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  1. thats a given we should have no trouble with them cardiff met nearly beat them then they lose at home to cork surely we will win that tie comfortably
  2. killie wont have another competitive game till they play us that 21/2 wks like you we have a score to settle with them
  3. they were saying on the radio that lots of killie fans had booked flights and buses to belgrade next week fuck them
  4. i know the opposition has been poor apart from marseille but 4 nil twice 5 nil and 6 nil is pretty impressive
  5. they wont have a competitive game now for 21/2 weeks before they play us
  6. i am over 75 and the bastards want to charge us next year they have no fucking chance of getting money from me
  7. think they will cover away games for radio and as esk says rob mclean works for premier sports think you will find they wont be at ibrox reports on our home games will be via the studio with someone watching on tv
  8. go on the website for everton or liverpool whoever is at home when you are there and you should be able to buy direct when they become available i would imagine everton would be easier to get than liverpool though liverpool have a bigger capacity
  9. and you get people on here moaning we must sign guys with quality when you see these prices everyone is looking for quality i would like to know where we get it
  10. celtic have just signed a french guy that not many people have heard off for a reported 6 mill he is a centre back how much do you think we would have to pay for a quality forward every team is looking for that and lets be honest if you had the chance to go to spain italy england scotland where would you go
  11. it was a stupid appointment in the first place him and his sidekick they are yesterdays men
  12. can you name me some quality players we could get at sensible prices remembering we could be competing in the crazy english market its ok making these statements but back it up with some names
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