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  1. You can't miss Cowdenbeath mate, nobody who has ever left the place has ever missed it. Joking aside it's just off the A92 and you ride (Sorry drive) through the main street and watch for the signs to the football ground. You''ll find that the pubs are in the main bear friendly as Cowdenbeath was a former mining town populated by people with the protestant work ethic. Unfortunately a few beggars chose to make it their home town but they are easily spotted by their markings of rotten teeth and grey and green hooped shirts. Every chance they will be driving stolen cars over the greens of the local golf course to be of any bother to you. Hope this helps.
  2. In the time since Maddy disappeared Kate McCann has written a book called "Madeleine" . Gerry's career has come on leaps and bounds. Not the sign of grieving parents I would suggest is normal. A great deal of taxpayers cash has been afforded to this couple and they are by no means the only people to have went through the loss of a child in mysterious circumstances. There are obviously others out there who have went through the same torment without the same support from the government. A child is a child no matter their background and any suspicious circumstances that lead to a investigation into a disappearance should always be treated equally. The McCanns seem to have been treated as a special case as opposed to others and this is disturbing to say the least.
  3. The whole RC religion is historically suspect particularly in the abuse of children whether sexually or violent (Nuns, priests and monks for example). Not being of that religion and having no great connection socially or otherwise with RC's I can't pretend I know there inner workings too well but I suspect somewhere along the line there is in an indoctrination within them that seems to be a bit iffy. In Gerry McCanns case no one can make false accusations without substantiated facts but given his connection with bheast FC and being an RC you have to keep an open mind about it all. Since his little girls disappearance many people have tended to smell a rat in the whole episode and I for one would never be surprised if there was involvement of the parents. (Just call it a hunch).
  4. McCafferty was convicted a couple of years back and I have provided a link to the Daily Mirror report below. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/paedophile-coach-jim-mccafferty-admits-9406814 I do recall in recent months reading somewhere that once his time was served Police Scotland were planning to question him about offences carried out here. The despicable acts of depravity around that club seem endless and the joining up of all the dots would have taxed the brains of the Enigma code breakers from WW2.
  5. Was racking my brains trying to recall what my dad called them. Yes rows of crows it was indeed.
  6. Being of a certain age I recall that in the main stand at the piggery it was common for a group of priests to be sitting watching a match. Always remember my late dad telling me they just needed to turn up whenever they liked and were given free entry. As part of the joining dots scenario it doesn't take a Sherlock Holmes to work out that they were given access all areas passes to that cesspit. I would guess the levels of depravity that were conducted there would make your hair curl.
  7. I'm sure he was convicted only a year or so ago for an abuse crime commited in N.I. and he is due out this month. I recall a while back someone on twitter put a link on to a newspaper article stating that Police Scotland were planning to interview him on his release. If I come across the link I will post it here.
  8. Some quotes from pzj on twitter tonight: "Let us just say, all the hard work done and put in by the 'Wee team' was all worth it" "sunday is always a good day to reveal things. A wonderful day of rest ;) Good night Bears, and have a great Sabbath." "To all cfc supporters, I hear Sunday is a bad day to get bad news. But hey, you cant have everything after all you won a mickey mouse league."
  9. According to official site 41,349. An exceptional turn out indeed.
  10. Difference this season is that we are up against more full time teams and a generally harder division / league of teams who have more ex premier league players of a higher calibre than before and we have to up the ante and I 'm sure they will regardless of Ally's managerial abilities. Keep the faith and don't be so pessimistic FFS
  11. In my house not far from Stark's Park and the roars as each goal go in is undeniably from Gers supporters. Not too long ago would have got a ticket locally for the home end and maybe get a bit of light hearted stick. Nowadays such is the hatred that has been festering for the last few years against us I wouldn't dare doing that now. Plus I'm one of these who won't be giving them a penny of my money. Still fresh on my mind of their gloating in my local boozers when we went into admin.Anyway enough of the whinging from me go on Rangers and keep banging in the goals.
  12. The 2 month thing is for the EC to inform the company / persons under investigation if it will go any further or otherwise. This has gone well beyond that period and as we speak the EC are continually being provided with new evidence by PZJ, football tax havens etc., so this is still under investigation and could continue for a while yet. Only an idiot and let's hope the EC guys investigating this are not, would see these scumbags as some kind of innocent party in all this.
  13. Me too, in fact the RM admin guys can set up a Paypal merchant account so as anyone on here can donate as a thank you to them all
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