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  1. Did you get it? Mate got it yesterday says it's epic. Probably pick it up today
  2. Agreed. Our bus had a player of the year years ago arranged to go in before the game to present him with it. Met most of the players before hand all of them chatted away and gave autographs for our kids. Davie Weir came in for about a minute accepted our wee glass trophy with a look as if we had just handed him a shite on a stick. Never liked him after that, he probably fucked it in the nearest bin when he left the room.
  3. After two years in denial I've just traded in my xbox1 for a ps4. Impressed so far, seems a much better console. Got destiny and the witcher any ps4 exclusives i should purchase?
  4. Heartbreaking, humbling and proud day. Great turnout and all in good entertainment all round from all the players. Well done all and no surrender Fernando
  5. Tinfoil hat on here is this the reason tims are unanimous for a yes vote can they still be done if scotland leaves the eu
  6. 3 crosses from peralta that result in goals (lewis offside) think that extended holiday in paris has worked wonders
  7. Menu footballtaxhavensIntersection of Football, Tax Havens and Financial & Moral Integrity Celtic SLA: NHSGGC, EDC & SE claim they do not have a copy of the document. Even though they allocated funds or benefited. Neither of the two public bodies that put the most money into the Celtic SLA, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (NHSGGC) and Scottish Enterprise (SE) have a copy of the Celtic SLA. Also East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC), a funder and the main recipient of the Celtic SLA’s delivered ‘services’ does not have a copy of the SLA either. Seems very strange that the NHSGGC allocated £464,333 to the Celtic SLA in the year ending 31st March 2007 and Scottish Enterprise Dunbartonshire £253,000 in the year ending 31st March 2008 but neither knows what they were paying for. Even worse is the EDC which received £884,167 of ‘services’ through the Celtic SLA over the 8 years ending recently on the 31st March 2014. How did they know whether the ‘services’ match the schedule and quality of what was stated in the Celtic SLA if they didn’t have a copy? Although the funds passed through The Lennoxtown Initiative, that ‘charity’ company was created by the EDC, NHSGGC and SED, they had directors representing the three public bodies on the board. Those representatives would have had to approve the Celtic SLA. The misuse of ALEOs, Arms Length External Organisations, has attracted the attention of Audit Scotland in several reports, here and here with the first report in March 2005 called ‘Following The Public Pound’. Question for the NHSGGC, EDC & SE – How can you follow the public pound when you do not retain contracts, and that is what the Celtic SLA was, and track what was promised then matched to what was delivered? Unless there was no written contract? But then that would mean they participated in a fraud. NHSGGC FoI reply East Dunbartonshire Council FoI reply Scottish Enterprise FoI reply ©footballtaxhavens.wordpress.com About these ads Share this: Twitter34Facebook37 Related What services did EDC get from the Celtic SLA, especially in first 2 years when payments to Celtic were highest?In "Financial Integrity" Direct chain from Celtic's payment to NHS GGC and their payment back to the Celtic SLA: SED & SFA's involvementIn "Financial Integrity" Lennoxtown Initiative recycled what Celtic paid for Lennoxtown back to them, most in the same year. Plus a bonus.In "Financial Integrity"
  8. this, the champions league and uefa has destroyed european football. Once proud clubs like anderlect, ajax etc are left to fight for the scraps with the rest of us. If barca fielded a perceived suspended player it would be nothing to see here . Relative no mark clubs in europes elite tournament same quarters semis and finals every few years if rangers not in it I barely even watch a few games.
  9. Law should play on left lewis in the middle, still looks a player in there somewhere better served outwith the battle in the middle of the park
  10. beat me 2 it bastard you have that typed out n waiting 4 it haha
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