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  1. Jamie1387

    Today's back pages

    Think its pretty much the standard of reporting now need to sell papers get hits on their site. The Tims will read it to get their fill of big bad Rangers and we read it and get pissed off way the reporting. Its a case of what are they saying about us now and that matters not just to Rangers fans now but to other teams fans as well. I work with a few tims and they are hating this the now because they still have that sense of entitlement and its just not been all their way this season they cling to this crap in the papers. They are bit happier now but thats us back into the fixtures from the start of the season and we had the tougher start when they dropped points it was later on. I dont think they have realised this yet that they are going through easier games since we beat them.
  2. Jamie1387

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    The fact McInnes is even suggesting that the Morelos red shouldnt be rescinded tells you that it was a wrong decision. Just put pressure on the SFA not to overturn the decision. They are not happy they dont get it so easy now we are getting back to our best.
  3. Jamie1387

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    Regardless of what any other teams do Its all about Rangers nothing else for them to think about. When we get 55 they will go into full blown meltdown cant wait.
  4. Jamie1387

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    Ref shat it at the red card easier to give both a red than book Morelos then face the media shit until they get somthing else to moan about next time we play. Was thinking the sheep would get a goal but thats the difference think we still expect our team to crumble under that type of pressure. Great game for a netrual watching very stressful for us
  5. I think Windass should have been taken off. Did about as much work as pena. Morelos makes chances and links up well but we need someone up beside him. I think thats what Windass is supposed to do but still hides to much. If Morelos keeps getting subbed when Windass is playing like that then it wont be long before hes pissed off if he isnt already. It should have been Cummings and Morelos that finished the game yesterday.
  6. Jamie1387

    ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    Just heading home from The Louden had time to calm down n a few beers. Some of our players cant handle the pressure. Windass was missing and bottled it. Morelos needs someone beside him as he looks isolated and his head goes dowm n gets frustrated. Why did it take so long to bring cummings on i thought a straight swap for windass would have made so much difference. This showz Murty isnt the man the twam tries to be to safe and we invite pressure onto ourselves the way we play. Collum didnt help matters but we dont help ourselves either
  7. Jamie1387

    *****Official Stranraer 0 v 3 Rangers Match Thread*****

    Is Aird still needing match fitness id have him on before little and is it 2 games that trialists can play until sept