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  1. I thought our support today was first class,I was at Chesterfield, embarrassing yes, but the bus coming home was mental,I think we're all entitled to have a laugh sometimes when we're shite.
  2. Great photo,our stadium looks not too bad considering the Glasgow District Council likes to divert any investment to other parts of the city.
  3. Got one,hope theirs more e-mails to come out for the folk who are still waiting.
  4. The reply I got from Club1872 stated that they are actively trying to arrange a meeting for members,hopefully it will be soon,would'nt surprise me if it's not until after their board meeting in April.
  5. 117 Row K,c'mon Gers let's end this talk of an undefeated league season.
  6. £10 donated to the gofundme page for two tickets.First name Wee Bud,surname KAI,I'll take numbers 22 and 29 if their available,hope the ticket sales pick up over next few days.
  7. I know everyone going will have a great time,(hope the weather for leaving UK and arriving in Leipzig is ok)for any bears at home if you phone premier sports on 0871 663 9000 and give promo quote RANGERS17 and give your sky viewing card number you can get the game for 4.99,you can then phone that number about 10 days later and cancel your subscription so you don't get charged any more,I did ask on another thread if any pubs would be showing the game but didn't get any response.
  8. Agree with you mate,most of the points you made i've discussed with my mates in the pub before games this season,it's becoming boring the way a small minority of posters on the best Rangers forum I know raise the taig card.
  9. Sorry for interrupting this topic(don't understand what most of this means)does anyone know of pubs in Glasgow/Ayrshire that will show the match,apologies again just want to see the game.
  10. Yes,Jim's pub was where the Union Bar is now.
  11. If any Gers fans celebrated a goal they would be quickly escorted from the ground,I've sat in with the home fans a few times over the years,including against Aberdeen when Robert Prytz scored the winner in the early eighties,but for a lot of grounds now it's just not worth it,the pub will have to do for me this game.