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  1. I was there, went by minibus £17 including ticket. Group from Moodiesburn and Airdrie, left on the Sunday night and returned the following Saturday. One of my greatest lifetime experiences remember a lot of it like yesterday.
  2. They have never had a case. The Lawman explained it all in an article in here.
  3. The sad thing is this was voiced on sky tv and no one batted an eyelid. It’s just accepted and as long as they get away with it the longer it will go on. I would love Hearts to stand up for themselves and take the corrupt shower of cunts to court. I have previously stated I would put to a crowd funding cause to get it done. Scottish football needs cleansed.
  4. Totally agree with this. Doncaster voiced that if Hearts take them to court SPFL will withhold monies to clubs. If it was me I would say fuck you and other clubs and proceed with court action. There are times you have to step up to the mark. Anne Budge always gives in. I personally don’t think Rangers can do anymore at the moment. We have highlighted the corrupt system and will just need to bide our time. If we do anything now media will just hype it up as sour grapes.
  5. English league 2 agrees to finish season and teams agree positions to be finalised by PPG system. League 1 couldn’t come to agreement.
  6. Well if the club don’t issue a title concession the SPFL can’t award title. If the do UEFA may not accept if Rangers complain. Ie celtic had no intention of trying to play as they dug their park up.
  7. Sweetheart mentioned this in other thread stating celtic could not be awarded league as those three criteria’s were not met. I don’t know if they are now after defeat at EGM
  8. Very surprised they abstained as I thought they would definitely back resolution.
  9. DJ we and everyone else know there has been wrongdoings and Rangers took the lead to try and put this right. They could only do this because they had the support of other clubs and evidence to prove it. Rangers waited until they thought the time was right. We cannot gung ho now as it would not look good. The cabal know we are watching every move and we will need to wait until they trip up again. Everyone knows the SPFL are a laughing stock. I am glad I am furloughed as I work with a lot of republican scum.
  10. If Partick are league 1 then Hearts must be counted in Championship
  11. Another paranoid Protestant. Join the club 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  12. There is already a 1/3 of premiership clubs voting for it if Kilmarnock and Hibs also agree I think they have no other option than resign or have II
  13. East fife are another I think will vote for it
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