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  1. Happy new year 🍾 hopefully 2020 is our yearπŸ₯³
  2. Merry Christmas hope all you bears have had a great day and we get a good win tomorrow. πŸŽ„
  3. I also got all three tickets in one envelope. I would get in touch in touch with ticket office. ? Did they take money for 3 tickets.
  4. Always enjoyed the videos however family always come first. Sorry to hear about your wife, stay strong and be there fore her.
  5. My brother in law flew out and back on the same day. He told me on the way back the stewards were trying to get the fans into their seats to land with great difficulty as they were all in the isle singing Who put the first ball on the moon Dixie Dixie Deans. Still think it has been my best Rangers experience.
  6. I went down the front with my mate to go onto pitch at the end. When whistle went we piled on. I was pushed back by police and went back to group. By the time I got back game had restarted. It was not final whistle. My mate arrived back later with a large chunk of the turf and this came home with us. A big disappoint the players never came back out however understandable as the police were brutal.
  7. Went to Barcelona by minibus with group from Airdrie and Moodiesburn. Dalziel family (bakers) arranged trip and tickets. Left on the Sunday night To get hovercraft from Ramsgate on the Monday. Stayed Monday night camping in France and then on to Barcelona. Arrived Wednesday am for the game. Atmosphere was great leading up to the game and no problem with police. Remeber this was during Franco’s reign. Had intended staying the night in Barcelona however police moved us out. I woke up in Orleans in France. Great journey home until ferry. Sea was to rough for hovercraft therefore got the ferry. Nearly everyone onboard sick pints going everywhere. Arrived home early hours of Saturday morning. Fantastic trip and memories.
  8. Sad to hear of your families loss, condolences RIP
  9. Was there on Thursday , missed the game. It was like a hot house. Audience participation was good only some add ons at the end. Nicola Park was good with the banter, not bad for being a Tim. Would recommend to go.
  10. Thanks for all the hard work and effort you have put into this cause and health wise hope things improve. I think all the good people on RM will be happy with your plan and someone will carry things on.
  11. When in La Cala you must visit Legends. Best nightclub in la Costa del sol. Great acts. That’s if you get back from the rock in one piece.
  12. Arrange for a demonstration at George square so it can’t be their final destination
  13. I really believe we are going forward now under Gerard and hopefully next season achieve 55.
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