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  1. They won 9-0 last night?? Don't have a clue about football over there but how do Linfield compare to shamrock rovers in terms of quality??
  2. You can join Pedro and fuck off aswell!!
  3. Doesn't change the fact that Warburton was a banger aswell and had to go.. He just shouldn't have been replaced with this fucking clown.. His subs are some of the most truly baffling things ever, especially the timing. He knows fuck all about setting the team out from the start..
  4. Guys a banger, his subs are disgusting.. FUCK OFF!!
  5. 😂😂 the very ones.
  6. Quality aye, but even if my missus was one of them I wouldn't want her cutting about in a football top, why not go the all the way and get her the full trackie and some Velcro trainers.
  7. Quality patter, my missus just doesn't wear football tops thank fuck😂😂
  8. Fucksake, yer wife wearing a fitbaw tap😂😂
  9. Patter merchant
  10. Fuck sake, is that Waghorns??
  11. Got me cluesso, ya absaloute hawk..
  12. By pumpin your rancid arse??