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  1. Literally up to their necks in it, it’s their way and this will continue to be the narrative regardless of the irrefutable evidence now stacking up against them. Just watched McLaughlin on the BBC news lording them up over their potential treble, incredible the positive reporting being delivered on them giving the ‘worst of crime’ shadows hanging over them. Almost as frustrating and imo disgusting, is the lack of leadership or even acknowledgement from the ‘JM’ or ‘FM’, two cheeks of the same arse and it ain’t a pretty one...
  2. This small extract just about sums up their whole club...
  3. Tbf I think the Benitez link was just smoke and mirrors along with the rest of the long line of big name managers, imo the only way Lennon is not getting the job is if he looses out to Hearts st the weekend..
  4. Sad thing is that’s probably true...
  5. To the point of comedy, I’m convinced if someone did point this out they almost certainly be ridiculed or called ‘sectarian’ themselves. World’s gone mad...
  6. ...we’re you holding your face when there is video footage clearly showing no contact with your face...
  7. This should compound the matter not make people shy away from it. If ever strong stable leadership was required...
  8. Or sectarianism or items sent through the post to individuals or inoffensive banners hoping people ‘get well soon’ or........ The list goes on but point being is if the roles were reversed I think most on here honestly believe this would be getting nightly attention and condemnation.
  9. That admission is damming and by the look of the ongoing replies it’s been pretty much seized upon as an admission of guilty knowledge. This matter went way beyond football rivalry a long time ago, time to just do the right thing and save what little self respect anyone involved in this has remaining...
  10. Or did he, but chose not to take it further as it did not impact on him or his family on a personal level. In this web of lies and cover up its hard to know what to believe anymore...
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