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  1. Don't see them scoring 4 goals so no worries on that score.
  2. I hope they do just that rather than see 10 behind the ball. If they open up and attack, we could end up with a barrowload. At least they are not a bunch of hammer throwers.
  3. The bitter little cunt did mention our singing but, as previously said, he couldn't say which song was "sectarian".
  4. They got the score from Mowbray who told them it wasn't a 6-1 game.
  5. Says a lot when even Pele waxed lyrical about Baxter. It takes a legend to impress a legend.
  6. Is that the Arthur Scargill whp was funded by Gadaffi?
  7. Bollocks. In case you didn't realise, Gallipolli was i WWI.
  8. Maybe Gerrard thinks he needs game time to get his game up to standard. He has been disappointing so far this season, in my opinion.
  9. Ha, ha. An idiot who can't face the truth. One of the "Ma faither always voted Labour so I'll always vote Labour" sheep.
  10. Harold Wilson closed more pits than Margaret Thatcher. Would you rather we had invited Jeremy Corbyn, you know, Gerry Adams' pal? Any Bear who votes Labour is, in effect, an IRA supporter.
  11. Rangers fans get behind the team. Ffs it's a pre-season friendly.
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