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  1. £5 donation sent by telephone banking,cheers.

  2. Sheffield Wednesday(twice)Derby(twice one was Ted McMinn’s testimonial)Bradford(Stuart McCall testimonial)Newcastle tournament,Manchester United 1974 and Aston Villa 1976(match abandoned after about an hour because a few fights were breaking out).
  3. A Rangers legend and a complete gentleman.RIP.
  4. Nothing for me,had three this season,if I get Kilmarnock in the cup I would doubt I would get any after the split.
  5. Hi,mate you can have the Cowdenbeath ticket if you still want it,I can meet you in Kilmarnock tomorrow or Livingston on Sunday,or Cowdenbeath on the night of the game,my phone number is 07549183149,cheers. Alex.

  6. Got Cowdenbeath and Kilmarnock, didn't think it would be possible to get two tickets in a row with so many on cccs, that's me had three now.
  7. Got one, only had Livingston up to now.
  8. That's the ticket money coming off my account,as for the sheep struggling to sell their allocation, the clocks go back that weekend i can see that being the next moan they have?.
  9. My payment hasn't been taken yet,it usually gets taken later in the day.
  10. Yes mate,the prices are on the SPFL website,£27 is restricted view,which is only the the first couple of rows in the stands.
  11. It's £30 for the North and South stands, and some South stand tickets are £35.
  12. Stephen Wright we paid the sheep 1.5 million for him in 1995,had a bad time with injuries and only made seven appearances in three years and Ally Scott from the seventies we signed him from Queens Park,he gave his best,but was an easy target for the fans when things weren’t going right.
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