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  1. Wee Bud

    32 Red cup

    1975,our first season back in the European Cup after stopping ten in a row.
  2. Wee Bud

    Pray for the Away Days Loyal

    A wee swally in the Royalty Bar before going to see the Rangers,hope Thistle stay up.
  3. Wee Bud

    Tarrier Tickets

    There was definitely more than 25000 at the game today,Andy we’re all bluenoses and we’re all hurting,I just don’t agree that missing home games and turning up at the piggery for a show of strength makes any difference to the shit we’re going through.
  4. Wee Bud

    Tarrier Tickets

    There are plenty of seats anywhere for anyone who doesn’t want to go Ibrox when times are hard,if bears want to make a point or protest that’s fine,but fuck giving them £49 and not going to a home game.
  5. Wee Bud

    Where we all sitting next Sunday

    Row A west stand,as it says on the ticket reduced view £17,just happy to have a ticket!
  6. Wee Bud

    UB Display

    Awesome display, must be hard for the guys that put that much effort in and a lot of the team don't look interested.
  7. Wee Bud


    We don''t help players like Candeias by getting on there backs when they have a first half like he had,Charlie Adam is a prime example,we are impatient as a home support,their must be some reason why we've had better results way this season.
  8. Wee Bud

    Murrayfield National Stadium Bid

    I had a great day today,just can't see Murrayfield hosting a Cup final with us or celtic in it,could'nt believe it nearly an hour after time up I could still see Murrayfield as the police send our bus up another street,the ground was'nt half full day today,the rugby chaps must be very patient.
  9. Wee Bud

    Ticket office queue now

    Ticket office is opened now, no queue at the moment but getting busy.
  10. Wee Bud

    Sutton...well being Sutton

    Yes,Pedro shook hands with them all.
  11. Wee Bud

    Rangers Lotto

    I pay £5 a week by direct debit,won £220 in May and put that towards my season ticket,good way to put regular money into the club.
  12. Wee Bud

    Whats the maddest bus you've ever been on

    Bridgeton Cross Loyal to Dublin in 1975 for the match against Bohemians,no Supporters Liason Officer or travel club to tell people how to follow with pride,they guys just followed,as a young bear lets just say it was an eye opening experience,don't think a Rangers bus got back over the border without at least one window broken.
  13. Wee Bud

    Friendly v Sheff Wed 30th July at Hillsborough?

    Yes,went onto the ticket website and bought one this morning.
  14. Wee Bud

    Unlikely heroes

    I thought big Colin always gave everything in a poor Rangers team at the time,I can still remember the two goals he scored against Celtic(who where also shit at the time)in a 3-0 win at Ibrox,Davie McKinnon was another favourite of mine at the time,being shit then did'nt seem to hurt so much as it does now,but like the rest of us I live for the day we reach 55.