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  1. Barnsley were relegated.
  2. Semi-finals are October and November, only final in December
  3. Scottish cup semi-final and final to be played in December 2020.
  4. Davis was outstanding in first half. His experience is what we need.
  5. I tend to agree with you however they always seem to wriggle out and seen as the good guys. I hope for the sake of Scottish football their time is up.
  6. Petrie was in charge then. Mullraney is in charge now and Peter has instructed him to bring these charges.
  7. The Scottish FA have started disciplinary action against Hearts and Partick Thistle after the clubs went to court in their battle to avoid relegation. The Scottish Professional Football League ended the 2019/20 season early after the coronavirus pandemic halted all sport in Scotland. Member clubs voted to award prizes and decided promotion and relegation on a points per game basis, meaning Hearts were relegated from the Premiership and Thistle made the drop to League 1. After three failed attempts at league reconstruction, the clubs went to the Court of Session but the case was referred to an arbitration panel convened by the SFA. ADVERT Ads by Teads Now, the governing body has taken its on action, charging both clubs with breaking the rules by taking a football dispute to court. SFA guidelines show that the punishment, if proven, could ranger from a fine of £500 or £1000 at the low end, to a £1m fine and expulsion or suspension from the association at the top end of the scale. Hearts and Thistle have been charged with breaking disciplinary rule 78 – “No member or Associated Person shall take a dispute which is referable to arbitration in terms of Article 99 to a court of law except as expressly permitted by the terms of Article 99”. The clubs responded with a joint statement which read: “We are incredulous to have received a Notice of Complaint from the SFA in the circumstances. ADVERT “It is oppressive of them to require submissions from both clubs by 20 July when we are, in terms of their own articles of association, actively engaged in arbitration. “As our focus must be squarely on that, we have already requested the SFA to review the timing to allow us to be properly prepared and represented. That is the very least we should expect from the process.” A hearing date of August 6 has been set.
  8. Saw on FB that city chambers at George Square have lowered the Scottish flag and replaced it with a green and white one with 9 in the middle. There’s your answer weather Hearts and Pt win or lose the scum will not have tainted title removed.
  9. Terrible news hopefully not spread to lymph nodes and can be operated on and cancer removed. Best wishes and hope all goes well for him.
  10. Played a round of golf with him at Falkirk tryst GC once and had a few beers after. He was over in Scotland to complete badges. He lived in Portugal at that time as his ex and son lives there. A great guy and had a few stories to tell.
  11. I feel exactly the same way however I really enjoyed our runs in Europe the last couple of years.
  12. I got Rangers media is currently unavailable. Only got back on about an hour ago.
  13. Game 2 back on 2nd January to toast the Queen. That will annoy them. Get it on the big screens
  14. Could leaking of letter not jeopardise court case. Possibly what Doncaster is hoping for.
  15. I have just read France is not increasing teams to 22 therefore relegation will be taking place. Apparently the courts cannot enforce a private company to make changes only recommend. Was that not the case with us were transfer embargo was illegal and then league still enforced it on us.
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