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  1. James Collins (West Ham)

    Linked with a move for him in The Sun.
  2. Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    The whole of the Football League gets about 120m a year So it would be fair to assume Championship clubs are not getting 50m.
  3. Ben Woodburn and Ryan Kent (Liverpool)

    Woodburn would be some coup, he's very highly rated down there.
  4. ***Rumours thread***

    Can imagine you cheering during the lynching in Mississippi Burning.
  5. Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    Half an hour later you're comparing him to Messi!
  6. *** The Tennis Thread ***

    Zverev looking great outplaying Rafa at the moment.
  7. Kyle Bartley (Swansea)

    Waghorn was dreadful the season in the top flight. Got chances but fucked them all basically. Football looked like a foreign concept to him at times.
  8. Liam Lindsay (Barnsley)

    We should have got him last year. Him and Skrtel would be class. Although the guys not posted a screenshot of the tweet and Lindsays not liked anything concerning a bid.
  9. Out?: Wes Foderingham

    Fuck playing for us man
  10. Out?: Josh Windass

    Of course we could get someone better in, didn't say we couldn't. Was just making a point.
  11. Out?: Josh Windass

    I'm not a huge fan of Windass but he's scored against celtic, Hibs, Hearts and Aberdeen this season. Hardly a flat track bully.
  12. Connor Goldson (Brighton)

    Dunk and Duffy have been fantastic for Brighton so it's obviously no easy task displacing one of them. Especially when you consider his health problem.
  13. BBC Article

    By letting it get to the press. This is a huge own goal for the club. Got no issues at all with how we handled it at the time. We now may not be legally entitled to pay the guy but as others have mentioned, paying him compensation as a gesture of goodwill would have been a simple solution. We can't keep using the different companies excuse just when it suits us.
  14. BBC Article

    I didn't accuse anyone of any of those things. I said "against". Questioning the guy making the allegation just because it was to do with Rangers is an example of it. We reported it at the time and sacked Neely, obviously there was something to it. We wouldn't be questioning it with other clubs. The timing is obviously suspect from the BBC but if that's peoples main takeaway from then I think they need to get their priorities straight. We should have led the way on this. But we've made an arse of it. .
  15. Connor Goldson (Brighton)

    He was a great winger. Durrant-esque