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  1. Rangers supporters who play for or are employed by the club have always got it more tight on here for some reason. Fucking bizarre.
  2. Their valuation of players has fuck all to do with ours. They unfortunately can negotiate from a position of strength. We, on the other hand, have made it abuntly clear that these players have no future at the club and so we will receive pish bids in response. If a club offers 750k for Windass they are off their tits.
  3. 2nd or 3rd. Dreading the season before it properly starts.
  4. Think you're taking smack if you think we could get 750k.
  5. "Look we actually managed to create chances against St Johnstone!" I'd be fucking worried if we didn't. Still need to score them though.
  6. Getting asked now about whether he thinks Ronaldo will stay at Real
  7. Says he would have joined without European football. Just as well.
  8. It's for the Marseille game.
  9. We probably couldn't get a better keeper than him with the money they'd offer. Unless Pedro really rates Alnwick.
  10. Imagine how much a RB would cost in this market that could actually defend.
  11. Must be his first day on Sevco Media.
  12. We got beat 1-0 by their second string team.
  13. Suggestions. We were interested a couple of months ago.
  14. Nah, went to the last one in Glasgow but decided against this one as the card's shite.
  15. No but apparently it's Cilic's fiance beside him