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  1. I thought that this would be a "Guess which board members will turn up" thread.
  2. Are those having a dig at The Sun the same ones who mocked it on the Ugo thread?
  3. At least they are letting you bequeath it - at present. It would not surprise me if they changed the rules so that it died with you.
  4. A real tragedy. A real loss to the game but, more importantly, to his loved ones.
  5. Perv! However, I agree.
  6. That's the problem; too many fucking dinners.
  7. It's a forum, mate. A way to vent your anger and frustation. I am sure that any player who reads this, although I doubt if any do, will be affected by comments on here. I would rather this than getting on their backs during a game.
  8. I would have preffered 4-4-2 with Miller and Dodoo as the 2 upfront.
  9. I would have preferred 4-4-2 with Miller and Dodoo as the 2 upfront.
  10. Welcome back. One simple question. Are you satisfied with the way your work has turned out?
  11. The more members, the more money available to syphon off. Short term loss for long term gain. Only Rangers would not be the beneficiaries.
  12. What a supercilious attitude to take. I fully understand the problems faced by clubs, not just semi professional, not bankroled by Sky. I have never indicated otherwise. That is why I said that there are too many senior teams in Scotland. Dunferm;ine, Raith Rovers and East Fife could combine in the same way as the Inverness clubs. I did not intend to imply that you suggested FO for Rangers althoiugh it could be taken that way; I meant that a section of our support did. Ther were many posts in the early days of RF along the lines of "The fans will own Rangers". Are you denying that a section of our support want this. At the time I asked TLT if RF would consider putting a cap on their shareholding. All I got in reply was OMOV. As regards the Highland League, I duggest that you contact them as they say that they are "The most northerly senior football championship in Britain". I would not be against fans having up to 10% shareholding. Anything above that, to my mind, is asking for trouble regarding further investment.
  13. Whether a club is fully professional or semi professional is immaterial; it is still a professional side. You keep trying to introduce foreign clubs which has no bearing whatsoever on the situation in Scotland but, hey ho, if it makes you happy then who am I to rain on your parade. Swansea City - they may have been "saved" by fan involvement but it took 2 major shareholders (individuals) to get them where they are. Our fans, magnificent though they have been since 2012, would not be able to raise the necessary funds to finance Rangers to the standard we expect and deserve. Hearts - it doesn't matter how many legal agreements are in place, if the money is not there, it can't be paid. Dunfermline - you have just proven that FO is fine for minor clubs. The Highland League is, and always has been, a senior football league; not "seen as". You aked a specific question regarding the "Yanks Go Home" debacle. I was simply stating why I was unable to answer it. For all I know, every member of that group could have been shareholders. You, however, appear to be pretty certain that the group concerned were not shareholders. You may well be privy to information unavailable to me. If you are trying to read anything else into it, then you are way off the mark. Much as I hate to say it, what Rangers needs is a Fergus McCann type individual, not what we have at present.
  14. My first paragraph was in relation to your references to Spain and Germany, but you realised that, didn't you? I had already commented on your references to Dunfermline and Hearts; Dunfermline have nowhere near the running costs which we have and Hearts required a major cash injection from Ann Budge. It may be their intention to pay it back but the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. I shall wait and see what happens in that respect. The only amateur team in the SPFL that I know of is Queens Park. Pray enlightene me as to the others. With 4 divisions of the SPFL and the Highland League, which is considered to be a senior league (I do not know about the South of Scotland league), that by my reckoning makes over 40 professional sides. As to the " Yanks Go Home", as I do not have access to a) the full list of shareholders and b) a list of all those involved in that behaviour, I cannot comment as to whether or not their group held any shares.