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  1. It might be worth just creating an email address and you operating it on his behalf, with you communicating with the TO as if you are him.
  2. Players like Kent and Hagi are exactly the type and quality of player we should be targeting right now. Both have potential to develop further with the financial benefit that will bring in with future transfer fees and are capable of turning a game around when needed. If they can develop consistency and perform well against the lower quality teams when the adrenaline and competitive edge is missing, then we will benefit enormously. A few more like these and we’ll be there or thereabouts at the end of next season.
  3. The Ghost


    With the financial situation the club is currently in, the focus will be to extract as much money from the fan base as possible until saturation point is reached and the increase in income levels off or drops. That’s when the tipping point is reached. It will be dressed up as showing loyalty, a reward, biggest fan badge or whatever else they can think of to get more cash from the support. You can pay if you want to but I really don’t think anyone is really being fooled about the reasons behind it.
  4. Probably not tbh. It’s small beer in the overall picture and would have sent out the wrong message about the stability of the club. It wouldn’t have looked right if we’re going out and buying players too and may even have put off some potential targets from joining. If players wanted to voluntarily group together and say they were going to make up any shortfall for furloughed backroom staff, then that would have been welcomed and addressed an inequality but cutting salaries across the board and giving players the opportunity to leave for nothing under breach of contract and get a big signing on fee elsewhere would have been a bad move.
  5. People just like saying what other people should be doing with their money, if they’ve got more than them. It’s always the same excuse. The club haven’t asked for wage cuts and have enough to spend £4m on Hagi. That tells the players that things aren’t dire. The players don’t love the club, they’re employed by them and would find employment somewhere else if required. Any “great gesture” would mean very little in the grand scheme and would soon be forgotten after the first misplaced pass.
  6. Sorry to hear that. Terrible time for a lot of families. Good to see you back though.
  7. He may have donated directly and it’s not included in the running total. Ally does a lot of good work for numerous charities and donates a lot of money but it’s easy to sit and say how much money somebody else should put in. It’s on other threads here too, saying that players should be donating x% of their wages for this, that and the other. Just give if you want to give and don’t concern yourself too much about what anybody else does.
  8. No. If it’s red flagged before it finishes, the track positions at the end of the previous lap are the final race standings. There’s a certain number of laps that have to be completed before full points are awarded. If that number hasn’t been achieved, it’s only half points.
  9. Kent showing more willingness to get involved and try to make some space to give options.
  10. Kamberi is a good shout for this type of game. Might get a bit more drive through him.
  11. Ross County starting to look more confident. Need to change things up a bit soon.
  12. Best chance of the match to them! Good stop though.
  13. Gilmour MOTM. Well deserved too.
  14. Good finish. Picked his spot well. In the driving seat now.
  15. It was a long long wait to take that. Good save though.
  16. Ah! I’ll get the specs on. Thanks for that and apologies to @Teftong
  17. Do you disagree? Just tried to keep it on target instead of choosing a side to stretch the keeper.
  18. Bobby McKean crops up with me from time to time. Probably the impact from the shock of what happened and when it happened. Absolutely tragic.
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