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  1. How much more can we take

    I will still support the club as its just in you being a Rangers fan but they make it difficult. I go to home games as much as I can and I go to pub to watch us away. Tonight before the game I thought about staying in and either getting a stream or checking the score. I went to the pub tonight slightly hopeful. We play with less than 11 men every game and its the usual suspects that dont turn up. They dont understand what it means to wear the jersey and they dont realize that if they gave everything to win that game then we would support them but they dont and thats why we boo get pissed off and eventually stop supporting the players that wear our jersey. Rant over
  2. Really ?

    Uses his hands to control the ball into his chest. Should be spotted but as usual keepers get the benifit of the doubt
  3. We don’t have a bad squad of players.

    I think our team is decent but maybd Pedro put to much pressure on them to play his way. Hopfully in the next few months we the real quality of the players we have .
  4. Well done Murty & the team

    First game in awhile that its been enjoyable.For awhile its just been relief if we won. Well done Murty and the team looked a lot more relaxed and fluid today. This was a tough game as well with suspensions and injuries. We played well and the players showed that its Rangers that matter not the Manager.
  5. I hope 'Pedro's backers' wake up now

    I have backed Pedro because he needed time and you could see some improvements from last season. I want it to work for him but he just cant do it when it matters. Pena and Windass offered nothing today. They should have been off at half time if not earlier. It was his team today and if you cant get them to step up when it matters then thats on the manager. I would like see him gone tomorrow but where would that leave us. Regardless of what we do this season is going to be a write off unless. We can get a manager in that can hit the ground running and get the most out of the players we have.
  6. Erskine Poppy Badges sold out!

    http://rsea.org.uk/shop/ less than 100 left just got mine.
  7. OK, it wasn't a win, BUT...

    We won that today. for all the papers negativity all week. we rattled them. and the gap isnt that big. they rely on two players. we will challenge them next season and i feel we could win the cup.
  8. *****Official Stranraer 0 v 3 Rangers Match Thread*****

    Is Aird still needing match fitness id have him on before little and is it 2 games that trialists can play until sept