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  1. Football Stewart said he’s the opposite from Katic on Twitter. Does anyone know what he meant by that?
  2. Is there anything in this or has he just dyed his hair blue?
  3. Seconded. Keep suggestions to the suggestions tab though, failure to comply with that results in an insta band.
  4. When foes the contract with sport direct officially end where we can sever ties completely?
  5. celtic most likely will win the league if the decision is made to squeeze the remaining games in. However celtic could also get a couple of injuries or have a two games in which a defender gifts a goal to the opposition resulting in a loss and the whole league challenge is blown wide open with us back in the mix. the league cannot be handed to them for this reason alone.
  6. It’ll be void or the games will somehow be played. There will be no gifting of titles
  7. To clarify this donation is to raise awareness? Isn't there channel 4 documentary on the news. Perhaps a better suggestion would be to fund raise for the victims themselves. Don't think it would go down too well Rangers fans raising funds to help victims of abuse while at celtic
  8. He’s already given them a rollicking. It didn’t work. Time for a different approach. Let the players look at themselves for a change. I like this. This could change everything
  9. Didn’t a club offer £7m for Kamara 😫
  10. If we drop points on Sunday I’m giving up on life
  11. If we win, however unlikely that is given our form versus Braga’s, I’ll be over the moon... ... at least until Sunday when we drop points against St Johnstone.
  12. Given that he said EBT's were worse the child abuse, is this likely to be anything damaging for celtic FC? Doubt it. He's clearly a fan of the unwashed.
  13. And stop fuxking diving and fouling players it’s getting us nowhere.
  14. Morelos is snatching and lashing at everything in and around the box. Where is the player of a few months ago that was lethal. He appears to have lost all composure and quality of late. He need to get back to being prolific. Maybe stop getting a nose bleed and start choosing a corner or the wee dink or pass to team mate and we’ll start getting f over this hump...
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