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  1. Rangers: Bell; McGregor, McCulloch, Mohsni, Wallace; Murdoch, Shiels, Law, Templeton; Miller, Clark. Subs: Robinson, Black, Vuckic, Hardie, Daly, Aird, Crawford.
  2. We need to close them down higher up the pitch. We allowed Hibs too have far too much easy possession in that half. A decent enough performance though. Faure showing he's much better than Foster
  3. From that interview it looks more like he was pushed but it may be him making it appear that way. I'd agree with what the pundit said a lot was said there with fuck all said. I think from that interview we can clarify something big has happened and it might all still be up in the air
  4. Faith in the man gone, being 9 points behind in the second tier is unacceptable
  5. Moshni needs subbed straight away after that and dumped - having a go at the fans off the back of that is completely unacceptable. Our defending has been rotten. Kenny Miller is mad
  6. Drogba's been poor since joining but its still far too early to be making calls like that
  7. Man Utd impressed me today but QPR were rank rotten and Man Utd's defence still looked very vulnerable. Di Maria though was superb. He's a great signing, I genuinely think he'll more than justify the price they paid
  8. Chelsea looking strong early doors got the chance to go to the Etihad and put themselves 8 points clear of City next weekend as well! A shout out to Leicester as well. Looking really good in the opening few weeks
  9. I think 3-5-2 will be our formation against the teams Ally considers tougher such as Hearts and Hibs
  10. Think Chelsea have made a mistake letting Lukaku go. Costa has had one good season so a lot of pressure on him. Drogba isn't what he once was and Torres is not up to it. Their forward line has no doubt improved on last season but not to the extent they should have strengthened it in my opinion
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