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  1. The official "Takeover Completed" thread

    When did we all start believing the papers?
  2. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    Very True He's stuck up his own arse.
  3. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    Bastard just got through.
  4. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    Federer is in the shit just now with Simon. A Would love it if he went out now.
  5. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    Personally I think he does. If he get everything to work in one of the Grand slams ie His head, ability, bit of luck etc then he will take it. Nearly done it in Austrailia but his arse collapsed in the final v Fed. Everything was perfect there except the final.
  6. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    To me this is badly missed opportunity for Murray to get to another GS final. The way he played in Toronto, if he had done that here he would have gave Nadal a good few problems. Infact if Murray got to the final he would have had to get through Nadal in the semis, if he did it would have been a Djokovic final. Nadals still a class act though.
  7. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    As Fed Bet Soderling Murray Remains at no.4
  8. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    Murray Will drop to world no5 if Soderling gets to the Semi-finals.
  9. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    Exactly, playing above himself. Although Murray had to get his finger out his arse and win the match, not just expect to be handed it on a plate.
  10. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    Murray just wasn't there today...glimpses here and there but its poor. Saw his press conference and he looked sick, as in gutted. He needs to freshen up the team NOW and get his head sorted, he looks mentally gubbed. He needs to get a haul of trophies up until the end of the year and get some good form for going into next year. And Murrays miles ahead of Henman in everyway. Shame Murray doesn't use his talent enough though.
  11. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    Cillic and davydenko now out.
  12. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    Just the start needed by Murray yesterday. Although it looked tougher than the score suggests. Shame about Azarenka. Hope shes awrite. Surprised at Roddick going out so early...its all falling into place now for Murray. Berdych now Roddick Although another 6 matches to play
  13. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    Yes true...his knees will probably go again.
  14. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    Sharapova's on now . 1 all in sets 2-1 Sharapova in 3rd set.