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  1. Be interesting to know what the numbers were. Absolutely tragic and hope that every last one of them is compensated significantly by this horrific excuse for a football club.
  2. Why is no one being haste in this thread?
  3. I think with a run of games he could do well. He has a great engine, great strength and determination but perhaps a little short on the technical ability compared to the other midfielders we have. In turn I don’t think he’ll get the run of games he wants and needs. A definite squad player who, could and most likely will be involved over a busy season stacked with games if our European spell continues after the Polish.
  4. Ted E Bayer


    Greedy, looks strong, will have moments of excellence with too much greedy dross. No better that Murphs
  5. Won't be happy until we have more than them. We are the bigger club with the bigger support after all.
  6. Thought he looks bang average.. The number of times he stopped and came back when Tav would have bombed forward. Docherty had to get him out of deep doo doo a few times too.
  7. A thread stickied (pinned) for those of us unlucky enough to miss a game and want to jump on to see the gaol.. A one port of call to find the goals of every game super fast? We can all embed a video of the goals once found? Thoughts? Pish idea?
  8. But still a large number of our own fans undervalue Tav.
  9. Send this to the powers that be at Ibrox. Get something done about kt
  10. You’re mistaken buddy. Kilmarnock are taking this. They should have scored two and had a penalty...
  11. When celtic lose to Kilmarnock this afternoon there's going to be a real pressure on them in the remaining fixtures.
  12. Ok someone list names that Gerrard could be interested in from Liverpool..
  13. You could argue he owes us a full season without the sending off's. Realistically though he's as good as gone when those big bucks are flashed at him from down south.
  14. So you’re admitting that playing for us means he’s only worth about £6m but if he played for celtic he would be worth £20m. Logical... You’re right I am a muppet for engaging in this debate with you.
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