  4. i keep saying we will get nowhere till we get 2 full backs that can defend and most importantly some physical strength in midfield we have to start cpmpeting physically most teams in scotland are full of tough tackling players look at our midfield today all nice players but probably would struggle to tackle a fish supper
  5. dont think pedro got binned for drawing 1 1 with killie thats being a bit weird with the truth
  6. i think if morelos goes we will change to 2 up front a big physical striker to play along with defoe he was always going to play morelos on his own which makes the defoe signing strange as he needs to play in a 2
  7. glad to read that mate i have been shouting about more physicality for 3 years
  8. all the loan players can go back and i include kent in that sell morelos and tav try to sell katic barisic grezda lafferty then as i have said for 3 yrs get physical players in get rid of this mamby pamby stuff scottish football is not great but it is very physical and you have to get players with the heart to compete also aberdeen started with 3 teenagers last night where are our young players middleton played a lot at the beginning of the season then he disappeared you are not going to tell me that one of our young strikers could not do a better job than lafferty
  9. what i cannot understand is he had a great game in our best performance ie celtic in dec gerrard said after the game he was like a animal corect me if i am wrong but has he started since it is very strange gerrard is making the same mistakes as warburton he has filled the team with nice midfielders who look good when they have planty time on the ball but they lack strength in a tough match whether we like it or nor scottish football is very physical and our manager has to wise up and get stronger players in the team we have a week midfield and 2 full backs who cannot defend i think the same thing was said in 2016 val
  10. i dont think 14 wks is a reasonanble deterrent out in 7 wks prpbably cunts like that should be given a far longer sentence
  11. i know this is a small silly think but it annoyed the hell out of me on the lunchtime national news they showed the grealish incident then the guy on the park at the emirates then the tav incident but for some reason they followed up the tav incident by showing the hibs equaliser it was the only game out of the 3 that they showed a goal
  12. this all started when hibs fans ran on the field at end of final and attacked our players not a single thing was done about it now you have last week sinclair close to getting hit with a glass bottle and then tav on friday they should shut easter road for a few games but as usual it will be quickly forgotten
  13. we have outplayed hibs 3 times and ended up with 3 draws and 1 goal just imagine what the 6 points we should have had from these games would have done
  14. if you look at the league table we have lost 3 games same as the scum but we have drawn 5 more which if they win today gives them the 10 pt lead we have to turn draws into wins outplaying hibs 3 times but ending with 3 draws is not good enough
  15. the goal was not offside watch it again from the angle the guy was level the ref was shite as mclean has been for the past 5 yrs but we cannot keep blaming refs we should have been 3 or 4 up at half time
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