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  1. 90th career title, no bad.
  2. A well deserved point. Thats a pretty good platform for Caixinha to build on. If only we had someone more clinical than Waghorn...
  3. Gary Rowett was in the press asking for the job. And FWIW, I think the board will back him to an extent but not enough to catch up with them.
  4. 1) Maybe, maybe not. But it won't be far off that. 2) No, but he was their preferred option and it's better to get the right man in sooner rather than later. 3) He shouldn't be judged on this season at all. Give him a chance to build a team and see what happens next season. This is not his team. 4) Only the board can answer that.
  5. I only saw that the board wouldn't sanction that and the Hayes move, not that we couldn't afford him. Might be wrong though.
  6. On the other hand, if a club with 40k season ticket holders can't pay 300k to get a new manager in then something is seriously wrong. And if the board think this guy will give us a better chance of winning the cup and getting 2nd then they have to take that chance imo.
  7. The board have been getting slagged off for not getting a proper manager in. 300k's a lot but getting him in now will allow him to get settled in etc before the new season.
  8. One dodgy penalty is apparently evidence of corruption. Hope the people saying this never accuse the scum of being paranoid.
  9. UEFA are gonna be raging when they find out RM have uncovered their massive pro-Barca conspiracy.
  10. Announced on Friday apparently.
  11. It doesn't count as papering over the cracks if the cracks are that obvious that every cunt can see them. We know we're shite but that could be a huge win.
  12. Don't really need to be mystic meg to call that one.
  13. Foderingham Tavernier Hill Wilson Wallace Forrester Hyndman Holt McKay Dodoo Garner
  14. Pedro Caixinha is one of the names being mentioned according to the Record.