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  1. You’re mistaken buddy. Kilmarnock are taking this. They should have scored two and had a penalty...
  2. When celtic lose to Kilmarnock this afternoon there's going to be a real pressure on them in the remaining fixtures.
  3. Ok someone list names that Gerrard could be interested in from Liverpool..
  4. You could argue he owes us a full season without the sending off's. Realistically though he's as good as gone when those big bucks are flashed at him from down south.
  5. So you’re admitting that playing for us means he’s only worth about £6m but if he played for celtic he would be worth £20m. Logical... You’re right I am a muppet for engaging in this debate with you.
  6. You haven’t a clue pal. celtic get premiership money for their quality players, some of us seriously undervalue our player with values from the 80’s. If Morelos played for celtic they would have him up at £20m+ without issue.
  7. Absolute mental valuations for two of the best players in the league. Mental that this comes from one of our own! Yes Morelos has real problems but we’ve arguably left it too long to discipline him with a fine. £6m is absolutely laughable. Teirney is rumoured to be valued £20m+ and has nothing like Tav’s goals and assists. Yes he’s a better defender than Tav but offers nothing like Tav going forward.
  8. Was it an actual punch.? Looks like it that picture but a still does tell the whole story
  9. anti Columbia racism at it's best at work here
  10. Another rebuild. Fuck here we go again..
  11. Hope not, would put his price up.. ssshhh
  12. We've been so inconsistent this year, even after recent good run of form I still think we'll struggle to win all our games outwith the OF game
  13. I'm afraid to tell you Neil this is exact the reason you receive the abuse! The same reason as wee Nacho. The media and certain quarters will tell you that it's big bad Rangers, Rangers are worse blah blah blah and it is simply not true.
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