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  1. Praying someone takes him off our hands in the summer. One of the worst finishers I've ever seen play for us.
  2. Dodoo must despair thinking about the fact Waghorn gets a game over him.
  3. Jesus fucking Christ.
  4. Aye when we were already 2-0 down.
  5. How is Waghorn never subbed off? Caixinha loves him for some reason. A fucking dreadful player.
  6. Waghorn is fucking abysmal.
  7. Feel sorry for Tavernier out there. Only one who has turned up.
  8. This is so grim.
  9. Foderingham Hodson Hill Wilson Beerman Tav Holt Toral Hyndman Dodoo Miller Something like that.
  10. Was Sebo's not a winner?
  11. "He had him on toast there". Noticed that one a fair bit recently, absolutely shite patter.
  12. Like the look of that but with McKay in the 10 role and Miller up front instead of Garner.
  13. At least Beerman was all right.