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  1. TLB's on a real loser here. If the taigs win the league, it'll be Rogers' team; if they lose, he'll be the reason. Now to the real reason he left, he just couldn't face the risk of another defeat to Stevie seeing he, at last, appears to have put a team together. Coward bailed out.
  2. I thought that Club 1872 were going to sort everything out. Or maybe they are waitimg for Dingwall to appear as the representative of the Rangers' fans. After all, we know the board will do fuck all to stand up for us.
  3. Have just been on their site for a laugh at the comments after today and see that they have a "Ref Watch" thread. Can we now expect another PI following refs followed by another strike?
  4. If referees had given us the penalties which we shou;d have had in the lower leagues, maybe that would have deterred the cloggers.
  5. It's on nights like this that I miss not getting Radio Catholic. SSB tonight is going to be a hoot!
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