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  1. I thought I would feel smug when this happened as I knew it would. Instead I feel really sorry for those Bears who were taken in by the bullshit and have lost money because of this. I am especially sorry for those who have lost their voice due to having "donated" their shares to RF and have seen them appropriated by Club 1872. Esky, did you not have some scheme about 3 years ago (pre RF) which you wanted to put to the board at that time to give the fans a voice? Would it still be a way to go (if the current board will entertain such a scheme)?
  2. Many thanks for the explanation. Sorry I have been so long getting back to you but I am just home after a long drive.
  3. Serious questions. Is there any way that the membership of Club 1872 can vote to allow the CIC to cease to be a CIC? I honestly don;t know if this can be done or not. Alternatively, if they break CIC rules, what action can the regulator take?
  4. If you look at what Londonderry_Bear posted, it is a chief scout. This is the big problem; everyone has their own ideas as to what the duties of a director of football are. Until the board are transparent (no laughing at the back) as to their interpretation of his role, we cannot decide whether we are for/against such an appointment. My personal opinion s that they just want another whipping boy to protect themselves.
  5. In other words, a Chief Scout. Why not just call him that and get away with a lower wage?
  6. That is a recipe for disaster. So the Director of Football buys in 3 new players who don't fit the coach's style of play so he doesn't pick them. 3 wasted wages.
  7. Second place means 1 less qualifier in the EL. However, agree about the SC - silverware for us and fucks up their treble -again.
  8. Thank fuck. CH, CG and MD have more class than that apology for a human being. I would rather have TLB than that cretin. The only way I would have him would be if he paid for any transfers. After all, he has more money than our board.
  9. It is a valid example. Levein's title is Director of Football. Do you read all the sports pages of Spanish, German, Dutch, Brazilian, Argentinian newspapers? If not, you are unable to say it does not happen just because you havn't seen or heard of it. For all you and I know, it could be a common occurence.
  10. OK. He sent John Daly down. Same difference. And Levein was in the dressing room at half-time.
  11. Hope not. Did you see Levein coming down from the stand to tell Cathro his job? It was just like Walter had to do with Ally. I can't imagine Pedro being too happy if that were to happen to him.
  12. Ffs. I'm off to thje gym. I actually liked a post by BP9. I can't take any more of this.
  13. Oh no it isn't. Many of us said at the outset of RF that the whole thing would end in tears. It was accelerated by the merger with RST. RIP fan ownership of Rangers. The group (Club 1872) allowed this situation to arise so they deserve people having a go at them. They chose to ignore the warnings so let them suffer the consequences.
  14. It already has, mate, but this time they have more money than their Lionbrand ever brought in.
  15. Ffs. By the time it takes me to drive up from Paisley to Aberdeenshire, this thread has added 3 & 1/2 pages. I replied to one poster and it is up another page by the time I read to the end - and still nothing from Greg. Maybe he has given up on Club 1872. Ach well, there's always Ed House CIC. On another point, a poster on here on more than one occasion derided me for not joining and trying to change things from the inside. If D'Art couldn't manage it, what chance would I have had?