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  1. A great guy and a good bear. Had the unexpected pleasure of his company today beside me and my boy up in the club deck. A real gent and a good Rangers man 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  2. bingboyBLUE


    Utter shitebag. Lazy as fuck
  3. bingboyBLUE


    Can't believe he took off Candeias and Jack while those two were piss poor.
  4. Miami bottled it . Shocking collapse ? Had the Steelers, Seattle +7,Chiefs-5 and Minnesota ?
  5. Pleasantly surprised by the Dolphins last night. Tannehill looking half decent with a deep threat now at his disposal again. A poor Titans roster to be fair. Hopefully avoid the wooden spoon with that honour probably going to Buffalo on lasts nights showing. They were fucking gash ?
  6. Think the Pats will be too strong again for a mediocre AFC East unfortunately, although l dont see them winning the Conference
  7. looks like being another clusterfuck season for the Jets,Bills and Dolphins unfortunately ?
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