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  1. OK, it wasn't a win, BUT...

    We won that today. for all the papers negativity all week. we rattled them. and the gap isnt that big. they rely on two players. we will challenge them next season and i feel we could win the cup.
  2. Ticket For Sale

    I am in Renfrew can come and get the ticket if it is still available
  3. Boycott Ladbrokes and Coral

    The coral in renfrew had the collection tin in for weeks. Its shocking if it is there company policy hopfully the email you send to head office clears it up. Even if it is up to individual shops what they collect for poppy scotland should never be refused.
  4. Were to get the RSEA badge

    Is there any pubs in Glasgow City Centre to get them
  5. *****Official Stranraer 0 v 3 Rangers Match Thread*****

    Is Aird still needing match fitness id have him on before little and is it 2 games that trialists can play until sept
  6. Loaning out young players

    If we were to loan out our young players no point in sending them to scottish clubs the standard of football to low would be better trying to get them out to lower league english teams or try to get them out to europe at least that way there will be some decent standard of training and match exp although europe may be difficult if there was an intrest the player might not be to keen on going that far from home