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  1. as i said earlier our next 4 games should be 12 points if we dont then we cannot moan about not winning the league
  2. to be honest if we do not win our next 4 games we dont deserve to win the league st john and killie at home and the 2 worst teams in the league away
  3. there is no reason why all the other games should not be on it is only 2 clubs who broke the rules
  4. good point mate i never thought of that
  5. we have now played 7 games including 2 tough games in france and only conceeded the goal on thurs night defensive form like that will see us through
  6. our next 4 games st johnstone and killie at home livingston and hamilton away we really should be taking 12 pts there
  7. do you honestly think it makes any difference when aberdeen go to celtic park they will get humped whenever they go there
  8. think you will find if we get through the next game is tuesday not monday
  9. rubbish so what is the alternative pump high ball up to a big diddy centre forward la.st year we scored lots of goals against these teams except in later part of the season you are not telling me that every team that plays liverpool does not sit back and defend i know they have better quality but get an early goal and most of them have to open out as a fan i would much rather see us playing quick fast moving passing as we did in the 1st half on sat than long aimless balls up the park to someone like dykes etc
  10. you can tall that gerrard is trying to create the liverpool style with us thats why people who wanted dykes or his like are talking rubbish he wants a front 3 who can interchange.. after all liverpool dont have a no 9 formino wears the shirt but he is not your standard centre forward we will play with hagi kent and possibly roofe moving all over the front with back up from the 2 full backs
  11. i know how you feel but at Rangers every game must be taken serious a win here even if not enough to go through will give the squad a lift and you never know a early goal and we are right back in it
  12. just transferred £50 to the Rangers media bank a/c mostly from me but also a donation from my son in los angeles
  13. it is on sky football and sky main event kick off 12.30pm
  14. we fucking gubbed them in dec with 60 thousand fans there we can beat them again does not matter the amount of fans i actually think some players will be better with no fans takes the pressure of them when fans are on their back
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