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  1. BNB you're wasting your time arguing with these people. You know what constitutes reasonable behaviour, as do most of us. They actually don't and never will. Plus of course you haven't been to away games recently so clearly you know nothing and therefore cannot understand the compelling reasons to behave like an idiot. But we have to remember they weren't really responsible for the damage/pitch invasion, someone else made them do it. And the roof collapse was due purely to a design fault.
  2. So injuring the disabled is preferable to bending a leaf of grass?
  3. Unbelievable! Do you happen to know how many years it's been there and how often fans have jumped on it?
  4. The events at Hampden are completely irrelevant. Two wrong never make a right. Exactly but you're wasting your time here, it wasn't their fault, they had to do what they had to do. Something we all learned from Hillsborough
  5. Perhaps as well, can't say I found the bulk of the game terribly uplifting, had more of a sense of deja vu to be honest
  6. And no-one these days seems to be responsible for their own behaviour, always someone else to blame.
  7. Remember being horrified at the time but what a superb signing. A brave man who always gave 100%. And that goal against them, let the good times roll!
  8. Wow, something actually happened in F1 to make it interesting.
  9. Think what Souness or Roberts would have done to him.
  10. Perhaps went this way just to get rid of him as quickly as possible. Rather it had all come out but at least he's away and getting another job may not be as easy as he thinks.
  11. Just imagining what the Magnificent Bastard would have done to Brown., or Graham Roberts.
  12. And then again one swallow doesn't make a summer.
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