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  1. Flanagan should never play for us again. A truly awful player.
  2. McGregor Tav Goldson Worrall Halliday Arfield Rossiter Grezda Kent Middleton Morelos
  3. Getting 32k altogether according to STV, so 6k more.
  4. Deserved that. Fucking awful performance from start to finish. No-one wanted to take responsibility and have a shot or beat a man. Just mindless crosses that they dealt with easily. Played right into their hands.
  5. Wouldn't be Rangers if we didn't go from being comfortable to needlessly shiting ourselves.
  6. We really need someone experienced to break the game up and slow it down. We're looking all over the place here. Thank fuck for half time.
  7. Foderinghan Flanagan Goldson Katic Barisic Tavernier Jack Arfield Kent Morelos Middleton Would try something like that.
  8. Fuck it, would have taken 0-0 at half time at the start of the game. Kent instead of Murphy and McCrorie on for Ejaria please.
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