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  1. Our style of play, 4231, requires a number 9 who influences the game with or without the ball. The lack of presence in this position costs us. Hopefully the Mexican or Morales can have more impact in the role.
  2. Get Pedro to f along with the board

    The team lost another 2 goals that had nothing to do with tactics or systems...schoolboy errors that the manager can do little about. As folk have already stated, several times, the midfield is so lacking. Late in the second half we had more balance in the middle and the team seemed to do better.
  3. Bear collapses and passes away after the game

    Having witnessed the incident, I would hope the club, the players and the fans get the opportunity to show some respect on Wednesday..
  4. This Weeks Press Conference

    Yeah, think he was suggesting to be successful you require unity within the squad, everyone pulling in the same direction which he obviously feels is not the case with our current squad.
  5. Get Pedro Out !

    The manager obviously has a certain style he wants to play. Yesterday was another opportunity for players to prove they could be a part of this project. Unfortunately the players again let everyone one down again. It's hard for fans to believe that a team could be so devoid of any aggression or application. This was obviously not what Pedro would have demanded and was demonstrated by his attempts to get the players to press the opposition in the early stages of the game. It's evident to all that a clear out is required and it's not fair to judge the manager for the lack of commitment and ability within the current squad.
  6. Judge Pedro next week

    Desire and commitment - unfortunately you can't coach it and the majority of the players in the squad simply don't have it. The manager can only do so much....
  7. The manager

    I think the manager will find our more about the players today by not only the loss but how certain players reacted when going a goal down. He can only do so much from the sidelines. It will be interesting to see who gets cut from the squad next week.
  8. Caixinha

    We should be able to tell more about the manager from the team that starts on Wednesday. Which players will retain their place, would others have been taken off at halftime if it weren't for injuries.... time will tell.....
  9. Pedros Local Assistant

    Think we need someone who has managed a team in Scotland. Someone like a Jim Duffy but obviously not him. Think how helpful Walter Smith was to Souness when he arrived. Whatever happened to Billy Reid who used to manage Hamilton??