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  1. The lack of hd camera's at Ibrox is fucking ridiculous for a club our size
  2. People need to remember the first bunch should not be included. Tainted.
  3. Any team will look superb/comfortable/world class/"better than us" if we sit back, don't press and let them play the ball about...
  4. Does it matter, seriously? Who gives a fuck if it was a penalty, it wasn't given, the end.
  5. Why would you ask this question when there is no doubt about the answer. Of course they are. They're going for two in a row this year, ask anyone.
  6. Arsenal?
  7. i remember he had an uncanny ability to sclaff shots wide!!
  8. why not put our energy into helping the wee boy with cancer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-39056628
  9. Caisey Niestat runs that daily
  10. Stoke ready to break club record to sign... Pfft.
  11. I don't understand. Celtic fans find the light on their phones and we are supposed to be annoyed about this? I've been using this as a torch for years.. Pfft.
  12. £20 million...At least!!
  13. HD camera's for Rangers TV?
  14. Just a random fan with 20k followers??
  15. who is he?