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  1. I’ll take your word for it, I’m no reading anything that fuckin toad is writing.
  2. What the fucks that all about?? And who wrote it??
  3. joking aside, that top looks horrendous?
  4. It’s sadly went up again to about 40 million basic? and I read the other day that it’s due to go up again next year, what a fuckin joke?
  5. Why does everybody keep going on about this Chinese money?? I highly doubt the bid existed. If it’s true that they have to pay 100% tax on all foreign players then your basically talking of a bid of 22 million.
  6. 1690 in the username says it all if yer asking me. Reekin of fenian potato wine.
  7. I thought this aswell, even booked the weekend off???
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