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  1. It will be the same shanner pictured on the back of the door but buttered up with photoshop to make it look better. Castors are a shanner of a kit maker and I’ll stick to that until proven wrong. We should be much better than what we’ve been given over the last fifteen to twenty years, had absaloute shocking kit deals for a club our size.
  2. As much as it pains me to say, we weren’t voted out or down, we just weren’t voted back in. Shite as it is that’s what happened.
  3. 40 million starting price to some on here a couple of months ago🤦🏻‍♂️ He’s been up and down like a whores drawers since he’s signed and never went a full season without costing us more than he’s given. If we get offered ten then take it and don’t look back, can’t be fucked with the circus that surrounds him he’s just not worth it.
  4. Not surprised tbh, cunts on here and others platforms have embarrassed themselves by jumping the gun and believing what their heads where telling them and spouting shite as fact without any greater knowledge than anybody else, embarrassing. What is it with social media and opinions that every cunt has to be seen as relevant?? I’ll still hold judgement on the subject without knowing the full truth but reading this thread back is incredible.
  5. Mega worry actually, if their wingers get in behind our fullbacks there will be no catching them. The lack of pace at the back is a big problem against half decent teams I fear
  6. Nobody said anything about cutting our own attacking threat, we were talking about utilising it differently to give us an advantage depending on who we play. You obviously think we shouldn’t watch teams-and play our strengths against their weaknesses? Bizarre in all honesty
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