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  1. cumbrian bear

    Edmiston Drive

    Sad newsi...thoughts with family and friends, fly high and free brother bear
  2. cumbrian bear

    Sir Alex

    Get well soon big man thoughts thoughts and prayers
  3. cumbrian bear

    Jeff holmes on Rangers radio

    Jeff was superb, could listen to his stories all night !... True bear ! And superb interviewing from oxger !watp
  4. cumbrian bear

    RIP Ray Wilkins

    Sad news,rip Ray and condolences to family and friends .....true gent
  5. cumbrian bear

    Where Murty record is compared with his predecessors

    Very interesting, thanks for posting bud
  6. cumbrian bear

    "A Thank You"

    Stay strong Falkirk Bear, you are a fine example to everyone my friend. WATP
  7. cumbrian bear

    Retail Deal News incoming

    Please let this be true! !
  8. cumbrian bear

    Rangers FC statement

    That's what we have been waiting for Rangers, get roon aboot thum ! lol
  9. cumbrian bear

    *****The Official Rangers v Dundee Match Thread*****

    I never try to predict the score as i always seem to jinx it lol. I just hope we play to our best and that should take care of things from anyone in Scotland, cummon The Rangers !
  10. cumbrian bear

    *** The Official Rangers V Cowdenbeath Match Thread ***

    Mon Rangers put this game to bed now!
  11. cumbrian bear

    *** The Official Rangers V Cowdenbeath Match Thread ***

    Yaaaasssssssssssss good goal
  12. cumbrian bear

    Rangers Chat Live Phone In

    Great show last night it was an eye opener for me!living in England keeps me out the loop at times. Keep up the good work Kris, was a pleasure to listen to you.The way RB came into existence was reminiscent of the four lads who started us lol. Well done to all who contributed to the show ably handled by the boss. The bears in the lobby gave me one of the best laughs I've had in a long time Pure Comedy Gold!! Thanks lads!
  13. cumbrian bear

    Rangers Chat Live Phone In

    Can't get it here either fmty.
  14. cumbrian bear

    Rangers Chat Live Phone In

    If I may give as an example my own experience on rangers chat, a couple of months ago I took umbrage at some of the things a great contributor to the show was saying, one word bothered another and I stepped out of line( although i did not think so at the time, due to emotions running high!)when i calmed down and reasoned it through i pm'd the said poster and asked him what he was like at accepting an apology he said there was no need to apologise as his emotions had been running high too , we shook hands like men, and remain on great terms with each other to this day... perhaps this could be a way forward for us all.
  15. cumbrian bear

    Rangers Chat Live Phone In

    The whole show was brilliant last night. Tom was in fine form,and his opinions on the propaganda is a must listen, who can forget his speech when we hit admin? Good on you Tom Millar, true Rangers man.