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  1. Wee Bud

    Semi final allocation

    That's the ticket money coming off my account,as for the sheep struggling to sell their allocation, the clocks go back that weekend i can see that being the next moan they have?.
  2. Wee Bud

    Semi final allocation

    My payment hasn't been taken yet,it usually gets taken later in the day.
  3. Wee Bud

    Semi Final Ticket Prices and RSC dates.

    Yes mate,the prices are on the SPFL website,£27 is restricted view,which is only the the first couple of rows in the stands.
  4. Wee Bud

    Semi Final Ticket Prices and RSC dates.

    It's £30 for the North and South stands, and some South stand tickets are £35.
  5. Wee Bud

    Obscure Rangers Players Thread

    Stephen Wright we paid the sheep 1.5 million for him in 1995,had a bad time with injuries and only made seven appearances in three years and Ally Scott from the seventies we signed him from Queens Park,he gave his best,but was an easy target for the fans when things weren’t going right.
  6. Wee Bud

    Speaking of Ne'erday Old Firm games .........

    Bobby Hume only played about twenty times for the first team during his three years at Ibrox,mostly because he played the same position as Davie Wilson,he did play both legs of the semi final against Wolves and the first leg of Cup Winners Cup final against Fiorentina in 1961,he settled in Johannesburg when he finished playing and was tragically shot dead in 1997 the victim of a carjacking.
  7. Wee Bud

    Group Stage Package

    I e-mailed the ticket office first thing this morning asking them to postpone the payment till Friday 14th September,they replied at half nine to confirm they would do that,well done the to the staff in the ticket office.
  8. Wee Bud

    Is Thursdays game on TV

    Apologies,it stated on the Sportsound website live commentary from Ibrox, I have now been informed it’s only updates,i’m fortunate to be able to go most home games so I wasn’t aware they don’t do cover our home games live.
  9. Wee Bud

    Is Thursdays game on TV

    Tomorrow’s game is on Sportsound, they still do commentary from Ibrox but no interviews.
  10. Wee Bud

    Rangers Tv

    Yes it’s on Radio Scotland.
  11. Wee Bud

    Louden Loyal RSC

  12. Wee Bud

    Quinton “Cutty” Young

    Cutty and Doyle played against us in 1970 when Ayr beat us 2-1 at Somerset Park,Cutty scored an own goal then went on to score the winner for Ayr,,Cutty was a great servant for Rangers.
  13. Wee Bud

    32 Red cup

    1975,our first season back in the European Cup after stopping ten in a row.
  14. Wee Bud

    Pray for the Away Days Loyal

    A wee swally in the Royalty Bar before going to see the Rangers,hope Thistle stay up.