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  1. i forgot ederson but was meaning defenders they have mendy there who they paid 60 mill for he should be no 1 left back not zinchenco
  2. the only injury they have is laporte they have approx 100 mill paid for full backs sitting on the bench
  3. motherwell wont turn up they never do it will be around 3 nil to the tims hope i am wrong
  4. what alfredo needs to watch is that he does not go to a run of the mill epl team who are happy to defend and hope they score on the break eg burnley southampton brighton etc he would get limited chances in teams like that and not look the same player
  5. was just going to post the same rodgers knows him and they only have vardy up front who is still a great goalscorer but getting on a bit
  6. is the bluebells in costa teguise i am going there in november need a pub for the weekend game
  7. san marino must be the worst international team to have played at hampden i would fancy auchinleck talbot against them
  8. i remember listening to radio scotland and willie miller who hates Rangers said jack at 16 was the best young player he had seen
  9. i agree he has been the best midfielder in the country this season him and davis work great together
  10. it is not cheating he is just a poor ref he is only there on the back of his fathers name
  11. £20 donation sent to govan blue sorry for the delay but i have been away for a few days 3 3
  12. disgraceful statement but they dont sing bad songs so fuck all will happen to them
  13. thats english prices you will never convince me that mcburnie is worth 17-20 mill but sheffield utd paid it
  14. my son is the same 4am kick off for him in los angeles he will be up around 3am taxi to the pub then phone me after the game on the way home talking rubbish with the drink
  15. get where you are coming from but it was his lack of effort probably wrong word but he hardly got involved very seldom took a man on we had nothing going down the left y/day as barasic takes the safe option and goes back or across the field all the time i think he will start with arfield alfredo and ojo
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