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  1. Robmc1

    Not many teams...

    Pleasantly surprised at the complimentary punditry from the commentary team except the ‘meek’ comment against celtic. Was disappointed no mention of the armed forces day though, nor any footage of the guys absailing from ‘’SJ’ stand to present the ref with the ball. A uniquely commendable occasion which should be highlighted by the publically funded national TV station...
  2. Robmc1

    Ross McRorie's contribution today

    The lad gives his all and plays without fear, bounced back from the red card incident and I look forward to seeing his ongoing development under the tutelage of SG...
  3. Robmc1


    Well if you ever feel the need to listen to them again set your sights low and you’ll never be disappointed👍
  4. Robmc1

    Gerrard with Villarreal players at the end

    In one of the previous European play offs (away) there was an opposition fan and his young lad in the stand with a sign asking if ‘SG’ would give him an autograph. Shows the respect for a true world class player in his day who is always gracious re opposition and the epitome of a top class manager in the making. Proud to have him at the club and hopefully he will deliver the success that the fans and club once again deserve...
  5. This excellent away result will really stick in the throat of so many people, loved to be proven wrong but let’s see how the mantra of ‘heroic home defeat’ to a second string Bayern team for them plays against a no doubt ‘lucky’ Rangers scrape’s a draw against an ‘off form’ Villarreal...
  6. Robmc1

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I know that not everyone agrees but I thought the circumstances of the 9 man European game was a major factor in the P’head game tactics, genuinely believe that when on the front foot at Ibrox there will be s very different outcome...
  7. Robmc1

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    It was actually refreshing to see them being officiated in such an even handed fashion, saying that after Ncham’s first couple of fouls I thought this may not be the case. Hat off to Dallas if for nothing else making Rodgers look a fool than he is in his post match comments re his contesting a second yellow...
  8. Robmc1

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Things not going his way and it’s the classless ‘refer to type’ narrative from the pontificating fool who has had no pressure imposed on him since landing in a no competition environment. ‘The 4 officials did not have a good night’ I genuinely believe they are on the decline and were only made to look good due to the circumstances of our tactics at P’head. Two more questionable results against hem and the knives will be really out from the top to the bottom of their insular little world...
  9. Robmc1

    Buckle up troops

    Do we know how these committee members are appointed, nominations, volunteers? Looking at the make up of the above it’s hard not to genuinely believe each individual (excluding an apparent token Tory) is handpicked and placed there for their outspoken commonality at things which I find uncomfortable as a non independence voter who is also a Rangers fan. Remember the noise they made about the criminalisation of football fans, well let’s see how this plays out when the criminalisation is constructed only to impact on one set of Scottish football fans...
  10. Robmc1

    Buckle up troops

    I think this is close to the bone, I remember listening to a programme where elderly members or the catholic community banged on about being discriminated against by Scottish society and how wrong this was. Fast forward to recent times when positions of influence and power in the country are now taken up by persons from this group and guess what, do they attempt to create the fair impartial society they say they craved....
  11. Robmc1

    Mcgregor Kick

    This is how they operate and has been their modus operandi since ‘that’ speech by John Reid. Expressions of ‘surprise’ at the failure to punish McGregor following the P’head game, amplified by media outlets. Now followed up by back door insinuations by Gordon of Rangers favouritism by judicial panels. All geared towards building the pressure on officials and future panel members. I remember the hard time McCoist got when he queried panel members and allegiances, so far, day and night from the platform afforded to Gordon. Further to this decisions were made, rightly or wrongly and that should be that, UEFA involvement is amateur at best and nothing short of ridiculous...
  12. Robmc1

    55 will be this year - Lafferty

    Agree with your comments and yes it should be kept in house however I for one am heartened that this appears to be the winning mentality which as highlighted last week was missing from so many of the now ex playing staff over the last few seasons, hope we can put this in to practice...
  13. Don’t believe in any officiating conspiracy against us but it’s definitely been easier to give 50/50 or controversial decisions against Rangers over the last number of seasons without credible objection or being called to task. Compare this with the East end who would be highly vocal and usually backed up with MSM or like minded pundits/ commentators (Walker/ Sutton) etc. Calling them out now generally runs against our supports grain however if by doing so it eventually enforces less controversial decision making then I’d say it’s a necessary evil and if I’m honest long overdue...
  14. Robmc1

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Agreed, the relentless seemingly never ending having a go at the club polarised by the last decision of rewording historical charges against us, I think, was the final straw and brought this to a head. The extra season tickets to the support, in my opinion is a positive by product of drawing this line in the sand...
  15. Robmc1

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    In previous (post John Reid) years there was always a thin level of decorum which both clubs generally adhered to. However the relentless undignified, crass and basically classless nonsense coming from the East end ever since says far more about them than it will ever do about us...