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  1. Foderingham Tavernier Wilson Hill Wallace Holt Hyndman Windass McKay Miller Garner Something like that, 4312 with the full backs providing the width and McKay behind the strikers.
  2. The guys a paranoid mess and should be nowhere near our club. Not to mention appointing his dodgy cousin in high profile positions at Forest.
  3. Cheers for that insightful contribution.
  4. Foderingham.
  5. He said no thanks, you're a bunch of wanks...
  6. Decent summary by David Edgar.
  7. It went tits up at the end of his time as manager but I'd reckon he'd stabilise things and probably get 2nd.
  8. McLeish would be fine until the end of the season. Davies can get to fuck as far away as possible.
  9. Used to be the head scout of the scum.
  10. Decent read.
  11. Aye you'd think so.
  12. According to Gerry Mcculloch. As DoF.
  13. That's what led to the agent coming back to the board saying the management team would stay until the end of the season.
  14. That was a fake Forest account.