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  1. billscott

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    you only need to look at the players at god save the queen to see the fenians boyce mcginn o neill mcphee to name some
  2. billscott

    Wee Things In Football That Annoy You.

    my neighbour told me the same joke last week but his golfing pals call a nasty er 5footer a nicola sturgeon
  3. billscott

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    know what you mean i hate heathrow and the price was good i am going a few days before xmas which is expensive so i will just kid on the plane is blue lol
  4. billscott

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    thats is a good price probably because it is jan and they have sales then i am flying edinburgh to dublin then dublin to l.a with aer lingus it is costing approx ##650 the good thing is go through the american customs in dublin which is a lot easier as l.a. is a nightmare
  5. billscott

    Next 9 league games before the break

    hearts comes at a good time for us with their strikers being out they have not scored in the last 3 games hibs have went off the boil they cannot score as well but no doubt they will be frothing at the mouth when they play us
  6. billscott

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    i am going to l.a. for xmas and new year my son lives there i will be back before we play there i would imagine wish i could get a flight for around £525
  7. billscott

    Best referee all season

    he is a total arsehole i had to turn it off cannot stand listening to him
  8. who is the ref today hope he is strong as these cunts will try and kick us off the park
  9. billscott

    We have to capitalise today, close that gap.

    he explained the other day about goldson the guy has played 25 games and we are only in november he needs a break
  10. billscott

    4 January Signings Wanted

    maybe it is me but i dont see what all the hype is about solanke and jones flatters to deceive we have similar players to him at ibrox
  11. billscott

    4 January Signings Wanted

    dont see how we can get naismith firstly he is at hearts on a season long loan second he will be out injured for at least the next 4/5 months
  12. billscott

    VB articles on Bheast FC

    would not be surprised if some of the victims families after the recent conviction are consulting lawyers about a claim on celtic i dont see how they can defend a situation where they re employed that guy after he had been to jail for the same offences
  13. billscott

    Gerrard vs Caixinha

    fuck off with your stupid messages
  14. billscott

    I think we need to cash in on Tav and Or Morelos

    tell me the 3/4 quality players we could get for the money we would receive for tav or moralos sorry spelt his name wrong and cannot change it a player like waghorn went for 5 mill there are no quality players in scotland and players in england cost a fortune we tried something different by sighning players from croatia at the moment two of them cant get a game and the other is unjured
  15. how could it be anything other than a rebuild job we have a new manager 12 new players to me that means rebuild or should we have just kept the shit we had we all want a successful Rangers but we are unbeaten in europe unbeaten at ibrox and only 5 pts of the top if we win our game in hand sure gerrard has made mistakes every manager makes them everyone at work makes mistakes but for god sake give him a bit more time the league season has only been going for approx 4 months c