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  1. Who do you back: Manager or Players ?

    Way I see things without knowing and detail is firstly Murty’s tactics of standing off were ‘clearly’ not working which became obvious from early on (ridiculous as the only time anyone has laid a glove on celtic it’s by pressing them in every area of the park). Post match Miller, (however outspoken as he sometimes comes across, is used to being a winner and passionate which obviously manifested itself in whatever happened in telling Murty the above). Wallace obviously feeling the responsibility to do so as captain backed Miller and whatever was said or done rightly or wrongly was done. Think after Sunday I’d have vented my feelings about the tactics but no doubt things will become clear in time. Murty’s tactics aside I would like to think both Miller and Wallace were as keen to let the players know their efforts were nowhere near good enough and told a few home truths to them...
  2. Love or hate their route 1 aggressive style of football, I take my hat off to the endeavour and commitment their players can produce. This game also sums up Aberdeen as a club who have flattered to deceive of late...
  3. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Can’t believe the ‘cheering’ has been given this amount air time or platform, non story nonsense Ffs how dare any team harbour the notion that they are hitting form and may make a competitive game of it. Rogers is a self pontificating fool who lives in a bubble surrounded by pandering yes men, I for one want to see a Rangers team who want to take it to them with confidence as shown, not fear...
  4. Bates is off

    I’m hoping the ‘dof’ has a replacement of a higher quality in his plans for the coming season. I wish Bates the best of luck in his new endeavour however it saddens me that if the choice was his own to make he opted to join the German club instead if extending his time at Ibrox...
  5. Morelos penalty

    Sure the ref would have been in to apologise to the manager after his interviews for making an incorrect decision over a penalty, is this not the way forward this season?...
  6. Do not deserve this....

    No excuses regarding injury’s, form or management, no Rangers team should be going down like that against Kilmarnock at Ibrox. Disappointment does not even come close to this. From the emotional rollercoaster and disappointment of last week this is simply not good enough...
  7. Doncaster on SFA board now

    STV website and various news outlets led with stories yesterday regarding Alistair Johnston as not yet being passed as a ‘fit and proper person’ by the SFA. Was wondering why this story emerged at this time, probably too coincidental re the said appointment raking this issue up, or maybe to do with the rumours of possible future investment facilitated via Johnston from the states. Either way, was this the result of o ‘journalist’ suddenly thinking that they would randomly check and report on his status or a heads up from someone within the establishment to maintain negative publicity surrounding Rangers. Genuinely curious re this...
  8. Big Ecks new assistants

    Fair point, also before his appointment I heard McFadden giving him high praise and saying that he would be the best man for the job without doubt...
  9. An Ill-Judged Use of Slang or a Bigot?

    As you say few and far between but credit to the guy for standing tall and doing the right thing...
  10. An Ill-Judged Use of Slang or a Bigot?

    Sadly no they have not mate and are unlikely ever to do so. Following our public ostracisation and shameful demonisation how many politicians (who I have no time for at the best of times) have stood up and publicly defended or even had anything good to say publicly about Rangers, can’t honestly think of one. Compare that to the other side of the city and they are literally tripping over themselves to be associated with them. Scratching my head how things have came to this but how refreshing would it be to have a mainstream Scottish politician who was not afraid, and dare I say proud to publically defend and be associated with all things Rangers. A rant I know, apologies...
  11. Rhat bastard

    Unfortunately, you are spot on with this observation...
  12. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Agreed mate, pathetic attention seeking lazy journalism, however taking comfort in the undoubted despair from their fans (ones capable of reading without pictures) who won’t be able to jump on the moral high ground that the headline suggested...
  13. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Nonsense banner headline on STV website regarding ‘Scott Sinclair abused’ in the BA lounge at Glw airport hours after the game yesterday. Read the narrative and surprise actually what is reported as abuse was most likely banter from 2 fellow lounge customers with no police action resulting. Non story however it reminded me of the time George Golloway (the cat) similarly claimed he was abused by nasty Rangers fans in an airport and ended up on a luggage carousel, brought a much needed smile to my face following yesterday...
  14. £9 million we knocked back

    Thought he looked a yard off the pace today, love the guys endeavour, but he really should have put 2 away today...