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  1. Railcard

    Frank de Boer

    Our chances of getting FDB are similar to that of getting a royal flush in hold em Derek knows the club, loves the club and has the mentality and CV to point to that suggest he would achieve at Ibrox with the budgets we have (not the budget dreamed up by some on here) if we had a big FM wage and transfer budget then yeah De Boer with 40m but without a pot to piss in I'll take McInnes and we'll march onwards soberly and with wins.
  2. Railcard

    Frank de Boer

    It's funny I have a friend who's sat in the east enclosure for about 10 years, proper Rangers man and think he's been a member of this forum all that time who's never posted because he says the forum is full of people getting shot down for the sake of it. (cue joke about female sensitivity or sumhin)
  3. Railcard

    ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    Wouldn't like to see another English based manager get the role for a while - MW left us with a squad of players with no understanding of the club who are happy to stroll back down to league 1 when their contracts are up walter (different times I know) signed Scottish backbone and it's time we got back to our roots and back to the basics on the park.
  4. Railcard

    Frank de Boer

    First post in 6 yes 6 years!!! I really think Frank is pie in the sky stuff and something that has never really been discussed at board room level with the DOF coming in I can't see it but think Derek M should get the gig 2 and a half year deal not a world class appointment but definitely deserving of it given his work at Pittodrie.
  5. McGregor Whittaker Bougherra Bartley Papac Hutton Weiss Davis Edu Diouf Laffatron
  6. 442 alex broad wils weir papac Whittaker davis thomson novo miller boyd
  7. Railcard

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Tony Mowbray must stay
  8. Railcard

    Allan McGregor

    Glasgow rangers champions ooooooo ooooooo ooooooo oooo oooo ooooooooooooo Glasgow rangers champions
  9. Railcard

    Allan McGregor

    Ban this cnt
  10. Railcard

    Allan McGregor

    sniff sniff
  11. Railcard

    Allan McGregor

    Dunno if it's the Celtic media association or truth seems most people have heard it
  12. Railcard

    Allan McGregor

    Just statin what I've heard not my believes or opinions
  13. Railcard

    Allan McGregor

    Heard rangers are releasing a statement tonight re mcgregor
  14. Railcard

    ***The Official Rangers v celtc Thread***

    Alex broad boog weir papa Davis thommo lee novo Boyd miller