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  1. £18 concession West Stand for this auld bear, hope there's more emails to come for the folk on here who haven't heard yet.
  2. The board won't agree to all season ticket holders going into semi final and final ballots unless they are willing to go to every home cup tie,if that wasn't the case more people would pick and choose what cup games they go to and would result in a drop in revenue,I think the slo will be told to engage brain before he posts on twitter.
  3. I thought it was mostly Motherwell fans who booed him because they thought he went down too easily for the penalty.
  4. Just had a look on the Motherwell website it’s £29 for their end next Sunday.
  5. If you park in the city centre get the underground to Ibrox.
  6. The highlights were on later that night,I listened to it on the radio.
  7. Charlton Athletic,six o’clock tonight it’s on the BBC Northern Ireland website.
  8. It’s on RTV for viewers outside the UK,I would imagine you would be able to get a link to it.
  9. Thanks for all your amazing work for Erskine,hope your health picks up.
  10. £5 donation sent by telephone banking,cheers.

  11. Sheffield Wednesday(twice)Derby(twice one was Ted McMinn’s testimonial)Bradford(Stuart McCall testimonial)Newcastle tournament,Manchester United 1974 and Aston Villa 1976(match abandoned after about an hour because a few fights were breaking out).
  12. A Rangers legend and a complete gentleman.RIP.
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