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  1. If the club have evidence which is different from anything we have seen or heard add that to the way this "vote" was carried out with information in the public domain there must be enough for us to go after them. It an absolute shambles. If they get handed the title the best thing that can come out of this is getting all their cronies to fuck. If the board don't follow up do you think that it will impact season ticket sales? I hope not and think there will enough people on the waiting list if people do decide not to renew. Although we have the issue of fans not being able to renew if they can't afford it just now because of the shit this virus is causing. I'm hoping the club sees them ok though.
  2. No good enough really not angry with the team though just a bit disappointed. We need that level of performance for the full game no the last 30mins. Thats not to say we would win they are just that level above us but not sure we are getting 100% from our players. Its more worrying that Davis stayed on Kamberi and Hagi dont start. If Kent is better on the right then start in him in that position. Morelos has to be better but he needs someone close to him.
  3. This is being played as though its a friendly. We cant get near them and they are happy just moving the ball about. Hopfully a better display from us the 2nd half will get the game going. I do think their formation would suit us better than the one we currently use.
  4. Just dire to watch. Need to change the formation let us play more direct and go two up front.
  5. I dont get the Davis sub. Why not bring on Edmundson and Stewart. We had them on the ropes yet we bring on Davis to try n see the game out. The extra CB would have helped cover while we kept the pressure on considering we had Aribo at LB. The managers actually fucked this up after getting us back into the game with the changes. If he goes which I dont think he will, we need a manager with exp. This just isnt the place to start out as a manager if you arent going to learn. If he does leave then theres no bad feeling he has taken us as far as he can and that happens in football.
  6. Hopfully see Kamberi and Stewart on for 2nd half . He would have to change fomation to get a second striker on hopfully he does that. We need natrually attacking players and just go for it. We have to put so much pressure on ourselves to win at all costs now. I think we will win this game if Gerrard makes changes. If we drop points this one is on him.
  7. Fantastic result to keep our chances of getting through to the next round. Played out our skin to dig in and get the result.We really need to improve and keep the ball if we are going to be in with a chance over there. We have the players capable of that just need to get them playing like that from the start. We need to play Aribo and Kamberi as starters. The difference when Kamara came off it looked like it took the pressure off us a bit since it cut out a lot of the backward, misplaced passing and having players willing to carry a ball and make a forward pass. The only concern I have is why Kamara started when Aribo is the better option at the moment the same with Kamberi over Kent. I hope the gaffer isnt just going with what he thinks is a comfortable 11 rather than making decisions on dropping players who just arent at it the now. I think Morelos had a good game but his finishing could have been better but their keeper was in great form.
  8. I dont think his jobs on the line and I think if he goes it will be through him giving up rather than getting the sack. We cant keep rebuilding the teams got a decent foundation but needs built on rather than dismantled. Gerrard needs to learn I think he is scared to change things in case its costs us a game but his current plan aint working. The only way to learn is to make mistakes but you have to learn and not do it over and over again. The players also need to show some desire and leadership in the tough games and thats not happening. Overall we had last season as a rebuild and we did better than expected but he was also backed by the board. This season we should have added depth which we did and we are better for it. Next season we need to add quality and the manager needs to shows hes learning and demanding more from his players in terms of desire and leadership. The worrying thing is thats 2 seasons in a row the players bottled it when the pressures been on.
  9. We are to reliant on him we need goals from elsewhere as well. Kent doesnt do enough apart from run across the park, players try to pass the ball into net rather than have a dig we might get a corner or keeper spills it. It gives us another option apart from aiming for Alfie all the time and making him the one focal point for any attacking threat. He usually occupies 2 defenders so we should be able to create space for other players to contribute.
  10. The decisions that go against us are shocking. I used to say we cant blame the ref cause we played poor and the refs are generally shit all the time. Since the cup final and beating them it just looks like blatant cheating without anything being questioned. Apart from that these players dont have the nerve to put up a title challenge or dig in against teams like this. This was our best chance to win the league and keep pressure on them and refs aside we have bottled it big style. Winning things matter at this club and our board should be questioning every dodgy decision win or lose to show that we expect the refs are a at a certain standard. They just rip the piss because we are rolling over and letting it happen. Look at Alfie the amount of shit he puts up is ridiculous and its all went unchallenged. Yet when hes misquoted in a sky interview its them thats pushing for action because it makes them look bad. Same with the Thumb dont say anything about him stamping on player, or question his mindset because they will hound you. We need to be stronger on the park and off it if we are going to win anything and get back to where we should be. Watch us play our our skin against Braga and we cant even beat Kilmarnock, Aberdeen or Hearts. This is turning into Warburton all over again but just with more expensive players. You can see when the desire has went, no plan b and we aint gonna score or grind out the tough games.
  11. Same for me cant get shake the awful feeling from today. Their keeper wont have a better game and a dodgy goal as well. This is hard to take but the league is all that matters. We could beat bern on Thursday and qaulify but if we play shit and drop points on the next game then the europa result doesnt matter. We have the big team mentality of your only as good as your next game and winning this league and stopping 10 in a row is all that matters
  12. The gaffers got to take some of the blame tonight. You have Goldson struggling the whole game should have brought Katic on for him. Im sure it was Katic that was playing poor against motherwell and got taken off early. You take off Arfield and bring on Ojo both a waste of a jersey. We took off Kent when we need a goal we also had Defoe and Stewart on the bench who have scored goals. I felt sorry for Flanagan out of the team for ages played at left back. We would have been better with Haliday at least thats his natrual side. The line up needs to change and people need dropped but doubt it will happen. I hope this is the boot up the arse the players need before Sunday but again I doubt it.
  13. https://theterracestore.com/products/fernando-ricksen-02-03-Rangers-treble-mug?variant=30274139291682
  14. Aye ok but you know what i mean if the ref doesnt blow his whistle then they would have had 2. It looked a soft foul but it more about how we set up for defending if they broke away when we had a corner.
  15. Take 3 points today bit that was a struggle we looked poor. I thought we got away with it today. Was Halliday fouled for their second It did look like their player did come through the back but looked soft. He is to lightweight to leave back at corners.
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