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  1. Robmc1

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Only credible thing he’s said since in Scotland, however this should be driven by the SFA giving the clubs a run in time to get their finances in order for the upgrade (year at most). Authority aid (govt etc) should be that in the way of facilitation of finding and securing the additional pitches (not financial)...
  2. It’s referred to in law as the ‘Moorov Doctrine’...
  3. Point being and the elephant in the room is regardless of the ongoing and upcoming legal proceedings it should be incumbent on the football authorities (SFA) to hold an independent enquiry in to the most shameful and worst abuse case in Scottish sporting history. The silence atm I’d deafening but I find it difficult to find a reason for them to justify not going down this route. (Not like for like) but look at the punishment dished out to Rangers for using a legal (at the time) tax loophole, this is off the scale in comparison. celtic were vocal in condemnation and moral responsibility since 2012 so I hope that (even behind the scenes) moves are afoot to bring them to task on what everyone already knew was true...
  4. I have held comment on the ongoing events now escalating in the East end but just having heard about their ‘light show’, highlights to me that in the ongoing circumstances, they are more of a tasteless, crass and inappropriate excuse of a football club than I believed them to be (that’s saying something). I watched the tv interview of Michelle Gray yesterday who was very dignified and articulate in the circumstances. Yes they have a fixture to play but to lord it up with the tacky lights whilst showing no humility or feelings for the the thoughts of others (at this time) optimises their distain for all except themselves...
  5. Robmc1

    Candeias Red Card

    Creating the level of accountability regarding controversial decisions against us which has been amiss of late can only be a positive...
  6. Very true and should/ would be the case if they didn’t all find an extra yard of pace or extra vein of effort when playing Rangers. Should still have put both teams away though...
  7. Robmc1

    Candeias Red Card

    Be amazed if once the dust settles some formal comment isn’t made on this...
  8. Robmc1

    Candeias Red Card

    In all seriousness iv just watched the whole incident again (twice), really can’t see what Candeais has done, by Ferdinand actions I presumed he’s involved but don’t see a yellow card offence anywhere...
  9. Robmc1

    Candeias Red Card

    Just had this very conversation, Endured Griffiths calculated and unpunished provocation (in my mind) last year in front of the Govan stand, level playing field is all that’s requested if we’re going down this line...
  10. Robmc1

    Barry Ferguson

    Reported on the news ‘Hibs manager Neil Lennon’ struck on the face with a coin and Hearts goalkeeper ‘ALLEGEDLY’ punched. Must have taken the story from footage I’ve not seen yet as the clips show the coin striking the chest area of Lennon and there was nothing alleged re the punch to the goalie...
  11. This all day long, it’s blatant, Gary Caldwell hit the nail on the head with his comments and look at the ridicule that’s been laid at his doorstep...
  12. Robmc1

    Daily Mail out the filth

    This is a poignant and widely underrepresented fact, many brave men (and women) chose to raise their heads above the parapet and were persecuted by the den of vipers in power there on their return home. I have had a number colleagues over the years from Ireland and can honestly say each one has been nothing but cultured and decent people with absolutely no axe to grind over religion, sport or any other nonsense. As for the shower from the East end...
  13. Robmc1

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    In my mind it’s an easier choice for Collum to give it as he knows what would come his way if he waved it on and Hearts had taken the game. Getting their noses in front totally altered the dynamics of the game, Hearts weren’t pretty but they were effective and was only a matter of time before their fans (celtic) started to turn on their players...
  14. Robmc1

    Optimism gone

    Thought he might have held the ball up better and he certainly would have gave their backline more to think about. Can’t argue re the lack of creativity, very disappointing...