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  1. They've been spot on with everything so far.
  2. Aye, unless we want McLean to try and force the move by handing in a transfer request.
  3. What the fuck is the point in bidding that unless it was just done as a bam up
  4. I know people who watch him every week who say he's their best player. Never particularly seen it myself but happy to take their word for it.
  5. I unfortunately have a couple of sheep pals and they rate him as their best player.
  6. Glad we finally got that question answered.
  7. Aye apparently they're both in the squad.
  8. Think Herrera will end up pleasantly surprising people. However I also thought that about Garner so what the fuck do I know.
  9. Sevco, actually.
  10. Waghorn missing chances, who would have guessed?
  11. Nah, Ross Wallace mate. The signing to take us to the next level.
  12. This would suggest his shareholding is not increasing.
  13. Aye but it was all Puma.
  14. This just sounds like you're being stubborn and refusing to give the board credit for something positive they helped do. People like you called this one incorrectly from the very start. And calling them bhoycotters is pretty pathetic. If you don't think that helped our negotiating position, then you're being silly.
  15. Great news. Getting Ashley to compromise on anything is not the easiest task so well done the board for getting it done.
  16. I'd keep Tav unless someone came in with a big offer.
  17. Murray, Stan and Raonic all lost.
  18. Mystery man sounds like a shite superhero.
  19. More like a gaydar.
  20. Get this to fuck.
  21. Of course, I'm happy with it so far. Just frustrated with transfers like this because we've been here before.
  22. That's not true. We did the same with Scott Allan and O'Halloran.