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  1. Arrange for a demonstration at George square so it can’t be their final destination
  2. I really believe we are going forward now under Gerard and hopefully next season achieve 55.
  3. No if anything the younger generation are more loyal. Just look back at the seventies when they were doing 9 in a row, crowds dwindled.
  4. I think the SPFL would have died if it was not for Lawwell and Doncaster conspiring to amalgamate with the SFL. This saved them as they now had the TV rights for Rangers games and most of it was distributed to premier league clubs. All clubs revenues were down however Tim’s eventually benefited with champions league money.
  5. Really enjoyable watch. Hope they both enjoy life in Scotland. Rangers steeped in history.
  6. Could someone that knows how to post this please do so. Attorney states it is a slam dunk that boys club and celtic are same entity. https://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/article.php?i=246&a=us-attorney-on-celtic-paedophilia-compensation-claims
  7. Good article and highlights the anomalies. A system brought in to appease the scum. There is no consistency and needs to be scrapped.
  8. I read that McGregor will not miss Killie game as he has until Monday to appeal. He will miss next two games after that
  9. Enjoyable read, Alfie will go on to greater things however seems the type of person that will always remember his humble beginning. Like just recently going home and taking strips with him for local teams.
  10. Welcome home and pleased deals have all been done early. Hopefully we can now go for 55
  11. If anyone looking for something to do today get along to this. Plenty of Rangers memorabilia for sale
  12. There will be a memorial service by the fans today starting at 4.30pm. This will take place at the Rangers shop we’re staiway 13 was, then a wreath will be laid at statue.
  13. Great presentation of the highlights. Superb now going for 55.
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