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  1. C'mon... Get intae them Rangers...! Show some fight and spirit... unlike most of the pseudo-managers with Masters Degrees in Hindsight on this thread...!
  2. Who's the one...?!? Beyond anguish. Another embarrassment for Scottish fitba' in Europe. Nobody is even looking for the ball. They are hiding now. Just not good enough.
  3. Love it haha. They were all loving it when Naismith never got that Pen against Sevilla. What goes around comes around Zheng Zhi dived for their penalty anyway... cheat.
  4. I knew we would do it... Now they have to use this result to kickstart the domestic campaign. Well done Gers.
  5. I see they have found another dirty, cheating bastard to add to their ranks... Cheats never win. 3-1... No, make that 4-1 Gers.
  6. Very favourable draw. 2nd place a distinct possibility. C'mon the Gers...
  7. I have a link from Justin TV - The PSG / Atletico Madrid game is on at the moment...
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