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  1. ***Official Cup Final Day Thread***

    pleased that frankfurt won but how could the ref not give a pen when he watched it back again
  2. Livingston vs Thistle

    thistle were lucky to get away with 2 1 can see livi going through
  3. Allardyce

    just my crap typing
  4. Martin Skrtel (Fenerbahçe)

    he was a top quality player at liverpool but that was a few years ago a tough no nonsense defender good in the air exactly what we need someone to command the defence
  5. Allardyce

    why do people put such rubbish on here do you have nothing better to do with your time than write such shit
  6. Jimmy Nicholl

    was going to write the same how he started with goss yesterday was a mystery he has hardly played since he got shown up with the pace of the old firm game at ibrox yet he puts him in to a simlilar game at least he took him off but we were 3 down by then
  7. Planned Incompetence

    the refs in england are full time and most of them are shit hence the reason there is not a uk ref or linesman going to the world cup
  8. Gerrard wants us to play Klopp's way

    for fuck sake give the guy a break he has not even started the job
  9. 3 5 2

    if we are going to keep tav and john next season we must go with a back 3 and get a quality defensive midfielder in both full backs cannot defend but are good going forward dont understand why we have not tried that then again to answer my own question we have not got 3 decent centre backs all the big teams play this way using their full backs to get width
  10. Gerrards first team selection.

    hope you dont mean alnick he is very poor should have came off his line at 2nd goal and took the cross
  11. VAR

    it will never come to scottish football we cannot afford it in a game like today the game would be stopped far too often with all the decisions as an op said get better refs
  12. *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    while i thought he was ok when you saw him coming off he has very thin legs and is very slight he needs built up leg and body wise or he will get crushed in scottish football and dont expect any help from refs
  13. Dallas

    he has a shocker most games the refeering standard in scotland is a disgrace i would struggle to name one decent ref
  14. Dundee United

    he is suspended moshni and goalie out injured
  15. he must not do maths the thick cunt