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  1. anti Columbia racism at it's best at work here
  2. Another rebuild. Fuck here we go again..
  3. Hope not, would put his price up.. ssshhh
  4. We've been so inconsistent this year, even after recent good run of form I still think we'll struggle to win all our games outwith the OF game
  5. I'm afraid to tell you Neil this is exact the reason you receive the abuse! The same reason as wee Nacho. The media and certain quarters will tell you that it's big bad Rangers, Rangers are worse blah blah blah and it is simply not true.
  6. Lots of opinions here. Seems to me that we need to start fighting fire with fire and and hopefully every bluenose in the public eye will speak up when they are a victim of OR even hear of any kind of offensive or sectarian anti Rangers/protestant related bigotry from any others fans. Even pro Terrorist singing should be highlighted. Hoping every current player, explayer, Rangers employee and fan speaks up as Boyd did when even the slightest mention of the H word or the DOB words are heard or any other offensive bile that we normally accept as football banter. Fuck the dignified silence. Steve Clarke was almost crying in that interview and I am almost certain it was not because his poor feelings were hurt due to the chanting of our fans. It was his team got fucking walloped and he used his boyhood teams technique when they get beat, deflect deflect deflect. In speaking up, this will show that this kind of offensive "sectarian" abuse is suffered by us just as much as any other club/religion or faction. Not more big bad Rangers, big bad every cnt!
  7. Why is the word fenian so offensive to Catholics? Why do we not give a fuvk if we are called H***? For me both words when used in relation to football and its fans in and out the stadium should be looked upon as Chris Boyd rightly said as a bit of banter. But for them it is more than that. Why? I simply don't get it...
  8. Ferdinand still struggling from that 💋
  9. Possibly true but some other team lower in the prem could probably afford to pay and are likely to offer £10 million plus for Kent.
  10. I think we all knew that he'll be hard to keep given his form. He's been exceptional at times. Just need to keep our fingers crossed.
  11. Title edited as many pointed out that Gary did not say that once in the article. Regretting posting this now as the Sun have duped my gullable ass. KENT BLOW Rangers No2 Gary McAllister reveals Ryan Kent is unlikely to stay at Ibrox GARY McALLISTER says homebird Ryan Kent has settled in at Ibrox thanks to his Liverpool crew — but admits he’s unlikely to stay on at Rangers. McAllister saw Kent as a kid at Liverpool — and says seeing the familiar backroom faces who have made the move from Merseyside to Rangers has helped his development. Kent has been a key player for Rangers He said: “When Brendan Rodgers brought me back to Liverpool, they’d just gone to Australia so I caught up with them. “Ryan was part of the pre-season squad, and that was the first time I’d come across him. “He was obviously electric, and I could see how some of his loan moves had helped, because he was young and raw. You could see the massive potential that was there. “I just think the benefit for him here is the fact he has familiar faces around him. He’s got Michael Beale, Steven Gerrard, Tommy Culshaw, Jordan Milson — even I was there for that short period — around. Having four or five familiar faces that he knew  has  helped. He’s  gone from a shy kid to a man. McAllister says the winger's future is out of Rangers' hands “He’s blossomed, and that is reflected on the pitch. His performance levels have gone up with the experience and the demands of playing in front of a big crowd here. “He’s a quiet kid so when you look at his move to   Freiburg in Germany,  I   understand why going somewhere he can’t speak the language didn’t work. “I’ve seen a massive change in him. He’s a delight to work with. He’s a fantastic trainer, great around the place. “There aren’t many wingers who get you off your seat in today’s football. They’re risk-takers, they put the ball at risk at times by putting it close to defenders, so it’s getting that balance of when to go and do your magic. “It would be nice to keep him, but he’s Liverpool’s player so we can’t dictate that.” Meanwhile, McAllister says Alfredo Morelos was disappointed the midweek headlines were about his red card and not his goals. He said: “We should be talking about his second goal. It was sublime.” Dont click https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3860554/Rangers-gary-mcallister-ryan-kent-unlikely-stay-ibrox/?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1549790798
  12. For me, prior to the goal he looked utter dog shit. brilliant finish. That’s what he’s here to do, you can’t teach that strikers instinct
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