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  1. The Ghost

    The Boxing News Thread

    Bellew turned away there and then turned onto a big left hand. That set him up for the end.
  2. The Ghost

    The Boxing News Thread

    4/1 looking a fair price now.
  3. The Ghost

    The Boxing News Thread

    Usyk finding his range. Will need to press on the next couple of rounds.
  4. The Ghost

    The Boxing News Thread

    Don’t like the way Bellew turns side on though.
  5. The Ghost

    The Boxing News Thread

    Give that to Bellew for aggression.
  6. The Ghost

    The Boxing News Thread

    Uneventful first round.
  7. Unbelievable. In danger of crumbling here. Need to regroup and keep possession for a while.
  8. What a finish. The number of times we’ve needed an individual touch of quality to win a game over the past few seasons has been unbelievable. We can’t seem to put a team performance together and rely on one touch of class being the difference.
  9. That was unbelievable! Like pinball there.
  10. Good effort from Grezda. Clever keeping it low and hard like that. Subbed right after that.
  11. Poor touch from Morelos. Can’t be doing that.
  12. Don’t think I could take another 90 minutes of this!
  13. I’ve got a friend who still goes to St Mirren home games and it sounds like they have lost any quality they had last season and will not go 90 minutes without making mistakes and giving us opportunities. We just have to be in a position to take advantage of them. Motherwell was viewed as a six-pointer for them and their heads are down. Gerrard has the opportunity to rotate the team as implied by his comments and, even allowing for our lack of goal threat, we should still have a comfortable day.
  14. One year wasn’t enforced. It was of our own doing. If the situation was reversed, I don’t think too many of us would be playing down the achievement and the record books would endorse the fact. It’s a bit early to be clutching at straws. There’s a lot of football to be played before we’re even close to that situation.
  15. I don’t support that view but in any case it would be hard to argue that we would have been title contenders given that it took two attempts to get out of the Championship. If they do get 10 in a row, and there’s more than us with the potential to stop them given their decline over the last two seasons, then it will make the England 66 ongoing borefest feel like a brief news flash!