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  1. Latchford was in goal for them in 3-2 game, Gordon Smith hit a double a month after signing from Kilmarnock, we actually lost our first two league games that season and went on to win the treble.
  2. Scottish Cup semi final against Motherwell in 1976 2-0 down at half time, an Alex Miller penalty and a double from big DJ kept us on track for the first of Jock Wallace's trebles.
  3. Yes I just saw that, that's better for folk that have got tickets from another source or just don't want to go.
  4. Slo just put on twitter that emails will be sent today for the additional tickets.
  5. It looks like you don’t need a Rangers number to register your interest in this,there must be a chance some of these tickets will end up in the wrong hands.
  6. Kilmarnock will replay the following midweek,we couldn’t because we play Braga.
  7. That lassie better watch her back,the mad stalker that got released from prison a few months ago will fancy wearing that top when she’s sipping her champagne,he he he he he!
  8. I'm Corkerhill loyal and then the subway when there it's quieter so I don't have to leave early,I thought the Everton fans were really poor tonight considering they had the full end, do they not have any songs,I can remember Glasgow cup ties in the sixties and seventies with more singing.
  9. Yes it's Cosgrove,he must have been doing something for St.Johnstone TV(if there is such a thing) or a dvd, you can hear Archie MacPherson in the background doing the original commentary,I was there that day,as others have said Muirton was a good wee ground.
  10. I’ be had Ross County,Hibs and now St.Johnstone,good chance I won’t get anything after the split.
  11. £18 concession West Stand for this auld bear, hope there's more emails to come for the folk on here who haven't heard yet.
  12. The board won't agree to all season ticket holders going into semi final and final ballots unless they are willing to go to every home cup tie,if that wasn't the case more people would pick and choose what cup games they go to and would result in a drop in revenue,I think the slo will be told to engage brain before he posts on twitter.
  13. I thought it was mostly Motherwell fans who booed him because they thought he went down too easily for the penalty.
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