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  1. BP9 might not be happy with that, preferring the guid Scots tongue as spoken by Rab Wilson from the National (The comic for adolescent, prenuptial and inbred misguided individuals) https://muckrack.com/rab-wilson/articles
  2. FFS how can a taig possibly have the temerity to call anyone else smelly.
  3. Unfortunately the Scotland I have known most of my 60 plus years is no more. Scotland the Brave my arse , Scotland the meek more like. A country that has allowed itself to be dictated to by people who deep down hate the British way of life and work to their own agenda. In recent years an indifference has manifested itself into normally sensible people that really defies belief. This indifference is endemic in the press, politics, sport and the population in general. It seems to have went too far now but hopefully in my lifetime that will change. All we can do is hope that people eventually see the light and respond to this situation in an appropriate manner. Not holding my breath though.
  4. At this time probably not due to the covid19 situation taking precedence over all else. Which sums up the disgraceful behaviour of the Scottish football scene just now in light of that. Maybe just maybe there may be a hack in the Engish press willing to expose this omnishambles.
  5. Release anything to the press in Scotland and what? The press in this bitter wee backwater are just as complicit as the tarriers. Would have to make the UK wide press to have any impact IMO.
  6. There have been too many false dawns with this saga. The beasts have been getting away with this for far too long now and hopefully Channel 4 set the ball rolling as in other media outlets (outwith Scotland obviously) taking this story up. There is so much evidence and connections out there that any journalist worth there salt (outwith Scotland obviously) would have no problem whatsoever bringing this to the attention of a public who in the main would be totally shocked at the scale of abuse. As much as I detest that vile club foremost in my mind is the need for justice for the victims. Justice is long overdue and here's hoping it's coming soon.
  7. It's said a picture paints a thousand words and this one is no exception. All real men who probably grafted all week and savoured the moment when they attended Ibrox on a Saturday to watch the Rangers. No shitty distractions back then like retail parks for the wife to drag you around to bore the arse off of you looking at supposed bargains and tat. Men who brought up their children to believe in the protestant ethic of hard work and graft and do what is right. No conversations about your lad being gender neutral or otherwise as that topic was non existant thankfully. Back then I also wore a bunnet but for the life of me can't pick myself out amongst the crowd as in all things in life all things are not as black and white as they seem (if you'll pardon the pun).
  8. In the time since Maddy disappeared Kate McCann has written a book called "Madeleine" . Gerry's career has come on leaps and bounds. Not the sign of grieving parents I would suggest is normal. A great deal of taxpayers cash has been afforded to this couple and they are by no means the only people to have went through the loss of a child in mysterious circumstances. There are obviously others out there who have went through the same torment without the same support from the government. A child is a child no matter their background and any suspicious circumstances that lead to a investigation into a disappearance should always be treated equally. The McCanns seem to have been treated as a special case as opposed to others and this is disturbing to say the least.
  9. The whole RC religion is historically suspect particularly in the abuse of children whether sexually or violent (Nuns, priests and monks for example). Not being of that religion and having no great connection socially or otherwise with RC's I can't pretend I know there inner workings too well but I suspect somewhere along the line there is in an indoctrination within them that seems to be a bit iffy. In Gerry McCanns case no one can make false accusations without substantiated facts but given his connection with bheast FC and being an RC you have to keep an open mind about it all. Since his little girls disappearance many people have tended to smell a rat in the whole episode and I for one would never be surprised if there was involvement of the parents. (Just call it a hunch).
  10. McCafferty was convicted a couple of years back and I have provided a link to the Daily Mirror report below. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/paedophile-coach-jim-mccafferty-admits-9406814 I do recall in recent months reading somewhere that once his time was served Police Scotland were planning to question him about offences carried out here. The despicable acts of depravity around that club seem endless and the joining up of all the dots would have taxed the brains of the Enigma code breakers from WW2.
  11. Was racking my brains trying to recall what my dad called them. Yes rows of crows it was indeed.
  12. Being of a certain age I recall that in the main stand at the piggery it was common for a group of priests to be sitting watching a match. Always remember my late dad telling me they just needed to turn up whenever they liked and were given free entry. As part of the joining dots scenario it doesn't take a Sherlock Holmes to work out that they were given access all areas passes to that cesspit. I would guess the levels of depravity that were conducted there would make your hair curl.
  13. I'm sure he was convicted only a year or so ago for an abuse crime commited in N.I. and he is due out this month. I recall a while back someone on twitter put a link on to a newspaper article stating that Police Scotland were planning to interview him on his release. If I come across the link I will post it here.
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