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  1. Tin hat on here but Alfie would score a lot more if he didn't try to play the ball across the keeper so often. As Ally said at one chance (Iknow, I know), if he had lifted the ball over the keeper it was in instead of coming off his leg. The keeper was already on the way down when Alfie hit it. There was also the stonewall penalty not given. With that and some of the other decisions, I think the ref must have had his instructions from Collum.
  2. I don't give a fuck who scores it as long as it's within the next 20 mins.
  3. I see that the Biased Broadcasting for Catholics webpage still has the article by English saying that "Gerrard's Rangers may improve but it's C****c title to lose". Aye, right.
  4. Another reason to play Defoe; he is less likely to be the target of snidey play to provoke a reaction although, to be fair, Alfie seems to have got that under control a lot more this season.
  5. For all those moaning minnies, Defoe is our top league scorer.
  6. Ffs. Have you seen the fees paid for championship players in England? Plenty going for more than £7M and quite a few for well over £10M. £7M is chickenfeed to Liverpool.
  7. This forum will go absolutely mental. Waste of money. Why the fuck did we bring him back? Should have bought a left back instead. Can't wait!
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