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  1. Time for some negativity. Goldson's long balls, (punts) loses us possession way too often. Other than that, yes he's solid as a rock.
  2. Keevins was fucking spewing on the phone-in about the goal that 100% wasn’t a goal despite seeing the angle which shows it wasn’t over the line. Mega dafty Gordon Dalziel the bitter ex Ger agreeing with Keevins because he likes to play the Tarrier card. Switched it off rather sharply but it was wonderful to hear these fannies hurting so much. 😆
  3. Ted E Bayer


    Prefer a fit Murphy to Ojo in all honesty.
  4. Pretty clear the plan was to flood the center of the park to play possession football. The problem was, we weren't at it today and it's clearly not the style of football to beat celtic although I thought we were the better team for the majority of the game. However the way to beat celtic is as we know it to attack attack attack and put them under enormous pressure. Possession football playing neat and tidy passes around the centre midfield and our own defence is pointless. I'm sure we've learned our lesson today and the next game we will go after them and put the same pressure on them that we done the previous games we won.
  5. Report this to the police and the media. This will continue to show them up as what they are. Absolute scum.
  6. With a second charge looming the difference here is someone is reporting us, all the while no one is reporting them? I understand we asked for it. Yes charge us, we deserve it but for crying out loud charge them too!! This is not a one team issue.. surely there’s a prod somewhere with a bit of clout will report them to ensure justice served and they are punished equally
  7. Just don’t tease celtic about anything incase we offend them and we should be ok com by yah my lord
  8. I thought he was CJNovo 992 today we are back with another brand new videoooo. 👏👏 Looks like I may have jumped the gun.
  9. However mental it may sound if roles were reversed and we would were to call them zombies they would find some way to find some religious connotation and have us deducted points or some other sanction They have infiltrated every system known in our footballing world from every level of the footballing authorities to the media to the governing bodies and have even gone to the length to set up an anti discriminatory organisation with one agenda, do fuck the famous Glasgow Rangers! How they are able to get away with this we will never know.
  10. Whole thread summed up in Souness's video. Jealously is a terrible thing. 🥂
  11. I am a bit yeah. 😄 Truth is though I'm honestly offended by nothing, couldn't give a fuck about being called a DOB, H**, Zombie, anything. It just beggars belief that we are being punished for stadium banter because a select bunch of folk are genuinely shouting about being offended by a few words and in all honesty I don't think they are offended either. I suppose I'm trying to point out the difference between us and them in that we could care less. But they are clever enough to play this card which inevitably ends up having an impact on the finances of the club, so they win while we just sit back and get shafted over and over. Lets get our house in order though and just get hit with every stick possible while it's business as usual across the city.
  12. Fuck up Johnny. Cunts are now talking about our Orange strip should be banned for bigotry reasons..
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