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  1. From what I have seen of the Bundesliga, it's all pretty tame - almost as if players can't get their head round what is going on. If we were only down by a goal or level, I would fancy a chance at it - however we will struggle to overcome that margin in any circumstance. That said, it would be good to get the match on and get us prepared for the next season. I just don't see how UEFA are realistically going to organise these matches with countries at different stages of lockdown/track and trace.
  2. Burning bridges all over, becoming a bit of a pariah mentality now. Sadly, I don't think we had any other option in this toxic environment.
  3. With referees thesedays, that's a moot point.
  4. A young and very highly rated talent. 4m is a lot in these unpredictable times, but we must get him signed - definitely helps that he loves playing for the club. Get him signed, and bin the saleable players that want the exit door - sadly that's Morelos for me.
  5. Heaven knows I'm miserable now.
  6. Europa League games to be resumed??
  7. An excellent staff coach, particularly with his experience and expertise. It never worked out for him, but I doubt many managers would have coped with the flak from all angle at the time. A shame for all how it all ended, but for me he will always be a legend. I'm sure he could do a job for a lower league team - but the media money and attention will never see him back.
  8. I don't think he was as bad as that!! Also, seemed to enjoy playing for us and we he left he was full of praise for the squad and club - never bought himself into the bitter narrative at all.
  9. Bora Rangers friendly, was at that game on his debut?? Great little club, that really welcomed the Rangers support. Would love to go back up there again.
  10. Time to pack it in, we gave it a good go - but it's going nowhere now.
  11. Robertson left it far too late, should have put the evidence out right at the start - too much time to allow a campaign against it. Amateur hour.
  12. There will never be a fans boycott, DUtd in SC 2012-13 proved that - there will always be fans who will go everywhere and anywhere. Remember the backlash on here when you dared to criticise.
  13. Think himself and his family were not wanting to stay, the fee was down to youth player restrictions - Gilmour couldn't wait to be shot of the club. Fair play to him, he is doing well - but I wouldn't want to see him back. The whole thing stank.
  14. Would love to see him back, sooner rather than later.
  15. Could be the daftest thing I have read on this thread.
  16. They might have to in the upcoming months, far too many clubs with no money coming in. It might well happen in regions such as Angus eg Brechin/Montrose/Forfar - can't see how those clubs are going to survive no crowds for a year at least.
  17. Far too many freeloading clubs in the senior league, should have merged a load of them in the late 90s as ICT had done. It was put out at the time with Dutd/Dundee, Lanarkshire club merging MWell/Hamilton - but the fans of those clubs were quite vocal about not backing it. As you see with ICT, many of the old fans of the merged clubs have absolutely nothing to do with them. I would even say only one expanded professional league is sustainable now in Scotland.
  18. They are just angling for government cash, as the Rugby League received from the UK government. In this case, its got nothing to do with the evidence - although doesn't stop the media spin on it.
  19. Yet, people are screaming for the schools to go back in 3 weeks!!
  20. Sorry mate, but I think we have absolutely wrecked it with this delay and delay and we are about to get completely strung up if there are any holes in the evidence. Judging by the tone of posts of the last umpteen pages, it's all about a blame culture now. I think the delay is to save face all round and all about mitigation now, true to form with our board. They can't even play to the gallery with any competence.
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