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  1. There is nothing stopping fans buying strips if they so wish.
  2. I've bought other merchandise - too old for strips.
  3. Lion brand.
  4. Have we not starved the club of funds for long Enough?
  5. Aye. You go into the Megastore, put down your money and, voila, you've bought a strip. That's the way it works.
  6. With this love-in between you two, BP9 and I will be redundant from bumps,
  7. My first trip away without family so I made a holiday of it Train down to Prestwick and off we went. Same flight as the late Callum Kennedy; a rotten singer but a true Bear. Stayed in a hotel in Santa Susanna right on the beach with a bar at the pool, common enough nowadays but not then. The match itself was an experience I'll never forget; really out of this world. When we got back to the hotel, the bar staff were ready for us to make a night of it and were more than happy to celebrate with us. One of them ended up with my tie. I will always remember one Bear who I swear never went to bed the whole week but wandered around in a semi-dazed state muttering "You've got to keep going". To celebrate the 45th anniversary, I have finally got my poster framed. The cost was frightening but the shop did a real class job so it was worth every penny. I tried to post a photograph of it but it was over 2MB. Happy memories indeed.
  8. Sorry! Missedf that bit. My bad.
  9. As I understand it the deal Motherwell are after is £500K + O'Halloran. In that case, why would we be paying any of his wages. It's not a loan deal ffs. The problem is that O'H would probably not agree to go. If he does, the I would say go for it.
  10. Ally rightly got pelters for not playing youth, especially when we had League 1 sewn up. He got slated that he was going for an unbeaten league which he got. Now Pedro is getting slated for playing youth over experience and for losing a record to a better team - at this point in time anyway. Mark got slated for not being direct enough; that we were playing patta-cake passing across the pitch and now Pedro is being slated for the team playing long balls. I have no idea as to whether or not he will be good enough but ti try to judge him on this squad - you can't polish a turd.
  11. Notice the OP has not been on to defend himself against all the criticism.
  12. It was the Govan Burgh Band. Played pre match and at half time. It used to be a "joke" - who played at Ibrox for 40 years and never kicked a ball? The Govan Burgh Band. Now they were worth listening to. No need for drums or a singing section in these days. 80K belting out our traditional songs was magic.
  13. How the fuck can he say "he's backed the club and there's a lot of things going on to try and get a level of investment in."? If he thinks that then he is no longer worth listening to.
  14. Would like to see Miller and Dodoo up front in a 4-4-2.
  15. God knows when I last watched any European football on TV. Even English football I only watch the highlights if they happen to be on the channel I am watching at the time. I have more important things to do than watch matches not involving Rangers so Sky and Rupert Murdoch can go and fuck off as far as I am concerned.