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  1. **Official Rangers v Fraserburgh Match Thread**

    I was up at Forres yesterday evening and it was fine. The forecast for Fraserburgh for Sunday is rain. No snow forecast for Saturday so may well be OK.
  2. Disgusting

    If you think that's bad, I was at a function in the local Legion and the band sang that pile of excrement.
  3. Murty on signings strategy, playing style & more

    One question at a time please.
  4. Credit due to Mark Allen?

    How do we know what input, if any, Murty had regarding these signings?
  5. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    C****c got decent crowds for their last 6 friendlies......sorry training sessions for PSG, Bayern and even Anderlecht.
  6. El Buffalo

    It's not all that long ago that there were many posts complaining that our players were passing the ball around too much and not sooting enough. Now there are complaints about a forward shooting instead of passing. A shot from a tight angle can easily be deflected so I wouldn't condemn him for that either. I like him - reminds me of Don Kitchenbrand.
  7. ***Official English Football Thread***

    The English commentators are as pro Man U as the Scottish are about the scum. What they claim was a clear penalty showed that the ball hit the man's arm and that there was no intention.
  8. Nice touch

    With the TV money they get, they can well afford to look after the away fans.
  9. If he is in charge there is fuck all stipulation anyone else could make. He did it with less than a 30% holding; imagine what he could do if he owned more than 50%.
  10. I think he may do it as a "fuck you" to the SFA. My worry would be that we would be subject to another one-sided retail deal. No doubt Lionbrand would be happy about that .
  11. Serious question. Would anybody now accept Ashley back if it meant saving the Club, assuming no-one else is interested?
  12. "A Thank You"

    Really glad to hear this, mate. I'm now almost 6 years clear and hope you get at least as long as me. Just don't try to do too much too soon.
  13. Fallout between the board and DOF

    No news from Kenny's dad's neighbour yet?