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  1. The gaffers got to take some of the blame tonight. You have Goldson struggling the whole game should have brought Katic on for him. Im sure it was Katic that was playing poor against motherwell and got taken off early. You take off Arfield and bring on Ojo both a waste of a jersey. We took off Kent when we need a goal we also had Defoe and Stewart on the bench who have scored goals. I felt sorry for Flanagan out of the team for ages played at left back. We would have been better with Haliday at least thats his natrual side. The line up needs to change and people need dropped but doubt it will happen. I hope this is the boot up the arse the players need before Sunday but again I doubt it.
  2. https://theterracestore.com/products/fernando-ricksen-02-03-Rangers-treble-mug?variant=30274139291682
  3. Aye ok but you know what i mean if the ref doesnt blow his whistle then they would have had 2. It looked a soft foul but it more about how we set up for defending if they broke away when we had a corner.
  4. Take 3 points today bit that was a struggle we looked poor. I thought we got away with it today. Was Halliday fouled for their second It did look like their player did come through the back but looked soft. He is to lightweight to leave back at corners.
  5. Jamie1387


    I was at the game yesterday and not watched any highlights. I thought he tried to keep all the players on the park rather than ref the game properly the late challenge on Arfield was a booking and thats what he should have done . He let them take the piss way time wasting and throw ins for the whole game. All I want is the refs to do their job none of this its early in the game so you get away with one. The one thats intresting is Morelos getting thrown down if that had been the other way about would have been I think the decision would have been different. The refs are poor in Scotland we need full time refs.
  6. I think we have more squad depth and better options off the bench but we still need the new players to get up to speed and another 1 or 2 first team quality players. The tactics were wrong yesterday I think Gerrard thought he would use Aribo and Arfield to win headers and knock then onto Defoe and let him play on the shoulder. We should have used wingers and Morelos from the start and went for it from kick off. We didnt and it let them settle in and get organised. We lost one goal because of Goldson taking to many touches and getting himself in trouble. The second was late on when were chasing the game which happens. I dont think we were outplayed but they came with a plan and stuck to it. We tried a new plan when the old one was working fine and it came back to bite us. The only thing that I can take from yesterday is theres still a long way to go this season and hopfully lessons have been learned. This is more about losing to them, the way we lost and we have now put ourselves under a bit of pressure.
  7. I noticed in one of our previous games Ojo looked done and was looking for jones to come on. If we bring on jones it doesnt change shape or play stype we would have pacey winger to use as an outball and help push us up the pitch in games like that. Since this is the second time this has happened to Ojo I was wondering if Gerrard is keeping him on the pitch so that he has to dig deep in games rather than sub him with 20 mins to go. It could just be a way to build that mentality in Ojo.
  8. Piss poor tonight need to kill off games like this. The shite refs make it more difficult but we should be beating teams like this 11 v 11. We have thrown away the chance to keep the pressure on them against the same teams killie, hibs and the sheep. I dont know if the gaffer needs to change his game plan. The first half of the season we needed a number 10 to unlock defences and link up with alfie but that hasnt happened. You could see Morelos getting more and more frustrated and trying to do it all himself.
  9. Yeah was piss poor from the ref. As usual there is no consistency and thats all we want.
  10. Big team talk needed. Can see Morelos getting sent off refs just gonna book him next foul he does thats a bit rash/late and its cause of who he is that will add to the he did that on purpose or he will get a 2nd yellow for talking back to ref. If we are going to go for it will need to bring on another striker to give their defence someone else to focus on.
  11. Would be fantastic but we have to win every game to keep the pressure on. With Brenda leaving it might have a negative affect on some of their players but will have to wait and see. Im sure a few wont fancy TLB management style. If things dont go his way could see the start of an epic meltdown from him and their fans.
  12. Dont fancy Defoe up front himself but Arfield playing today might help him. If it doesnt work out for Defoe today and he wants to shoehorn him in then we will have to change our formation.
  13. The schools are to blame for a lot of it. As mentioned before taking a child at the age of 5 and saying you go yo this school away from friends because of your religion. I dont know if there will be any kids at that age that will understand that or actually have the actual belief in what they are being taught. Its just forced on them and theu dont get a different POV because they dont mix with other kids. Then the ones that dont take the kids to chapel or believe but they just go to that school because their Catholic. They use religion as a safety blanket to protect them from any form of questioning or poor publicity. They created all this from the start by being a victim playing minority creating schools just for them and a football club just for them. Then they spout lies for years and if you eventually tell lies for long enough it eventually becomes truth and again dont question them as they all come out shouting their usual. Its the empty barrels that make the most noise and thats what we are up against in this country. Most people dont care about everyone elses religion as long as you are a decent person. There are bitter sections in all society but the coverage of that isnt even and is mostly focused on the majority and what they do wrong as so not to upset the minority because that wouldnt be PC.
  14. He is only getting all this attention because he is a poor Catholic up against the big bad Rangers. He will keep it going to deflect from the defeat and to keep himself relevant. Its a shame he has resorted to this as he has done a good job with Kilmarnock which will have got him on other clubs radars. I do feel he himself knows he has done all he can with Killie and that this is the perfect excuse to fuck off from Killie and use the Rangers fans are so mean that I had to leave for my own sake, rather than say I got a better offer. The double standards from him are shocking but I think he knows that we are an easy target with the way the media goes on up here and the support this kind of stuff gets. Its as if a terrible crime has been committed when its just part and parcel of football here it happens on both sides but we are pursued far more and put under the microscope. I think a lot of it is do with getting stronger and progressing as a team that has brought more of the bitterness towards than anything and since we live in the land of the offended, its no fair we never got our independence and Rangers are pure unionists that meant we never got independence and its all their fault. We are getting it from all angles not from a purely football side of things but to match peoples political agendas and if we question them then we are just big bad Rangers fans for daring to ask questions of them. This all started with that fucking football that criminalised fans it was brought in by the SNP on a whim based on faux outrage over Ally and the TLB (prime example of always the victim never in the wrong). It just kept going from there to let people push their own agendas.
  15. Think its pretty much the standard of reporting now need to sell papers get hits on their site. The Tims will read it to get their fill of big bad Rangers and we read it and get pissed off way the reporting. Its a case of what are they saying about us now and that matters not just to Rangers fans now but to other teams fans as well. I work with a few tims and they are hating this the now because they still have that sense of entitlement and its just not been all their way this season they cling to this crap in the papers. They are bit happier now but thats us back into the fixtures from the start of the season and we had the tougher start when they dropped points it was later on. I dont think they have realised this yet that they are going through easier games since we beat them.
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