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  1. That was at training ground pace. They’ve given up.
  2. Great goal. Thought Morelos had lost it with a poor first touch but put it on a plate for Ojo.
  3. Hopefully that calm finish will settle Morelos. He’s been shooting when there’s no prospect of scoring. He’s much better when he can compose and balance himself. Must be a good chance of a hat trick tonight!
  4. Their keeper has played well and still conceded six. That tells its own story.
  5. Clinical finish again. If we can tighten up at the back, we’ll take some stopping this season.
  6. Good stuff from Defoe. Deserved hat trick. Worked hard all game in tough conditions.
  7. Definite yellow. Threw his arm at the ball. I think the Ref is doing ok today.
  8. Poor stuff there. Line was too far up and left acres of space.
  9. Are you actually enjoying the game? Seem to be flogging this to death now.
  10. You need to use a VPN, like IP Vanish, so it looks like you’re connected from outside the UK. Mine is set to Copenhagen but it was set up for me. I’m sure some computer savvy people can guide you through it. It’s well worth the effort.
  11. Defoe is a great, natural finisher. Still a class act.
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