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  1. Prince George

    Europa League public sale?

    3 packages bought at 9.15 and got confirmation right away. £9 booking fee is a joke. If packages are not sold I think they will sell individually however not prepared to take the chance.
  2. Prince George

    Vienna at Ibrox

    Not available to general public until 25th. I phoned ticket office on Friday as online would not allow me to purchase. Only offering 3 match package at the moment.
  3. Prince George

    Have the board backed Gerrard enough?

    Yes however still not got quality in depth. It takes time, hopefully can get a couple of loans in before window shuts. All going well we can strengthen in January window. I am enjoying Europe however at this time it is a bonus. I did not expect to get to group stage and if they do it has been a great achievement.
  4. Prince George

    Viewing Plans

    Will be In Budapest for both games. Will need to rely on link for I pad.
  5. Prince George

    *** The Official Rangers Fc vs UFA Match Thread ***

    The ref gave them a foul from outside their box. He clearly indicated it was for hand ball.
  6. Prince George

    *** The Official Rangers Fc vs UFA Match Thread ***

    It did not look like a handball however would need to look back on video evidence.
  7. Prince George

    *** The Official Rangers Fc vs UFA Match Thread ***

    Happened right beside us at Copland front. We all thought it was a definite penalty however the ref indicated it was a hand ball of Lafferty before putting Middleton through. Yes ref was a cunt with his decisions.
  8. Prince George

    *** The Official Rangers Fc vs UFA Match Thread ***

    Hope your honeymoon is like my kitchen table, four bare legs and no drawers. 😂
  9. Prince George

    Make no mistake

    Going by reports they also have to pay the co-op 16.8 million in July 2019.
  10. Prince George

    Most memorable Rangers game, and why?

    My first game was the 1966 Scottish cup final replay when Kia Johanson scored the winning goal, with a crowd of over a 100,000 the atmosphere was electric. However nothing will beat Barcelona 72. 12 of us went by mini bus group from Airdrie and Moodiesburn, left on the Sunday before game and did not get home until the Friday after. Still rate this as one of my life’s best experiences.
  11. Prince George

    The tides turning

    They are not cash rich. They work on a successful break Even buisiness plan which with their current expenditure requires them to sell assets or get champion league money. At present no cunt wants their players and AEK will fuck them out of champions league. Let’s go.
  12. Prince George

    The tides turning

    I have had a good drink however I can spot them a mile off. Coplander2 is a Tim
  13. Prince George

    The tides turning

    Dembele is injury prone and the English clubs knew this before celtic bought him. Tierney is a good player however not worth millions. As I stated they work on a break even buisiness plan to prevent paying corporation tax. They have a good turn over however it all gets paid out. They need to sell players or get champion league football to sustain it. They managed to do that while we were out of contention however it is catching up with them. Karma is a bitch.
  14. Prince George

    The tides turning

    I believe if they get knocked out of the champions league they will not improve their squad. They are not cash rich and work on a break even business plan which has been successful while we have been in the lower divisions. They previously offloaded players for good money however none of the current squad are as good as the media make out hence none went in the transfer window. With no players sold and no champion league money players in will not be of the pedigree needed. They have a massive wage bill as it is. They also have all their assets secured by the co op bank and in July 2019 have 14.8 million to pay back to them. Although this is affordable with there turnover they must start to offload players.
  15. Prince George

    Maribor tickets tonight

    They were delivered separately from the normal mail. Last week they were delivered much quicker. I think I received them the next day. You will only get a smart card if you are taking same seat each game. This is not suitable for me as my sons and myself work shifts and cannot make all games.