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  1. Problem is that the world in general is being pressurised to do it and we all follow like sheep. (These days we do seem to enjoy being part of the herd). You don't need to kneel to show you're non racist but i wouldn't want be the first player not to do it. World's screwed.
  2. Rather similar perhaps to the folk who see no reason why they shouldn't go to the beach?
  3. Jimmy and Denis Law best I've ever seen. Get well soon Jimmy.
  4. Loved him and his long range set pieces were always interesting
  5. He was good and sadly Derek could've been even better if he'd held himself together.
  6. We must remember these bastards.
  7. About time we got payback for the Phil O'Donnell stunt.
  8. Try and make sure someone notices, would be a shame to make such a sacrifice in vain.
  9. Lots of examples but they were the exception not the rule. This lot have been consistently out fought all year.
  10. roger9650


    Then there's the penalties.
  11. Well that's the whole point it's judgement call you make, could be right, could be wrong. You're making heavy weather of this .
  12. Repeat do you look at Goldson say and say yes he's a definite winner?
  13. Ok but doesn't mean the idea is invalid. For example do you look at say Goldson and think yes that boy's a winner?
  14. 're winning the league next year I believe it was ex Spurs manager David Pleat who said that when he first met players he straightaway marked them as winners or losers. How many of our current team could be described as winners? Not many.
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