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  1. Derek was extremely popular and was a tremendous asset to the team and the club. I’ve always felt he should get a great deal more recognition and appreciation than he seems to.
  2. Fancied him to score but it’s a tough take coming from behind at speed
  3. Felt the tug and just took off. Conned the ref but it happens every game.
  4. They’re looking more likely here. This definitely shouldn’t be the case after we got back in it.
  5. Split us apart there. Wasn’t much in it there but definitely offside.
  6. Good finish that. Not a huge fan but he does get the goals.
  7. Amateur defending there. Lucky Power had no composure.
  8. Looked a penalty for handball there. Arm was well away from the body.
  9. Totally deserved that. Great build up and split them apart.
  10. Poor from Defoe there. No need for that in that position.
  11. Hope Fod has a good game. It’s a big ask being thrown into this but it could be great for his confidence. There’s a good keeper in there.
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