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  1. I would say he is one bad result away from it, oh wait we've already had it!! Who knows really, but it wouldn't surprise me at all. I'm still thinking he will be gone by October.
  2. If only that were true.
  3. One swallow doesn't make a summer, a good result but we have a very long way to go. Confidence will come from league matches, not glorified kickabouts.
  4. Friendlies are absolutely nothing to get worked up about. The only main interest in these games will be from the guys going to the game, regalling us with stories about how pissed they are going to get beforehand. I'll reserve any more judgment until the Motherwell game, these friendlies are a bit of a welcome distraction but that is all.
  5. Friendlies mean absolutely nothing, he still has a long way to go to convince me that the team is on track, and moving away from the calamity in Europe. I'll wait until 6th August, at this moment I would still like him gone but that isn't going to happen so hope he can prove me wrong.
  6. Because we were absolutely world beaters against the 4th best team in Luxembourg. Hate to say it, but Aberdeen showed a lot more up front, and in fitness in the 2nd half than we did in two legs against Niederkorn. It's not looking good for us, we all know it - but there is an obvious state of denial at the moment - probably because we haven't seen the team play in a couple of weeks. My opinion is that we will totally garbage in the upcoming friendlies , and the pressure will build on a manager that shouldn't be here.
  7. We should be having a team consisting of four players demanding to be captain, their ability and attitudes should shine as an example. I agree with you, and think Alves will be in China by January along with Pedro.
  8. Without being involved in a circular argument with you, I would tend to agree with you in the run up to the season, if we hadn't had such a hiding in Luxembourg. That result, the worst in British European footballing history (as declared by R5, and I can't disagree tbh) - this manager has absolutely no clue and is sinking us to new depths. Absolutely, Barrie McKay and O'Hallaron haven't exactly been consistent, but I'm doubting that the new signings are exponentially better than them that we should be signing Pedro's praises.
  9. You have to admit, as soon as he came in these things starting to happen is very concerning. I don't think it is a very happy squad, and I don't think Pedro is going to bring out the best in this team.
  10. McKay, albeit with a lot poor me about his Interview. However, there are worrying things between the lines of his Interview.
  11. As we start to look headless with Pedro, there will be plenty of players saying exactly the same - without the human rights histrionics. I think you just need to look at the treatment of O'Hallaron as an example. Pedro is ruthless in his casting out of players, I doubt he he has the ability to see a decent player and looks far too tactically inept to back up his regime. It's obvious we can't afford to get shot of him at the moment, sadly for us it will all come far too late and with a lot grief when it happens.
  12. Do you really believe this, honestly to defend Pedro?? The league is a glorified league cup. Absolutely, there are talented players in that league, I highly doubt we have them. I also highly doubt Pedro's tactics, and training methods. Far too many ex players spouting off about him, alarm bells are well and truly ringing.
  13. He should have been sacked for gross misconduct after that result in Luxembourg. I'm not tolerating this guy at all, and hope when he is gone that our season isn't over by the October international weekend.
  14. I think the surprise will be new record lows for us, doubt he could top Niederkorn, but he does have the surprise element. Seriously, he needs to be gone before our season is well and truly wrecked.
  15. We laugh at the SPL split, that league is even more ridiculous. More like an extended league cup.